The Priest of the Goddess Ch. 4

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(The final chapter told by Xana.)

“What a beautiful man,” I thought looking at Zenoi, standing naked in the pool under the holy waterfall. The early morning sun splashed through the tropical trees to throw its rays on him. Highlighted by the sun, Zenoi epitomized the perfect example of a man of Eros, with no bodily hair except on his head. The long wet blond hair hanging in his face, made him appear vulnerable but his sleek muscled torso oozed strength. My gaze settled on his naked manhood, at least nine inches of pure pleasure. I jerked and let out a stifled cry when Usha, my lady in waiting, intimately touched my naked body. I was standing in my own pool of sunlight under the waterfall a few feet from Zenoi.

“Please concentrate, Centurion Xana,” came the soft reprimand from Usha.

We were busy with our ritual morning toilet, preparing for the big day. Randith, the High Priestess of Calypso chose us to escort and guard Queen Amida of Aesopus on her official visit to Pudenta the capital of Eros. Zenoi’s mother, Aqualinia, brought Kutami, the daughter of Sandl as his lady in waiting. While his mother looked on, Kutami washed him with her soaped naked body. The eighteen-year old virgin slithered up and down Zenoi like a python ready to squeeze the life out of her victim. I felt my pussy throb at the sight but more so from what Usha was doing to me.

She pushed her slippery firm breast against mine and lowered herself onto her knees. She then pushed her one breast between my legs. Opening my legs with her hand, Usha clasped her right breast and inserted the nipple into my cunt. She washed my insides and stimulated my clitoris with her free hand. I wanted to cry when she removed her tit from my cunt and was surprised when she darted her tongue over my clit into my pussy. When she stuck a finger in my bum hole my knees wobbled.

Glancing at Zenoi I nearly died. Kutami, his lady in waiting, had his penis in her mouth and a hand on his balls. She then licked the beautiful cock head like a ripe fruit and pumped his manhood with her hand. I could see that Zenoi had a tough time controlling himself. At that moment I wanted to rush over and have him enter me, again and again.

“That is enough, ladies,” interrupted Aqualinia our orgasmic journey. “These two are not allowed to come as yet.” We both dropped into the water, splashing water everywhere. I could feel Zenoi’s eyes burning with desire on me. I knew that if I return his gaze I wouldn’t be able to resist his charm.

Aqualinia clapped her hands twice as a sign for us to move to the next phase of our preparations. Our ladies in waiting led us out of the pool onto the soft grass and dried us with care. This only increased our desire for each other. I couldn’t figure out what was happening to me. A warrior was not supposed to become emotionally involved with anyone, especially when on duty.

But the events since yesterday when Randith summoned me to save Queen Amida threw my calm disposition into disarray. Seeing the naked Zenoi between the legs of Queen Amida and then him saving my life was burned into my memory. My desire for him was further flamed by his care for the queen and his concern over my safety.

And I was the one who were supposed to look after others.

The two ladies dressed us in ceremonial tunics and slipped sandals on our feet. Aqualinia, walking between Zenoi and myself, escorted us to the Temple, ready to commence our duties. I caught Zenoi’s eyes on me and could see the lust or desire – is there a difference? – burning in his look. This was going to be a long day for both of us.

At the Queen’s chambers I took over. I handed our credentials over to the Queens guards, who led us into her private boudoir. I announced us and heard a call from the back of the room. The Queen just finished her bath and her chambermaid was drying her lovely body with a soft towel. We both bowed.

“Your Majesty, Zenoi and Xana, at your service.” My voice trembled as I averted my eyes from her nakedness, from her rounded breasts, the small red patch above her protruding sex lips and past her long legs. I sensed that Zenoi’s arousal matched my own state of delirious desire. Queen Amida sat down on the side of the bathtub and opened her legs, displaying ümraniye escort her sex to us. The chambermaid proceeded to trim the red pubic hair into a small heart. I could see a faint suggestion of wetness in that lovely pleasure crack of the Queen.

The maid then helped the queen into her purple royal gown, made from the finest satin of Aesopus. A short cord tied the two sides at her navel, leaving most of her breasts exposed and her pussy totally open. She slipped her feet into golden sandals, covering her sexy toes from public view. The maid lastly put a beautiful golden crown on the queen’s flaming red head.

Queen Amida took her position before us, kneeling on a small cushion set for the occasion. She lifted my warrior leather tunic and licked my already moist cunt. She pulled back as a sign for me to allow Zenoi to stand before her. She took his manhood into her mouth and sucked on it. Zenoi had to pull it out before he reached that point of no return. The queen stood up and kissed both of us.

We were ready to proceed.

After a short ride in a horse drawn carriage, we entered the gardens of the Palace of King Rodan and Queen Nanria, the beloved rulers of Eros. The Palace was built in the shape of a woman lying on her back with her legs spread wide open. The path the carriage took led directly to that secret place between the legs. The entrance was like a giant open vagina, guarded by two warriors.

