The Seminary Student

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Amateur Blowjob

Matt was in his second semester in Seminary School. He also worked part-time for his church as the Assistant Youth/Singles Pastor. About once a month, he would go visit people in the community who had visited his church. Usually he stayed about 30 minutes welcoming them to the church and answering any questions that they might have. Since he was a single guy, all of his visits would be to the homes or apartments of single guys. Single girls would be visited by church members who were likewise single and female. Most conservative churches with visitation programs operate in this manner so that guys visit with guys and girls visit with girls.

Although Matt was 24 years old, he was still a virgin. His background as well as his current spiritual beliefs required that he remain a virgin until he was married. Matt also stayed away from adult magazines and videos, internet pornography, strip clubs, etc..; in fact, it had been 3 years since he had indulged in any of those pleasures. He also tried his best to refrain from masturbating because this was also contrary to his spiritual beliefs. The masturbation was extremely difficult to control particularly if he saw an attractive girl on TV or at a restaurant or mall.

Within the last year, most of his sexual release had come via nocturnal wet dreams. He certainly was not perfect. There was the incident about 2 months ago that there was a mix up in the mail and he received a Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie catalog which was addressed to one of his apartment neighbors. The catalog sat on his coffee table a week before he couldn’t stand it any longer. After looking at every page of the catalog, he had a raging hard on which would not allow him to fall asleep. On this particularly night, the lingerie models were too hot and sexy. As he lay in bed, he stroked his 7″ cock until the cum shot out covering his chest and abdomen. However, this event was the exception and not the norm.

On one particular Thursday night, Matt had his list of 4 people to visit. The first 2 guys on his list were not at home. His 3rd visit was to a guy named Jeff whom he met at church about 2 1/2 weeks ago. After knocking on the apartment door, an absolutely stunning brunette opened the door. Matt quickly asked if Jeff was home. She said that her he should be home in the next 20-30 minutes. After introducing himself, she invited him in. She said that her name was Shannon and that she lived there with Jeff, her brother. Matt sat down on the sofa while Shannon sat in the love seat only 4 feet away. Shannon looked to be about 21, about 5’6″, with big green eyes and shoulder length brown hair. Her 35″-24-35″ figure was perfectly showcased with a pink stretch tube top and white shorts. The top couple of inches of her cleavage were not covered by the tube top. Matt caught himself on several occasions glancing at her chest as well as her long tanned legs. She was barefooted, and Matt could see her that her toenails were well manicured and painted red.

After talking with Shannon for about 5 minutes, another girl named Christy emerged from one of the bedrooms. Although only 19, this blond bombshell had a larger chest than Shannon. Matt noticed that Christy was much shorter probably about 5’2″. Christy was wearing a red silk blouse, black capri pants and 4″ open toed high heels. Beneath the capri pants and high heels, Matt noticed the red nylons covering her legs and feet. After sitting down next to Matt on the sofa, Christy mentioned that she was getting ready to go out and visit a few nightclubs. In all of Matt’s 24 years, he had never been this close to such super attractive girls. It had been over 3 weeks since his last orgasm so he was very horny. Matt could feel the bulge in his pants growing and much to Matt’s embarrassment, he had caught Shannon looking at his expanding crotch.

Shannon then began asking questions about his church’s beliefs, and it wasn’t long before the subject of pre-marital sex was mentioned. Matt explained in a calm and candid fashion that he believed pendik escort that pre-marital sex was wrong. Christy then asked Matt if he was a virgin. Matt confessed that he was still a virgin and planned to remain so until he was married. Christy and Shannon were in disbelief on how a guy could exercise so much self-control particularly after Matt told them about his avoidance of adult magazines, videos, etc… . Shannon asked him if he had ever seen a girl’s breasts. As he answered no, Matt was becoming more and more uncomfortable and embarrassed. Shannon stood up and quickly pulled her tube top down to her stomach exposing Matt to his first set of live naked tits. Matt’s eyeballs became as large as saucers, and his cock was straining against his khaki pants. Shannon then pulled the tube top over her head so that she was now completely topless. Shannon asked him if he would like to touch them. Matt was almost speechless as he mumbled something that neither he nor the girls understood. Shannon sat down on his lap and placed his hand on her right tit. He ran his hand over the satiny smoothness of her voluptuous boob. She moved Matt’s head down so that he could suck on those 35″ tits. Matt licked both of her nipples until they were erect. Matt had lost control over his lust, and both Shannon and Christy knew it.

