The Party – Sam

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Sam watched, transfixed, as Alexis walked across the room in front of him. He had been attracted to her since the day she started at Raymond’s, a week after he did, and he was certain that seeing her nude constantly did not help his desires in the least. She was perfect in every way, great ass, his favorite sized tits with the perfect light colored areolas to adorn them, toned torso, and shoulder length sandy brown hair. Since her first day, he had tried to get the courage up to ask her out, but she had always seemed just out of reach. He resolved that tonight would be the night. As she approached that table at the front of the room and sat her platter of food down, the sway in her hips already making him half hard, he began his walk across the room as well. As soon as he placed his platter of food upon the table, he looked to her.

“You look amazing tonight,” he whispered, unable to stop his eyes from roaming over her body, stopping for perhaps a moment too long at her well-displayed cleavage.

“You aren’t doing too badly yourself,” She told him with a pointed look straight to his crotch that made him smile despite himself. Point taken, he thought. Then stood quietly, sneaking as many glances as he could get away with in her direction while they awaited the rest of the staff’s entrance. The moment the final waiter took his place in line, Alexis moved from beside him to give the standard introduction.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” She began, drawing the attention of the crowd. “My name is Alexis and on behalf of Raymond’s Catering and Entertainment, I’d like to wish you all a good evening. If there is anything at all that you need from any of my staff, they will be more than happy to oblige you.” She looked over her shoulder then, before giving an exaggerated wink to the crowd. “Within reason of course.”

At this, she stepped back and untied the shirt she was wearing and tossed it off. Sam admired her from the back as she did so. Before her shirt was fully off, the rest of the waitstaff joined her in removing their shirts and vests.

“Now, without further ado, dinner is served.” Alexis said, with a bow, as soon as the last vest hit the floor.

“I think we would rather eat you all.” Someone shouted from the crowd. There is always one, Sam thought. Alexis turned and led the team back into the makeshift kitchen area, to retrieve their drink trays, and Sam fell in line right behind her, barely able to keep his eyes off her ass and legs in that damned miniskirt. Once everyone was inside the kitchen, Alexis started shouting her congratulations on a job well done in the opening and giving a warning about it being a sex party. Then, Jennifer piped up and asked a question, the answer to which sucked his undivided attention back to the present. He had been wrapped up in thoughts of asking Alexis out after work.

“…so, if you wish to have some fun once things devolve from the point where drinks need served, then be my guest.” Alexis was saying as he tuned in fully.

“And what about you? Are you planning to ‘have fun’?” Sam asked, surprising himself greatly. That was definitely not his style.

“I don’t know. It depends on how the mood takes me, and what offers I receive.” She replied, smiling at him. “I’ve never gotten paid to ‘have fun’ before. Might be a nice change of pace. For now though, let’s focus on our jobs, get those drink trays moving. Tonight ladies, the first time you serve a second round, you remove your top for that customer. Let them keep them if they wish. In one hour, bottoms off for everyone. Got it? Good. Now, get moving.”

Sam stayed behind as the rest of the servers left the room, eyes locked on Alexis. He decided it was now or never and that he was going to continue the boldness of what he had just done by asking her.

“What?” She asked when she saw him looking at her.

“Nothing much. Just thinking of how much I’d like to see you enjoy yourself later. Or maybe help you accomplish that.”

“Yeah right Sam,” she said, once again feeling heat rise to her cheeks. “We’ve worked together for nine months, you’ve never made more than a passing comment to me, why would tonight be any different?”

He took a half step closer to her. “Because tonight I might have a shot if everyone is already worked up.” He almost whispered.

“Like I’m that hard to get, you have had a shot since the day we met. Maybe the second day, but early on for sure. Now, enough of the nonsense. Let’s get to work.” He stared after her as she almost stormed from the room and entered the main area.

Finally, he followed her. Surveying the room he noted that two of the girls were already topless and Alexis had begun circling, he decided to go in the opposite direction from her and began weaving through tables himself, taking and filling orders. The next hour for him was relatively uneventful as made his way through the room. He, of course, noticed the moment Alexis had removed her top and had stopped to pendik escort watch the show. He had found his eyes roaming back to her often throughout the night, keeping him half hard in his speedo.

