The Sex Express Ch. 03

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The nightly express train shuddered violently as it slowed down for the final station on its northern journey. Carl swayed with the train’s rugged movements as he tried to reach into the overhead rack to retrieve his bag and brief case. His long lean frame stretched out to its maximum length as he fished his possessions out of their hide. He turned to see the shorter voluptuous figure of Kelly as she packed away the last of her work papers and picked up her soft leather case.

She turned and gave him a warm smile as she braced herself against the high backed chair for the train’s eventual stop. Carl looked her up and down. Her once immaculate charcoal business suit and skirt was now a wrinkled mess. She brushed down the length of her thigh trying to straighten out the worst of the wrinkles but to no avail.

“Sorry about that,” beamed Carl with a gregarious voice.

Kelly looked up at him with a cheeky grin, “you should see what you look like at the moment.” Carl turned to see his reflection in the dark window, his shirt was in terrible shape, his tie raggedly hanging around his neck, his pants and suit were ruffled and stood up in all the wrong places. It looked as if someone had stacked all his clothes up and jumped up and down on them.

He smiled and turned back to Kelly, “So I suppose that means you don’t want to take me home with you then, me being in such a poor state of dress.”

She giggled and gracefully stepped over to him, her body pressing against his, her chin touching his chest. He ducked down and they kissed passionately only stopped by the unexpected braking of the train as it came to a complete stop.

“You’re still coming home with me. I’ll make sure of that.” She took a firm grasp of his belt and tugged his waist towards her as she stepped to the rear doorway about to leave the train. With a swift heave the outside door swung open and the cold night air rushed into the temperate interior. Kelly stepped down from the carriage onto the worn concrete platform. Only a handful of passengers alighted from the rest of the train, most of them stumbling like zombies to the station building and gate.

It was nearing midnight on the faded station clock. Kelly led Carl towards the station building where a solitary conductor stood collecting tickets from the tired and groggy passengers as they walked past.

Kelly was still amazingly bubbly, reinvigorated by her short nap on Carl’s naked body. She looked at the older thin woman in the eye and cheerfully handed over her ticket. The female conductor looked at the state of her business suit with a measure of suspicion, one which immediately turned to Carl whose suit was in worse condition.

He found that he couldn’t look the woman in the eye, handing over his ticket while he gazed at her feet.

“Rough trip was it?” the woman said with a gravelly voice. She grunted and ushered them through the station to the front door, they were the last people off the train. The two heavy glass doors of the grubby train station slammed behind them, startling Carl.

Kelly burst into a fit of laughter, doubling over and struggling to breathe. She straightened herself out and loosely grabbed a hold of Carl’s jacket. “Rough trip, hey,” her mocking tone brought a smile to his face, and he was rewarded by a warm loving kiss from the object of his desires.

The two of them walked into the dark car park beside the station, nothing stirred as they walked up to the solitary car sitting in the open. Kelly dangled her keys and opened the car, Carl reluctantly climbing into the cheap little hatchback.

A strange conflict was being fought in his mind, he wanted to be with Kelly on the one hand, but on the other hand he didn’t know her as well as he thought. He was still trying to work out whether the events which transpired in the train actually occurred, or whether they were all figments of his imagination. He had made an effort to scan the people who had gotten off the train to see if the mysterious Katya even existed. He never saw her.

Kelly drove on, not saying a word, the radio playing quietly in the background. Carl stared on into the empty night but not actually taking in anything he saw. How could he not know whether he had sex with someone else? He swore that Kelly was there, watching him, and she had gotten dressed, so it must have been a dream, because she was naked when he woke up.

However, Kelly could have easily taken off her blouse and crawled back on top of him for the remainder of the trip. He shook his head. He was getting a mild headache from the effort. He rubbed imaginary sleep out of his eyes and tried to make himself more alert.

“Nearly there,” announced Kelly in her delicate seductive voice. He smiled and gazed at her, she was truly beautiful, while she didn’t have a model’s body she was sexy in other ways. Her energy seemed to course through the air, she was so warm and friendly, and truth be told Carl found her soft voluptuous free spin figure extremely attractive.

