The Orphanage Ch. 02

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I smile at Anne’s words, thinking about all that we would be doing together, I can’t wait. I lay on the bed, my partially erect penis tilting to the right, covered in Nicole’s cum, shining. Her Cum was gently rolling down my testis and onto the bed. Anna looks down, her eyes full of lust. She takes my hand and pulls me up, making me sit up on the side of the bed. What is she doing, I wonder. She kneels down in front of me, pushing her breasts together with her hands, she slides my penis in between them. My cum soaked penis pushes up through her breasts and she bends her head licking the tip “mmm” she says, “tasty!” She rubs her breasts over my wet penis, over my testis, up along my shaft and the tip of my penis. She rubs the top of her long, now erect nipples around the tip of my penis and moans. Her breasts are now shining with Nicole’s cum. Anne leans forward and whispers “Hun, you have become dry, why not go and get yourself wet again.”

I look across at Nicole, she is staring at my penis, licking her lips. I stand up, walk across and stand in front of Nicole, my penis again getting rigid. She is lying on the bed, her legs open, her hand rubbing one of her nipples. I hold the base of my penis and push forward, guiding me penis into her. She takes a sharp intake of breath as I push into her, sliding in easily, her pussy still very wet from her cum. I thrust my penis deep into her and pull back, the tip just touching the lips of her pussy. I push in again and rotate my hips, Nicole’s eyes are closed and her hand rubs over her nipples hard. I look over at Anne, she beckons me to come back. I pull myself away, my penis coming out of Nicole, wet with her cum.

I sit in front of Anne and smile at Nicole. She smiles back, her hand moving down to her pussy and she starts stroking herself. I sit in front of Anne and she immediately resumes rubbing her breasts over my now fully erect penis. The tips of her breasts are now erect and hard as she rubs every inch of her breasts over my penis. She rubs the top of my penis, the underside and tip, returning to rub circles over the tip of my penis with the tips of her nipple. I feel dizzy with pleasure. Anne stands up and pushes her breasts into my face. I lick around her breasts tasting Nicole’s cum. She pushes a nipple into my mouth and I suck hard, rubbing her pussy with my free hand. She pushes her other nipple into my face and I suck and bite her nipple. Anne moans, moves closer to me, placing her feet on either side of me, her legs sliding against the outside of my legs and lowering her self slowly.

I feel her legs tense as my manhood presses against her opening. She pushes down further and my penis slides in, parting her pussy lips causing her to gasp. She continues to lower herself until I am buried deep inside her, her buttocks meeting my legs. She rotates her hips and I moan. The feeling of my penis being pleasured by her vagina muscles, her buttocks rubbing over my legs and the inside of her thighs rubbing against my legs sends me into orbit.

I look across at Nicole who has moved closer and has her face very near my penis, watching and licking her lips. She moves behind Anne and bends down. I feel her tongue running over my testis. Anne raises herself up and Nicole licks my shaft, moving her tongue up as Anne gets higher. Anne moves all the way up and I slip out of her. Nicole’s tongue continues to move up and circles the tip of my penis. She takes hold of the base of my penis and takes me into her mouth, deeper then I have ever been before. She sucks me deep into her mouth, her eyes closed and I cannot believe just how deep my penis has gone. Almost all of my penis is in her mouth. She fucks me with her mouth sending wave after wave of pleasure through me, before releasing me and coming back towards the bed. Anne lowers herself again but more forcefully, my penis sliding into her agile vagina and she begins to fuck me, raising herself up until I am almost out of her before lowering herself.

Nicole stands up on the bed, I look up in awe as she positions herself above me, legs apart. I can see her wet pussy lips jutting out, her anus wet with her own cum, her erect nipples standing out from her breasts from below. She places a hand on the back of my head and lowers herself down to my face. I grasp her buttocks and push her towards my eager, outstretched tongue. I bury my tongue deep into her, tasting her sweet nectar. She moves her hips back and forth, fucking my tongue. I push my tongue as deep as I can, caressing her smooth buns with my hands. She rubs her pussy over my tongue roughly, rotating and rubbing her pussy over my face. My chin and nose are wet with her juices.

I can feel Anne’s movements getting faster, more frantic, her thigh muscles tensing as she nears her orgasm, her moans getting louder. Her pussy is very wet now, I can feel her hot juices trickling down my balls. She leans forward and bites me on the neck as her hands move around my body and her fingernails dig into my back. I moan in pleasure and pain. I can feel her nipples kurtköy escort brushing against my chest as she pushes her hips back and forth, then rises and falls, then rotates her hips. I again feel dizzy with pleasure but know I will not come so quickly this time.

