The nice couple

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The nice coupleI know this couple Tom and Jean who are in their 40’s.Tom is a strange guy.I do a lot of work around their house because he is very feminine and doesn’t like getting dirty.So Jean pays me to do it for them.They are in their late 60’s.Jean is kind of the man in the relationship and she dresses and looks a little like a guy.Tom or Tommy as she calls him is very feminine even the way he talks.I always had a suspicion something else was going on in this marriage.One day I am working at their house when Tom shows up behind me and starts asking me a lot of questions like a k** does.One question was since I have been single for quite awhile now have I been getting much sex.He said he knows there is a lot of women out there who would jump at the chance to have sex with me.I said that I was getting enough.Then he asked if I had ever had any threesomes.I told him I had a few.He wanted to know if they were with two men and a woman or two women and just me or what.I was beginning to think this was going somewhere.I answered I had both.He left abruptly.What a strange man I thought.Next thing I know Jean is standing next to me apologizing for Tom asking me so many questions.Jean said ” I guess I should explain what is going on.”She goes on to tell me that her and Tom are swingers and have been for about 20 years.”Tommy gets a little weird sometimes when he sees somebody that he is interested in.” she said.I said “me?”She nodded her head.”Tommy thinks you would be a good partner for us.”I didn’t know what to say.Jean said ” would you be interested?”I looked at her “yeah I think…yeah sure.””I have to tell you though Tommy is bi sexual but he won’t do any of that unless you are willing.Other than that it would just be a normal threesome with you two doing me” she said.I said ” I really don’t have a problem with it I just don’t do anal.I will give it but I won’t take it.It just doesn’t do anything for me.Anything else is fine.”Jean smiled broadly saying “oh Tommy will love anything he can get.He will be like a little school girl when I tell him.”We arranged a night to get together.The night came.When I got to their house Tom met me at the door.Once we were inside he called to Jean and she came from the bedroom.”Wow” I said “Jean you clean up nice.”Tom goes “yeah right,you would never know she is so hot from the way she dresses.I keep telling her to,”Jean cut him off ” thank you,I bought this just for tonight.”” You look very hot” I said.She was wearing a sexy outfit.It was some kind of babydoll with a thong, all pink.Tom said to me “come with me we have something for you and me to wear too.”I followed Tom down the hallway.He stopped pointing to a bathroom saying “yours is hanging on the back of the door.We will meet you back here in our bedroom.”My outfit anadolu yakası escort was a tight red tank top with a red thong.My thong was just big enough to hold me in but all bets are off when I start to get hard.I walked into the bedroom where Jean was sitting on the bed against the headboard and Tom was sitting in an arm chair wearing an outfit similar to mine but black and red.Jean said ” oh my Tommy look at that I think we have a match.He looks to be about the same size.”Tom was grinning ear to ear,his mouth open.Jean patted the bed and I joined her there.Then she patted the other side and Tom jumped to the command joining us.She rubbed both our cocks saying ” this is going to be a hell of a night.” She stroked us and Tom popped out of the thong first then Jean gave mine a little help.She held them looking back and forth ” yep” she said “pretty evenly matched I say.This is going to be fun.”Jean laid down taking turns sucking our cocks.I started rubbing her pussy while Tom played with her tits pulling one out.He pulled and rubbed her nipple making it hard.I slipped my finger under her thong running it down her lips finding her wet hole.I slowly worked my finger in her wet hole,she made humming noises on Tom’s cock ,stroking mine. Tom joined in rubbing her clit as she switched her mouth to my cock.This went on for a long time.My fingers were probing Jean’s pussy deep and she moving in unison to my probing,breathing faster.She finally spoke” alright guys I want both of you inside me.” All I did was follow instructions.Jean laid on top of Tom her back on his chest.Tom with her help got his cock in her pussy.Then had me straddle her one leg and told me to put my cock in with Tom’s. I pushed my cock in sliding against Tom’s.I didn’t think it was going to work.Jean cried out “oh my god push push oh god push.” I pushed and it finally popped past the opening with Jean crying out “oh shit yes that’s it.Alright guys it’s up to you give it to me, make me cum and fill me with yours.”It took a few minutes but Tom and I finally got in rhythm.We got a good slow stroke going and Jean was enjoying the hell out of it. She wrapped her arms around my neck for support as our two cocks stretched her cunt to it max.I think Tom was enjoying my cock against his just as much.I could feel his cock throbbing against mine and I was getting close to cumming.Then Jean started kissing me hard screaming in my mouth her arms squeezing my neck,her body was in spasm.She yelled out over my shoulder “oh fuck yes fuck me guys fuck me I am cumming aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.”Tom and I fucked her faster and she cried out and screamed.Then I felt like someone poured warm water over my pubic area.It was Jean squirting and crying ataşehir escort out ” oh god I’m sorry I can’t help it ooooooooooooooooooooooo fuck yessssssssss.” Her teeth tight together.Tom