He remembered seeing her slide off her bra and her two ample breasts being thrust into his face, her warm moist love canal wrapped around his hardened manhood. His crotch began to stir inside his ruffled pants. He could feel himself getting hard as he remembered their passionate lovemaking on the train. All his concerns began to slip away as they pulled up next to her apartment and Kelly shut off the motor and climbed out. “You coming up?” invited Kelly with her trademark smile. She nodded toward the front door, climbing the first two steps. Carl had slowly clambered out of the tiny car and collected his brief case, cautiously stepping up the stairs behind her. Kelly swung the heavy oak door open and flicked on a light. She shut the door as he stepped in the entrance and sat his briefcase next to Kelly’s.

He stood impassively his eyes focused on her, she cuddled up to him. He slowly wrapped his strong arms around her shoulders, her head pressed against his chest. “So what do we do now?” he posed in a hushed voice.

“What do you mean, what do we do now? I imagine it was fairly obvious from our little rendezvous on the train,” she paused giving him time to reply, but nothing was forthcoming, “I want to make mad passionate love to you, all night long.”

Carl felt a twinge between his legs, his manhood beginning to swell and bulge against his pants. He kissed her softly but was caught unawares as she pushed her tongue forcibly past his lips and a heated kiss ensued. Her hands taking a firm grasp of his buttocks and gently kneading them, pushing his bulge hard up against her.

Her fingers ran down his arms till they intertwined with his. She purposefully twisted her body around and took him by the hands across the dark hallway and into an open door. Carl could make out a bed and furniture in the dim night light which filtered through a sheer white curtain.

Kelly turned and gave him a supple kiss, her warm loving lips were intoxicating, and her perfumed scent wafted into his nostrils, his desires began to run wild. Again her hands ran down his back and over his buttocks, her gentle stroke calming as they backed towards the edge of the double bed.

“I hope you’re as hot as I am, because you are in for the night of your life,” she purred in his ear, her words poignant and commanding attention. He grunted a muffled yes in reply totally enraptured with the curvy goddess. “Let’s get those wrinkled clothes off you then.”

He took a deep breath as her hands slipped in under his suit jacket running up his chest and pushing it off his shoulders and on to the floor. She tugged away his limp tie and quickly pulled his collar open, watching him intently as she undid each button down his lean frame.

She reached his waist and tugged the shirt free with a devilish look, then fumbled with his belt and fly. Within moments she was sinking to the floor with a firm hold on the waist of his pants and underwear. The cool air of the dark room greeted his warm excited cock. Kelly ground back up against his body and gently flicked his shaft in a playful manner as she sought another hot kiss.

Carl deftly kicked his shoes and socks off, now totally naked and cuddling against the much shorter and fully clothed Kelly.

“Come down here,” Kelly whispered, guiding him to a seat on the edge of the bed. He sunk into the soft mattress, watching what the gorgeous blonde was going to do next. She reached up pulled her hair free of its clips, her shoulder length golden hair falling down so she could run her fingers through it.

“Do you have any requests?”

Carl knew what she meant but was struggled to overcome his own self-awareness. He offered a meaningless grin but remained silent. He had already experienced Kelly once, but was she different in the privacy of her own room? Was she even wilder? The questions proved to be provocative. He could feel his cock slap up against his navel as he shuffled back on the bed.

“You like to watch, hey,” she purred in a low seductive tone. Kelly bent over as she slipped her jacket off, her heavy chest catching the dim light breaching the curtains and providing a tantalizing sight. She murmured as she opened her collar and slid her hand down her shirt and groped her own breast, breathing deeply as she did so.

Her fingers danced nimbly across her blouse throwing the buttons open and letting her ample cleavage hang free. She reached up and cupped the undersides of her breasts and gently jiggled them for his enjoyment. Carl was mesmerized by her soft form, her pale skin and her lustful eyes.

The white ruffled blouse fell to the floor as she began to toy with the waist of her skirt. With an imperceptible flick her skirt fell open and she eased it gradually down her milky white thighs, before stepping out of the garment. Her heeled shoes slid from her feet.

Kelly bonus veren siteler gazed into Carl’s eyes, her fingers twirling themselves playfully around the sides of her black lace panties. Just as it appeared that she would remove them, her fingers unraveled the lace and she again cupped her heavy tits. She naughtily pinched her hard nipples through the lace and plucked the material away from her body.