Eventually, he looked back and saw Alexis on the other side of the room, sliding her lace panties to the floor and felt his dick twitch. He knew that meant his hour was up and that he too needed to remove his bottoms. He was hailed over to a table full of women just then, there male counterparts off mingling elsewhere.

“What can I get you?” He asked the table.

“A bit of whatever you have in that speedo. We were promised nude waiters. You, my friend, are not nude.” One of the ladies observed aloud, it was quite obvious she was already tipsy. The rest of the ladies agreed in turn.

“Well,” he smiled to them, “you are in luck, I just received the signal to remove my bottoms seconds ago.”

“Oh goody.” Said the woman nearest him, “get on with it then.”

Sam smiled as he set his drink tray down and began to slowly, teasingly slide his speedo off for their viewing pleasure. As his half hard cock sprang loose of its confinement, the ladies all giggled.

“Can I touch you?” The lady closest to him asked. He nodded his agreement and she wasted no time at all in wrapping her hand around his girth and beginning to lightly stroke him. “He feels so good girls. I think we have found our fun for tonight. So long as our friend here is in agreement.”

“I am here to ensure you have the most pleasant evening possible.” Sam assured them.

“So you won’t mind if we use you in whatever way we see fit?” The woman holding his cock asked.

“Well, I’m sure I have limits, but I’ll let you know when we reach them.” Sam smiled down at her. She quickly moved from the chair and spun around to take him into her mouth at that. Sam moaned as she swallowed his entirety in one gulp. A moment later, another brunette woman was sinking to her knees beside her. The first woman smiled to her as they began working on his impressive manhood together, running their tongues up and down his shaft. The other three women began to approach and he wondered how he could possibly please them all.

The first to reach him was a very well built blonde. She kissed him as she approached and then began to kiss his jawline and neck, all the way around his collarbone as she moved behind him. He felt one of the woman that was sucking him move herself to his balls, while the other began taking him into her throat. He noticed that the other two woman were in the middle of removing their tops as they approached and when they reached him, pressed their breasts into him as the each kissed him in turn.

Just as the second kiss was breaking, Sam felt the blonde begin trailing kisses down his back and briefly wondered as to her plan. He was finding it hard to think about anything though, with two pairs of tits pressed against him and kisses all over, along with two mouths hungrily devouring his cock. He was shocked as he felt the blonde continue until she was kissing each of his asscheeks in turn, but nearly came when she pulled them apart and plunged her tongue into his anus. He had never had his ass licked before and had never dreamed it would feel that good.

After only a moment, Sam broke his current kiss, “Ladies, this is amazing, but I’m afraid you are going to make me cum quite quickly.”

“Don’t worry,” the first woman answered, pulling his cock from her mouth, “we can get you hard again, and again, and again.” She promised as she sucked him back into her throat, the other woman now sucking his balls fervently into her mouth and massaging them with her tongue. The blonde behind him also redoubled her efforts, working her tongue into his asshole rapidly, and he found his legs shaking as he enveloped one of the redhead’s nipples with his mouth.

It was not long before he gave a gutural groan and began pumping his seed into the woman’s mouth as she enthusiastically worked back and forth on him, milking him for every single drop that he could manage. The women didn’t give him a break though, only switched positions as the two women he had been kissing sank to their knees and the two who had been sucking him slid up his body and the one he’d just fed his load to planted a long kiss on him. And the blonde behind him just kept licking his asshole for a few moments longer. When he was fully hard again, she too moved to the front and shared his cock with the redhead while the other brunette moved to his balls.

He thought they may stay like this until he came again, but the blonde and brunette stood after a few moments and the blonde he had been kissing broke away a moment later. They each kissed him goodbye and thanked him for a wonderful time and said they needed to “work” the room a bit before all the fun was gone. He thanked them graciously and turned back to his two remaining companions. The silivri escort redhead winked at him as their eyes met and she deep throated him one last time before also rising. The two women then pulled him to their tabled and bid him lay down. He happily obliged them.

