The Pool Man

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“Honey, don’t forget to take the trash out,” cried Beverly’s mother from inside the house. Beverly groaned as she made her way to the side of the garage. She grasped the tiny handle of the garbage can in her slender fingers and whisked it over her shoulder. She hated the weekends. Instead of going out, she had to be stuck home helping around the house. Beverly threw the garbage in front and glanced up towards the house. They had just moved to this town and it was getting drearier by the minute.

The whole house was surrounded by hills and lakes. You had to walk up a curving path on a hill just to get to the house. As Beverly made her way back to the house a slight splash distracted her thoughts. She focused her eyes on the direction of the splashing. It was her neighbors pool. Beverly envied them. They had a glorious inground pool that was surrounded by a leveled deck that was colored with deep rich red wood. Beverly sighed as she huffed and puffed, making her way up the hill to her house. Then, she almost lost her footing as she glanced back at the pool. She found the source of the splashing sound. He was the type that you could only describe as buff. His arms were toned and well muscled.

His strong hands gripped the end of the vacuum cleaner that swished around in the water. His chest was bare and covered with coconut oil that made his tan skin glisten in the gleam of the sun. He had a dragon tattoo that hugged his biceps and curled up towards his shoulder. A silver chain spilled down around his neck and rested perfectly atop his well muscled pecks. He had a crew cut with brown hair. His sunglasses hid his eyes to her, but she just knew they must have been a deep brown. He wore tight black ski pants that formed waves of fabric around each firm leg. Beverly flew up the hill and back inside the house, shoving passed her mother.

“Beverly. Are you all right?” asked her mother.

Not paying attention to her mothers words, she flew in the living room and looked out the window to get a better look at him. Her mother’s heel echoed down the hallway as she entered the living room.

“Honey, your father and I are going out for a few hours. We will be back later on tonight,” she announced.

Beverly curled her upper lip and glanced back at her mother.

“Okay mom. Have a good time. See you later tonight then,” she saidwith a smile.

Her mother nodded her head and then strolled out of the room. Beverly focused her attention back on the pool man. She peered just above the window, so he wouldn’t notice her gawking eyes. God he was gorgeous. A million thoughts went through her mind that she would like to do to him. If she could only get his attention. Beverly heard her parents car start as she ran over to the front door. She peered out the window and saw them pull away. Her mind searched for ideas as she leaned her back against the door. For weeks she spent at this new house and she didn’t find interest in any guys, until now. This one was too good to pass up. She wanted him and she would have him.

Beverly shuffled through her drawers and finally found it. Her killer hot pink French bikini. Her mother would clutch at her heart every time Beverly wore this swimsuit. Standing in front of the mirror, she slowly slid off her shorts and tank top and tossed them on the bed. She glanced at her naked body in the mirror. Her arms were slim with just the right amount of muscles. She would spend a lot of time lifting weights, which made the other girls completely jealous. Her stomach was slender and her curvy hips connected with her slim and long legs. She scanned up her waist to her tits. They were larger than most girls her age. Her nipples were hard and pink as she thought of how she would lure the pool guy to watch her. She sat on the bed and spread her legs in the mirror. Her shaved pussy was so wet and her lips were spread apart, waiting to take in his hard cock. Beverly sighed as she stood up and quickly fastened her bikini.

She closed the side door behind her and strolled closer towards her neighbors house with a lounge chair tucked underneath her arm. She laid it directly in the sun and right in front canlı bahis of the pool guys view. He had to notice her, she thought. She heard some more splashing as the vacuum’s soft hum whooshed around the pool. There he was again. His muscles flexed everytime he moved the vacuum in his strong hands.

Beverly laid down on the lounge chair, but she still noticed he wasn’t glancing her way. He was too focused on the vacuum. She decided it was time for a diversion. She cupped her hands over her mouth and sneezed as loud as possible. She heard the hum of the vacuum stop. She saw his eyes dart towards her as a sly smile crossed her face. He had seen her.

