The Prize Ch. 03

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Teel invited the Black Rogue to lie on the bed. He did as she asked, lying with his hands folded behind his head, watching Teel position herself on his thighs.

Slowly she ran her hair lightly over his chest and thighs, waiting for the moment when he revealed he was not as in control as he would have her believe. Teel let her breath fan gently over his scrotum as she made each pass going up and down.

Teel felt the Black Rogue tense underneath her as the circle she was drawing with her hair grew smaller and smaller, and the puffs of air grew more concentrated on one area. Finally, when Teel was certain she had his attention, she ran her tongue lightly over his scrotum. Every few moments she would back off and blow lightly on the same area before licking again.

The Black Rogue shifted under Teel’s ministrations trying to ease the itch she had started. Her tongue slowly moved on to issue a tongue bath to his erect penis. Her gentle licks started on the sensitive underside and progressed to the demanding head.

Teel locked her lips around the tip in a tight O and slid her head slowly up and down his shaft, taking him a little deeper each time.

Teel sat up on her knees, allowing her the use of one hand. She wrapped her left hand tightly around the base and ran it steadily up and down. Putting her mouth to better use by speeding up the pace of her head bobs, she brought the Black Rogue’s thick length down her throat more swiftly each time. Deeper and deeper she pushed him in her throat until he could go no further, and she waited, continuing the motions, loving the feel of him inside her in a different way.

The Black Rogue was hard pressed not to run his hands through Teel’s hair and grip her head to stop the motion. He felt his turgid flesh swell with each thrust into her mouth, felt the tightening of his thighs as he prepared to reach his own pleasure. But he didn’t want to. He hated receiving pleasure on his own. Half his pleasure was from watching his companion experience pleasure.

The Black Rogue looked down at Teel’s bent head. As she felt his gaze upon her she pulled him from her mouth and looked up, leaving her hand to keep up the motion as she smiled into his face. He looked into her glazed eyes, taking in her knowing smile, and knew that she was deriving as much pleasure from the encounter as he was, and that thought, with her hand still working furiously upon his flesh, pushed him over the edge.

Teel smiled her further delight as the Black Rogue came all over her shoulder and breasts. Teel continued stroking him, milking every last drop from him. Teel chased her tongue over his thighs collecting as much of his essence as she could on her tongue, moaning her pleasure as she completed her task.

The Black Rogue caught Teel up to him and kissed her while running his hands over her body. Teel squirmed against the Black Rogue trying to gain her freedom. He tightened his grip, refusing to allow her free reign.

“Stop moving,” he demanded as Teel continued to try and break free.

“I can’t,” she argued. “I have debts to pay and the sooner I pay them, the sooner I can quench the fire that is burning in me.”

He laughed, continually amused by her vibrancy and outrageous nature. “Well you made me cum so hard this last time that I dare say we’re even for a while,” he placated.

The Black Rogue felt his flesh swell as Teel gave one last valiant struggle. Her ripe cunt was directly in line with his penis, and he could feel her juices dripping onto his flesh as she tried to hide her excitement. He thrust deep into Teel and fastened his mouth on her shoulder, sucking the taste of himself from her flesh.

Teel moaned as his thickness settled into a relentless pace that kept her gasping and lifting her hips to get away, only to slide back down with bliss. Teel propped herself away from the Black Rogue just enough to work one hand underneath to fondle her breast. The Black Rogue illegal bahis brushed her hand away, and replaced it with his mouth.

Teel arched her back and called his name again and again. In her breathlessness she shortened his name to Rogue, causing him to growl in pleasure at her familiar tagging.

The night passed in a series of sexual exchanges that always ended in them both reaching an earth shattering orgasm. They passed the coming days with her mingling with her people during the day and entertaining the Black Rogue throughout the night. The arrangement suited Teel fine as a beginning to an uncertain future. The Black Rogue treated her with seeming respect and endearing kindness.

The very night before they were due to arrive in the Black Rogue’s domain, Teel went to him shaking with fury.

He looked at her sardonically as he quickly read her anger. “Yes,” he questioned.

It was all the opening Teel needed. “One of my people is being taken against her will night after night and day after day. She is being ill used and it is not worthy of your men to abuse my people so.”

“This woman, she is a pleasure slave,” the Black Rogue questioned.

“Yes, but–” Teel was abruptly cut off by the Black Rogue.

“But nothing. A pleasure slave is there at her master’s pleasure, to see to his needs and desires. That is her new life now. You should be helping her adjust to it, instead of bringing every little problem to me.”

