The Marines Have Landed

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Lanna was from a small mid-western town where she graduated with honors, was voted the outstanding woman graduate and was also queen of hearts her senior year.

Her qualifications led her to a university in the Midwest where she excelled in Pharmacy education and experimentation for the common cold virus.

She had vowed to be a virgin when she married. Her strict compliance seemed rather prudish to the university set, yet she held fast to her convictions and graduated with her virginity intact.

She had returned to her small town with her degree in hand only to find that the town had changed and that her high school boyfriend had joined the Marines and was twice decorated with the purple heart.

Jim had been the outstanding athlete at the school but went into the marines after graduation rather than taking a scholarship at the university. He was shipped directly into combat after his boot training and had been wounded in the left thigh by a sniper. His whole squad was killed by the same sniper and he was left for dead for two days until the allied lines moved up and discovered him lying by the dusty road nearly dead from the loss of blood.

He returned to the states, recuperated and was reassigned to an elite combat group. He saw action again and was wounded in the right shoulder while trying to protect his squad from an ambush by the Kong not more than a mile where he was hit before.

He returned to the states, recuperated and was promoted to sergeant, sent back to the front, where he distinguished himself by leading his squad to a successful overrun of the Kong and made a definite contribution to the end of the war.

It was just before he left for the last assignment that he accidentally met Lanna in the small town where they grew up. They were married just one day before he was recalled. They spent the night in a motel outside of the small town.

Lanna was astounded at the pain of their first sexual encounter. She was surprised that sex was so painful. She actually saw signs of blood on the bed after the first penetration. She figured that was when she lost her cherry, so to speak.

Jim had gotten out of the bed and hurried down the street to an all night pharmacy and returned with a tube of KY jelly. After a good lubrication, she delighted in the act of love. She actually wondered why she had waited. It was, without a doubt, the most wonderful feeling she had ever witnessed, even with the initial pain.

Jim lamented at their short honeymoon, but suggested she move to Fort Lagune where most of the marine wives lived. There she would be with other women who were in the same situation.

It was there that the story actually begins.

When Lanna arrived at the Fort, she was met by a guard.

“I’m sorry, mam but you cannot come on the base without proper identification,” he told her brusquely.

Jim had prepared her for such an occasion.

“Would you please call Captain Elliot?” she ordered, more than just asking.

The guard retreated into the small shack and returned quickly. “Captain Elliot will be here in just a few minutes,” he informed her. “He will take care of you!”

It seemed like a short minute before Captain Elliot arrived.

Lanna took in a deep breath. Captain Elliot was a handsome man. His dark eyes and square jaw was emphasized by his short, crew cut, jet black hair. His broad shoulders and trim waist was muscular and well shaped. His stocky build was supported by very muscular, well proportioned legs. He strode to the gate house with great dignity . The guard snapped too instantly.

“I am Captain Elliot,” he directed his attention toward Lanna.

Lanna’s breath caught again. His deep voice of authority resonated in her.

“I am Lanna Marshall. Jim told me to get in touch with you,” she managed to say.

“Call me Abe,” he said grinning, his white teeth glistening between his full lips.

Lanna and the guard were taken aback by his off handed remark. She knew that first names were very rare in the military, especially the Marines.

He laughed. “I guess you were not expecting me to be black,” he said.

Lanna nodded her head in the affirmative. “I didn’t expect you to be so gorgeous either,” she thought.

He turned to the guard. “I will attend to her,” he said.

Lanna’s heart stopped for a beat. “I sure hope so,” she thought.

“Thank you!” she exclaimed instead.

He escorted her to a drab green car with a big star on the side. He held the door for her gallantly. “I will show you to your apartment. It is in a small complex made just for overseas spouses. I believe you will like it.”

Lanna could barely keep her eyes on the road as they traveled toward the complex. Abe had taken her by surprise and she was enamored by his stature and her heart beat rapidly when he addressed her. “God, he is handsome,” she lamented silently.

They stopped beside a large building and Lanna could see several women sitting in chairs and relaxing on chaise lounges.

“This is the main building,” his voice boomed. bakırköy escort “I think you might like one of the smaller apartments just down the road,” he suggested. “They are a little less busy than the ones in this building. I know there is one available.”

Lanna smiled.

His return smile melted her. “Thank you!” she exclaimed with a rush.

