The Secret Manor of Trans-Supremacy Part 2

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The Secret Manor of Trans-Supremacy Part 2PART 2. MY LADY TRANSEXUAL MISTRESS JESSICA/JESSIE OF FINE OUTSTANDING, DIVINE BEAUTY…The lady says I should been taken upstairs as too change into what there requirements too stay with them here for a few days in Her chambers… before such she Tie’s my Balls up with a bondage rope and pulling it backwards between my legs that goes through the sides on my harness & up through the O rings of my Collar too the Mistress standing behind me as I’m cuffed too the wall in front watching my Mistress in the Mirror as she pushes her stiletteo heel up my anus too that of pain & pleasure as of my moans into a ball gag, There all calling me all kinds of names while talking to each other with there subs kneeling in different jestures of positions too the other ladys all sitting around drinking there afternoon coffee…She took me as her cat little Tomcat pussy, for a walk as on my hands & kneels I crawl beside her as like that of a Linx Tall but Slim with the shoulder blades as like an Athletic built Linx the Tomcat too that of a Pink Diamond Collared too that of a lead too my Harness naked in the warmth of the Manor House with my balls on weights that just dangle between my thighs as I crawl next too her as she walks like an Elegant Ts Lady in High Heels being carefull not too stand on my feet as her crop keeps me in line too her walking that when I over step her step I’m cropped as that is disobediance in Cat training too that she said I suited too be a Cat as Cats Pamper themselves & are that of being Clean who like the heat, I was perfect for this little games she playied with me as too acceptance of me becoming her little pet as Her Bitchboy male slut of becoming her whore…As she leads me upstairs too her Chambers she sits on the end of her Queen sized Bed that has Silk d****s with rubber sheets, she calls me over too her as I kneel before her she puts out her hand as too point downwards between with her legs that are slightly apart as her clitorus cock flops down betweeen her thighs and she orders me too suck on it as she wants me too give her an erection…I don’t hesitate for a second I crawl forwards as I do as I’m told as she RULES over me & I place my head between her thighs take hold of her balls in 1 hand & lift her cliterious cock as I kiss the end too that of little kisses from the balls too the tip of her bulerus end… Then start flickering my tongue back n forth over her cock as I slowly put it into my warm moist mouth, I move my lips over the end as it slides in mouth all the way down her clitorus cock as it touches my tonsils as I can feel the lenght in my month as I enjoy such & savour such from Mistresses cock it feels so nice that I’m content & happy with… Mistress can see this so much she says too her Shemale Chamber-maid here you have him for a while then starts too lubing my arse with some gel, then pours a little as she starts massaging me then my balls then back upto my anus as too see how distracted I get with my own pleasures than Pleasuring the Lady Mistress as too see what position I’m worthy in or do I just serve for my own pleasure than that of for Pleasuring the Lady in Question… I cannot help myself as too move my arse backwards upon the Chambermaiden as she starts pushing her fingers inside me massaging my anus & spreading my little tight hole open as I can feel the sensations of her fingers penitrating my anus as she stimulates my g-spot she calls the p-spot and move my arse back as too fully recieve her fingers as its makes me really horny, She pulls my cock back between my thighs and starts too push her fingernail tip down bellend in a sign of dominance & whois in control of my cock & all my Orgasms I will be getting ammune too having Orgasms regularly… I hear her Mistress sexy sister say “Should I discipline him by taking his Cherry away”, Mistress as he is rather tight I think he really wants it, look at him, he is aroused & rauncy don’t you think so Mistress its time for him I think is’nt it Ladys too become 1 of our full trainee’s in sexual slavary of Anal servitude then we can start on the oral too Lip Service later as too sucking my Cock again as she says too me now get on your knees and take it up your little ass like a man, as you’d better be good at licking pussy too while you’re down there, As our local club some of the Ladys there bitches who will show you who’s boss little Bitchboy too which you will understand Pleasures and our need too recieve pleasure than your own… My Mistress who is very diverse, imaginative, and can also be quite devious, was expecting me as a submissive to be able to express & articulate what my personal needs are from Mistress Lady Jessica who trained me, she said that I should uphold 1 of her main beliefs that if a Lady cums then I should swollow & thank them for there kindness of allowing me such juices as she cums in my mouth & expects me as her bitchboy too swollow it down my throat as she said spitting is disrespectfull that all good male whores she has ever met should always swollow the Juices of a Lady.My Mistress then says I will be milked every morning without fail & put back into my chastity as too later in the day living with my Mistress who will offer me as her chambers as a Bitchboy slut too be fucked or used for Ladys sexual pleasures or Gay Masters when ever they require as my Mistress Owns me