Teel bristled in outrage at his belittling of her skills as a leader and counselor, at his unfair accusation that she brought all her “little” problems to him, but more so at his lack of concern for her people. “How can you tell me to help her deal with the fact that she is being raped virtually every hour of every day?”

“Why don’t you counsel her in the art of receiving pleasure. You seem to have mastered the art yourself. In fact, if I recall correctly,” he went on, unperturbed by Teel’s clearly rising temper, “You reveled in your first experience in my arms, which was rape.”

Teel spun on her heel and headed for the door. She stopped just shy of it by the sound of the Black Rogue’s voice. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Maybe I’m going to counsel her, just as you said I should,” she replied insolently.

“Somehow I doubt that,” the Black Rogue mocked. “Where are you going,” he asked again in a steely determined voice.

“I am going to be a good ruler to my people. If I have to advise her of ways to kills him, then I will do so, but I will not allow her to be brutalized. And maybe I was raped that first time, but even in your anger you have a skill that I doubt many of your men possess,” she finished, issuing the backhanded compliment in a less than flattering tone.

“And your promise to submit to me,” the Black Rogue questioned.

“My promise to you comes secondary to my duties to my people,” she contested.

“So my wish is only your command in so much as it doesn’t conflict with what you already want,” he asked in the kind of deadly still voice that a lesser man would have backed away from.

“If that’s the way you see it, then yes,” Teel answered, sliding out the door before he could comment further and swiftly making her way through the halls.

The Black Rogue followed Teel out of the room. He knew which room she was headed to. He sympathized with her situation, but he could not make enmity between his men over one girl. He grimaced in distaste as he realized he would have to teach Teel another lesson in submission. He didn’t wish to break her spirit, but he couldn’t have her questioning him at every hand and challenging his power in front of his men. Until he gave Teel power by making her his wife, he had to control her.

The Black Rogue found the door to Darsan’s cabin open with Teel standing inside shielding the young woman behind her as she down talked Darsan. The Black Rogue could see the uncertainty in Darsan’s eyes illegal bahis siteleri as he tried to evaluate how much sway Teel had with the Black Rogue before taking action.

The Black Rogue stepped into the room, causing Teel to pause mid-tirade. Teel herself stepped back away from him, knowing him to be in a black mood. The Black Rogue walked over to her, noting that the young woman scurried away as he did so. He reached out his hands to Teel, inviting her to enter into the folds of his arms. She did so without question.

“Darsan,” he started, addressing his crew member, “Teel believes that you are hurting this young woman,” he said motioning to the cowering girl. “Teel also feels that you lack the finesse to bring her to pleasure, but that I don’t. Therefore, I am come to prove to Teel that this woman can be taught to experience pleasure.”

Teel’s eyes rounded on him at this announcement in astonished appeal, silently asking him not to be saying what she thought. The Black Rogue felt her stiffen in his arms but continued on in the same vein.

“Ashli, take off your clothes and lie on the bed,” the Black Rogue instructed the woman. Ashli stood where she was looking to Teel for instruction. Teel could only stare at the Black Rogue in anger and denial. He could see the inner struggle in her as she tried to control her tongue, but finally the dam of her anger broke free and she let lose a torrent of angry words on him.

“You Son of a Bitch. You think you can sleep with one of my people in my face, and then return to me? If you lay one finger on her, I will never willingly submit my body to you again,” she threatened, struggling to break his hold. “Will you then rape me every day?”

The Black Rogue felt his anger stir at her issuance of ultimatums. “Teel your passion is only matched by your foolishness. Do you think to threaten me?”

Teel refused to give any ground and glared back at him in anger. Ashli, he noted, still stood over where Teel had left her showing no inclination to move. Still holding Teel, he addressed Ashli again. “You can either take off your clothes of your own free will or have them ripped off of you.”

Ashli looked to Teel for confirmation on what action to take. Teel’s eyes sparked as she decided what action to take to bring the Black Rogue to heel. “Your clothes, Ashli,” Teel offered, convincing Ashli to begin disrobing. The Black Rogue released Teel and moved to disrobe himself.

The Black Rogue went over to stand by the bed and Ashli tentatively went over to join him. Teel moved closer to Darsan and stood there watching. When Ashli and the Black Rogue were lying on the bed Teel made her move, swiftly removing her own clothes and turning her considerable charm and experience on Darsan.