Shannon had Matt move over so that all 3 of them could sit on the couch with Matt sitting between these 2 sex goddesses. Christy stood in front of Matt and began to unbutton her blouse revealing a red bra covering her 36″ chest. Shannon was slowly torturing Matt by running her fingernails along his left thigh and rubbing his left nipple. Christy then untied the drawstring of her capri pants and ever so slowly slid them down her legs and over her high heels. Christy placed her right foot on the sofa and told Matt to remove her shoe. The shoe easily slipped off of her nylon covered foot. Christy lifted her leg and placed her foot first on Matt’s chest and then rubbed it under his chin. She repeated this same performance with her left foot. During this time, Shannon had removed Matt’s belt, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly. His white underwear was bulging up noticeably. As Christy stepped to the side, Shannon told Matt to stand up. As Shannon was pulling his khaki pants down to his ankles, Christy was unbuttoning and removing his shirt. Shannon continued her assault by first pulling off his shoes and socks and then helping Matt step out of the khaki pants which had gathered around his ankles. Matt extended his arms in the air as Christy pulled his T-shirt off. As Shannon pulled his under-shorts down, Matt’s 7 inch erection snapped out of his shorts and slapped Shannon under her chin. Shannon giggled and looked up into Matt’s eyes and said that it looks like somebody wants to come out and play.

Matt’s head was spinning with mixed emotions. He knew in his heart that pre-marital sex was wrong, but now he was standing completely nude next to 2 half naked girls who looked that they had just stepped out of the pages of Playboy. How many times does an opportunity life this come along?

Shannon, wearing only a pair of white shorts, pushed Matt back on the leather couch. She then slipped the shorts over her waist and down her legs and threw them on the floor. Shannon lifted her leg to the couch and pulled on her white thong giving Matt a clear view of her crotch. Her pussy lips were easily visible beneath a small crop of pubic hair which extended about 2 inches above her clit. Matt’s cock was now fully extended and twitching uncontrollably. As Matt stared at Shannon’s chest and cunt, he made no attempt to cover his raging erection. Shannon took her seat next to Matt as Christy stood in front of him. Christy’s bra was one of those frontloaders so she began to tease Matt by unsnapping the bra and revealing her boobs and then hiding them again. She continued this tit torture for another 2 – 3 minutes; meanwhile, Shannon had also grabbed Matt’s attention by completely üsküdar escort wrapping her right leg around his left leg. Shannon also lifted Matt’s right hand and placed it under her thong. Meanwhile, Christy finally removed the bra and hung it around Matt’s neck. On her 5’2″ frame, Christy’s 36″ boobs looked absolutely enormous, and her silver dollar sized nipples were begging to be suckled. Christy leaned over and first jiggled them like cantaloupe inches from his mouth and then leaned further in and buried her chest in Matt’s face.

Christy stood back up now wearing only a red thong and the red nylons. While looking directly into Matt’s eyes, she placed her left foot on his right knee and slowly peeled the nylons down her sexy leg. Christy then performed this same striptease with her right foot on his left knee. She placed both nylons around his neck. Christy then turned around to give Matt an up close view of her ass. Christy grabbed her thong on both sides of her waist and slipped it down over her knees and ankles. Christy turned around again to face Matt and threw her arms into the air and screamed “I’am NAKED”! Matt stared with lust at Christy’s teenage body while at the same time moved his hands over Shannon’s legs, chest, stomach and pussy. Shannon began kissing his neck which soon led to their lips touching in a passionate kiss. Christy sat down on the sofa on Matt’s right side and started planting wet kisses on his shoulder, chest, nipples and abdomen.

After about 5 minutes of this frenzied kissing, Shannon said that they were going to show Matt how to please a woman. Shannon stretched her long legs across Matt’s lap and slowly pulled her thong down to her knees. Christy helped finish by pulling Shannon’s thong over her ankles and sexy feet. Now completely nude, Shannon repositioned herself on the couch so that her right leg was lying across the top of the couch and her left leg was touching the floor. This gave Matt a perfect view as well as access to her pussy. Shannon guided Matt’s hand first to her pussy lips and then on to her clit. Shannon then told Matt to place 2 fingers in her pussy; she directed him to move his fingers further in and rub the top of her vagina. As Matt began to rub her G-spot, Christy started slapping Shannon’s cunt and flicking her clit. Shannon began to softly moan and close her eyes. Following Christy’s direction, Matt dived down and began sucking Shannon’s clit while at the same time pushing 3 fingers in and out of her pussy. Every few strokes, he also rubbed her G-spot. Still with her eyes closed, Shannon was now moaning more loudly and pinching her tits. Within a few minutes, her hips began to thrash around and her love juice started pouring out over Matt’s hand and down her thighs. Matt had just witnessed his first female orgasm.

