The Repairman

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That afternoon the rain never seemed to stop. I was kind of stuck indoors, looking out through the window, hitching to go out and do something away from being tied down alone in the house. And I had listened to my favourite music over and over again until I could listen no more. Not even the daytime TV had anything interesting to offer, but then I looked at the video recorder and decided perhaps there was something that could offer a break to the boredom that I was suffering.

I searched along the shelf at the videocassettes. One by one I looked at their covers and one by one I had either seen it or had no interest at all. That was until I came across a blank cover. I had never noticed it before. Suddenly I became curious as to what Steve, my partner, would have on it.

I turned on the VCR and slipped in the cassette, pressed play and waited. The tv screen came alive with the vision of two men and one woman. All three in the act of sex and then realised that what I was watching was one of Steve’s pornography tapes. The ones that he never shared with me during the six months we had lived together.

As I watched, I realised how much it made me feel. I wanted to be there with them and be part of what they were doing as my heart began to beat a little bit faster. I had never seen a pornographic movie before in my life and now for the first time I could see the fascination that the images had and how they instilled into men as well as women that longing desire to take part.

The woman was certainly enjoying it. Taking one of the men in her mouth, while the other fucked her from behind as she knelt like a dog, taking everything they gave to her. Then the camera zoomed in onto her face as the man released himself all over her. Only once had I allowed Steve to do that to me as a favour for one of his fantasies. But watching them, it seemed to be more erotic than it felt for me when we indulged.

As the movie went on, the woman became drenched in copious amounts of man cum. She licked it from her fingers, rubbed it into her skin and seemed to be having fun just being there, taking it all. I felt a strange desire to be in her place and wondered what it was like to covered by so much of it. Both men seemed to have more than I had ever imaged.

I sat back into the armchair and continued to watch the next sequence that followed. Again two men and one woman seemed to be the theme of the movie. The camera zooming in on her joy at releasing one of the men from his trousers, taking his flaccid cock in her hand and rubbing it until it hardened. Whilst the other man reached into her panties and seemed to be stroking her, making her feel the sensations that was visibly apparent by her reactions.

Watching made me want to touch myself. My fingers pulled back my skirt and I felt my own crotch getting damp through my panties. My fingers touch seemed to heighten the pleasures. The vision matched what I felt, as I copied the man probing into the woman. My fingers did the same, pushing aside my gusset so that I could feel my own moist lips, parting into silkier realms of my güvenilir bahis delicate sensual flower. And I closed my eyes, imagining the taste and feel of the other man against my tongue

It wasn’t like in the bath or shower. This was another kind of masturbation, which did not demand my imagination to supply the images. They were there, being played out to me on the screen before me as if I was there with them, watching.

The doorbell rang and I suddenly returned to reality. Flicking of the video with the remote control I dashed to the door to answer it. There was this man standing there as if I knew him. “Yes? Can I help you?”

“Yes, I have come to repair your tv?” he replied holding up his identification card. I had completely forgotten about Steve’s request to have the scart socket repaired. And sure enough, the man had arrived exactly on time. I invited him in and shown him the tv set. He stood and looked at it for a while, checking the leads at the back and eventually drawing a conclusion on what part of it needed his attention.

“Are you watching anything at the moment?” he asked. “Your video seems to be on play.” And before I could pick up the remote control, he already had it and pointed it at the screen, turning on the tv and showing the movie I had been watching. “Oh I see, very good. Do you like watching this?” he asked.

“Not really, I was just looking to see what was on that particular cassette.”

The man sat down in the armchair and watched the movie. “Hope you don’t mind me having a look, only it’s been months since I saw a movie as good as this. Really very good quality isn’t it?”

“Help yourself.” Was all that I thought of as a reply. I was surprised by his boldness in just settling down on the job to watch someone else’s movie. After all, he had a job to do. And the vision of what was happening in the movie forced me to start watching it again as the woman brought the man to his orgasm with her hand, screaming out in ecstasy as the other man gave her oral sex.

“I love the money shots, don’t you?” the man asked. I had never heard that expression before, but I presumed that it was when she made the man cum and obviously came herself. “I always wanted to be in a movie like that,” he continued. “I think I can do that really easily. But then again, it needs a bit of staying power to be able to hold back until that right moment. What do you think love?”

I wasn’t listening really. All that was going through my mind was the situation that I had found myself in. There I was, watching a pornographic movie with a strange man in my lounge.

The next sequence followed. A man and a woman this time in what seemed to be an ordinary lounge. The woman was beside the man who sat in an armchair and then he started to unzip his trousers, showing her his cock as he rubbed it with in hand and beckoning her to feel it for herself. The repairman looked up at me and smiled and I smiled back, not intentionally giving him any ideas. “You like watching these don’t you love?” he asked. I was lost for words and just started waving my hands around türkçe bahis thinking of what to say. I did not find them offensive by any means, but what do I say to a total stranger?