We disembarked, leading Queen Amida to the throne room. The passages were lined with dignitaries from all the provinces of Eros. They applauded Queen Amida for her beauty and her charm. Zenoi and I were looking for suspicious characters or any weapons. We couldn’t take any chances.

The throne room was a large hall in the belly of the Palace with three seats at the northern end of the room. While royal music played, King Rodan and Queen Nanria stood up as Queen Amida entered the hall. They bowed and met the queen halfway. They hugged and kissed, complementing one another’s dress. Hand in hand they returned to the thrones, letting Queen Amida sit between King Rodan and Queen Nanria.

A pleasant buzz filled the room. Zenoi and I stood behind Queen Amida, ready to come to her aid. I saw Queen Nanria signaling the musicians to stop playing. She stood up and a hush fell over the audience.

“Citizens of Eros, today, we are privileged to welcome our dear friend Queen Amida from Aesopus in our midst. The perils of maintaining our lifestyle and the opposition against it are mounting, but with allies like our beloved Amida,” Queen Nanria turned to the visiting queen with affection, “we will prevail. The enemy from Kharbah will not destroy our love with their hate, our sharing with their possessiveness and our equality with their domination of others.” Applause rose from the great hall like a trumpet. The queen continued.

“Our beloved goddess Calypso has blessed us with Her love to share with all. Today, when we enter into union with Her remember the gift of sexual love; remember the bliss, the unity and the pleasure. And forget all jealousy. Let the love begins.”

With her last words, the musicians started to play a lively tune and veiled male and female dancers from the Temple of Calypso entered the hall. They moved with the grace of jungle cats and in unison like lovers in a passionate embrace in the clearing before the royal thrones. At every third beat and turn a veil fell on the floor, leaving the dancers progressively naked. Once all the dancers were devoid of clothes, the rhythm of the music changed into a slow, intimate beat. The dancers then moved in pairs, touching, hugging and groping each other till they become one naked flesh snaking through the audience. The dancers touched members of the audience to arouse them for what was to come. I could see the erections of the male dancers and the stiff nipples of the female dancers.

My own sex juices were flowing down my legs and I snaked out my hand to touch Zenoi. He responded by pulling me into an embrace and our lips locked in a passionate kiss. I groped beneath his tunic to grab hold of his manhood. I felt Zenoi’s hand on my breast, caressing it softly and tweaking my nipples into attention. His üsküdar escort touch sent pleasure waves to my cunt. I pumped his cock and pushed my tongue into his mouth, oblivious of the world around us.

We became aware that something was seriously wrong when the music stopped and silence drifted in our direction. We broke our embrace and slowly looked around us. I thought everyone was looking at us, but their attention was directed elsewhere.

Then I saw him, Yandra with ten brutish looking men, holding the three royals hostage. Yandra and his horde were dressed in stinking bulky layers of harsh black cloth, emphasizing their dark coarse hair. The swords they carried clearly announced their intentions. Yandra spoke:

“You stupid fucking people, I want the Holy Cunt brought to me tonight at the cliffs of the Grail or you’ll never see these pussies ever again.” With that the barbarians dragged the three royals to a side entrance and locked the door behind them. Zenoi rushed after them but was too late. We looked at each other and realized that we neglected our duties for a moment of passion. We had to face our punishment but I also feared for the safety of the hostages.

Randith took control of the situation and calmed us down with authority in her voice. “They would not dare harm our beloved king and queen, or Queen Amida. Xana, assemble ten of your bravest and sexiest warriors on the double. Zenoi, gather the veils and prepare for battle.”

I dispatched Usha to find nine others while Zenoi tended to his task. Randith called us aside:

“I told you not to let your passion interfere with your duties, but you didn’t listen. Look what happened because of your neglect.” Randith was furious but kept her anger under control. “You two will see to it that the hostages are returned safely home. Is that understood?”

“Yes, your holiness,” was all we could say.

Usha returned with the warriors and Zenoi distributed the veils amongst them.

“Strip off your armor and use these veils as weapons when you face the enemy. Tonight you’ll dance for Calypso and for our beloved royals. You might have to fuck the men of Kharbah but you will return with the hostages.” With those few words Randith set us on our rescue mission and turned her back on us.

At first Zenoi had trouble to follow their tracks but after awhile he picked up threads from the royals’ clothes. They were leaving us clues to their whereabouts. Twelve naked warriors trotted through the streets of Pudenta, through the jungle of Eros to the coast of the island. We knew that if they leave our shores we would not see the hostages again.

Zenoi picked up the pace and the sweating bodies glistened in the rays of the setting sun. Just before dusk Zenoi turned off the road and pointed to a small fire in the distance. We were about ten leagues from the cliffs of the Grail but we sure that the campfire was Yandra’s and his soldiers. Zenoi took us to a small stream to wash off the sweat and to prepare for the rescue.