Nicole stops fucking my face and places her fingers on either side of her pussy lips and pushes back and up to expose her large clit. I latch onto her clit with my lips and suck and Nicole gasps and shivers with pleasure. I can feel Anne beginning to jerk her hips faster, nearing her climax. Her hands are rubbing over my back hard, her breasts pressing hard against my chest as her hips rise and fall rapidly. She lets out a long moan as she cums. I release Nicole to watch Anne as she cums again and again. Her mouth meets my mouth which is very wet with Nicole’s cum, and we kiss hard, tongues inter-twining as her hips begin to slow, her body now has a sheen of sweat and she looks very sexy. Finally she releases me and lies down on the bed, still trying to catch her breath.

“Lie down next to her, let me make you squeal with pleasure” says Nicole. I lie next to her wondering what is about to happen. Nicole stands over me, towering over me, she looks like a goddess. She lowers herself over my penis, lowering herself further, pushing down on my large dick which is wet with Anne’s cum. My penis head pushes against her opening, getting hardly any resistance, as she closes her eyes and lowers herself down further until her hips touch my hips. She fucks me for a while slowly, raising and lowering her self, giving me a good view of her pussy as she fucks my dick. She then lowers herself completely again, and leans forward, pushing back her legs and straightening then.

I can feel her pussy muscles tightening around me as her legs close and her legs lie over my legs, her breasts pressed against my chest and our lips meet. She is lying on top of me, her whole body pressing against mine. She kisses me then it begins. I feel her pussy muscles tighten and then release me, a jolt of pleasure running from the tips of my penis, runs through my body. She does it again, I feel my penis slide out then slide back in as she tightens and contracts her pussy muscles. I moan; it feels wonderful. I place my hands over her buttocks and can feel her buttocks tightening and relaxing as her pussy muscles do the same. Her eyes are closed, a look of pure ecstasy on her face.

The pleasure is so intense, I am not sure how much longer I will be able to hold back my orgasm. Her pussy muscles begin to tighten and contract faster as she bites my ear lobe. I lose all sense of my surroundings, only feeling Nicole’s hot breath on my ear, her gasps and moans as we both race towards an intense orgasm. My hands grab Nicole’s ass hard as I slip and finger into her anus. She gasps and begins to tighten and contract even faster, my finger also being fucked by her rear muscles. I feel her whole body getting tense as she whispers into my ear “Yes, yes, ow yesssssssssssssssss!!!” With these words she lets out a scream and moans loudly as we both cum together. I let out a loud moan myself as I feel my hot semen shoot into her very tight pussy.

Nicole releases my penis from her pussy prison and lies next to me, catching her breath. Anne, moves to her bed saying “Tomorrow he sleeps with me.” I awoke in the morning feeling very satisfied and looked around. Both Anne and Nicole had gone downstairs. I took a quick shower and went downstairs to the library. I tried concentrating on my chemistry book but naked images of Anne and Nicole kept appearing in my mind. I closed my eyes trying to get the images out of my head but to no avail. My penis would also start getting hard and it was very hard to concentrate. I stopped trying to study after a while, daydreaming about Anne’s beautiful breasts bouncing about, Nicole’s pussy in front of me yearning to be licked and sucked. My penis became harder, pressing against my pants.

I pushed my chair further under the table, looking around, making sure no one was looking. I closed my eyes, thinking about the moment during the night when Anne had been straddling my penis, rising a falling, fucking me whereas Nicole had been standing on the bed, her legs open, and knees bent as she fucked my tongue. What an awesome sight that must have been. I must have been daydreaming for some time, when I looked up the time was 12.30, the library was empty, everyone had gone to lunch. Then, Anne walked in and sat on one of the tables, Her eyes were closed and she crossed her legs. Her mouth was open and she was definitely aroused. She was closing her legs tightly and then relaxing before tightening her crossed legs again. I watched for some time before walking over and saying “Hi” She had a dreamy look on her face and her eyes flashed open.

“Hi,” she said “how’s it going?”

“Not too well,” I said “can’t stop thinking about you two, I am so horny.” and with that I pointed to the bulge in my trousers.

“Same levent escort here, been thinking about last night all morning” said Anne.

