The Secret Sessions Ch. 01

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: Ria

By a lucky stroke of fortune some years back I am in the enviable position of being able to indulge in my one true passion, women. I’m single, always have been, I don’t really drink, smoke or spend my evenings watching football, women are my hobby. Let me be clear I’m no predator, who lurks in dark alleyways. I just love to give and receive pleasure from those of the opposite sex who are seeking the same and revel in the experience.

With that in mind I wish to share with you one such experience, last summer I was staying at my property on the coast, which I maintain for the summer months, it’s an unremarkable but comfortable and relatively private place in a pleasant estate, just yards from the beach. Next door had been empty for some time until that is May when Ria and her husband Lee rented the property on a short -term lease. Ria caught my attention immediately on the day they moved in, she was about 5’7″ tall, medium build with delightful curves that could not be hidden by her jeans and shirt, her skin tone pointed to a Mediterranean heritage somewhere in her background, dark shoulder length hair in loose curls and dark eyes just topped off the package aged about 30. After a few days of to and fro activity things settled down next-door and life began to take on it’s familiar routine and it wasn’t until a week had passed that I had my first to speak to my new neighbours.

After pulling up at the house to unload the shopping I discovered that Ria & Lee were doing exactly the same, so I introduced myself & welcomed them to the patch, they told me that they hadn’t really had a chance to meet any of the neighbours as most were working in the day and as it was a beautiful early summers day I asked them to have a drink and some lunch, which they gratefully accepted. Over lunch we began to get to know each other and it transpired that Lee was a Marine biologist and Ria a housewife. They had taken out a four – month lease on the house as Lee was shortly going to leave to spend 12 weeks on an expedition at sea as part of his work while Ria remained ashore and this was a regular pattern in the four years they had been married.

A couple of weeks passed with regular contact between us and it was clear that I could not take my eyes of Ria no matter how hard I tried and she had noticed, what Ria didn’t do though was discourage my attention, I had the distinct impression she was enjoying it. But the day had come for Lee to join the research ship and for Ria to be alone. That evening Ria came to dinner, she was dressed in a short strappy plain white summer dress that accentuated her cures, and contrasted her skin, her breasts pushed at the cotton which held them and the wedged sandal she wore showed off her legs to the max, my mind kept guessing as to whether anything else was underneath. Our eyes barely left each other as we spoke over dinner, a conversation that revealed that Lee was more interested in things that swim in the sea that placing his little swimmers in his wife on a regular basis, I could hardly believe my luck. I went out a limb, I told Ria that I thought that güvenilir bahis sex between us would be monumental and that I wanted no attachment or strings to complicate things, but if she so wished she could have me anytime she wanted as many time as she wanted, at that she left and I wondered had I blown it, my senses told me no.

The following morning dressed only in a pair of shorts I opened the door to get my ipod from the car, as I closed the car door Ria emerged from her front door dressed in a two piece jogging out fit, navy & white lycra shorts with a matching bra top, she locked the door and walked the two steps to the pavement at the same time I pushed open my door, held it and stared at her, after what seemed like an eternity with out saying a word she walked passed me into the house and stood in the hall, I followed her in shut the door, turned pulled her towards me and kissed her. Her response was instant passion in the kisses was animal like, after several minutes I spun her around and pulled her back towards me, I buried my face where her neck met her shoulder, I wrapped my left arm around just under her tits and drove my right hand down between her legs grabbing at her crotch through the skimpy material.

Ria gasped as I did so at the same time my left hand found her right breast and squeezed gently, her nipple sticking into the palm of my hand through her top as I did so, again the gasp as I kneaded and cupped her breast, I removed my hand from her crotch and slid it up her bare abdomen until I reached the elastic at the bottom of the bra top, moving my left hand to the same place on the opposite side, simultaneously I hooked my thumbs under the elastic and in one movement lifted the top clear of her breasts. Freed from their Lycra prison her tits sprang to attention, I cupped my hands under each and began to gently squeeze at the same time running my thumbs over her rock hard nipples to stimulate them more. As I continued to kiss her neck I could see for the first time her tits in all their glory, 36B of natural womanhood finished in smooth olive skin and a dark aureole topped by a chocolate brown nipple standing to full attention. Ria was starting to drift into a haze as I fondled her, but she hadn’t failed to notice the massive erection that was jutting into her back, almost sensing my thoughts she spun around and gently pushed me away, she kicked off her running shoes grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs, finding the bedroom at the first attempt she led me in, stopping me short of the bed she turned to face me, placing her hands inside her shorts and watching me all the time she slide her shorts down and then off.

As I moved towards her I was stopped by Ria saying “No, wait”, she sat on the edge of the bed, eyes level with my package, I thought that I was about to get the blowjob of my life, but what I actually got was better. Ria gently slide my shorts down to my ankles exposing my throbbing manhood for the first time, as she raised her head she stroked both sides of my cock with her hands before releasing it. Smiling up at me from her seated position türkçe bahis she bent forward and grabbed her ankles, as she laid backwards on the bed her legs raised and spread wide until she was splayed wide open, her pussy was glistening from her juices her dark labia and clitoris engorged and swollen with expectation, the only trace of hair a fine black Brazilian cut pointing the way.

