The Shed

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This is a true account of an experience I had when I was in my early twenties. I randomly bumped into the girl it relates to the other day, and as we said hello, blood flooded my cock with the memory of it. I haven’t told anyone this before.


I was in my twenties going though college. At that age, I was interested in two things – playing music and fucking girls. I played in a local band, and that really helped me out with both! There was a great scene in our town, gigs were always packed, and being onstage did something to girl’s legs!.it made them easier to open! There must be a medical term for that!

We had a group of girls that hung out with us and came to see the band regularly, friends firstly, but the boundaries blurred regularly and we had fucked a few of them on different, drunken occasions! It was all good fun though, no one took it too seriously and it didn’t affect our friendships.

Anyway, during the summer, one of the girls, Claire, invited us to a party at her parent’s house. They were away for the weekend and she had free reign of the house. That always meant drunken fun and a sore head the following day! We got there about 10pm. It was a warm night, and everyone was in the garden, out the back of her house. The garden was long and L shaped. The group were sitting round a fire pit at the top of the garden, and right on the corner, running down towards the house stood a row of old ramshackle brick sheds. The occupants used them either as small workshops or dumping grounds.

The night was great fun and pretty soon everyone was varying stages of drunk, sitting around, talking over each other, telling jokes, playing guitar and laughing. I was buzzing and in a great mood! As usual there was lots of flirting going on with the girls there – a few girls I didn’t know and the ones in our gang.

Anyway, as the night went on, I was finishing up a conversation with a random girl when Claire walked in. I’d never fucked Claire, but she was one of the flirtiest girls in the group. There were always sexual undertones to our conversations, and she could curse with the best of them! She had a boyfriend. He was ok, but a bit straight and kinda on the outskirts of the group. He always seemed a little straight for her in my opinion and I’d noticed earlier tonight he was already drunk.

Claire is a little rocket. Barely 19, about 5’1 with long dark hair, dark brown eyes, and full heart shaped lips, and just the right amount of meat on her bones (Skinny girls are not my thing!)

Her outstanding features however were her tits. Claire, to put it bluntly, was fucking stacked! One of the best sights in the world is a short girl with great big tits, and Claire was certainly that. She looked fantastic tonight – A long skirt and a tight, little black strappy vest top that looked like it was stretched to bursting point! You could JUST see the shape of her nipples through the top. A mixture of rock chick, hippy and goth all rolled up in one.

“So, who do you have your sights set on tonight?” she asked, taking a swig of her beer.

“Well, it’s still early so I’m keeping my options open.” I replied.

“The world is my oyster!”.

She started walking back outside to join the group “Well, be selective about which oyster you decide to open tonight. You could end up with slimy fingers!”

I laughed “Good advice. Thanks Claire”.

The night went on, and pretty much everyone was drunk. The fire pit was roaring and there was a real buzz of laughter and music. I’d been sitting opposite Claire all night, and watched, as her boyfriend got progressively more and more drunk. He started drunkenly kissing her and pawing at her tits in front of everyone, which didn’t go down well at all. Claire said something angrily to him, then got up and walked back to the house to get another drink from the kitchen.

Something in the way she talked to me earlier tonight made me think I could be in. Fuck it, I thought, and got up to follow her. Her boyfriend wouldn’t have been aware of it even if I had shouted it out loud, so screw him, I thought.

I timed it perfectly and met her at the top of the row of outhouses on her way back to the party. Two more steps and she would have been in full view of the others.

I stood in her way, leaning against the shed.

“So, Romeo looks like he’s a bit worse for wear?” I said.

“Yeah. Fucking lightweight never paces himself, and I always end up on my own after he passes out. What about you? Do you have your eye on anyone tonight?”

“Yeah kinda but I’m not sure how it’ll go down.” I said.

“Well, it’s gotta end better than my night.” She looked pissed off.

“Not necessarily.” I said. “Come here!” I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the dark shed and closed the door. No one had seen us go in.

