The Resort – Day 02: Turtle Beach

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With the time zone change, Audrey and I had awoken rather early. It was still totally dark outside so Audrey suggested that we sneak outside and have sex on our balcony. These resorts normally frown on such behaviour, but it was still very early in the morning and our chances of been spotted were slim. The air was cooler than the daytime, not particularly cold, but noticeably cooler. Audrey stood with her hands in the balcony rail and I gently thrust into her from behind.

As Audrey and I were enjoying ourselves, we saw a number of silhouetted people walk by below, probably staff heading off to start their shifts. I was taking it slowly and was nowhere near coming yet. Audrey had experienced a few smaller orgasms, nice, but nothing earth shattering.

Before sunrise, the distant pre-dawn horizon started to glow almost imperceptibly. It may have been a trick of the light, but I thought that I saw some movement on the balcony opposite us across the large courtyard.

“Did you see that?” I asked Audrey quietly.

“See what?” she whispered in response.

“Over there!” I said leaning forward and pointing so that she could see.

“I don’t see anything,” she started, “oh, yes wait, I think that I see movement.”

“Are they?” Audrey started to ask, “They’re fucking too!”

“So they are.” I said.

“Do you think that they can see us?” Audrey asked me quietly.

As I started to answer, one of them lifted one arm and waved at us. Out of reflex, I waved back.

“Did you see him wave just then?” Audrey asked in a whisper.

“Yes, that’s why I waved back.” I said keeping my voice down.

“Why did you wave back?” Audrey asked, still whispering, but obviously slightly agitated.

“I thought that it would be rude not to.” I answered quietly returning my hand to Audrey’s hip and I continued to thrust.

“What are you two up to?” asked Wendy, startling me slightly as she stepped out onto our balcony putting a hand on my shoulder.

“I’m fucking my wife on the balcony, what does it look like?” I responded.

Audrey looked around to face Wendy and said, “We’re also watching that other couple over there fuck on their balcony.

“Which one? I can’t see, it’s still very dark.” Wendy asked.

I kept thrusting into Audrey as I pointed to the balcony across the courtyard, “Over there, slightly to the right.”

“Oh vaguely, is she sucking him off now?” Wendy responded.

“It looks like it, yes.” Audrey responded.

“Should we reciprocate in kind?” Wendy asked.

“What did you have in mind?” Audrey responded.

“How about I suck Ben dry when he’s ready? You know, give them a show too.” Wendy helpfully suggested.

“Sounds OK by me.” Audrey responded, “Ben, do you want shoot your load in your sister’s mouth?” she added.

“Sure!” I responded.

“Are you ready?” Wendy asked.

“Not quite.” I said as I started to thrust into Audrey with greater vigour.

Wendy crouched down beside me and when I felt that I was ready to come, I quickly withdrew from Audrey and pivoted 90° towards Wendy. Audrey stepped to the side as Wendy’s lips clamped down tight on the end of my penis.

“Good morning all!” Richard said as he poked is head out onto the balcony.

“Good morning.” we all replied looking towards him. Wendy’s reply was somewhat muffled considering the current contents of her mouth.

Wendy sucked fiercely and flicked her tongue as I started to ejaculate. Keeping her distance, she ensured that she only held my glans in her mouth and that my shaft was free and clearly visible.

“What’s going on?” Richard asked, adding, “Apart from the obvious.”

As Wendy maintained her position, I continued to come trying not to moan too loudly.

“Well,” Audrey commenced, “Ben and I were having a quicky on the balcony this morning when we saw that there was a couple across the courtyard doing the same thing.”

Audrey waved, and the couple who were now standing, waved back through the dim pre-dawn light.

“OK, but how does that get to Wendy and Ben in their current positions?” Richard asked.

“Well, the other couple finished like this, so Wendy thought that we needed to reciprocate.” Audrey explained as I finished coming.

“Oh, of course, how silly of me.” Richard responded still obviously puzzled.

Detecting that I had finished ejaculating, Wendy detached herself, stood and headed back into the room.

“Come on, let’s have our showers and get some breakfast.” she said as she passed Richard.

Richard followed her back through our room and into theirs muttering quietly to himself.

“Do you want first shower?” Audrey asked.

“No, you can go first, I’ll follow you in.” I replied.

Audrey left the balcony and I stayed outside watching the soft morning glow gradually increasing for a short time. Once I heard the water from the shower stop, I gave Audrey a minute or two to dry herself before I went inside and showered too. I dried myself off and combed my hair before stepping from the bathroom alsancak escort bayan back into the main area.