He escorted her into the large building where she signed some papers and was given an envelope with several twenty dollar bills inside. Ten to be exact.

She noticed how several of the women watched them. She knew they were jealous and smiled her brightest smile at them.

Abe, as he insisted she call him, escorted her to her new apartment. He opened the doors to the rooms and told her the apartment was one of the best on base.

“You will not need any money except for incidentals,” he told her. “The camp PX is just down the road. You will find that most things there are pennies on the dollar. The large building we just left has 3 different restaurants in it and it is free with your pass, as it is with most things here on base.” He handed her a plastic badge. “I would be pleased to show you around as soon as you get settled.

Lanna looked down at her suit case. He had carried it into the bed room and they were standing by the bed.

“I am ready now!” she said, her voice slightly husky.

“Good! I will escort you to your first dinner and then we will take a tour of the base. I am pleased to be in company with such a beautiful woman,” he added with a smile.

Lanna managed a croaking, “Thank you!” Her face felt hot and her legs trembled slightly.

Abe took her hand and led her down the walk and into the large building they had visited before. He led her down a hall and into a very large, but eloquent, room.

A marine snapped a salute. “Where would you like to sit, sir?” he asked.

Abe looked at Lanna. “Beside the dance floor?” he asked of her.

Lanna nodded.

When they were seated, a bevy of women at the next table nodded and greeted Abe with, ” Good evening, Sir!”

Lanna knew she was queen for the night.

It was getting dark when they exited the restaurant. The small band that had played while they ate could be heard as they strolled down the walk toward her apartment.

“Would you like to change into something more comfortable?” he asked as they turned toward her door. “We will be doing quite a bit of walking.”

Lanna smiled. She gripped his strong arm and nodded. “Thank you!” she said softly.

She left the door to the bedroom open slightly while she changed. She found a blouse and pair of tight fitting slacks in the suit case and quickly pulled them on. She purposely omitted her bra. She stepped into a pair of comfortable deck shoes all the while talking to him through the open door.

He whistled softly when she entered the living room, where he was standing. “You are beautiful!” he exclaimed in his booming voice.

She felt the flush of her face and the trembling in her knees. “Thank you. You are quite handsome yourself!” she exclaimed before she could stop herself.

His gleaming smile made her blush even more.

He took her by the elbow and escorted her out the door and down to the drab car. “We will take a drive tonight. Tomorrow I will show you all the little tricks of living on the base.”

Lanna caught him looking at her legs as she slipped into the seat. Her skirt rode up on her legs. She inched it up higher while he walked around the car.

They drove around the base. He explained the things as they passed. One time when he was showing her a building on his side of the car, she moved over and rubbed against him in pretense of trying to get a better look. She heard his intake of breath when he realized she was braless.

He quickly drove back to her apartment.

“Would you like to come in for a few moments?” she asked coyly.

Abe followed her into the apartment, his eyes watching her swing her posterior for his benefit.

“I don’t have anything to offer you yet,” she said. “I have just gotten here.”

He smiled. “Just being with you is quite enough,” he said huskily.

“OH??? I am the one that is beholden,” she said, her voice deep and sensual.

Abe took her arm and turned her toward him. “May I??” he asked.

Lanna tilted her head up toward him.

Their mouths met.

Lanna trembled in delight as he kissed her passionately.

“I should not have done that,” he said as they separated.

“Yes you should have,” Lanna said brashly. “And if you don’t continue, I will be very unhappy.”

They kissed again. Lanna could hear the din of men marching and orders barking outside.

She felt Abe’s manhood press against her belly. She sighed deeply at the contact. Her eyes widened when he released her and stepped back. The bulge was huge and quite evident.

His hand found her breast through her blouse and massaged it gently.

She trembled in excitement as he unbuttoned başakşehir escort her blouse and exposed her firm, mountainous globes. Her nipples were ridgid and hard. The dark oriole emphasized the large, white mountains in his dark brown hands.

She moaned her agreement as he softly caressed her tits. His hands went to her skirt. He found the buttons on the side and quickly unfastened them, allowing her skirt to float down her long legs to her feet.

His gasp of pleasure rattled in the room. He grasped her bikini panties and pushed them down with her skirt.