The room was small, 6ft wide x8ft long max, with a low workbench running along the length behind me. Claire had her back pressed against the wall. There was just enough light coming canlı bahis through a covered window from the fire pit outside to make out her face as my eyes got used to the dark. She looked surprised, and just a little bit nervous.

“Why did you drag me in here then?” She was trying to keep the cockiness she’d exhibited earlier, but it was slipping. I think she realised she had flirted herself into a situation she might not be able to get out of.

“I think you know why” I said, running my hands up her thighs, moving myself against her. There was hardly enough room to manoeuvre. My face was close to hers and my body was now pressed lightly against hers. She must have been able to feel my cock pressing into her mound through her long skirt.

“You’re a cocky bastard aren’t you.” She said, but again, the conviction she had in her voice earlier was gone. She was definitely nervous. I couldn’t decide whether this was a good or bad idea, but she smelled so good, I let my hard-on rule my head. I pushed a little harder into her.

“Yeah, but you already knew that.” I said

“What do you think you are doing? You know I have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, you do.” I replied.

“Aren’t you worried someone will come in an see us?”

“See us doing what?” I asked

“This!” she exclaimed!

“What? you mean this?” I asked, looking directly at her as I moved my hand up her body and firmly pushed up fully cupping one of her tits in the palm of my hand. Fuck it was heavy. I squeezed her tit just a little harder than I should have, harder than her boyfriend would have. I released my grip and felt her thick nipple slide down my palm as gravity took its course. Her big breast bounced once, heavily back into place. I fucking love that about truly epic tits. That single, heavy bounce. Smaller tits jiggle, which is great, but big tits move with purpose, like a wave. I wanted to rip her top open.

My hand moved up and over her throat, and under her chin, gently squeezing and pushing her head up so she was looking directly at me. She looked a little scared. Scared and defiant, but her eyes were hungry. She was silently challenging me to go further. She knew she wasn’t in any real danger, but she was silently buying into the moment. She knew what was going to happen. She was going to get fucked. Fucked in her dad’s dark shed, while the party went on around her, and at any moment, someone could open the door and see her. Catch her fucking. Actually, not fucking…being fucked.

With her head tilted upwards towards me, I moved my hand to the back of her head, grabbed a fistful of her thick dark hair, slowly pulled her face towards me and put my mouth on hers. Her soft, full lips gave way around mine as I kissed her. My tongue pushing into her mouth, met by hers softly pushing back. A soft kiss quickly changed as lust took over. We both knew this had to be quick. It wasn’t a romantic liaison. There was an urgency to what we were doing…or about to do. She knew she was a slutty girl, being fucked in secret, behind her boyfriends back.

We were both breathing heavily as we devoured each other. I felt her hand drop to rub my cock. I was so fucking hard it felt like my cock was going to burst. She roughly, greedily rubbed my cock though my jeans as I again moved my hand onto her tit. I grabbed a handful and squeezed hard, feeling her huge tit fill my hand completely. I caught her big, thick nipple between my thumb and forefinger and twisted and pulled it towards me. Our lips parted.

“Fuck, we can’t do this.” She gasped. “What if someone catches us?”

I tightened my fist in her hair and started to push my hand up her top.

“Claire…I want to fuck you” I said staring directly at her. It was a statement as opposed to a question. She paused for just a second, and nodded quickly, giving me permission. To be honest, I don’t know how I would have stopped even if she hadn’t nodded.

Her breath caught as my hand touched her bare skin for the first time. I ran my hand over her vest and bra straps and pulled them off her shoulders, before pulling her top and bra down over her tits. The fabric caught on her stubby nipples, just for a second, before it popped underneath her magnificent tits. I had wondered what they would be like for years, and I wasn’t disappointed. Her tits were breathtaking. They were milky white, and big – fucking big – but they sat high on her chest, with large, dark pink areola and delicious thick, puckered nipples.

“Claire, your tits are fucking amazing.”

“Yeah, I know!” she said sarcastically. “They’re too big.”

I laughed…”They can never be too big.”

The skin of her breast was so soft, but fucking hell it was firm, and her nipple stood out solidly against my palm.

“We can’t do this! What about my boyfriend?”