and I exploded which sent Jean into another spasm and more squirting.She cried out,I was grunting as I emptied my balls into her.Tom was screaming like a girl emptying his cum with mine.Jean dropped down hanging on to my neck,” your gonna have to pull out first but you two don’t feel like you are getting soft” she said.”I know I’m not and I think Tom is enjoying my dick against his to much” I said. She laughed ” oh yeah I know he is.”I started to pull out and Jean yelled out ” easy,slow ah,ah,ah.” Then I popped out.Jean and I got off the bed and stood next to Tom all soaked in cum and pussy juice still lying on the bed.He was grinning like a Cheshire cat.Jean and I looked at one another smiling.She said ” I know how to keep Tommy smiling,follow me.”We went to the other side of the bed.Jean climbed on the bed and started licking all the cum and juices from Tom.She told me to get down and eat her pussy.Also offer Tom my cock.So I did and we had a little circle of cock sucking and cunt eating.We went at it for probably half hour until Jean suggested we get a shower to clean up.We got into this huge shower soaping and cleaning each other.I fucked Jean from behind while she sucked Tom’s cock then we switched.Then Tom squatted down sucking my cock while finger fucking his wife.After Jean climaxed she got out and Tom kept sucking me until I shot a big load of cum into his mouth.We got out and joined Jean in the living room where she had made us drinks.It wasn’t long before we were ready for more.I wanted to fuck Jean myself and whispered that to her.She said that was no problem as long as Tom could watch.I agreed and she laid on the couch spreading her legs inviting me into her wide open cunt.I approached her,my cock was not hard yet.I leaned over her rubbing my cock up and down her pussy lips.My cock quickly stiffened.When it was nice and hard I slapped her pussy with my cock over and over.Jean cried out as her cunt got red but she said she was loving it.Tom sat close by watching.” That’s good man she is liking that keep it up.”I slapped her cunt then pushed my cock into her wet red hole driving it all the way in.She yelled out “oh fuck fuck me,” as I continued driving my cock in and out hard.I pounded her harder and harder our pubic areas banging against each other my balls slapping her ass.I heard Tom say “fuck her deep man fuck dude fuck her.” I was working so hard I was sweating.Jean was throwing her head around,gritting her teeth,breathing heavy and thrusting up to my pounding.Tom said “shes gonna cum dude shes gonna cum ümraniye escort keep going man keep going you got’er she going to freak in a minute.”No sooner had he said that and Jean screamed wrapping her legs around me pulling me tight stopping me from pumping.She had a death grip on me as she convulsed screaming “fuck Tommy he has me squirting oh fuck yes,” and I felt the warm pussy juices soaking me dripping down my balls my cock exploding inside her.After I got off her Tom jumped in cleaning her of my cum and bringing her to another smaller orgasm.Tom then turned to me and said “can I clean you too.””Sure” I said, he cleaned me,then sucked my cock keeping it hard.Jean joined in sharing me with Tom.Then Jean suggested we go to the bedroom.We passed the first bedroom that we just made a mess of and continued to another.Jean told me to lay on the bed then her and Tom went back to sucking my cock.During this Tom maneuvered himself on top of me so I could suck his cock.I sucked his big cock while Jean and him still shared my cock.Then they switched Jean getting on top so I could eat her pussy.After awhile Jean said to me “I want you to fuck Tommy while I suck his cock.”I stayed in my position and Tom sat on my cock with his back to me.He dripped some oil on my cock then slowly descended down my cock penetrating his ass.I could see Jean next to him and she started massaging mine and Tom’s balls as he swallowed up my big cock into his asshole the whole time groaning until his ass touched my pubic area.Then he he made long slow strokes up and down my hard cock.I saw Jean move and then felt her between my legs pushing them wider apart.I guess she was sucking Tom’s cock.Then I heard Tom groaning loudly and Jean saying “come on Tommy give that cum,yeah come on give it up Tommy.I couldn’t see a lot but I think Jean got up as Tom was cumming and got his cock in her pussy.I could see her legs on either side of us and it looked as though she was humping him.She indeed was.As I am still fucking Tom, Jean comes next to me and says “Tommy just came but he will let you fuck him all night if we don’t stop him.”I pushed Tom off and Jean started to kiss me pretty much pushing Tom out of the way.I don’t know where Tom was,all I know is Jean was climbing on top of me inserting the head of my cock in her pussy opening and slowly pushing down until I was all the way in.Then she sat up working her cunt up and down my pussy.I reached up taking her tits in my hands pinching her nipples and thinking how beautiful a body she hides under all her frumpy cloths.She fucked me ,climaxed once ,then a second time,then a third time.I couldn’t take it anymore and as she climaxed a fourth time I was cumming inside her.She cried out “that’s it baby give me your cum,I want it all.” She kept moving around ,I could feel my cum running down my balls.Then she pulled out and let go with another pissing session soaking me all the way to my chest.Then she laid on top of me rubbing her body all over me.Tom came back and joined in the clean up.The rest of the night was pretty much the same over and over.I will never see Jean in the same way.

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