The Others

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The OthersThe choice of a rugby mad university town was a clever one and I congratulated Kyle on his intelligence. Plenty of post game drinking and no shortage of bars and pubs. We explored the town centre and then headed back to the hotel to make ourselves ready, I was to be demure and sexy but not slutty…..I needed a drink as soon as I stepped out of the shower and the realisation of the evening started to become real. I could not really complain as it was all my fantasy and desires being played out with Kyle’s understanding. A short dress, black, grey and white stripes with a pair of sheer tights and some very shiny dark grey high heels. The dress was tight and I hoped my curvy figure was fair competition for the likely gathering of younger, skinnier, more blonde and pouty girls that were likely to be out in force this Saturday evening……….This felt wrong, my body was about to be invaded by this man as the others stood by and watched. I became immune to his touches for a short while as my head bounced these thoughts around. I had to remind myself that it was my husband who had upon my entry to the room, stood behind me to unclip my bra and it was his hands who pushed me to the bed and stripped my knickers off with reassuring force. I was thankful of this, as even with many vodkas inside me, I was as nervous as I think I had ever felt. My brain was quickly brought back into the room as his hands grasped my thighs, spreading them wide as his cock started to probe my fleshy lips seeking an opening. As he found his target, my brain again left the room and I was filled with feelings of worry and guilt. Since a silver band was placed on my wedding finger I had only brushed up against one other man other than Kyle. That was an exploration into my desires and momentary in length, but lasting in effect. This was now the culmination of discussion, fantasy and role play. I was reassured again as looking over at Kyle, his cock was hard and erect like a soldier standing to order. I breathed out all of the air from my lungs and allowed all the tension in my body to be released. Now limp and lifeless, my arms, head, boobs, hips and legs rocked up and down in tune to his thrusts. And then, like being un-hypnotised; I was back in the room….. ….The others stood close by, I was only protected from them by the large bed in our posh upgraded room. Its grandeur made this event appear a little less sordid and the irony was not lost on me. His thrusts became more forceful and finding my voice, I asked him to slow down slightly. I was eager to not waste this experience and his large rugby frame was likely to be more than I could take if not careful! He obliged and for the first time, I looked him in the face and we shared eye contact. I kept my gaze locked on him and wrapped my legs around his bum so to guide his speed as we started to work in partnership. It was only now that I became truly aware of the feelings growing in my deep place and I enjoyed the sensation of him sliding gracefully in and out. Kyle approached from the large white chair positioned in the corner of the room. He handed me a tall slim glass filled with vodka and ice. I sipped it and the alcohol stung my throat, but it is what I needed and it calmed my nerves just enough for me to speak for the second time to him. “Yes, that feels good”…..”ohhhhhh, you can take me harder now”.Kyle smiled and as he started to return to his chair, I asked for the vodka glass to stay with me. He placed it on the bedside table next to a lamp that was subtly illuminate the scene. It was out of my reach, but I did not need it as now the rush of sexual hormones was intoxicating my body and making me dizzy with excitement. His thrusts increased and I felt like he would almost damage me inside soon! His night fuelled with beer and rugby talk had probably slowed down his pending orgasm. This was okay, I was in no hurry and as he was at least 10 years younger than me I was well aware his prowess would be shorter lived than I am used to with Kyle. I looked around the room and the three others were also naked with their cocks projecting out from their muscular frames. Their names, ages, history was not important to me, although I did wonder if any of them had a partner. Unfortunately this just turned me on even more. The thought of them choosing me for the night over what was likely to be a Barbie maraş escort doll-like girlfriend made me feel good about myself and my body. His grunts indicated he was close to ejaculation and for the first time I slide my finger down to my clit to help ease my orgasm along. His hands grabbed at my boobs and he lowered himself more fully on top of me from his more previous upright position. This limited my fingers movement on my clit but now his actions started to rub against my pearl and I was content with the sensation growing in me. My arms flung out wide and I looked up at him again….I felt brave enough to continue my conversation with him. “Go on, fuck me harder. I want to feel your cock explode in me”. I felt him near and started to buck my hips against his to heighten the sensation for us both. My pussy started to feel the early twangs of orgasm as he told me in the crudest form how good I felt to be inside and how sexy I looked. Then immediately he ceased his sexual speech, gripping my hips firmly with one final thrust he unloading what felt a torrent of his juice inside me. I felt like such a dirty girl and as he continued to slowly push in to me, his cum started to ooze out and down the inside of my legs and trace a line down and over my bum cheeks. I returned my finger to my clit and as my pussy quivered in excitement my orgasm ripped through me causing my belly to tremble, legs to tense out straight and repeated cries of joy to be omitted from my mouth.I immediately looked over