I knelt down put my arms under her thighs and back around to hold her legs and gently brushed my lips over her inner lips, at my touch Ria shuddered gently, a wince left her lips and the tell tale signs of a long overdue orgasm began to seep from her honey pot, again I brushed my lips against her and again she came and 3 times more as I repeated the act, each time her wince getting higher and the shudder deeper. The time had come, I whispered to her that I was going to drink from her which heightened her anticipation, as a prepared to lick at her I noticed that her juices were overflowing her love cup down towards he arse, I placed my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and gently but slowly licked the whole length of her slot as I reached her clit she let out a load moan and a massive orgasm wracked her body, as I reset for another go, love juiced oozed from her gaping pussy and started to run down towards the bed, at this point she let go her ankles and her legs dropped to the bed still wide open. There was Ria, gasping for breath, legs splayed wide open on my bed, her dark lipped pussy swollen with lust oozing come, and her surrender was total.

For the first time I pushed my tongue deep into her with pressure I begun to lick and nibble at her with vigour, the more I ate at her the more she came and the more she came the louder her cries got, finally I released my grip on her thighs and reached upward to grab at her breasts, making contact I gripped firmly, my actions causing Ria to moan in surprise and for the first time since she told we to wait, she spoke. “Oh my god, please” escaped her breathless lips “Please take me”. Rising from my knees I gently lifted Ria further onto the bed, her face flushed and full of expectation, I gently lowered myself onto her, my manhood was pulsing with excitement, the thought of being buried deep into her was almost too much.

Gently I pressed my end against the soft flesh of her lower lips feeling both the heat and moisture of her entrance I kissed her gently and began to slowly fill her up Ria’s pussy was tight even though it was sopping wet and I could feel it’s walls spasaming around my cock as I drove into the hilt when I reached the max Ria’s back arched and for the first time I could feel the rush of warmth from inside as yet another orgasm washed over her, involuntarily her legs closed around me locking me in position deep inside her. From Ria’s reaction it was clear that Lee had not spent any time investigating his wife’s biology in some time and that was his loss, this woman was on fire and I was the one that would benefit from all of her pent up desire. Nibbling at my ear I heard her say quietly “so good”. Slowly I raised my hips and began to withdraw güvenilir bahis siteleri my cook almost to the point of exit, I held in position and allowed her swollen lips to partially close around my helmet before forcing them open as my cock slid back into her to the hilt. Slowly my rhythm built up and before long and Ria was writhing in pleasure beneath me,

Suddenly she moved onto her side forcing me to slip out, she pushed me onto my back, with he leg moving across me she was straddling me in no time, her weight settled on her knees pulling her honey-pot open naturally droplets of juice fell freely onto my stomach. With Ria kneeling upright I had a clear view of her pussy and for the first time I noticed that her labia lips were perfectly symmetrical, with her clit protruding it was like looking a beautiful hypnotic flower which held me spell bound while wanting to exercise the power it held. Droplets of sweat could for the first time be seen between her breasts as she reached back, took hold on my manhood and guided the tip to her entrance once more, she leaned back slightly making sure that I could see my cock between her lips and then slowly lowered herself down, finally coming to rest with her hands on her ankles. With a gasp she raised herself up again and this time drove downwards violently, impaling herself on my rod, as my cock hit her hilt I felt an explosion of juices flow down over me, seeping out covering my balls and dripping onto the sheet, I reached up and fondled her bouncing melons as she repeated her action this time saying “I’m taking what I want and need”, Ria began to build up speed, raising herself up to the max before slamming herself back down, each time she did so I had a clear view of her wonderful pussy as it swallowed me up. Before long the tell tale tingling of me coming began to run around the head of my cock, I was only seconds away from filling Ria with a fountain of come, I reached forward pulling at the small of her back pulling her forward until her breasts covered my face, I grabbed her hips, held her in position and slammed upwards with my hips driving my rod ever deeper on the fourth stroke my cock shot a hot stream of come deep into her. Ria feeling the explosion screamed as she yet go and a massive orgasm thundered through her, her channel gripping me tight as she did so.

We lay panting and motionless for a long time, then Ria pulled herself back on to her knees, as she lifted herself off my now softening member a mix of cum and love juice dripped from her, in one motion she heaved herself forward shoving her soaking and swollen gash into my face, I had no option but to lick her in order to breathe, she held me firmly by the ears before telling me to “finish what you started”. After several gasping licks of her quim Ria screamed and covered my face in more juice before rolling off breathless. I wondered what I had uncovered, a woman who was in desperate need of loving, or had I tapped into vein of passion and wanton lust, long repressed by four years of neglect?

After a while we decamped to the shower erotically washing each other down, but I could not resist making her come one more time as I gently rubbed her quim as she washed her hair. Later we dried off, dressed and went down stairs and after lunch Ria left. Immediately I wondered if this morning would be repeated.

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