Seth dragged the vacuum in slow smooth circles across the bottom of the pool. He hated this job, but it was the only way he could make some good money. The heat hit his back and caused the coconut oil to stick to his sweaty build. He brushed the perspiration off his forehead as he continued the vacuuming. The steady hum of the vacuum sedating his senses. He suddenly heard a loud and violent sneeze, catching him by surprise. He didn’t think anyone was home. He shut off the vacuum and searched for where the sound had come from. He almost toppled over as he saw her. She was a bombshell. She laid, stretched out on a lounge chair. Her soft brown wavy hair was whirled around her shoulders. Her shoulders were slightly back as her large breasts squeezed against the tight fabric of her bikini top. Her bikini bottoms hugged her hips and showed off her slender and slim long legs. Seth gulped back some air as he felt his cock push against the fabric in his pants. The girl glanced back at him and smiled. She knew he was staring at her, and from the looks of it, it seemed as if that was her plan. Seth chuckled softly. He often got this kind of attention from women and he usually just shrugged it off. Going to the gym was simply to stay in shape, he never imagined it would cause him so much attention as it did. But never had a girl so attractive taken an interest in him before. He flashed a smile back at her. He grabbed the vacuum tighter in his hand. He saw her reach under her chair and grab a bottle of suntan oil in her hand. She snapped the cap open and poured it over her stomach and smoothed it onto her arms and shoulders and tan stomach. Seth gasped for air. God she was something. She was pretty bold too, practically giving him a free peep show. Seth dropped the vacuum, letting her know he was paying attention to her. Seeing that she had his full attention she poured more oil on her legs. She started at her feet and smoothed the warm oil up her calves and then slowly up to her thighs. She spread her legs a little and slid her greased hands up and down her inner thighs. Reaching around to her back, she unfastened her bikini top and tossed it to the ground, revealing her voluptuous breasts that were well tanned, with no tan lines. Seth almost fell over as his cock began to throb now. He moved his hands to his cock and gently started to stroke it, hearing the fabric whoosh back and forth as he did so. He heard a sigh escape the girls lips as she realized what he was doing. He glanced around to make sure his customers weren’t home, then he gripped the edges of his pants and slid them down his legs and off his body. He stood back up as his cock sprung free, standing straight up, harder than it has been in a long time. He wrapped his hand around his hard cock and started pumping it, feeling the tension rise. The girl practically ripped off her bikini bottoms and threw them on the ground. She spread her legs wider, so he could see her wet pussy calling out to him. She grasped the suntan oil and smothered her breasts with it. Rubbing her hands all over her tits and bucking her hips against the chair. She pressed the tip of the suntan oil against her clit and gave the bottle a good squeeze. The
hot oil poured down her slut crack as she moaned loudly. Seth kept fucking his dick with his hand, faster and faster, feeling his tip start to throb. The girl threw the oil bottle on the ground and started pounding her fingers in and out of her cunt, faster and faster. Letting the oil slide all over her bahis siteleri fingers and mix with her sticky wetness.

“Oh yeah!” she cried out, fucking her fingers faster.

Seth began to moan loader as his body started to loose balance. Faster and faster he felt his dick get harder as he stroked it with longer strokes. He felt his cum wash over his hand as it dripped down his leg and onto the ground. Letting out a loud moan, the girl slid her thumb up and down her clit as she fucked herself faster. She felt her cum gush out as she arched her back and called out. After her intense climax she stood up from the lounge chair and walked closer to the deck, breathing extremely hard.

“My name is Beverly,” she introduced herself. Seth moved closer and opened the gate up to the deck.

“The name’s Seth. Care to come up and join me?” he asked.

Beverly smiled as he extended a his hand to her. She tried to grip his hand as tightly as possible, but her oiled hands were slippery and she nearly lost her balance as he pulled her up to the deck. When she finally made it safely on the deck, Seth grabbed her and pulled her against his chest. Beverly sighed deeply. His well muscled chest pressed firmly against her tits and rock hard nipples.

“Fuck me, Seth,” was all she could get out between deep breaths.

Seth pressed his hungry lips down upon hers and began kissing her so deeply and so roughly. Still kissing, he pulled her to the floor of the deck and climbed on top of her. He sat up, sliding his body in between her legs. He ran his strong hands up and down her body, smearing the sun tan oil into her tits and moaning as he did so. She responded to his touch, feeling his hard cock slide up and down her leg. He slid his hands down her legs and lowered his head in between them. He spread her legs further apart and shoved his tongue deep inside her cunt as she arched her back against the wooden deck. He circled his tongue around her clit and then back inside her cunt. He did this quicker and deeper each time. Moving his hand up her slit he started to fuck her with his fingers as he sucked hard and long on her clit.

“Oh yeah, Seth!” she screamed.

He shoved three fingers deep inside her pussy, pumping them in and out so quickly. She responded to his finger fuck, pumping her hips against his fingers. Just as she was about to cum, she squeezed her legs tightly around his hand as her thighs began to quiver. He felt her hot fuck juice pour down his fingers and slide down her ass crack. He placed the tip of his tongue on her asshole and then slid it up to her cunt, licking every last drop of cum, with the slight taste of coconut oil from the suntan lotion she put on before.

“Mmmm. Yummy.” He teased.