She took my hand, pushed it inside her robes and I felt her panties. They were very wet. I rubbed my fingers between her pussy lips and she moaned, opening my zip with her hand, she pushed back my underwear and took my erect penis into her hand. We looked around making sure no one was there, while continuing to masturbate each other. I slipped my hand inside her panties, her pussy felt so hot.

I pushed a finger between her pussy lips, my finger entered very easily, her warm juices lubricating my finger. I pushed two fingers into her and stroked up, rubbing her lips over her clit. She moaned and rubbed my penis with even more abandon, looking down at it with greedy eyes while rubbing her thumb over the tip. Suddenly, she bent down and took my penis in her mouth, licking the tip with her tongue and sucking hard, it felt good. She sucked for a while before releasing me and putting my penis back into my trousers, closed my zip and led me out of the library and upstairs to her room, where she pulled off my shirt ferociously. She pulled down my trousers & underpants, groaning like an animal and ripped off her robe. I helped her take off her panties and bra.

We were both on fire. There was no foreplay. She pulled me close to her and wrapped her arms around my neck. I placed my hands on her buttocks and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I held her up and pushed my penis to her opening. She used her legs as leverage and pushed herself against my penis, my penis sliding deep into her. She gasped as I grabbed her buttocks hard and began to fuck her. I kissed her hard on the lips, pushing my tongue into her mouth. She sucked my tongue as I thrust deep into her. With each thrust she would push forward her hips to meet my hips. We were so aroused; I knew that I was nearing my orgasm fast. I began thrusting into her harder and faster. Each thrust causing her beautiful breasts to bounce and brush against my chest. Her pussy was getting even wetter as she thrust her tongue into my mouth and I sucked. I released her tongue, bent my head and bit her neck.

She screamed in pain and pleasure. I looked down, watching my large penis pumping in and out of her very wet pussy. My pubic mound was glistening with her juices. Her hips shot up to meet me hard and a deep animal moan came from her as she began to cum. I lost control and began thrusting wildly, our lips meeting and tongues entwining as we moaned into each other mouths. I squeezed her buttocks harder as I felt myself going over the edge. My semen shooting deep into her as her hips shot towards my thrusting penis faster, her whole body shaking as she came, moaning loudly clawing at my shoulders. Eventually after what seemed an eternity, our movements slowed and stopped and we hugged each other, my penis still buried deep in her pussy. I looked around, getting an odd feeling like we were being watched. I was sure that someone was standing at the door but when I looked closely, no one was there. Anne opened her legs and I pulled out my very wet penis. So wet was my penis by now, that her juices were dripping from it onto the floor.

Nicole walked in, surprising both of us “Well, well, what have you two been up to?” she said smiling. “Do you two think that you are the only ones who cannot stop thinking about last night. I have come up to change my panties, they are so wet and I was going to fuck the dildo to quench the thirst of my pussy, but no need now.” With that, she ripped off her clothes and fell to her knees in front of me, taking my penis into her hand and licking from the base to the top, licking up all of Anne’s cum.

“Mmmmmm” she gasped as she took my testis into my mouth and sucked before returning to licking all around my penis. She pushed up my penis, licking and sucking the underside, reaching the tip and flicking her tongue across the tip rapidly. Anne was kneeling behind Nicole, pressing her self against her back, wrapping her arms around her and taking a breast in each hand, rubbing her erect nipples between and finger and thumb. She was rubbing her nipples and pulling at them hard causing Nicole to moan with pleasure. Nicole continued to lick my penis, spending more time on the tip, flicking her tongue even more rapidly, causing my penis to get hard again. I could feel my desire rising again.

One of Anne’s hands moved down rubbing Nicole’s pubic hair before moving further down to stroke the velvet softness between her legs. The other hand continued to rub and pinch at Nicole’s nipples. This sight was as arousing as the constant attention being given to my penis. Watching Nicole’s tanned body and Anne’s very white body clinging together and the pleasure they were getting out of the stimulation was intoxicating.

