The Resort Pt. 06

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The alarm clock on Megan’s phone went off precisely at six AM. Megan groaned and turned over, not wanting to get out of bed. She and Matt had gone to bed shortly after finishing their room service-catered meal. But whereas her husband had fallen asleep quickly, Megan had had trouble falling asleep. She had turned on the television and watched “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” reruns until she fell asleep. But now, a mere five hours later, her alarm was screaming at her. She reached over and hit the snooze. Next to her, Matt stirred.

“Isn’t your game at seven?” Matt groaned, referring to Megan’s approaching volleyball match.

“We’re not eating breakfast before we go down,” Megan said. “All I have to do is throw something on and walk down. Are you coming to watch?”

“Of course,” Matt replied. “Wouldn’t miss it.”


Megan got out of bed and walked, naked, to the bathroom. After using the toilet and splashing some cold water on her face, she went to her suitcase. She threw on a royal blue sports bra and matching athletic shorts.

“Hot,” Matt smirked.

Megan went to the mini-fridge and grabbed a bottle of orange juice and drank it down. That would give her energy for the game. Then she grabbed a bottle of water. Matt grabbed the bottle of mango-pineapple juice to bring with him. Megan slid her flip-flops on, and they headed down to the sand courts. The other team had shown up and was already warming up. It was a man and a woman. Megan guessed they were in their forties, and, based on their toned bodies, in prime physical shape. Megan was just starting to stretch when Danielle showed up.

“Hey!” Danielle said.

“Hey!” Megan said. “You ready for this?”

“Oh yeah,” Danielle said.

Danielle had chosen a hot pink sports bra and matching jogging shorts. Both the bra and shorts were very tight. Matt and Megan couldn’t help but stare.

“You look hot,” Megan whispered.

“So do you,” Danielle whispered back. “Ready to warm up?”

Megan grabbed a volleyball, and she and Danielle began to hit it back and forth, practicing their bumping and setting. During warm-ups, Megan took a couple moments to watch the other team and how they interacted. It was important to observe and evaluate one’s opponent in hopes of finding a weakness to exploit. If the team had any weaknesses, Megan couldn’t see any.

“How good are you at setting?” Megan asked Danielle.

“Decent,” Danielle replied. “If this were a four- or six-person team I would tell you don’t put me as setter. But since it’s just the two of us, I kinda have to.”

“Okay then,” Megan said. “I’ll try to do most of the setting.”

The referee and two line judges showed up, wearing khaki avrupa yakası escort shorts and white polos with the Sandals logo on the breast pocket. The referee blew his whistle and signaled for the players to gather at center court.

“Good morning,” the referee said in a British accent. “And welcome to your first game. Now, have all of you played volleyball before?”

“Yes,” the four players said in unison.

“Good. Then you know the rules. Remember, it is first team to twenty-one; you must win by two. Cap of twenty-five points. I will be calling a strict game, as will the line judges. Their word is law. Questions?”

No one said anything.

“Good,” the ref said. “Then let’s get started. Sand Queens, you serve first.”

The ref tossed the game ball to Danielle. She stepped several feet behind the boundary line. The ref blew his whistle and signaled Danielle she could serve. Danielle got a running start. She tossed the ball up in the air. At the apex of her jump, her right hand met the ball. It zipped over the net. Their opponent hadn’t anticipated a jump serve. The ball went behind them and hit the sand just a foot inside the left-rear boundary line. The ref’s whistle blew and signaled a point for Megan and Danielle, the Sand Queens. He pulled out a small card and small pencil and made a tally mark.

“Great serve!” Matt called.

The ref signaled again, and Danielle served. This time the other team was ready. The woman bumped it back to the man, who set it perfectly for his partner. Megan went to block the woman’s spike, but the woman had a higher vertical jump. She spiked the ball right over Megan’s head. Danielle dove for the ground, but she couldn’t cover the distance quickly enough. The ball hit the sand with a thud, and the ref blew his whistle.

“Nice try,” Megan said to Danielle. “She’s got a high vertical. Watch it.”

Back and forth the points went. Forty minutes later, the game was over. It had gone three sets, with the fit couple winning the first and last set. It had definitely been an eye-opening as well as a learning experience. This wasn’t just people playing for fun; this was serious. At least now they knew what to expect moving forward. The girls high-fived the other team and said, “Good game.”

“Well, that was interesting,” Danielle said.

“Yeah,” Matt said. “They were intense. I guess they play to win.”

“Right,” Megan said.

“Who’s ready for breakfast?” Matt asked.

“If you haven’t noticed, we’re all full of sand,” Danielle said, annoyed. “We can’t go to breakfast like this.”

“And I don’t think this is appropriate dress for the restaurant,” Megan added.

“How bakırköy escort about we go back to the room, you clean up, and we order room service?” Matt suggested.

“Sounds amazing,” Danielle said.

They walked back to the room. Once inside, the ladies peeled their sweaty, sandy athletic wear off and tossed it to the floor. Megan started the shower.

“Danielle, care to join me?” she asked with a sly smile.

“Of course,” Danielle replied.

“No having fun without me,” Matt said.