“Take it off,” pleaded Carl awestruck at the sexy display. Her eyes darted to him but then drifted off again. She threw her head back and ran her open hands over the top of her chest. A delicate sigh breached her lips. She physically quivered as her fingers butted up against her sensitive buds yet again.

“You want to see my tits.” The words rolled off her tongue in the most seductive way. “How’s this?”

She slipped the soft lace bra down and her two ample tits popped free of their sheath. He felt his crotch stir as her pink nipples invited his attention. Kelly took both nubs between her forefingers and tweaked them, pulling them away from her chest and lengthening them before allowing them to snap back. She whimpered as she did so.

Her hands cupped her milky white flesh and she lifted one of her heavy tits to her chin, her tongue darting across her pink areolas. A deep murmur carried through the room as Kelly pleasured herself, her sizeable melons glistening with her excess saliva. She finally reached around her back and let her bra drop away.

Carl groaned, tired of remaining inactive, his hand had crept across his own lap and taken a hold of his shaft, giving it a cursory rub every time Kelly did something. “You are so hot Kelly.”

“Mmm, glad you think so, but I haven’t finished.”

Kelly leaned over taking a grip on her panties. She wiggled her hips and little by little peeled her panties down her svelte thighs, the faintest hint of her curly pubic hairs spilling out from under their cover. She pouted sexily at Carl who had resumed playing with himself as he watched on.

The black lace panties fell to her ankles and she calmly stepped out of them, standing tall in front of Carl. Kelly brought her two of her fingers to her mouth and tenderly licked their tips, her tongue twirling around them. She soothingly ran the palm of her hand down between her breasts, over her soft stomach and across her mound, her fingers setting down at the top of her crease.

With moderate force she traced a path down the length of her slit, her folds spreading as her slick fingers slid further down. She shivered noticeably upon reaching the end of her sweet blossom, her fingers lingering on her perineum.

Carl stared on adoringly as Kelly bent forward and rested her hands on the edge of the bed, her tits swaying as she pawed her way across the mattress towards Carl, like a cat stalking her prey. She arched her back and propelled her lips onto his, pushing him back onto the bed. Kelly’s curvaceous body hovered above him while she clamped her shins around his thigh. A wet touch greeting his sense as she sensually ground up against him.

“I know exactly what a guy like you wants,” she cooed, her voice soothing any inhibitions he may have had. “And I know that you want it.”

Her supple fingers wrapped around his swollen member, her face retreated as she sauntered down his body. Carl grimaced as she tightened her grip on him and all of a sudden he was met with her warm wet lips. She applied surprising pressure as she sucked on his fleshy knob, her tongue flicking the eye of his cock, her hand rubbing the base in a circular motion.

“Oh God that’s it Kelly, oh.”

She looked up from his crotch, with an impish grin, “You like that huh. You’ll love what I’m going to do next.” With that she engulfed his cock and began to run her lips up and down its length, her vice like grip began to rub him fervently.

Carl moaned out loud and swore as Kelly furiously worked him over, her luscious lips forming a tight seal around his girth. He could feel a warm glow spreading through his crotch, his breathing becoming shallow and quick. He grit his teeth as Kelly’s pace reached a crescendo, he could feel his inner desire peaking and his loins begin to surge.

“Shit Kelly, I’m going to cum, ahhh.” His words fell on deaf ears. Kelly determined to drive him into orgasm. Carl watched as she thrust her rear up into the air and began to lift herself off her knees, precariously balancing on the soft bed.

Without warning Carl felt a strange sense of déjà vu, the suction on his manhood increasingly tenfold. His cock butted against her fleshy ring, before squeezing its way past. Kelly had positioned herself stooping over his lap and he gaped as her lips slid down his shaft and met her tight grip. She was taking him deep throat.

Carl shook his head, in a bizarre state of ecstasy whilst also in state of confusion. Could this be one huge coincidence or did Katya exist? What the deneme bonusu veren siteler hell was happening? He snapped back to attention his body going into a massive spasm, his orgasm breaching his control and pulsating through his hardness.