at Kyle who was rubbing the base of his cock. He loves to see me turned on and explained to me earlier in the evening that seeing me excited and orgasm was his biggest turn on. He wanted me to fulfil my sexual desires and have no regrets about what I like and what turns me on. I then looked over at the others, they looked eager to continue this further and to be honest….so was I. So I raised myself up on to my knees and kneeled on the bed, reaching over I grabbed the vodka and took two large swigs from it. The glass empty, I simply let it fall from my hand and on to the floor beside the bed. As the still warm liquid ran out from me and down my legs, my desire for more of it on my pale pink body grew. “Okay, so guys let’s do this”. The others climbed on to the bed without hesitation and each one found their own piece of me for themselves. As I remained kneeling, one slide behind me, another was in front, the final one came to the side and brushing my hair from my eyes moved in to kiss me. This felt a little weird but of the three others there, he was the best looking and being slight older he appeared to less fazed by the situation. As I kissed him back I found hands reaching around me to squeeze my boobs, another pair started to explore my fleshy lips and my kissing stranger used his finger tips to gently touch my shoulder and down my side. From behind I now had a fresh set of lips kiss my neck and this was a welcome addition. Being kissed twice was a sudden thrill and I quickly asked the other to the front of me to do the same but on my belly. I relaxed back slightly as the three men worshipped me with kisses both tender and forceful. I felt like a goddess with rule over men. My movement backwards had firmly pressed my bum against the hard projection from the one behind me. This was not unnoticed by him and he wiggled a little to force it between my cheeks. I allowed him this pleasure and I was well aware that my separated cheeks must be creating a welcoming friction to engulf him with. My sexual nerves started to burst back into life again, so I pulled away from the lips pressed against mine and run my hands over the torsos before me. The feel of a man is sexual and especially the sensation of a hard cock wrapped between my fingers, so I pulled one groin closer and grabbed him. OMG his cock was a generous length but also very thick with blue veins weaving along it. It felt and looked so hot so I took both hands to it. Kyles cock is very sexy but this was playing up to the slut within me and I tugged on it to ease the foreskin back even further and expose more pinky-red flesh. As I wanked it slowly the other guy to my side raised himself from his knees and stood up on the bed. His arms stretched up and out to steady himself against the ceiling as his biceps bulged to lock his body rigid on the bobbing mattress.His groin was directly escort maraş level with my head but in order to place the head of his throbbing cock inside my mouth I needed to move myself higher such was the uprightness of his erection. As I did this, the cock behind me was granted deeper access between my bum cheeks. His cock was tantalising close to that special of special places and with some wiggling he was locked on to the tight entrance hole.Here I was, this married and sexually reserved women in her mid 30’s with three guys exploring all parts of my body. My mouth filled with one cock, my bum slowly starting to take on another and a final one being caressed by me. I had two different hands locked on to my pussy, one was starting to press a finger inside me while another was exploring my puffy lips and teasing my ever enlarging clit. I felt like I was in a sexual c***….my excitement levels on maximum but with a fog of unrealism clouding it still. I needed to clear this and allow nothing to get in the way. So I imagined this scene as one of many porno’s we have watched, and as I did I started to channel the persona of the female star. I looked over to Kyle and whispered…”Record me being your little slut”. I shocked myself with what I said, but repeated the request; “video me being fucked so I can watch myself over and over again”. This was like my alter-ego emerging for the first time!! Secretly I loved it. Kyle grabbed his phone and moved closer to the action to record his wife playing at being a porn star. I looked across at times and gave off little moans of joy, except this was not faked as my orgasm response was in full swing. I sucked on his cock glancing up at him and across at the camera, I felt a new empowerment that no one appeared to object to so I decided to be in control of how and when these men reached orgasm. Removing the cock from my mouth, I asked; “can you put that back in here if we lie down?”. And to the other guy behind me: “Your cock feels so good in my bum, but I need to see you wank it for me.” Kyle was pleasantly surprised with my sudden courage and forcefulness and his cock, if it could, appeared to grow even harder. And so it was, I lay down on my back and without hesitation welcomed the cock back into my mouth, I licked and sucked its bulbous head like a true BJ queen. My anal guy was lying beside me with his cock in hand and swift strokes taking place. I looked up at the remaining other and back down at his impressive cock. “Please put that inside me…..but gently please”. He moved around and pulled me slight down the bed, my legs dangled off the end and from his standing position he forced my legs open wide and started to tease my clit with his cock. I felt like never before, every nerve ending was tingling and my pussy was gasping for his cock to befriend it. I drew the now extremely excited cock from my mouth, both to speak but also to slow down the pending explosion. “Oh God, please put it in now”. I begged. “Fill my pussy up”.I returned to my oral duties and waited for him to squeeze in inside me. As