Feeling more turned on than she has ever been, Beverly sat up and pressed her hands against his chest. She slid her palms up and down his firm chest, sliding the oil all over his pecks and abs. She pushed him to the ground as he moaned in response to her forceful nature. “Oh yeah baby, you know how I like it,” he said breathlessly. Beverly grasped his cock in her tiny hands and started to jerk him off. His whole body shook, causing each muscle in his body to flex. She lowered her head and placed the tip of her tongue against his throbbing tip. She started to circle her tongue slowly around his head. Sliding her lips around his tip, she began to suck it, making seductive sucking noises as she did so. A sigh escaped is lips and floated into mid air.

He grasped his hand around the back of her neck, trying to shove her deeper down his cock. Wanting so badly to feel her warm mouth surround his cock. But her persistence to tease him, only made him more turned on. He let his hand relax to the ground as she continued to tease him by just sucking on his tip. Then, not wanting to tease his hard cock any longer, she plunged her whole mouth down his cock as he sat up quickly and called out her name. He placed his hands on the deck so he could sit up a bit and watch her gorgeous mouth suck him off. Faster and faster her mouth fucked him. Her tongue whirled around his hard shaft, as his tension started to build up.

“Oh bahis şirketleri yeah, baby. Suck it. Suck it. That’s it..yeah,” he cheered her on.

She responded to his words, deep throating him. Taking all of him in her mouth and moving faster than she had before. Only but a few seconds later she heard him cry out and felt his warm seed fill her mouth and drip down her lips. She sucked his tip, making sure not to have missed a drop. He fell back into the deck, letting his feet dangle in the pool, cooling him off. Beverly wanted him so badly she felt her wetness start to drip down her leg as she stood up and climbed on top of him. He felt his hard cock start to rise again as he sensed her intentions. She wanted to fuck him just as badly as he wanted to fuck her. He could feel her wet pussy press against his chest. He looked up at her as he placed his hands on her hips. He lifted her up with his strong arms and placed her on top of his hard cock. Then, with the strength of several men, he shoved her body down as they both cried out. Her soft wet pussy slid down his cock as she started pumping and pumping it.

“Oh yeah…ride me baby. Ride me. Fuck me faster!” he yelled out.

Beverly flipped her head back as her hair went flying in every direction. She spread her legs wider so he could pound his whole cock inside of her. She felt each sense stimulate her with every thrust of his dick. Seth felt her tight pussy hug every inch of his cock as he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He pulled her towards him, feeling her tits crash against his chest. He held his cock deep within her pussy as he let his fuck juice fill her cunt. Beverly called out as her body started to thrash about and she let her orgasm overcome her. Just then, Seth pulled out of her and lifted her off her feet, he pushed her to the ground, forcing her body to get down on all fours. He came up behind her and slid his hands underneath to her tits. He started kneading her breasts and then squeezing and tweaking her hard nipples. He plunged his cock deep inside her cunt as she grasped her hands against the side of the pool. She felt his cock thrust so deep inside of her that it pained her with pleasure. His hips slammed against her ass.

He leaned down and started to slide his tongue up and down her back, feeling how hot her skin was from the sun and their hardcore fucking. He grabbed onto her hair and started to ride her like a pony as Beverly started to breath harder and tried to pound her pussy against his cock as hard as possible. They both started to moan loudly as their orgasm started to pulsate in their bodies over and over again. Beverly couldn’t stop the burning within her cunt. Just as the first orgasm came, another one started to wash over her as he fucked her harder, fucked her like a rag doll. Her body began to thrash about as her pussy hugged onto his cock so fucking tightly.

“Come on baby. Cum again for me. Do it slut!!” he cried out.

Beverly bent over further, sticking her ass in the air as she begged him to pound her harder. He obeyed her as he grabbed onto her hips and banged her so hard, fucking his cum in and out of her slut crack. Another orgasm followed as she cried out, screaming his name at the top of her lungs. She quickly felt her body start to go limp as she leaned her head down and tried to remain steady. With one last thrust, Seth pulled his cock out and came all over her ass. He beat his cock against her ass, smearing his fuck juice all over her ass crack. Beverly tried to catch her breath as she turned around and grabbed his body and pressed him against hers. She kissed him deeply. Then, she suddenly heard a car pull up the driveway.

“You better finish the pool. Here come your customers,” she giggled.

He grabbed his pants and slid them back on, watching her gorgeous naked body walk down the steps of the deck. She turned back around and gleamed in his eyes.

“You should come and do my pool tomorrow,” she said slyly.

“But you don’t have a pool,” he laughed.

“Well I am sure we’ll find something for you to do.” She winked.

She made her way back to the lounge chair and quickly pulled on her string bikini. She looked back at him and smiled that sly smile she gave him when he first laid eyes on her. She slid the lounge chair back underneath her arm and strolled back in the house, shutting the door behind her.

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