after the Final ritual, that she will make me hers like marriage… türkçe bahis Then I have too ask her always before I ever have sex with anyone otherwise its Discipline for me, that in her Private Partys she would have me offer myself for Anal use too pleasuring Orally too her guests… She pulled out one of the draws on her dressing table with this large mirror I could’nt look into because I really hate myself… but Mistress Jessie said that one day I would be as Pritty as she is… That if I was willing or not she was going too make me all Pritty as too train me in the female sides of my dark secret due too the Jealousy I had towards women and there wonderfull wordrobes… My Mistress opened the draw there inside lay lots of things like female toys… Liquid make-up, Instant coverstick, Compact powder, Blushing powder, Eyeshadow, Kohl pencil-black, Mascara colours, Eyebrow pencil-brown, Blusher, Lipsticks & a deep scarlet red one (that said for sluts only), then some Lip-liners, Lip glosses, Nail polishes, Make-up applicators, moisturising creams, body creams, hormone creams, self adhesive breast holders, Foundation powders lots n lots of wonderfully womens things in this draw brushes, cotton pads, buds, they say you will oneday learn what there all for but not at presesnt time…Even a special little carry case saying my 1st mirror on it in:- Pink n Red, Purple & Silver, Mistress slapped my hands & said don’t touch you cannot have them untill I decide when little sweetie then shut the draw quickly tr****g my fingers as I yelp owe… Ouh my poor sweetie you trapped your little fingers in my draws, I giggled when she said such… That amused you did it my little bitch she said… Right then over too the Bed now UNDRESS for me… that correct all your clothes… and put then on the floor as she hands me some scissors and says now CUT up your underwear you won’t be needing those again… But But Mistress… Yes Bitchboy but as she looks down at me in a stern look and says remember your infractions of the rules my sweet Bitchboy… as she slaps me across the face for my cheek too her… Owe Mistress… as the crack of her hand echos around the Bedchambers of my room… that makes me lower myself & keep shtum… Then my Mistress said that if I was’nt carefull in that of breaking the house rules she would have me in a petticoat for discipline before I knew it that she would lock me & my willie up tightly in the Attic or dungeons down in the cellar that of the Manors Playrooms for her usage latter… If i never kept my mouth closed unless my tongue is being used for Oral services that before she & her freinds bind me too the ceiling & wax strip all my Body hair from me… We have some Front lacing baby doll dresses with short sleeves & knickers, in Purple & Pink or just Red n Black… too a very wicked combination of the cutest lacy satin belts, especially wide cut to flatten your tummy and fit securely upon your hips with six fully adjustable clips & some strong suspenders… One Mistress says too the other I think he would look alot better in some Crotchless number, as his long legs when shaven would look very sexy & fine too which we should have him in a shoulder strap that will created Good Posture & a Posture collar also with some all over stretching soft lycra or a Catsuit clad little slut as out Bitchboy… That would make him into a fine bitchboy as out slut too training, I’m sure he would aventually break into place and become very submissive too Our Pleasures too pamper us… but we need too train him in our female beautys first…As then well he will be acceptable too each stage for his success too Please & Plasure us untill he passes then we can give him a new Colour in Collar as there are as I recall 9 Colours too Pass in these Ds Stages of training of submission, I think the 1st is Blue so you my little bitchboy will be in Black with a Light Blue stripe as the 1st Stage in your jouney of our Ds as Mistress/slut… You will acknowledge what the kinky “Ts.Goddess.Godiva, with a sexy cock and balls” this means in her own world, her own secret manor house, she says would you trust a man or cute girlieboy, who is never honest too you as too that of forming a relationship with.She speak aloud and says: What kind of woman would trust a man who was never been honest too her, What kind of man would trust a man if they where never honest to each other from when they live together, and what kind of lesbian would trust another female if she was a lair too her.Ts.Goddess.Godiva, then says, right that is my point, this is my Manor House it is my way of living and my way of doing things, No male vermin of tricks as a man will control me as I’am the lady Ts.Goddess.Godiva, this is not some Fantasy, this is my world this is my Lifestyle, you will obey it little boy, you think your a man, and laughs… That is the question each one of them as partners in a relationship don’t start off by lieing too each other or trying too entrap each other… too Enforced Slavary not the type you get in Fantasy… So be a relationship with a theme thats based upon Sub/Dom roles for more excitement too spice up ones life in general than live like everyone else, who get bored very easy and then shag around as if they where single again, So you as my Tgirl being collared is just like an engagement ring, one that is an open arrangement a contract agreement with me and my Household of Inersex-Transexual youwin giriş Lady Mistresses.Imagine two singles who fancy some sexual fun and invite a