Lanna groaned her delight when his large, auburn finger entered her hot pussy and flicked the tender bud. Her body shook with desire as he lifted her in his strong arms and carried her toward the bed room and lay her gently on the soft bed.

The squall of the bed and the heavy breathing echoed in the room as he quickly undressed, moved onto the bed and pressed his long ebony cock against her nearly virgin cunt lips.

Lanna sighed when she felt the thick head of his ebony cock slip between her cunt lips.

Her eyes grew wide as he gently but firmly pressed his cock into her inch by inch, each stroke driving deeper and deeper into her. She could not resist watching as his ebony cock slipped in and out of her blond covered cunt. The contrast drove her wild. She began to meet his every stroke with an even greater lunge herself. She tried desperately not to swoon. Her grunts of pleasure only stimulated Abe further.

He began to sweat and growl deeply. He felt his orgasm building in his balls. With a groan, he spewed into her violently.

Lanna felt the load bludgeon deep into her. Her head rocked back and forth in ecstasy. Suddenly she felt something inside of her she had never felt before. Her stomach trembled violently. She gasped loudly at her own orgasm. Her heart pounded furiously as she came. She watched as her own cum mingled with his between them.

Abe sighed deeply and rolled from between her legs. “You are a great fuck!” he growled. His cock was rapidly becoming limp. He smiled at the naked woman in the bed beside him.

“Please don’t stop!” Lanna begged, her naked body trembling from the excruciating joy she felt.

“I am spent,” he answered softly, “but I will be back for more later.” With that he dressed and left.

Lanna silently sobbed. “I hope not to much later,” she said to the empty apartment.

Chapter 2

Lanna awoke the next morning to reveille being sounded over the camp. She looked at the clock. “Six AM in the morning,” she groaned and rolled from the bed. She had barely dressed when Abe knocked on the door.

“Chow time,” he said brightly.

He escorted her to the large building again. They found a table where several other women were eating.

When they finished Abe arose. “I have some unexpected business so I will have to leave you with these lovely women,” he said. “I will call you as soon as I can.” He tipped his hat and left.

“I’m Rose Bartlett,” one of the women volunteered.

“Sherry Adams,” another said.

“Jerry Sundman,” another added.

“I’m Lanna Marshall,” The name sounded unfamiliar to her. She smiled at her thoughts as they walked slowly from the hall. Jim Marshall!! She had nearly forgotten she was married to him.

“You seem to have landed the prize stud,” Rose said, almost angrily. “I would give anything if Captain Elliot looked at me like he does you,” she confided.

Lanna coughed. “I don’t know what you mean,” she stammered.

“He is the pride of the base. At least among the women here,” Sherry admitted. “Every woman on the base has tried to bed him. It gets lonesome here without a man!”

Lanna gasped.

“She is blushing,” Jerry laughed.

“Did he get in your pants?” Rose asked loudly.

Lanna gasped again.

“You would be first if he did. None of us have had any luck with him.”

Lanna began to grin. “We just talked,” she lied. “He was a complete gentleman.”

“Damn!” Rose shouted. “We all wanted someone to break into his icy nature. We have heard he is hung like a horse. Every woman on the base has tried to seduce him.”

“You all are wicked,” Lanna laughed. “Abe is a very nice man.”

“Oh ho! So now it is Abe,” Sherry chuckled. “Maybe he has met his match. He seems very interested in you!”

Lanna liked the attention. “Maybe,” she grinned.

“You have to come to our little get together tonight,” Rose insisted. “Maybe if you invite, as you call him, Abe, he will join in.”

The other women smiled and chuckled softly.

Lanna looked perplexed. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“If you can get Abe to come, you will be forever in our debt,” Sherry supplied.

“We just try to keep the men from getting lonely,” Rose added.

“How do you do that?” Lanna asked sincerely.

“Oh we just sit and talk and maybe dance some,” Jerry answered. “Just good holsum fun.”

Lanna nodded her head. “That is nice of you,” she said.

The bayrampaşa escort others chuckled softly.

“Even if Abe won’t come, you certainly should. You look like you need some entertainment so you won’t miss your husband so much,” Rose told her.

“I will pick you up right after dinner tonight. If the good Captain wants to come, bring him along,” Sherry told her as they neared Lanna’s apartment.

Lanna busied herself with unpacking and getting settled into her apartment. The day passed quickly. A call from Abe perked her up.