No more had his body relaxed to the table than the brunette he’d been interacting with all evening straddled his face and lowered herself to his eager mouth. In almost no time, he felt the redhead’s wet center envelope his cock as she began riding him furiously. The woman straddling his face tasted so good. A woman riding his face had always been one of his favorite things and he was doing everything in his power to ensure that she didn’t get up. He lapped at her with all the ferocity he could muster.

They stayed like this a long time until he felt the redhead clamp down upon him and heard her moaning with orgasm. Shortly after she finished, Sam felt her lift herself from him and the woman on his face followed suit. The redhead bent to kiss him, then turned to the brunette and said, “God, I love the taste of you on him,” before turning back and kissing him hard once more. “Thanks so much for an incredible ride, but I’ve had my fill for the evening.” She told him as she straightened and began walking away.

The brunette smiled at him as he met her eyes. “Come fuck me.” She told him.

“Gladly,” he answered as he moved to take her. He was suddenly frozen as he saw Alexis not far from him. She had her head thrown back in ecstasy as she orgasmed while a man had his face buried between her legs. Sam couldn’t help watching as the man continued licking her until her climax subsided. When the man raised from her, Sam’s trance broke. “I am so sorry.” He said to his companion, who was waiting patiently.

“Don’t be dear, I knew you wanted her since the moment you all stepped out of the kitchen, you couldn’t keep your eyes off of her all night. Plus, I swear, if it’s possible, I just saw your cock stiffen even further and there is no way I’m complaining about that. As a matter of fact, why don’t we position ourselves so you can watch her while you fuck me. I truly don’t mind.” She said as she positioned herself on her back so Sam would be able to watch Alexis.

Sam lowered himself atop her and began slowly thrusting into her when Alexis looked up and locked eyes with him. She gave a small smile as she looked up at her companion and said something, he smiled and replied back to her, but Sam couldn’t make out what was said, but Alexis looked back at him and watched him with his current partner for a moment before slowly taking her man into her mouth. Sam couldn’t help but shudder as she swirled her tongue around the head of the man. The whole time she was looking right into Sam’s eyes and he swore she was trying to seduce him. He began moving faster and faster into the woman under him and when he tried to tear his attention back to here she placed her hand under his chin and moved his head back.

“Watch her Lover, she is giving you a hell of a show, and I love watching you watch her, use me like I was her, but watch her.” She whispered.

And so Sam watched Alexis take her partners cock deeper and deeper into her throat, never breaking eye contact with him until she had finally managed to have the whole thing in her mouth. Only then did she look up at the man she was sucking. Sam had felt his orgasm growing rapidly the entire time he watched Alexis and was now dangerously close. “Where should I finish?” He asked his lover.

“Wherever you please, just not inside me.”

“On your face?”

“If it pleases you.” She told him with a smile. He pulled himself from her, stood above her, and began stroking himself furiously. Sam was looking back and forth from his partner to Alexis, who was now turning so he had a perfect frontal view of her as she slowly worked her partner from her lips. He felt himself cumming as their eyes locked and looked down to see his load hit his partner, the first shit catching her chin and the subsequent ones falling across her pert breasts. He felt as though he might collapse after two intense orgasms in the same night, but managed to stay upright as Alexis popped the cock from her mouth with a smile and mouthed something to him. He wasn’t positive but thought it may have been “Hot”.

Sam watched as Alexis turned her attention back to the man in front of her and turned his back to his partner for the evening. He helped her stand and thanked her for a mind blowing evening as they both turned to watch the show Alexis was putting on with her companion. She was fervently driving him into her as fast as she could manage and when it looked as though he was cumming, she shoved him fully into her throat and swallowed as rapidly as possible. She then removed him from her mouth and kissed the tip, smiling up at him.

She rose to her feet and the two had a brief exchange that resulted şirinevler escort in her whipping her head around to where he was. As soon as her eyes were on him, he saw her partner walking away and he was drawn to her like a magnet. He saw her smile and nod to something his former companion must have done and turn back to her lover, who was across the room already, before resting her eyes on him once more.