I saw that Audrey was not there, but a quick check of the balcony located her.

“Are you ready to go?” I asked Audrey.

“Yes.” she said as she turned to enter.

“I’ll go tell Wendy and Richard.” I said as I started to walk towards the adjoining door.

I heard Audrey close the sliding door to our balcony as I entered Wendy and Richard’s room. I expected to find them all showered and ready to go. Instead, Wendy was on her back with her knees in the air and Richard was on top of her pumping away like there was no tomorrow.

I watched Richards scrotum flopping up and down as he repeatedly plunged his huge member into my sister’s vagina for a short time before approaching. I walked over and squatted next to the bed and said, “I thought that you two were having your showers and joining us for breakfast.”

“There’s been a slight change of plans.” Richard panted.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Like that! Just there! Keep going!” Wendy said, seemingly oblivious to my presence.

“Audrey and I will see you in the dining hall when you’re done.” I said as I stood and headed back into my room.

“Righty-o.” Richard said just as I was leaving.

“Are they ready?” Audrey asked as I entered our room.

“No, they’re presently having some super-fun adult alone time.” I informed her.

Audrey went to the adjoining door and stuck her head in to have a peek. Once she’d seen what she needed to, she silently pointed towards our room door and headed in that direction. I collected our room key and followed her.

Once we were out in the corridor, Audrey said in a lowered voice, “I’ve never seen them actually fuck before.”

“I know,” I said in agreement, “they’ve always been doing it with one of us. I told Richard that we would meet them at breakfast.”

Audrey took my outstretched hand and we walked in silence to breakfast. As Audrey and I made our way into the dining hall, we saw that there were a few families about here and there but otherwise the place was still mostly empty. We picked up some breakfast from the selection on offer and after providing our room details to the cashier we found ourselves a quiet booth in the corner.

Audrey and I were discussing what activities we could do that day when unexpectedly, another couple appeared beside us and asked if they could sit down. This struck me as a little bit odd because there were literally dozens of other free tables around. However, not wanting to seem rude, we agreed and as they took their seats, they introduced themselves as Fred and Jodie and we reciprocated.

They were a little bit older than us, maybe about ten years or so. Their skins were tanned a very deep golden colour. Jodie had long flowing grey hair, just below shoulder level. Fred was also grey, close cut, slightly balding on top.

Jodie’s breasts were slightly saggy with small pointy nipples, but in fairly good shape for a woman of her age. What hair Fred lacked on his head was more than compensated for on the rest of his body, including what seemed like half way along his uncircumcised shaft. Jodie’s pubic triangle was grey, but thick and natural. Fred had a plate with a full English breakfast, Jodie had a bowel of fruit. Both had cups of the most potent smelling coffee we’ve encountered for some time.

“What do you think of the resort?” Jodie asked taking a tentative sip of her steaming coffee.

“It seems fun so far. We’ve been to other resorts before back home, but this is by far the biggest that we have every visited.” Audrey responded.

“We’ve been here many times over the years. We brought our kids here regularly when they were younger, and now we’re here with the next generation.” Jodie explained.

“You have your grandchildren with you?” Audrey asked.

“Yes, kinda sorta.” Fred answered.

“Our daughter, their mother, is also here. She’ll be down with the kids shortly.” Jodie added.

Continuing, Jodie said, “She’s just finalised her divorce and needed some down time, so she wanted to visit some place safe and familiar with fond memories.”

“We’re here on babysitting duties, our daughter plans to take the girls to swimming lessons today, so we have the day off today to do with as we please.” Fred added giving me a familiar wink.

“Have we met before?” I asked quizzically.

“Not directly, no, I don’t think so.” Fred responded.

“What do you mean by ‘not directly’?” Audrey asked having had her interest piqued.

“We waved to each other across the courtyard this morning.” Jodie said smiling.

“Oh my!” I said, “That was you?”

“But it was so dark, how did you recognise us?” Audrey asked.

“Well, we didn’t, we did not have a clue. However, the timing of your fairly early breakfast made us suspicious enough to come over for a chat. It was not until I saw the room number on your key when we sat down that our suspicions alsancak escort bayan were confirmed.” Fred explained.

“What, do you know every room number by heart?” Audrey asked.

“Oh no, nothing like that. We simply stayed in the room directly below yours last time we were here, purely coincidence.” Jodie adding quickly trying to put us at ease, “Don’t worry, we won’t tell.”