Darsan backed away from Teel but she moved closer wrapping her arms around his neck and whispering in his ear all the things she would teach him. Teel stiffened for a moment when she heard Ashli moan, but quickly regained her focus, vowing she would make the Black Rogue rue the day he touched another woman. She moved her body suggestively against Darsan, letting him feel the perfection of her body. Darsan tried to fight the lure, knowing that the Black Rogue would not be pleased, but unable to control the response of his body just the same.

The Black Rogue could barely concentrate on Ashli. His mind wasn’t tuned into her, it wasn’t tuned into anyone since Teel. The Black Rogue shaped Ashli’s breasts, noting their pert lift and firm texture. He ran his thumb over her nipple, eliciting a soft moan. Again, his mind returned to Teel thinking of how quiet she was being during this whole performance. He had at least expected her to cause a commotion making her exit.

The Black Rogue looked up for a moment, searching the room with his eyes for Teel. When his eyes lighted on her he flew off the bed in a rage.

Teel stumbled backwards from the firm grip on her arm as canlı bahis siteleri the Black Rogue grabbed her. “Leave us,” he bit out, glaring into Teel’s eyes as Ashli and Darsan exited, shutting the door firmly behind them. Teel stood proudly in the face of his anger, neither fighting his grip, nor making any move to placate him.

“How dare you touch another man within my site,” he demanded.

“How dare you touch another woman within mine,” Teel threw at him. “The road goes both ways. Is it fair that you can help train Ashli in the way of a woman, and I not be able to help Darsan in the same way? I only wish to please you,” she lied insolently.

“Don’t think to play with me,” the Black Rogue threatened.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Teel answered back airily.

The Black Rogue restrained Teel by the expediency of gripping both her wrists in his left hand and lifting her arms over her head, pushing her into a position of submission. However, neither Teel nor the Black Rogue mistook the look of pure defiance still shining from her eyes.

He used his other hand to lift one of her legs around his waist, holding it there while forcefully thrusting into her. Teel closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall for support at his brutality. He noted her discomfort as he hadn’t done anything to prepare her body for his presence, and he didn’t intend to.

He withdrew and thrust in again, forcing Teel harder against the wall. She struggled briefly against his hold on her wrists, before relinquishing any hopes of breaking free. She knew if she waited, her body would adjust to his and she would begin to welcome and relish his possession, but she didn’t want to. Not this time.

The Black Rogue thrust into Teel again and again, watching her closely for signs of pleasure. She did not disappoint him, moaning her joy to the sky as he picked up the pace. Releasing his grip on her thigh, he knew she wouldn’t dare let her leg fall for fear of it affecting the waves of pleasure rolling through her. The Black Rogue grasped her chin with his free hand and stopped Teel’s frantic movements. She opened her eyes in inquiry, but continued to move her hips against him, meeting his thrusts.

“Who do you belong to,” the Black Rogue demanded.

“I belong to myself,” Teel immediately denied him.

“Wrong answer,” the Black Rogue informed and continued moving. Teel closed her eyes against the angry glitter of possession in his eyes, and gave herself up to the pleasure. The Black Rogue felt a deep anger watching her take her pleasure of him and promising nothing in return.

Teel had barely come down from her orgasm when the Black Rogue whirled her away from the wall and onto the bed. She began to struggle wildly in his grasp but he didn’t release his hold. “Don’t you dare touch me on this same bed where you dared to make love with one of my people,” Teel railed at him.

“I dare much because you are mine. All your people are mine, and I will do with you, and with them as I see fit. If I wish to fuck you all night, and then Ashli all day, then I will do so,” he coldly informed her with a steely gleam in his eyes.

“Then don’t fault me for doing the same. I may not own your people as you own mine, but I can certainly fuck any one of them that I wish because a man would have to be dumb and blind to resist my charms,” she thwarted him heedlessly, while writhing against him, deliberately inflaming his senses.

“Then perhaps you wouldn’t mind having sex with Darsan for my entertainment this evening,” he taunted calling her bluff.

Teel stilled beneath him, hastily trying to decide what answer to give. There had to be a way out. A way back.

“I’d be more than happy to fuck Darsan tonight, if that would please you,” she offered with malicious intent as she watched a look of black hatred cross his face. “But,” she issued, “I would kill him afterwards for touching me, and then I would kill you for giving me to him.”

The Black Rogue’s eyes darkened as he took in her threat, menace sweeping off of him in waves. Teel looked at him dispassionately and still defiant. “This is not over,” the Black Rogue warned, turning his back on her and walking away.

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