“We’ll wait,” Megan shouted in reply.

It was nearly fifteen minutes before the ladies emerged, wrapped in white towels. Matt smiled as they exited the bathroom.

“How was your shower, ladies?” he asked.

“Good,” Danielle replied.

“Hot,” Megan said.

“Nice,” Matt said.

Megan rubbed her neck. She groaned.

“I’m sore,” she groaned. “Matt, how about a massage?”

“Sure,” Matt replied. “Come here.”

Matt sat up in the bed with his back against the headboard and opened his legs. Megan dropped her towel and sat between her husband’s legs. Matt’s hands began to slowly work Megan’s shoulders. Megan moaned as her husband’s hands expertly worked her shoulder muscles. He’d have those knots out in no time. Danielle walked over and sat on the bed next to them. She watched the massage with interest. Matt’s hands moved to Megan’s neck. Megan moaned again. Matt stared at his wife’s neck. There it was, beckoning. He wanted to kiss it so badly. He resisted and kept massaging. Megan reached back and pulled her hair aside. It was as if she could read his mind, inviting him to kiss her. Matt pulled her back a little. Megan gasped as she felt her husband’s lips begin to caress her neck. Matt ran his lips up and down his wife’s smooth neck. Megan gasped as she felt herself becoming aroused. Matt looked over at Danielle. She smiled.

“Keep going,” Danielle whispered.

Matt moved his lips to Megan’s shoulders. Megan looked over at Danielle with lust. Their eyes met as Matt’s hands found their way to Megan’s breasts. Matt gently squeezed. Megan moaned. She was now fully aroused, her mound completely swollen. Matt continued massaging her breasts, making sure his hands ran across her perky nipples. Megan’ moans grew louder. Danielle pulled her towel off, exposing her firm naked body.

“Yes,” Megan gasped. “Fuck, this is so hot.”

Danielle moved in and kissed Megan. Their lips pressed together. They moaned into each other’s mouths. Matt massaged more forcefully now. He gently pulled Megan’s erect nipples. Megan whimpered into Danielle’s mouth. Danielle pressed her lips harder to Megan’s. Megan spread her legs.

“I think beşiktaş escort she wants you to taste her,” Matt said.

“Mmmm, I think so,” Danielle agreed.

Danielle moved down the bed. She could smell Megan’s arousal. The aroma was turning her on. She wanted Megan’s sweet pussy. She gently exhaled onto Megan’s thighs. Megan gasped.

“Yes, tease her,” Matt said. “Make her beg for it.”

Danielle continued to gently blow warm air on Megan’s inner thighs. Megan was extremely aroused now; she could feel her own juices dripping out of her. Danielle licked slowly up Megan’s thighs. Megan grabbed Matt’s forearms as his hands now softly massaged her sensitive breasts.

“Oh, Matt, I want it,” she moaned.

“Don’t tell, me,” Matt smiled. “Tell Danielle.”

“Oh, Danielle,” Megan moaned. “I want it.”

“How badly?” Danielle teased.

“Please eat my pussy,” Megan begged. “I need to feel your tongue in me.”

Danielle moved so her mouth was now even with Megan’s dripping wet slit. She stuck her tongue out. Megan moaned louder as she felt Danielle’s tongue slide up and down her moist mound. Her grip tightened around her husband’s arms. She opened her legs as wide as she could. Danielle’s fingers gently spread Megan’s pussy open. She pressed her tongue into Megan. Megan pressed her mouth against Matt’s arm.

“Fuck!” she screamed.

Danielle thrust her stiff tongue in and out of Megan. Matt watched, his cock erect and oozing precum. Megan could feel his hard cock against her back, his hands grabbing her breasts, and Danielle’s tongue inside her. She was almost on sensory overload, every pleasure nerve in her body was firing. She didn’t know how much more she could handle. Danielle pulled out of Megan. She started sucking Megan’s clit. Megan screamed again into Matt’s arm. She couldn’t take much more.

“Make her cum,” Matt moaned.

“Cum in your pants,” Megan whimpered. “I want to feel your cum on my bare back.”

“Yes,” Matt whispered.

“Time to make you cum hard,” Danielle smirked.

She sucked hard on Megan’s clitoris. Megan reached down and grabbed Danielle’s head, forcing it against her mound. Megan couldn’t hold it.

“Fuck!” she screamed.

Her pussy released, and her juices flowed freely. Danielle held her mouth wide open. Megan’s warm sweet cum shot into her mouth. Danielle drank it down, swallowing every drop of her lover’s nectar. The moment his wife screamed, Matt lost it. His cock began to spasm, sperm shooting into his boxers. It soaked through; Megan could feel it on her back, adding to the erotic experience. As Megan’s orgasm died down, Danielle moved to Matt and kissed him. Matt tasted his wife’s cum on Danielle’s lips; it tasted sweet and warm. Megan lay there, completely exhausted.

“I think we wore her out,” Danielle smiled.

“I think so,” Matt said. “Time to order breakfast. Honey, what do you want?”

“Sleep,” Megan whispered.

Matt and Danielle smiled and laughed as Matt picked up the phone to order their food.

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