“I bet you would love to make these movies as much as you like watching them? Am I right? Be honest?” he asked.

“I don’t think so.”

“Me and my wife always like to play with the video cam, just like those two.” I looked at the screen and became mesmerised by what they were doing as he spoke. “But you know what? I reckon that two people, total strangers, could do the same, knowing that everything was secret just between them for that particular moment.” The woman in the movie was sucking the man and she looked as if she was really enjoying it so much. “Come to think of it love, I’m about his size, right this minute.”

“Really?” I asked. I must have been mad. I wondered why I said that out loud when really it was all that I was thinking. The repairman took my hand and asked me to kneel beside the armchair and something inside of me, as I was watching the couple in the movie, made me do it. Then he put my hand against his crotch, guiding it along the hardness within his jeans. I could not only feel it, but also see how much it was bulging. “Are you excited?” I asked.

“Am I excited? You bet I am. Why not take a look for yourself.”

Watching the woman and then thinking to myself how wonderful it would feel right now to be doing what she was doing just dominated my feelings. I was tingling all over at just the thought and the opportunity was in my grasp. We were strangers and totally alone and the movie we were watching just set the emotions needed to dare crossing any restrictions I would normally have. The repairman seemed obliging and after all, it was he that invited me.

I leaned over, unbuckled his thick leather belt and started to unzip his jeans slowly. All the time I was telling myself that this was not right and on the other hand I was also telling myself that this was something I wanted to do right there and then. So I placed my hand inside his boxer shorts and felt his hardness in my fingertips.

“Well, what do you think love? Could you?” I nodded and smiled, taking the cock by the horn and pulled it free. He was magnificent! The biggest cock I had ever seen in my life and there it was in my hand. I just stared at it, forgetting the sounds of the man moaning on the movie and licked it quickly. “Oh yes love. But you can do better than that,” he said. “This never happens to me everyday. In fact it never happens at all, that is, until now.”

I carefully copied the woman in the movie by placing my head against his navel and holding his monster in my hand, I guided it into my mouth. He tasted salty, but I was used to that taste from Steve. I began to watch the movie and copy the exact moves the woman was doing to the man, wrapping my tongue around the head and feeling the line of his frenum each time I took him deeper, pulling back the skin on his veiny shaft to give it that extra smooth tightness. Before I realised I was sucking and licking with my tongue, güvenilir bahis siteleri running my fingers up and down his shaft and hearing him moan for me not to stop.

The woman in the movie brought the man to his orgasm. She spat out his cum as fast as he was pumping it into her hungry mouth and then I felt the warm gush from his almost simultaneously. My mouth filled with the salty tang of his man cum, my tongue stopping it from choking me, as I tasted it. And like the woman on the screen, I spat it out so that it dribbled over my fingers and down to his balls.

We both continued to watch the movie and what happened next. The woman stood beside the man and removed her panties, offering them to him. He took them and pressed them against his face. “I bet you smell that good,” the repairman said. At that, I did the same as the woman and slowly I slipped off my panties and gave them to him. I was amazed how crazy he reacted as he pressed them against his face. I enjoyed the aroma of my own juices but this man was just going silly over something I thought was simply natural.

Without warning, he grabbed me around my buttocks and pulled me to him and lifting my skirt he buried his face into my crotch and I could feel his tongue rasping at the top of my thighs. Of course, all he had to do was ask and I would have obliged. So I leaned in closer, climbed onto his lap and positioned myself over him, so that he could get a comfortable access to my sex.

Holding onto the back of the armchair I could feel him licking at my lips, savouring my juices as he sucked and moaned almost insidiously. Then his tongue found my clit and I could feel him ramming me, searching out for something that I could only imagine he was looking for. And he found it in my most sensitive spot that sent waves of pleasure surging through me, taking me where I wanted to go.

I trembled and felt myself peak, crying out for more and more and at the same time, I did something that was so rare. I released. Hearing my own juices squirting over his face as they gushed from me uncontrollably. The man stopped and began to drink what he could of me, telling me in a muffled voice that I was so good and he wanted more. But I had no more to give as I began to calm into a feeling of satisfaction, feeling his agile tongue lapping at my wet petals like a thirsty animal.

I began to apologise for the mess that I had made as I dismounted him as gracefully as possible. “No need love. After that, I could wear you all day.” I looked at him and then realised for real what I had done. A total stranger and not even the man I professed to love and admire had made me do those things with help of the pornographic movie that played on the video.

Whilst he repaired the tv connection that was faulty I offered him coffee and cookies. When we had totally regained our senses it was business as usual. He continued to act as the repairman that he was and I, the bored but satisfied home sitter I had become that day, as if nothing had ever happened.

Steve knew nothing of my stranger or what we did together. As far as he was concerned, his videocassette was back on the shelf and once again he could play on his game console to his hearts content as I sat and thought back watching him with a smile on my face.

R.L.A (c) 2003. —————–

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