“Where’s your friend?” Fred asked.

“Friend?” I asked.

“Yes, the lady who finished you off.” Jodie said lowering her voice.

“Oh, she and her husband will be joining us soon.” Audrey responded.

“Listen, Audrey, Ben. I hope that I’m not being too forward, but we were wondering if you two would be interested in a little bit of, shall we say, adults-only adventure today?” Jodie said.

“What kind of an adventure?” Audrey asked.

Well we met another couple a few days ago that are open-mined like us and we were going to take them on a hike to Turtle Beach.” Jodie responded.

“Oh, we’ve heard of Turtle Beach, we were thinking of going there, maybe tomorrow.” Audrey said excitedly.

“That’s OK. Perhaps another time then.” Jodie replied somewhat despondently.

“I’m sorry, you misunderstand me. We’ve made no absolute decisions yet. Today, tomorrow, the day after, we were planning on discussing the details with our friends over breakfast this morning.” Audrey explained.

“Tell us about this beach now, and when our friends arrive, we’ll fill them in.” I added helpfully.

“I assume that your friends share your same, open-minded, attitude?” Jodie asked raising her eyebrows.

“Yes, we’ve been, um, open-minded, with them before.” Audrey confirmed.

“OK then. Depending on your level of fitness, it is about a ninety minute hike each way. You need reasonable footwear, but nothing too fancy.” Fred said.

“OK.” I responded.

“The trail mostly follows the coastline across the cliffs, but sometimes turns inland for short stretches. The scenery is very nice. Bring a camera if you like.” he concluded.

“This sounds OK to us, but we still need to discuss this with our friends.” Audrey said.

“That’s all fine.” Jodie started, “We’re meeting our other friends at the trailhead behind the tennis courts at 09:15. If you and your friends are interested, talk to the shift supervisor behind the counter over there and tell them that you would like a day pack.”

“A day pack?” Audrey confirmed.

“That’s right, they’ll include some sandwiches of your choice, some fruit, some bottles of water, a towel and some chocolate. All you need to do is put the pack on your back and start walking.” Jodie said.

“This all sounds wonderful. We’ll talk to our friends and perhaps we’ll see you at the trail head.” Audrey responded.

“We hope to see you there.” Jodie said as they both stood, taking their empty plates with then as they left.

Once they were out of earshot, Audrey said, “That sounds like fun, but I wonder if Wendy and Richard would be ready for something like that?”

Audrey and I stayed in the dining hall for a while longer watching it slowly fill up. We went back for a second round of pastries and juice. Eventually Wendy and Richard showed up and we gave them the run-down on Turtle Beach. They both said yes almost immediately so I headed over to the counter to order four day packs.

After we finished our pastries, we left Wendy and Richard to finish eating and headed back to our rooms briefly to brush our teeth and take care of any other hygiene needs that may have arisen. We grabbed our hats, sun screen and walking shoes and were gone by about 08:55.

As we approached the tennis court, I turned to Audrey, pointed towards the small shelter and said, “I have a stone or something in one of my shoes. I’m going to go over there and get rid of it.”

“OK, we won’t leave without you.” Audrey responded as I hobbled off to attend to my footwear.

I was shaking the offending shoe in an inverted position when I heard Audrey squeal with excitement. She seldom squealed like that so I looked over my shoulder and I saw her embracing a woman somewhat vigourously. I had no idea who the woman was as she had her back to me.

I returned my attention to my shoe, put it back onto my foot and tied the lace securely. As I stood and turned, I saw that Audrey and the mystery woman had broken their embrace and were now holding both hands jumping up and down like little school children. I did not recognise the man standing beside them, but he was looking just as bemused as I felt.

As Audrey saw me start to approach, she released the mystery woman’s hands and started waving at me, “Ben, Ben! Look who’s here!” she called out as I approached.

With that, the mystery woman turned around to face me and said, “Ben?”

Audrey has often said that I can be a bit slow at times, and this was certainly one of those times. The mystery woman looked familiar, like a much older version of an old school friend escort alsancak or something. Her moderately droopy breasts were noticeably asymmetrical and her pubic hair was mostly grey. Her body shape seemed eerily familiar and then as if from nowhere, my slowly grinding synapses finally produced the answer I had sought.

“Jennifer?” I said with my arms outstretched advancing towards her.

