The Night at the Swing Club

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It was a cool evening in April as we drove through the wooded hills of Northern Maryland headed to a club that we had found, joined, and fallen in love with two months ago. Lee and Julie sat in the back seat in identical sexy black party dresses and were whispering back and forth so that I couldn’t hear what they were saying over the music playing in the car. So all I could do, while trying not to watch them in the rear view mirror and run off the road, was to think back over what had happened so far that afternoon.

Earlier that afternoon I had picked up Julie at the airport and started the one and a half hour drive through rush hour traffic to get her home, I was thrilled to have her here; sitting next to me, as we started what had the potential of a fantastic long weekend! We needed to get to the club by 8:00, I had to get Julie home, give her a chance to unpack, take a shower and get dolled up, and then make the one hour drive to the club. It was going to be close on timing! I got her home and Lee greeted her with a big hug and a kiss and I carried up her luggage and put it on our king sized bed. The ladies came up and hustled me off to my office while they did what they needed to do.

I was looking at the naked pictures I had taken of Julie a couple of months before when Lee called, “Honey, come here please!” I got up and walked into the bedroom and my heart stopped. My tongue must have been touching the floor, and I can’t imagine what the look on my face was! There they stood, side by side, with their arms behind each other. Julie is five foot ten, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Lee is five foot one, brown hair, and brown eyes. They both were all dolled up. Both of them had on ruby red lipstick and red nail polish. Both of them had on black high healed sandals. Both of them were wearing identical black party dresses. And these dresses were very low cut to show Lee’s DD breasts and Julie’s very nice C breasts very well. And these were short dresses. In my youth, I would have called them duck skirts. They were so short that you could see their quack! The girls asked me if I was ready, hell yeah! Lee and Julie picked up small overnight bags, their purses, and I walked two feet off the ground as I escorted them out to the car.

As I pulled up to the entrance to the club, the security guard, an old retired Marine, asked for our names. They only use your first name here. And he had a smile on his face as he glanced at my lovely ladies in the back seat. I opened the back door and my two lovelies stepped out of the car and we made the short walk to the club entrance, Lee on my right arm, Julie on my left. When we walked through the main entrance all eyes shifted to us and you could see their thoughts in bold print on their faces. The guys were all thinking, “Holy shit! You lucky bastard!” And all the ladies were thinking, well, I’m not sure what a woman thinks about at a moment like that. I’ll have to ask Lee some time, but I might not want to know. But this is a couples club, with a few select males. Everyone knew that we were going to be stretching the envelope tonight! Turning to the scantily clad receptionist we registered and paid.

We walked through the dining area to the center table next to the dance floor. Everyone watched us as I seated them on either side of me. The ladies were drinking Cherry Bombs tonight. Cherry Bombs are normally a shooter. But tonight, they were served in a tall cocktail glass, ice, two thirds cherry vodka, and one third Red Bull. Me, I wanted to keep my wits and stuck to beer. The bar service was excellent as always, and the DJ started spinning CDs. At 9:00 dinner was served and again, everyone watched as we went through the buffet line and back to our tables.

Julie had never been to this club so we gave her the guided tour. The bar area is typical with two pool tables, dart board, long bar with stools, but has a sexy etiler escort lady bartender and a big screen TV. But it wasn’t baseball on the TV, it was a big tittied blonde giving a well hung stud a vigorous blow job. The dance floor is large and has a raised stage area in the corner, but the stage has a stripper’s pole. And a lady that we call “The Dancer” was doing a sexy dance for her husband seated at the table next to ours. This club has 25 public and private rooms. Each decorated in different themes. Some have large glass windows so that you can see into the room from the hallway. Two of the rooms have “sex chairs” in them and another room has a massage table and “sex swing.” Julie really liked the large 20 person hot tub. And the last room we showed her is “The TV Room.” This room has a video camera, VHS recorder, and a TV. The feed from the camera also goes to a TV near the dance floor. As we went up and down the stairs on the tour there we had a “following” as the girls walked in front of me, their black thongs and bare asses clearly visible under their short skirts. I heard several comments of appreciation for the view.

We danced and partied. The girls danced together in ways that would get you kicked out of most clubs. And I enjoyed slow dances with each of them and both of them together rubbing all over me. Then the “witching” hour came. Actually, as Lee usually does, she kicks it off when she is ready. My two ladies went to the powder room, and I think every woman in the club followed them except “The Dancer.” Lee and Julie were the first ones out and again, Lee surprised me! Here came my two lovelies in identical silver mesh dressed, their nipple poking through the mesh and their swaying breasts were plainly visible to all. They had on matching white thongs that made it clear that both of their pussies were smoothly shaven.