“I will stop and take you to Dinner,” he said.

Lanna felt her stomach jump. “I will be ready,” she said.

She dressed in a very low cut dress that emphasized her cleavage. It was quite tight across her buns. She knew he would like it.

He smiled widely when he noticed her attire. “You are terrific,” he said. “And you don’t look bad either,” he joked.

Lanna laughed.

Sherry, Jerry and Rose ambushed them at the door.

“We are glad to see Captain Elliot with you,” they said in unison.

Lanna introduced them and Abe, or rather Captain Elliot. He smiled and accepted their invitation to dine with them.

He was quite pleased when they invited him to attend their little get together. “I have heard you are doing a very good thing, keeping the men’s morale up and all,” he told them.

They ate quickly, all of them smiling and winking at each other.

Rose took the lead. “Follow me up stairs to the dance hall,” she said, grabbing Abe’s arm and nearly dragging him.

The room had several men in uniform that snapped a quick salute when Captain Elliot entered.

“At ease men,” he said. “Just consider me one of you tonight.” he added gracefully.

Lanna noticed the soft music coming from the record player.

Rose tugged Abe to the dance floor and began dancing with him.

Lanna was rather perturbed at Rose for stealing her date but sat idly by through the music.

Abe returned smiling. “That Rose is some dancer,” he said heartily. I am the worst dancer ever but she made me feel right at home.”

Rose laughed. “I just aim to please,” she said, winking at the other women.

Lanna felt a slight tug at her heart. Rose was quite pretty and her red hair emphasized her white skin. Her abrupt, take over attitude caused Lanna to take a dislike to her, but when Abe bent over and whispered, “Not nearly as much fun as you though,” she set back and began to enjoy the music.

Sherry and Jerry took their turn with Abe. They all came back laughing and praising him for his skill in dancing. Lanna could see they were sucking up to him and began to enjoy their banter.

Lanna noticed several of the couples were leaving. She nudged Rose. “Where are they all going?” she asked after the room was nearly empty.

“Black Rock!” she said brusquely.

“I don’t understand?” Lanna said inquiry.

“Later!” Rose said briefly.

A few of the stragglers walked to where they were sitting. It was not long before Sherry and Jerry left with a couple of the men.

Soon it was just Lanna, Rose, Abe and three other men left.

Rose began to get loud. “Anyone want to see my famous strip tease dance?” she shouted over the music.

The men began to clap in unison. “Go Rose!” they shouted as she walked toward the stage.

Rose began to undulate and roll her hips to the sound of the music. She slowly removed her blouse, revealing a shelf type bra. Her tits were large and the bra held them up for all to see.

A round of applause arose. She shook her breasts. They trembled on the shelf bra. Next she unfastened her skirt and let it fall around her feet. She deftly kicked it aside and danced around the stage clad only in her bikini panties and bra.

The men, including Abe roared their approval.

She unfastened the bra and her huge tits shimmied and shook as she danced.

“Go Rose!” came the chant from the men. Lanna was getting into the swing of things and began to chant with them.

Suddenly Rose was naked except for her high healed shoes. Her brilliant red hair was not only on her head. She was shaved except for a patch just above her pussy lips.

The men went wild. Lanna shouted her approval. Rose sat down on the stage and spread her legs, giving everyone a complete view of her slit.

The men rushed at her. She quickly clamored to her feet and took turns lifting her tits to the men’s mouths. “Kiss and lick but don’t bite!” she shouted at them, laughing loudly as they devoured her tits.

Abe held back. “She is quite a strip tease artist,” he growled softly as he watched the others grabbing and fondling Rose’s body.

She squealed in delight when one of the larger Marines clasped her ass globes in his hands and lifted her off the floor. “Don’t damage the merchandise,” she squealed happily.

Rose noticed Abe. He was smiling but not entering into the fray. Rose shoved the men away and strode toward Abe. “Come on, big boy. Rank has it’s privileges. You can be first to take Rose to bed!” she shouted.

The men all booed her and shouted.

Rose smiled at Lanna. “You don’t mind if I fuck him, do you?” she said crassly.

Lanna gasped. Rose was actually going to allow the men to gang bang her.

“Yes! ER No! ER that is!” she stammered as Rose began to unfasten Abe’s shirt while sitting on his lap.

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