third partner too join in, so as a poly who may wish never too get married, but love the idea of having multipules of sexual encounters being easyier Enslaved and Chastised as many males or females as too being the multipules of submissives all single independants and willing, all desiring company or attention, all consentual and all for one wonderfull purpose thats too be used erotically, sexually, with devotion… that why your here, its very much like Swinging but its all Polygamy and consentual. One Lady Ts.Godiva who has her balls in the right place, between her legs, owning controling a stable of willing Tgirls as too become her willing sexual slaves as the Last Collar is all 9 Colours in your training as cast in Galvinised Titanium that of 18 Colours of your training too the Goldern ritual ceramony… Thats followed by our inhouse Orgy upon your Virgins pussy arse where you will be taken & used by all Ladys of the House invited too the Ceramony as too take away you little pritty bitchboy Pride who has’nt been used for anal in 5 weeks before such Ceramony that your pussy arse will be Nice’n’Tight like a sweet little Virgin & have been chastised as our bitchboy too making you feel very much more Hornyier & Randy you will be wanting such my little Bitchboy you will…(1) = Light Blue/Navy Blue (2) = Maroon/Red (3) = Pink/Fushia(4) = Lavender/Purple (5) = Black/Grey(6) = Camaflarge/Olive(7) = White/Silver(8) = Copper/Gold(9) = Salmon/GreenMistress then took me too see the Other rooms in the house too which we came across Lady Mistress of the TSTVs called:- Victoria with her bisexual male Bitchboy being transformed into the every other day Shemale… A Beautiful curvacous dominant shemale “Ms.Gwinavia”, dressed in tight shiny PVC with Fishnet stockings and Thigh-high laced boots, with a Pvc bodysuit thats croutchless as I look wide eyed at her large thick peiced cock fully erect in a cockring that she stands there with a whip with her bisexual transvestite maiden, that there both looking too satisfy their very kinky sexual tastes of pleasures by dominating another bitchboy into there pleasures as the shemale dominates and transforms a male bitch into a stunning tarty slut.Whois has complied too that of into satisfying their very kinky sexual tastes as she turns too me on all fours and says can you see yourself as this posistion you do look sexy dear would you like too be in our kinky threesome with your mistress as too indulge in an orgy of dominanting sexual frenzy of becoming a male whore as we would just love too have you play with us your looking as my clitty do you like it… Yes Mistress I say you are very sexy… I think you mistress should bend your arms too those chair legs as we tease your little clitty cock… or would you prefer too Pleasure mine for a while my tart… I knelt next too my Mistress Jessica as we both watched one of the Transexual Mistresses with her shemale veronica with there Sissy maid as they both dominate him the sissy maid into that of Oral & Anal servitude of pampering & Pleasuring this Mistress for light amusement but training them also… The Mistress TSTV Victoria rings a bell a few times as a call too one of the bitchboys on duty of sevitude into the room, and there the fun really begins as The bitchboy (a) is too the shemale (b) anally that she the shemale (b) is too another (c) thats the Lesbians slut is being taken virginally by the shemale while being fucked by (a) the bitchboy that then (c) the Lesbian slut is being fucked anally by the male bitchboy who is fucking the arse off (a) the bitchboy pleasuring the Mistresses shemale… while the sissy maid is kneeling watching them all forbidden too have fun with them as too turn him on… While there all taking cock there pleasuring there Lady Mistressses Clitorus Cocks as too suck in hard as the sign on the door says “A NEW CUMMING”, thats where the secrets happen as these Mistresses & the shemale all wanting there creamy juices swollowed… while they recieve the Crop… while wanting all four of them fucking each other as too that of Pleasures & sexual satisfaction of sexual desires in Training of Ds Erotica of Bisexuals in a funloving sexual haven of Servitude as Training there 30 year old bitchboys properly… I was then taken too the other part of the House, thats on the same grounds where they train males too the Dildo too that of taking all different kinds & shapes from twisted too rounded, small too extra large too the surgical screw & there Fucking Machines as My lady Mistress Jessica knew I would enjoy myself there due too there lusting pleasure I have when fucking myself, she gave other Ladys in the house the chance too that of the Enforced Dildo Chambers upstairs in the attic of the House a list of what should be used as she wants he submale me too be enforced too receive one of many Dildo’s too the Strap-ons untill I’m acceptant of such & begging for such every time I see one…As all the male whores should be plugged anally or virginally then Chastised when in servitude of Oral Pleasures as for the reasons of training as too lose consentration of oral pleasuring is forbidden that the compensation of such disgrace is too be Disciplined infront of whoever, for no gratification of the receivers Oral Pleasure, As it is youwin güvenilir mi said in the RULES of this Manor that you should never be distracted by those around you or your own pleasures as your submissive in servitude as too give the Pleasures of Ladys gratifications in