I stood up when I saw them, and all the men were trying to not be obvious that they were watching! When Lee and Julie got to the table I gave Lee a big hug, a big kiss, and a big thank you for her second surprise. Julie also melted into my hug and kiss as I thanked her. The DJ had been in the midst of setting his next song when the girls came out. After I kissed Julie he started another slow song and my lovelies gave me the dirtiest dance I had had in my life!!! As we danced the other ladies filtered back to the club area in their sexy outfits for the night. And the serious party started! As midnight approached, Lee turned to me and said, “Honey, Julie and I are going up stairs, come up in about ten minutes.” “Ok my love, see you in a little bit.”

Lee walked over, grabbed her overnight bag, and they swayed up the stairs to the rooms. I was deep in thought, “it is good to be the king!” and finishing my beer when I heard someone say, “Holy shit! Look at that!” I looked where the guy was pointing and there on the big screen TV next to the dance floor, Lee and Julie were laying on the bed in their dresses hugging and kissing. Lee was lying on her left side with her right leg pressing up against Julie’s crotch between her legs and had her hand on Julie’s ass. That was the longest and shortest ten minutes I had ever lived as I watched the TV! “Ok, close enough, I picked up my beer and walked through the crowd as they watched the screen and me as I headed for the stairs.

As I opened the TV room door they were still hugging and kissing and Lee rolled onto her back as Julie rolled on top of her between her legs with her sexy ass facing me. Julie sucked one then the other of Lee’s nipples and then kissed her way down as she pulled Lee’s thong down her legs. When she reached Lee’s shaven pussy, her blonde hair cascaded over lee as she licked and sucked and used her tongue on lee’s pussy. I walked to the bed and stood beside them as Julie worked her magic on Lee. I had forgotten fatih escort that I had left the door open and when all of a sudden two men walked in, and I looked to see that the hall was packed with men and women looking in. As I watched Lee smiled at the men and they both leaned over and started sucking and licking on Lee’s DD breasts.

Lee moaned loudly as her hips ground her lips against Julie’s mouth and came with a powerful orgasm. Lee sat up and Julie lay down and Lee pulled off Julie’s thong and started licking and sucking and tonguing Julie’s smooth pussy. The two men then leaned over and sucked and licked Julie’s nipples. Lee had her pussy sticking right at me and I slipped two fingers into her dripping wet cleft. She was soaked! I pulled my fingers out and tasted her sweet juices on my fingers. I told the men that I’m going to close the door now, and they politely left as I closed the door. When the door closed it sounded like 50 people ran down the hall and down the stairs headed toward the TV in club.

When I turned around Lee was getting up off the bed and I lay fully dressed across the bed and took up eating Julie’s pussy. Lee moved up and sucked on Julie’s breasts. Then kissed Julie and back to her breasts. Julie was grinding her pussy against my mouth as my tongue flicked and licked and I sucked on her swollen clit. He juices were flowing and my beard was soaked with her juices. As I looked up Lee and Julie were locked in a deep embrace and were kissing. Lee has huge powerful orgasms, but Julie has them one right after another, pulsing as she made a mewing sound into Lee’s kiss. She banged orgasms one right after another for close to 10 minutes until I had to take a break. As I got up off the bed I noticed that a friend of ours named Rock was in the room and had brought us fresh drinks. Julie got off the bed and gave me a big hug and a kiss and started unbuttoning my shirt. When I looked over at Lee she was sitting on the bed. She had unzipped Rock’s pants and was giving him a blow job. Julie continued to undress me as Lee bobbed up and down on Rock’s cock. When Julie took my shirt off she sucked on my nipples.

Lee pulled her dress over her head and went back to suck on his cock. Julie pulled my pants off then got on her knees and proceeded to suck on me. I’m blessed to have two women in my life that give fantastic blow jobs!! Lee lay back on the bed and our friend kicked his slacks of and crawled between Lee’s legs and started licking and sucking her pussy. I helped Julie up then pulled her dress over her head. I lay down on the bed next to Lee and she laid her head on my shoulder and I played with her nipple with my right hand. Julie crawled up the bed and climbed on top of me. Grabbing my cock with her left hand she lowered her wet pussy over me until I could feel her pussy lips against the skin at the base of my cock. She started riding me.