After Shannon’s breathing returned to normal, Christy said it was her turn. With Matt still on the sofa, Christy climbed on him such that her boobs were in his face and her crotch was practically touching his abdomen. While he licked and sucked her silver dollar sized nipples, Christy played with Matt’s hair on his head. In addition to feasting on her boobs, Matt had both of his hands cupped around the cheeks of her ass. Shannon sat down on the floor in front of the sofa and began to gently run her sexy fingernails over Matt’s lower calves. She then slowly traced her fingers up to his muscular thighs and his testicles. She could feel Matt slightly jump when she touched his balls. After a brief pause, she continued on by first cupping his balls with each of her hands then licking them. Shannon continued this torture by attending to his balls with one hand while making little circular motions in his pubic hair with her other hand and all the while carefully avoiding his fully loaded 7 inch monster.

Christy pulled her huge chest away from Matt’s face and point blank asked him if he was ready to fuck! In a sort of moaning voice, Matt screamed yes,yes,yes! Christy moved down and positioned anadolu yakası escort her cunt so that it was barely touching his cock. She then grabbed it and slowly guided his missile into her soft velvety pussy. Matt was moaning as his cock was slowly engulfed by the teenager’s love canal. Christy did not want Matt to explode to soon, so she sat there awhile before slowly moving her pelvis up and down. As Christy started making slow circular movements with her pussy, Matt’s hands were exploring Christy’s legs, back and tits. Just when he didn’t think he could take this anymore, Christy hopped off his now glistening pulsating cock. Shannon ran her tongue all around the top of the bulbous head and then impaled herself on Matt’s erection. She was well lubricated so she her pussy quickly swallowed his entire 7 inches. As Shannon sat motionless on his cock, they began again to passionately kiss each other. Shannon and Matt’s tongues met and they were soon French kissing like crazy.

After Shannon moved her hips up and down a few times, Matt began moaning again. At that point, Shannon stood up and took Matt’s hand and headed for her bedroom. Christy followed behind pinching his butt every few feet. Shannon climbed on the bed and lay face up with her head on a pillow. Shannon spread her legs and bent her knees and told Matt to eat her pussy. Drops of her vaginal juices were visible on her thighs. Matt first buried his mouth on her pussy and began to lick. Christy pulled Matt away from the bed momentarily and whispered something in his ear. With this new information, Matt began to lick Shannon’s pussy by forming letters of the alphabet starting with capital A then on to capital B, capital C and so on. Christy kept Matt hard by gently touching his legs or rubbing her boobs on his exposed ass. After reaching the letter N, he began to alternate between flicking her clit and sucking it.

When Shannon began moaning louder, Christy then yelled out that Shannon was ready. Matt quickly positioned himself above Shannon. As their eyes met, Shannon reached down and guided his cock into her inviting pussy. Matt wasted no time in shoving his cock all the way to her cervix. As Matt began kissing her lips and neck, he felt her vaginal muscles tighten around his cock. Matt soon began to feel that tingling sensation building in his crotch, and as he began to moan louder, his virgin cock exploded like a geyser into Shannon’s tight cunt.

After a couple of minutes, they rolled Matt off of Shannon and onto his back. They both began to play with his limp cock alternating between swallowing it whole and licking the shaft and the head. Although Matt had just released a huge load of cum, Shannon and Christy’s talented mouth and tongues soon had Matt’s member extended again to the full 7 inches. As Shannon continued to play with his cock and balls, Christy knelt over Matt’s face and told him to lick and suck her clit.

Although inexperienced, Matt shoved 3 of his fingers in her dripping wet pussy while gently flicking her clit with his tongue. As Christy’s hips began to move, she began moaning and then screaming in total ecstasy. Matt’s hand and mouth were soon drenched in her pussy juice. Meanwhile, Shannon’s mouth, tongue and hands drove Matt into a frenzy as she would stop the blowjob and then slowly began again. After several minutes of this cock teasing, Shannon’s hand became a blur as she moved it up and down the 7″ shaft. Matt then released a loud guttural sound and watched in utter amazement as Shannon’s mouth engulfed his spurting cock. After his spasms ended, Shannon opened her mouth to reveal her tongue and lips covered with his jism.

Just as Matt was leaving, Shannon’s brother Jeff pulled up in the apartment parking lot. Luckily for Matt, Jeff had had to work 3 extra hours at work to finish a big proposal. As if nothing had happened, Matt re-entered the apartment and spoke with Jeff and Shannon concerning his church. Shannon winked at Matt a couple of times, but generally she was well behaved not wanting her brother to know anything about the sexual extravaganza that just concluded. As Matt, Shannon and Jeff talked, Christy left the apartment to meet some friends at a local nightclub. After about 20 minutes, Matt left and drove back to his apartment knowing that he was no longer a virgin.

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