Nicole moaned loudly releasing my penis temporarily before taking it into her mouth and sucking, her hands moving around to mahmutbey escort caress my buttocks. Two of Anne’s fingers disappeared into Nicole’s pussy and Nicole’s hips thrust forward. Nicole’s moans were being muffled by me penis which she continued to suck. I grabbed Nicole’s hair and thrust myself in and out of her mouth. Nicole’s hips were thrusting back and forth as Anne fucked her with her fingers. Nicole released me and pulled me down. I lay down as Nicole climbed on top of me in a hurry her breasts rubbing over my chest as she grabbed my penis between her legs and pushed down, my penis pushing into her opening and deep into her. Nicole was very wet, my penis slipped in easily and she began to rock her hips, thrusting my penis deep into her. I looked up at her and saw the lust in her eyes, she had been on fire for longer than us and needed release. I saw Anne moving behind Nicole and was shocked to see her wearing the big black cock. She had a bottle in one hand and was rubbing the lubricant all over the cock. She then moved in behind Nicole standing there looking down, her long nipples swaying as she lowered down and pressed the back of the bottle over Nicole’s ass. Nicole could not see what was happening behind her as Anne pushed two fingers into Nicole’s ass.

Nicole gasped as Anne pushed her two fingers deep inside, rubbing the lubricant deep into her. Nicole was thrusting her hips up and down, back and forth, ecstasy etched all over her face, my penis revolving and being caressed by every inch of her pussy. Nicole then got down on her knees and pushed her cock into Nicole’s anus slowly. Nicole went rigid as the cock slipped into her ass, her eyes clenched tight. Slowly Anne pushed forward until her hips hit Nicole’s ass. She slowly pulled out and pushed back. Nicole relaxed and adjusted her thrusting to match Anne’s. Anne would thrust forward and Nicole would thrust down onto my penis. Anne would pull back and Nicole would raise up her hips ready to thrust down again.

The double pleasure was driving Nicole mad, one minute she’d be moaning loudly pulling at her nipples hard, the next she’d be sobbing digging her nails into my back. Anne began thrusting faster and Nicole matched this by fucking me faster and harder. Before long, Nicole’s moans became longer and louder and her hips were thrusting rapidly, she was getting wetter and wetter as her orgasm neared. Behind Nicole, I watched Anne who also had her eyes closed and was also moaning with each thrust. My mouth opened and I let out a long gasp as Nicole thrust her hips down hard, sending jolts of pleasure through me.

Nicole began to cum, her hips no longer matching Anne’s thrusts, she was lost in ecstasy, her hips jerking and thrusting fast as she came, shivers of pleasure running down her body. Anne was trying to keep the rhythmic thrusts going but Nicole’s wild jerks were making it difficult. Nicole finally screamed and slumped down on top of me. I kissed her on the head as she lay on top of me, but the fire in my loins had not been quenched and I was sure that Anne was near cumming too. Nicole sensed this and rolled off. I stood up quickly, as Anne pulled off the black phallus and threw it aside. Anne went down on her hands and knees as I moved behind her, holding the base of my penis, guiding it into her pussy.

My penis now wet with Nicole’s cum pushed against her opening. I rubbed my penis over her opening, teasing her, rubbing the tip against her pussy lips, rubbing the top side of my penis against her clit. Anne moaned and thrust back against me, my penis entering her. Anne continued to push back until her buttocks hit my hips. I rotated my hips as I pulled back and thrust forward. Anne gasped & moaned. Seeing her reaction, I did it again, thrusting while rotating my hips, she moaned again “Yes, please don’t stop, harder, faster, please!” she begged. I grabbed her hips and thrust forward deep into her pussy, pulling back until my penis was withdrawn completely from her pussy before pushing back deep into her. Nicole lay next to us watching closely. I watched Nicole as she came over and knelt behind me, clasping me tightly from behind, her slick pussy pushing against my buttocks, her breasts pressing against me back, her hands rubbing over my chest, rubbing my nipples. I let out a loud moan at the intense pleasure, my hips thrusting into Anne harder and faster, squelching sounds coming from her pussy with each thrust. We were both moaning with each thrust.

Nicole bit down on my shoulder and my fingernails dug into Anne’s hips and we both groaned. Nicole rubbed her pussy over my ass as she moved her head up and bit my neck. The pleasure & pain were driving me to an even more intense orgasm than before. “Owwwwwwwwwwwwww yes” shouted Anne as she approached her orgasm, my hips hitting her buttocks with each thrust causing them to vibrate.

I slipped a finger deep into her anus, the sudden extra stimulation sending her over the edge. “Arghaaaaaaaaaaaa” she moaned as my orgasm sent me into orbit, my hips jerking of their own accord as my load shot into her. I turned my head to kiss Nicole, my breathing slowing as my orgasm subsided. Anne raised herself back. And leaned back against me, I rubbed her breasts as she turned her head and we kissed, my Penis still buried deep inside her. All three of us stayed liked this for some time, eyes closed, relaxing.

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