he did I let out small yelps of both pain and pleasure. Once in at least half way I indicated that was enough for now by rocking my hips to encourage him. He stared to thrust but my tight pussy was no match for this so soon and I winced more than once. He soon realised and eased back.”Your pussy is so tight, I can feel every muscle wrap around me”. His words just turned me on even more. “Don’t move”. I order him. Instead I choose to make the movements and started to fuck his cock myself from below with ever building rotations of my hips. I continued this as I returned to sucking the cock belonging to the now groaning owner. Feeling back in control I now was in need of someone to facilitate my not so secret turn on for cum splashed across my body. The sight of a man excited to orgasm is a delight and I love the look of a man’s tool as it ejects its welcoming reward in spurts of white. So I withdrew the cock from my mouth and looked across the other side of the bed to the other guy lying close by. He had been patient but attentive to me so his was to be the most personal of experiences. “That’s it, wank that cock for me”….”I want your cum all over my body”….”coat me in your liquid”…. I came up with everything my alter-ego porn star would say. I leaned in close and whispered maraş escort bayan it to him and very soon his cock throbbed in excitement, I pulled him closer and with a large moan he shot his cum across my belly and boobs one, two, three, four times! He rolled away and I looked down at the forming rivers of white starting to run off my body. I felt so dirty but I loved it. I looked up at the other one to my side, his cock was still glistening from my salvia and my hand pushed his out of the way and this time I took responsibility to milk it. He pushed himself up higher and sat down on his knees. I could see him staring at my pussy being stretched as I continued to slowly rock up against the immovable force pinning me down. I loved to feel like I was turning these on in this way and I wanked him hard as I wanted my prize as soon as possible. I was not to be disappointed, his cock unleashed a torrent of cum over me. It landed across my belly again but this time I managed to angle his cock lower and as repeated spurts continued I was granted the sensation of warm liquid upon my thighs and just above my pussy. His grunts served to turn me on beyond no return and I rubbed my clit with immediate furry as the second orgasm tore through me. Its force took my breath away and as I looked down at the glistening pools and trails of sexual conquest left on me, I knew I was still packed with enough lust to facilitate the final remaining one. Kyle still wilding the camera phone, only this time it was to take picture after picture of my cum soaked body, flushed skin and of course the eager cock still pushed deep in me. I could not really feel any less slutty and I loved it, so without worry I egged him on to try and fuck me deeper……and he obliged without hesitation. Again I gasped as he slowly eased in millimetre by millimetre. My pussy felt like never before and I loved it, so much so that I lost thoughts of Kyle still being there and my slutty words again cascaded from my mouth. “Yes, fuck me like no one has before”…..”You fill me up to new levels of excitement”….”I need you’re your cock to fuck me again and again, be in my mouth and have my hands all over it.” I sudden realised what I was saying, but the worry was soon eradicated as Kyle actually come over to the side of the bed. He come on up and next to me, handing the phone to another guy he asked him to record his cock wife hungry fucked to orgasm. He kissed me and pushed me down deeper in to the bed, his hands started to run all over my body. “relax” he said, “allow him to please my slutty wife’s desires with his cock”. His words did just that and I felt myself sink even deeper into the bed. His pounding started and occasionally I would look down to see him retract before sliding back in as far as he could push it. His cock looked majestic as it took on my rather inexperienced pussy.Kyle kissed me, his hands explored my body and moved the now drying liquid to new places on my skin, my pussy was beyond excited and normally I cannot orgasm without my clitoris being stimulated but this time I felt confident that this was not a requirement. My breathing deepened and Kyle was aware I was closing in on orgasm. He looked up at the other guy and his faced etched in joy was evidence enough that both were synced close enough. Kyle returned to my side and kissed me again, his breath short and deep. He was also excited and my attention turned to my lover and a desire to finish this with a mutual bond. “I love you.” I whispered to him. “Has you slutty wife pleased you?” He groaned his pleasure and our lips entwined in my mouth. Our orgasm was rising in unison and the link between us only broken by the impending groans from between my legs. His treatment of me was impressive and my muscles encased his cock and squeezed every drop of cum from him. With his final thrust complete and his cock removed I looked down at his liquid dripping off the red tip of his oversized member….this turned me on beyond the point of no return and as muscles tensed up and down my body I helped Kyle to play with his throbbing dick. It felt so hard I thought the skin was going to burst exposing the muscle beneath. “Put your cock back in me!” I ordered. It slide in easier this time with fresh lubrication provided. He thrust to my orders and as Kyle grabbed me harder than he had ever done, his cock exploded and projected his love for me across my ever tensing skin. As the first shots landed on me and my pussy enjoyed the returning sensations the most intense orgasm hit me. We kissed, giggled and together breathed in one massive gulp of air.

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