Zenoi showed them how to tie and remove the veils. He and I couldn’t accompany the troops – Yandra might have recognized us. I laid out the plans and Zenoi instructed them about the ploy, they were suppose to be dancers from a rival cult ready to entertain the enemy of Calypso. Usha led the dancing warriors into the lions’ den while Zenoi and I crawled to the edge of the Kharbah camp. The three royal hostages were ties up next to a tree.

Usha and the troops entered the circle with music and laughter, taking the barbarians by surprise. They teased the men with a glimpse of flesh, a naked breast and a peek of shaven pussies. Yandra was becoming suspicious when Usha dropped the veils and danced with her sex pouting at him. She slipped her hand between her legs and feverously rubbed her clitoris for him. I could see his jaw drop when he saw the invitation. He loosened his clothes and pulled out his small thick penis.

Yandra’s men were in the same state of undress when Zenoi gave me the signal to untie the hostages. He moved like a tiger to the naked Yandra who had Usha pinned beneath him. Zenoi pulled him off Usha and threw him against a tree. The naked Zenoi moved with lighting speed anadolu yakası escort and before Yandra could use his magical powers, overpowered him. Usha helped her fellow warriors and set the men from Kharbah running naked into the night.

I freed the hostages and it wasn’t long before we were on our way back to Pudenta. I was proud of Usha and my troops. The evil wizard was tied up and dragged behind us. Randith might turn him into a frog, I thought as I walked naked next to Zenoi, not daring to touch him.

After we rested and washed up the last part of the celebrations had to take place the ext day. Zenoi and I danced the dance of love for Queen Amida before the whole assembly. We were given explicit instructions not to touch each other before Queen Amida reached intimacy with Calypso. That was really a tough command but after the fiasco of the previous day, we played it safe.

We danced in unison in our opening routine and as the pace of the music increased we lifted Queen Amida from her throne and carried her to the center of the clearing. A respectful silence hung over the assembly while we stripped the queen of her clothes. Zenoi lifted her above his head and twirled around. Queen Amida spread her legs to the appreciative crowd. I moved with them, popping my head between those outstretched legs with my face close to her pussy.

Zenoi stopped his movement and the queen hooked her legs over my shoulders and her feet beneath my breasts. Zenoi slowly released her and I carried her to the altar before the statue of Calypso. Throughout the movement I continued to lick her royal pussy until her love nectar flowed freely from her cunt.

I set her down on her back on the waist high altar and she released my head. Zenoi licked and kissed her left foot, slowly moving down to her spread pussy. I did the same with the queen’s right leg. We stopped short of touching each other but still licked and sucked on the queen’s cunt to make her happy.

I then climbed beneath the queen to lie on my back to give the queen access to my pussy while I continued pleasuring hers. She was now on all fours while Zenoi danced around us, invoking Calypso the witness the offering and to partake in the union. He then climbed on the altar offering his cock to the queen’s mouth. She sucked on it before he withdrew and moved to her behind, above my face. He trusted his cock into her dripping pussy while I used my hand to rub her pleasure nub. I was careful not to touch Zenoi during this part of the proceedings.

I realized the queen was nearing her climax when she stopped tongue fucking my cunt. She started shaking above my head, the center of her being and the ripples spread through the rest of her body in waves. I saw Zenoi withdrew his manhood from her wet vagina. His glistening purple head was an inch from my mouth and I could smell the sex on his wet cock. I used all my military training not to touch him before the queen’s orgasm subsided.

The assembly roared their approval and King Rodan and Queen Nanria helped the exhausted Queen Amida from the altar, covering her nakedness with her royal robe. Randith gave us the signal and we danced our union dance. We embraced, touched, groped and explored each other’s sex before the beloved Calypso.

Zenoi used his hands to bring me to the brink of total surrender before he sat down on the altar facing the statue of Calypso. I spun around to end up in his arms with my back against his chest. He lifted me above his waist and guided his manly flesh into my aching, wanting sheath. It felt like Zenoi had a thousand hands moving all over me, one on my love trigger, a finger in my bottom hole, hands on my breasts, in my hair and I became a raging sex organ.

“I haven’t had release for three days,” he whispered in my ear. “Please let me come.” That sent us both into a blinding orgasm. We both cried out; “O Goddess, enter us.”

Then everything stopped. The sound of the assembly disappeared, all movement froze in time and out of the statue came Calypso herself. She touched our genitals with her divine hand, and kissed us both at once. I could feel Zenoi’s sex milk still pumping into my flowing pleasure cave.

“I bless you both, you are my chosen ones,” assured Calypso two redeemed worshippers. “Just follow your hearts.”

In an instant she was gone and time continued its path. The believers were in their own throws of passion after the divine revelation. Zenoi and I became one before Goddess and everyone present.

(I hope you enjoyed this tale of fantasy. Please let me know by your votes and your emails. Thank you.)

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