“That… was the hottest thing I’ve seen since you got naked.” Sam said as soon as he reached her.

“Oh come on, I saw your night thus far. You have had your hands VERY full.”

“I have,” Sam conceded, “though I would have been with you much sooner had I stopped at a different table.”

“Sam…” Alexis scoffed, “don’t give me that shit. That’s every man’s dream to be fawned over by that many women.”

“You are not wrong, except, a blowjob like you just gave that bloke, that’s s another dream entirely. I’ve never seen anything like it before. The ending at least, there wasn’t much to see before, the way you kept him in your mouth.”

Sam watched her gaze flick down to his manhood and felt it stiffen even more, he was entirely unsure how he was managing to still be hard after two orgasms, but he wasn’t complaining, especially finally getting attention from Alexis. “Well…” she said with a sly smile, “you know… I may have a repeat performance in me sometime. In fact, I’ll give you a preview now if you promise you’ll put this inside of me when I’m done.”

Sam groaned a bit as she reached over and grabbed his cock.

“I almost don’t even want the preview. Nine months I’ve been trying to get the courage to put myself in this situation.”

“Oh, Sam. I so wish you had made the move sooner. I’ve been wanting to do this since the first time I saw you naked.” She told him as she dropped to her knees in front of him and sucked him into her throat. He was in awe as she would quickly swallow him fully and then release him at an incredibly slow speed. He had seen her do this to the man before him, but he hadn’t been able to see her tongue working the underside of the shaft the way it was on him now. He knew that just the thought of Alexis sucking him off would have driven him quickly over the edge had he not cum twice already this evening. He groaned as she started increasing her pace just a bit and began massaging his balls with her free hand.

She stayed like this for a long while, gradually increasing her pace until he felt his legs begin shaking, but somehow, he never felt as though he was going to climax, but more like she was keeping him at the precipice on purpose until he was groaning and didn’t think he could take it another second. Just then, she released him from her mouth and kissed her way down his shaft until she reached his balls. She sucked them into her mouth and massaged them with her tongue for a long moment, then, traced her tongue up and down the length of him three times more, slowly.

She smiled at him as she stood. “To be continued…” She told him.

“That felt amazing!” He replied. “Now, I need to fuck you.”

At this he reached around and lifted her and slowly lowered her to his waiting girth, stopping with the tip pressing against her wetness.

“Please!” She begged in a whisper and Sam instantly lowered her onto himself, stopping every few inches to allow her to adjust to his size. Once she had been fully lowered, Sam began moving her slowly upwards again, but to his immense surprise, she took control and began using her legs to work herself forcefully on and off his cock. They stayed like this, Alexis riding him wildly. She leaned in and kissed him passionately, and when she broke the kiss, he captured a nipple in his mouth and flicked his tongue across her small, hard bud. Finally, he felt he could not hold out much longer.

“I’m going to cum.” He informed her.

“Where do you want to do it baby?” She asked him, almost driving him over the edge with the way she asked.

“Wherever you want.”

“I liked watching you cum on that other woman’s face and chest, how about there?”

“Gladly!” He answered, he had imagined cumming on almost every conceivable part of her body since the first time he saw her naked, but her face and chest were two of his favorite fantasies and the thought of making it come true was almost too much. He lowered her to the ground and she fell to her knees. She began playing with her nipples as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Sam stroked himself voraciously and in second shot his favorite load he’d ever released. Three large ribbons and a small amount after shot out. The first two ribbons landed right on her tongue, the rest hit her chin and fell to her tits.

“Mmm…” She moaned as she swallowed what was in her mouth. She licked her lips and said, “you are delicious!” She then stood and the two noticed together that they had gathered a crowd, someone hooted setting off an onslaught of cheers and to his surprise, Alexis just bowed, beaming at them. She then wiped her chin and came in for one last kiss, which he gladly gave her.

The remainder of the evening passed relatively uneventfully with things winding down quickly after that point. The staff was cleaning up as Sam and Alexis were standing together, overseeing the events.

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