The familiar contractions of ejaculation followed and he moaned out loud digging his hands into the bed spread and squeezing for all they were worth as he fired his first load deep down her throat. A second and third burst spurted out and he could feel Kelly ease the pressure on his prick, slowly but surely withdrawing. A faint hint of pearly white cum dribbled down the corner of her mouth as she released the last of his fleshy knob from her sexual hunger.

A devilish smirk spread across her face, she leaned back and swallowed with a loud gulp. Her eyes refocusing on Carl as he lay lifelessly before her, she crawled across his chest. “Couldn’t hold on any longer could you?” she paused raising her eyebrows suggestively, “just as long as you still have some left in the tank.”

Carl was about to protest, but Kelly clambered on top of him and gave him a long sultry kiss. He felt too weak to resist as she pinned has hands down beside him and pressed her round ass against his engorged cock. She reached down between their bodies and guided his prick to her wet folds, slipping him in. With a broken sigh she pushed back onto him and began to rock her pelvis.

Still feeling fatigued Carl limply stroked Kelly’s thighs as she pleasured herself, her tits flopping rhythmically and providing a captivating prospect. With some renewed energy he ran his hand broadly over her excited breasts. She smiled as they wobbled from side to side and his fingers unintentionally caught her erect nipples.

“Found some more steam have you?” Kelly pondered out loud. “If that’s the case you can finally return some of the favor.” Carl looked on stunned momentarily.

“Ummm, that’s enough of that, we’ve done this before,” she grinned. “It’s time for you to give it to me.”

She threw her leg over Carl’s navel and crouched down on her hands and knees beside him. Her eyes conveyed an inner wildness that he had not seen before. Carl leisurely rolled over on to his side, the cool air meeting with the slick skin of his cock. “What do you want me to do?”

“Mmmm, take me from behind and give it to me,” she panted softly, bucking forward to emphasize the point. Carl clambered to his knees and shuffled to Kelly’s rear, her eyes following him as he did so, she peered over her should.

He took a hold of his sizeable cock and pressed his head against her puffy labia. He teased her opening by rubbing it up and down her slit. She murmured and then shuddered as he continued to stroke her without penetrating. The teasing was also reinvigorating Carl’s sexual appetite. A nervous twitch shot down his spine.

“You like that don’t you Kelly?”

“Mmmm yeah, that’s good.”

Carl led his hot meat between her thighs and slid himself in with a firm shunt. Kelly welcomed him and thrust back against his groin pushing his entire extent deep inside her. A deep shiver ran across her body as Carl grabbed a hold of her hips and began to pound into her.

Kelly began to reciprocate the motion by slamming back into him, she cried out for more every time he gave her a forceful shove. She swore repeatedly as he alternated the pace from fast to slow and then back again, his cock almost slipping out of her several times.

“Ahhh, how’s that baby?” Carl grunted barely keeping himself under control, all his restraints gone. Kelly let out an incoherent answer which Carl took as being a positive.

He continued to pound up against her cushioned rear feeling every minute sensation she had to offer. He watched as her head bowed down and her chest expanded and contracted rapidly, she repositioned herself down on her forearms, lifting an arm and reaching around to her back. Carl gazed on as she balanced herself on one shoulder.

“What are you doing?” asked Carl struggling to catch his breath as he pumped steadily. Kelly didn’t reply her hand wandering across her hip and back in an erratic fashion.

Kelly whimpered as he banged hard into her butt again, her hand dancing over the soft flesh before him. He leaned back and watched as her fingers began to rub furiously down the crevice between her cheeks. She seemed to pay extra attention to her puckered hole, mesmerizing Carl.

Her fingers slid effortlessly over her moist skin, he could feel the tip of her fingers brush against his shaft as her rubbing became wilder. Her rose bud anus appeared to blush as her skin became more excited from the friction. She let out a soft moan as her index finger began to circle the perimeter of her ass.

A muffled cry of passion erupted from deep inside her body and radiated into the mattress as her middle finger breached her tight ring and plunged into her hole. Carl couldn’t believe what he was seeing, his thrusting slowing down as he took stock of what Kelly was doing to herself.

With a momentary pause Kelly pushed the rest of her finger down into her aching anus, a wild slightly pained yelp rang out. He shunted hard up against her, her self pleasuring beginning to increase in rapidity.

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