When Jennifer and I met we embraced firmly, holding each other for what seemed like and eternity making up for lost time. When we finally broke our embrace, I kissed her gently on the cheek.

“Oh, we can do better than that!” she said pulling me towards her and kissing me on the lips with her hands on my hips.

“Woohoo! Break it up you two or we’ll have to throw a bucket of cold water over both of you.” said the mystery man standing next to Audrey.

Jennifer broke her embrace, stepped back, pointed to the mystery man and said, “Ben, this is my husband Tom.”

Tom stepped forward and shook my hand looking at Jennifer saying, “THE Ben?” strongly emphasising the ‘the’.

“Yep, the one and only,” Jennifer responded before turning towards Audrey and continued, “and this lovely lady is Audrey. And yes, before you ask, she is ‘THE’ Audrey too.”

“Well,” Tom started, “it’s a pleasure to finally meet you both. Jenny’s mentioned the two of you with fondness many times over the years. It’s wonderful to finally put some faces to those names from that particular chapter of Jenny’s life.”

“What are you guys doing here?” Jennifer asked.

“Jodie and Frank invited us to hike to Turtle Beach with them this morning. We’re waiting for them as well as Wendy and Richard.” Audrey explained.

“Wendy!” Jennifer said incredulously, “Who, Ben’s Wendy? That Wendy?”

“Yes, THAT Wendy.” came a voice from behind us.

We all turned to see Wendy and Richard standing there with their backpacks, hiking shoes and sun hats. Standing next to them were the aforementioned Jodie and Fred who we had met earlier at breakfast. Wendy was slightly more quick-witted that I was and recognised Jennifer immediately.

“Jen, it’s been ages!” Wendy said as the two women embraced.

“It’s good to see you Wendy. Who’s this tower of gentlemanly elegance standing beside you?” she asked pointing at Richard.

“This is my husband Richard. Richard, this is Jennifer.” Wendy said as she faced Richard.

“What, THE Jennifer?” Richard asked.

In unison, Wendy, Audrey and I said, “Yes, THE Jennifer.” before we burst out laughing.

Waiting for the hilarity to settle down, Fred said, “So it appears that everyone already knows each other”.

“Yes Fred, sorry,” Jennifer commenced, “um, Ben and I were a couple many many years ago, Wendy is his sister and Audrey was a friend that Ben and I met at a resort a bit like this one, also many many years ago.”

“OK.” Fred said pointing back and forth between Wendy and I, “So you two are brother and sister?”

“Correct.” I said nodding slightly so as to also acknowledge his unasked secondary question regarding what he had seen on the balcony this morning.

“And who’s this handsome gentleman?” Jodie asked looking Richard up and down before allowing her gaze to settle on Richard’s rather substantial asset.

“I’m Richard, Wendy’s husband.” Richard said extending his hand.

“Pleased to meet you Richard.” Jodie responded smiling as she shook Richard’s hand.

“Everyone good to get moving?” Fred asked to the group in general.

After a round of positive responses, Fred said, “I’ll lead the way then. Wendy, would you care to join me?”

Wendy joined Fred as we set off, Jodie paired up with Richard, followed by Audrey and Tom and then finally Jennifer and I. The trail was normally wide enough to comfortably accommodate two hikers side by side. There were some points where it narrowed and we had to pass single file and a few broader sections where we could walk four or five abreast.

Jennifer and I had been talking together for a while catching up on over three decades of history. I told her about Audrey, the two girls and the property that we bought from Phil and Sally. She told me that her overseas posting had been a great success and that after setting up one more branch, she was recalled to head office and put in charge of the entire overseas division.

“So I literally met Tom the week that I returned home.” Jennifer explained.

“Go on, give us the juicy details!” Audrey said as she turned around briefly, obviously eavesdropping from in front.

“It seems that I was somewhat of an internal celebrity within my company, although I was certainly unaware of that at the time.” she started.

“Well, they decide to throw a ‘welcome home’ party in my honour in the boardroom on the first Friday that I was back. To be honest, any excuse for a party will do at that place.” she said pausing.

“So where does Tom come into it?” I asked.

“My company had just finished a big project for Tom’s company and we made it a bit of a joint celebration. Tom and I got to talking, then talking lead to dating and dating lead to marriage and then marriage lead to two wonderful children.” she explained.

“So you have two kids?” I confirmed.

“Tom and I do yes, but I also have a third semi-child.” she explained.

“OK, you lost me, what’s a semi-child?” I asked.

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