Rock stood up and Lee started sucking his cock again, his hand holding her head as Julie’s pussy made a slapping sound every time she buried my cock all the way in. Lee moved sideways on the bed so that she could suck Rock’s cock and I could finger her pussy. Julie started her mewing sound as her orgasms started. She started having them one after another as she road my cock. I shifted so that I could help meet her thrusts as she road me. Rock came in Lee’s mouth and she sucked up every drop. Rock is a rock, and stayed hard. Lee started sucking on him again and used her hands to play with his nipples.

Julie was still riding my cock mewing and coming when Rock had Lee get up on the bed beside me on all fours and started pounding his cock into her sopping wet pussy. The sounds and smells of sex filled the room as we fucked. Rock moved Lee again so that he was standing beside the bed and started pounding her pussy again. Julie sat up, still fındıkzade escort riding me and played with her nipples then had a massive orgasm and collapsed on my chest.

We all took a short break Julie had been riding my cock for 18 minutes and we had all been making love for over 30 minutes. We talked and sipped our drinks and Julie made fun of my hair. I had “fuck tornados” sticking up! Now keep in mind, the whole time we were at it, a whole club full of people had been watching! And I found out later, that Lee had plugged in a VHS tape, and all of it was caught on tape! That is how I know how long Julie road me.

Rock left the room and Lee lay down on the bed and I did too. We were facing in opposite directions. Lee started playing with my cock and Julie was standing next to the bed so I started fingering her wet pussy. Julie leaned over and sucked my cock into her mouth and she and Lee took turns sucking my cock and fondling my balls. Lee got up and turned around on the bed and laid half way on top of me kissing me and pressing her huge tits into my chest. I was fingering Julie’s pussy and clit when Rock came back with more drinks then left again. Lee sipped on her drink while Julie crawled back down between my legs and sucked me some more. Then she crawled up my body until she straddled my face with her pussy and I started licking and sucking her pussy. Lee put down her drink and crawled between my legs and started sucking my cock. I licked Julie’s clit and started fingering her pussy from behind. Julie started cumming again. Rock came back in and kissed Julie and played with her tits as I continued to eat her and Lee sucked on my cock.

Julie climbed off my face and I got up. Lee climbed to the head of the bed and took a sip of her drink then Julie started sucking on Lee’s tits. Julie laid Lee back and lay on top of her and sucked her tits and Rock came up behind Julie and started licking her ass and pussy. Then he crawled up behind her and stuck his cock in her pussy while I fingered Lee’s pussy while Julie sucked on her tits. Julie pushed back against Rock until she could start eating Lee’s pussy again so I took over the pleasure of sucking on Lee’s lovely nipples while Rock pounded Julie from behind. Then Rock got up and I took his place. It was something I always wanted to do, to stroke my cock in a sexy pussy of a lady that was eating Lee’s pussy at the same time. Rock moved over and took up the pleasure of sucking on Lee’s tits.

Julie was pushing back so hard against me as we fucked doggy style that she pushed me off the bed but I continued to fuck her standing up. Rock continued to kiss and suck on Lee’s tits and started fingering her pussy as I pounded away in Julie as she mewed and had orgasm after orgasm. Rock came over and tapped me on the shoulder so he took my place pounding away at Julie’s pussy. Lee got up and turned sideways on the bed so that I could stand and fuck her from behind while Rock was fucking Julie.

I was pounding away at Lee when Julie rolled over with her head under Lee’s and they kissed and hugged and Rock dove between Julie’s legs and started eating her pussy. Lee’s huge tits were shaking back and forth and Julie was holding Rock’s head with both hands pulling his mouth to her pussy as her orgasms continued. I finally shot a huge load of cum in Lee’s pussy and collapsed across her back. Julie had another large orgasm and Rock stood up. Lee and I fell into each other’s arms and kissed and hugged. While we were hugging and kissing Julie started to suck Rock’s cock again and then she lay back and pulled me over to her and started sucking my cock while Rock ate her pussy.

We were all totally spent and got up from the bed and I hugged both of the girls and got great kisses from them. The girls pulled their dresses back on, missing their thongs, I pulled on my boxers and Rock pulled on his slacks and we all headed to the club and our table, and a crowd of people who had been watching us on the big screen the whole time. Looking at the tape the next day, Lee, Julie, and I got to relive that wonderful hour of hot sex. The night continued with sex in different rooms and spending the night with two sweet ladies snuggled up against me.

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