her Orgasm… “Ladys before the whores”, That all whores of this Manor should atleast Once recieve the Manor House extra large Dildo:- 2″ x 15″ as it is like a Horses plonker thats just as a One Off Dildo… That Its traditional in this olde Established Manor of the Intersexual Ts.Ladys too have all the male whores milked every morning after breakfast 2 by 2 as too which she takes me too the milking room, by the collar that of my training collar thats Blue there is this mat made of rubber on the floor & lots of other different restraints on the walls too a Gynocologist bed & some Racks with Pvc covers that feel really kinky as it put ideas into my head… that there on the wall where Gloves & condoms with what looked like bottles of Lube & a Huge display of sextoys… As Mistress looked at me my eyes gleamed with joy & excitement as I turned too my mistress & smiled she shouted at me saying Ou Please you dirty whore kneel down, she pulls my collar as too dictate me too kneel on the rubber mat too which I’m bound at the wrists n ankles on all fours then a suction tube too a Machine that of a real cows milking Machine she placed over the end of my cock & turned on the Machine on!!… As I faced the Mirror with blinkers On so I could’nt see anything else but myself as this Machine sucked my cock up into the tube as too the base of the balls that then Lady Ts Mistress Jessie watched me through her video camera as too all male whores are filmed in there training for there own Pleasure amusement & sales of the established House…She walks past me up & down in her high heels as too watch me whinning with pain, pleading Mistress if I could stimulate myself, she just crouches down, lifts my chin up with her long deep red fingernails & says NO!!… Then smiles with a sadistic look as she watches my cock being sucked hard like it was stretching it all the way up its full 12″ lenght trying too suck out the cream from my balls and drain me dry… I hear her walking behind me and all of a sudden as she crops me & make jumps forward like a real Bull thats horny… Then then room goes sighlent for a few moments in time as I feel this lubricated Cock shoved up my arse and then left just on the enge of its opening teasing me as I’m just moaning about the pain that my cock is in… as its being Sucked on by a milking machine but I cannot Cum, too which Mistress sits infront of me & says obviously I need too watch some stimulating excitement as she sits there & presses the button on her remote control as the Dildo pushes itself up my tight little lubricated pussy arse & starts Fucking me with shallow strokes as I arch my back… with my mind concerntrated on the Pleasure of such fucking, but my cock is throbbing with mild pain as its sucking the cum out of my balls as I can see a little white liquid now & that runs through a pipe beneath me… drop by drop very limited between each droplet, as it travels too a little flask… Mistress is amused by my moaning as she moves forwards in her chair as too pleasure herself infront of me I cannot do anything else but watch her as she strokes her clitorus cock too an erection & stimulates her Nipples as too tease me making me more horny but being Fucked deeper & faster as the pace varies like its a real person… that I cannot do anything but moan as mistress Jessie crops my buttocks & laughs at me due too her own amusement & pleasures of training me wihle its being recorded as the the suction device has a little cammera on it thats recording my tight little arse in the mirror behind me… My mistress starts talking too another Lady Mistress Corrina too which she has her male maiden in Milking too I think as I can hear his moans also… The two lady Mistresses Jessica & Corrina walk over too me as one stick my face between her tits and makes me suck on her nipples too then rubbing her cock infront of me… thats teasing me, I start feeling that I’m getting harder again but my erection is throbbing & due too that Suction device on my own willie I cannot do anything as it sucking on my cock till its fully Milked dry… One Mistress says I have an idea so they declare a Strap-on Competition between them both as these two strong Bisexaul transexaul Mistresses Corrina then decides too take turns seeing who can fuck each others bitchboy the hardest while the other cheers on… Fuck him go on fuck him make him cum the flask as it is’nt filling up yet theres nothing inside, This video will be great too show the other Ladys when where done with them, As these two can suck each other dry before cleaning up by swollowing the lot… As the Mistresses of such likes too watch her sub-males Moan as too Gasp out in pleasure like he is her little male Virgin who needs breaking in Properly… Once prepared then he should accept Two 2 Dildos or 2 Strap-ons too his little tight Hole or just enforced till he is willingly accepting with many Thanks…As it said too recieve the Strap-on is too have a male whore or sex-slave but for him too deny that of the strap-on!!… then its good time he should be forced into Recieving it as this is where the Strap-on is taught too that of recieving Pleasuring the females Cock… It says this on a plaque next too every Bed in each of Our Chambers:- Let it Be ~ make him Moan ~ Bind him up ~ make him groan ~ Make him Swollow your Sexual Juices ~ Now ask if he wants more pleasure… is that Yes Ms.Madame Mistress…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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