The Old Way (MF, bond, inc, rom, sci-fi)

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The Old Way (MF, bond, inc, rom, sci-fi)The Old WayBy SpectreOfHell“It is time,” J’ter said to the boy. They were standing on the high balcony overlooking the empty city, the dead city. The city once filled with vibrant life where aristocrats ruled an empire spanning a thousand worlds. That was long ago. There was still life up there among the stars, but it was closed to them forever. These men, women, and the one c***d, they were all that was left of the ruling class. Superior to those genetic slaves who bred like a****ls and filled worlds with their stinking kind, and yet here they were, a nearly dead race while those they ruled laughed at them.That laughter would be their end.“I am ready,” Fallon replied, turning to face his father. “Is Mother waiting?”“Yes.” J’ter put his hand on his son’s shoulder. “It is all up to you now, my son. You are the last hope of our race.”Fallon did not need to be reminded. He followed close on his father’s heels back into the tower’s large central chamber. J’ter stopped before the doors leading to the center. He nodded to his son and turned away. Taking a deep breath, Fallon stepped forward.The doors hissed closed behind him. The light was low, but the boy could clearly see the bed in front of him. The woman lay on her back, arms and legs spread wide and secured to the four corners of the bed with strong cord. She looked up at Fallon fearfully as he reached the end of the bed, unable to speak because of the gag in her mouth. Her eyes spoke volumes. There was fear, lots of fear, but behind that, in the deep recesses of her mind, she was excited. She was waiting for him.“Hello Mother,” Fallon said. He began to disrobe. His mother’s fear intensified. Fallon, however, was not afraid in the least. He had wanted this for as long as he could remember. Since the day of his Ascension, when he was declared a Man, he had gazed upon his mother with unfettered desire. And she had striven to keep herself from him, avoiding him as much as she could, and that had hurt. Now, she could run no more.Her eyes widened even more when he revealed his member. He smiled at that. “I know you’re afraid,” he said. “Don’t be. It was the old kaçak iddaa ways that brought our race down. You know that as well as I. The GenSlaves have risen against us because they use a much older method of procreation. It is fate that has decreed this day, Mother. I am the only one of our kind with viable sperm. You are the only one with living eggs. Together, we will bring about the rebirth of our race. This I know, for although it has only been forty years since my emergence from the birthing vats, my intellect has been enhanced by my Father’s science. As you can see,” he gestured to his manhood, ”I have put that knowledge to good use.”The woman stared fixedly the enormous thing between her son’s thighs. His body was slender and barely six feet in height, very short for their kind, but the penis he gripped and waved at her was easily twelve inches long and as thick as a table leg. He laughed at her reaction, picking up the edges of her thoughts. He climbed onto the bed between her legs. His mother struggled.“Don’t worry, Mother,” he assured her. “I will be gentle. I have been studying the records of the GenSlaves methods. I think you will like this.”Still smiling, he lowered his head between his mother’s thighs. Her body stiffened at the first touch of his tongue to her moist lips. The smell was exquisite. On the surface she smelled of spring flowers and clean skin. She had no pubic hairs to get in his way. He’d seen photos of nude female GenSlaves with the hairy patches between their legs. His mother’s vagina was so much nicer. Despite her apparent fear, she was sexually aroused. Her inner lips were swelling, splaying out, spreading her sex like a delicate flower. Within those soft folds was a different smell, something primal and wonderful. Musk, he recalled the term. And the taste, that was beyond description. He pushed his tongue between her soft lips and dragged it upward to the hood concealing her swollen clitoris. His mother moaned through her gag, a sound sweeter than music to his ears. Using his fingers, he spread her vaginal slit apart and marveled at the beauty revealed within. Her flesh outside was milky pale, but inside kaçak bahis she was light pink, and the more he licked her the darker that pink flush became. A clear fluid oozed from her opening and he eagerly lapped it up, shivering at the unique flavor. More moans emanated from the head of the bed as his mother’s body quivered and twisted beneath his ministrations. He shoved his tongue into her opening, making love to her with it, and suddenly it was clamping down, the soft flesh pulsating.He rode it out keeping his face close to her crotch, devouring the thick fluid that flooded out of her and sucking gently on her engorged clitoris. “That was an orgasm,” he told her. “See what the GenSlaves have been doing? Is it no wonder that they are driven by their a****l urges to breed uncontrollably?” He clamped his lips over her clit and sucked harder, flicking his tongue over the nubbin until she spasmed again.It was time.He climbed over her swiftly. She moaned deeply as he suckled at her nipples. She had tiny breasts, firm swellings that rose from her otherwise flat chest capped with thickened and distended nipples glistening with her son’s spittle. He pushed his organ against her sex, sliding the head into her opening. She tensed again, but he did not hesitate. She pushed into her, stretching her wide, filling her roughly. She screamed in terror, the sound muffled by the gag. It was the most wonderful feeling he’d ever felt in his life, and that included all the thousands of hours spent in the Virtual World. He pulled back, relishing the squishy sound their union made, and pushed back into her. He met resistance, but it melted away under his assault. He’d taken her hymen. His mother thrashed under him, but he paid her no attention. The bonds held her securely. He pulled and pushed, inching himself into her until he met another resistance. He had two-thirds of his throbbing shaft inside her and he had reached the bottom. He began to saw back and forth, giving in to the primal urges surfacing in his brain. Her moans of pain softened and faded away, and soon were replaced by sounds of pleasure.“I don’t think I can last,” he told her. “I’m going to güvenilir bahis put my seed into you Mother. Are you ready?”She nodded vigorously, her lithe body shaking under him. He drove into her as hard as he could, feeling white hot fire racing from his heavy testicles and up his long shaft into her body. He pushed harder, spreading her cervix and putting himself right into her womb. She jerked under him, eyes squeezed shut, moaning fitfully as her body was wracked by a powerful orgasm. He semen poured out of him, filling her, pouring ounce after ounce of hot sperm into her fertile womb. It filled her small vagina and began to leak out, spilling over his shrinking testicles to drip onto the bed and down her clenching crack. He sagged with release and lay on top of her panting. The watchful computer released the bonds, freeing the woman now that the act was done. She slowly put her arms around her son, embracing him. His penis was still buried in her body, their crotches flush, and all she could think about was doing it again and again. In all her centuries of immortal life, she had never known rapture so pure. She tugged at the gag and removed it.“Fallon,” she said softly. “My darling son. You were right, I was afraid, and what I feared has come to pass. This was wonderful, more than I ever dreamed it could be, and I want more. I can not stop now. I will carry your c***d, and we will have another. We will leave this dead city, you and I together, but not as mother and c***d.“We shall be man and woman, as husband and wife.”“Yes, Mother,” Fallon gasped, hugging her. “I am yours.”“We shall have a c***d,” she continued. “That c***d will revive our ancient bloodline and the mighty powers that are our legacy. We shall watch our son rise to the heavens on wings of flame and purify the galaxy. What we have done, what we have begun, it is the end of all things that are. It is the dawn of a new age, my Son.”“Yes, Mother,” he sighed, pressing his face into her neck.He withdrew from her after a time, but he never fully shrank. They held each other through the night, kissing softly, and eventually made love again. As dawn spilled over the city they slipped hand in hand through the empty silence making their way to the spaceport, and as the last of the old Aristocrats rose from their sleeping pallets they were greeted by the thunder of a ship hurling itself at the stars, toward destiny.

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