It came out with a little conviction..but her slim fingers didn’t stop wanking my cock through my jeans.

“Fuck your boyfriend Claire. The stupid cunt is passed out…and bahis siteleri his dirty girl has her tits out a few feet away from him, rubbing another mans cock. I don’t give a fuck if someone catches us…you look fucking beautiful” as I moved my mouth down and latched onto one of her thick nipples. She let out a whimper, torn between staying faithful to her boyfriend, and satisfying the burn in her pussy. I squeezed her breast hard and sucked as much of her tit into my mouth as I could, grazing her nipple with my teeth. She gasped with the nip, but it was a good gasp.

I let her nipple drop from my mouth with a soft pop and looked at her.

Time slowed down. Holding eye contact, I moved my hands down her thighs and slowly raised her long, soft skirt up her legs. I don’t know whether it was the colder air, or the situation, but I felt goosebumps raised on her skin. My fingers trailed up the inside of her thigh towards towards her covered pussy. I could see dark pubic hair every so slightly through her white, cotton panties. As they got closer I could feel the temperature change. The inside of her thighs were hot and damp, like she’d been working out…well, she kind of was!

I moved my other hand round to squeeze her firm arse and pull her subtly towards me. I didn’t think she would move away, but…just in case. I was well past the point of stopping. She opened her thighs ever so slightly. I don’t even know if she was aware of it, but she did. I turned my hand palm up, and ran my middle finger over the gusset of her panties from her pussy up to her clit. Her white cotton panties were fucking soaked. I could feel her pussy lips squelch open as I pushed the fabric between them. Claire let out an involuntary, low groan as I circled the ball of my finger over her clit. I could feel my cock throb with anticipation.

She was being a little slut and she knew it, and the thought of it had flooded her. I slid my fingers into her panties, her pussy sucked at them as they separated from her slick, thick lips.

“God, I’m so wet.” she said.

I pushed two fingers between her lips, separating them easily and pulled them back towards me. They slid easily along her soaked pussy until I reached her clit. It pulsed as I dragged my fingers over it, the hood pulling back easily leaving her clit exposed.

I focused on it, slowly rubbing the ball of my finger back and forth over it, the slight roughness of my fingerprint creating that delicious friction. I ran three finger tips over her clit, back and forth, again and again – an little trick an ex-girlfriend taught me a while back. She use to say it was like her pussy was going over speedbumps! Whenever I did it, it made fireworks go off in her pussy, and it definitely seemed to be working for Claire. I felt her arse tighten and her knees buckle slightly.

“Ohh fuuuuuuckkkk” she said softly under her breath. At that point, I don’t think she cared if the door open and the whole party saw her with her skirt around her waist, being fingered. I slid my hand down and slowly sank two fingers into her slick hole. I felt her pussy juice run into the palm of my hand.

“Oh god..what are you doing to me?” she said softly, squeezing my cock harder.

She moved her hands up to undo my belt and zipper, pushing my jeans down slightly. Her hand quickly snaked into my jeans and I felt her fingers wrap firmly around my stiff cock as she pulled it out. She looked up at me from under her eyelashes and said innocently “Now look what you’ve gone and made me do!”

She held my gaze as started pumping my now exposed cock. She was a picture of innocence…with a cock in her hand! It felt incredible. Her hand slid my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock, now slick with precum. Her fingers grasping my shaft, feeling every ridge of my rock hard cock.

She bit her bottom lip like a naughty girl and said “So..I bet you didn’t think I’d be wanking you off when you came here tonight. I feel so dirty with everyone just outside. What would my boyfriend say…if he knew I had your cock in my hand…your fingers…aahhhhh!” I sank my fingers deep into her again.

“…god, your fingers feel so good in my pussy.”

I LOVED the fact she was talking dirty to me as she jerked my cock.

I bent my head down again and caught her nipple between my teeth, grazing the puckered nub, causing her pussy to clench around my fingers. Releasing her nipple from my mouth, I moved back slightly so I could see her.

She looked amazing, wanton, exposed, her face flushed, her breasts jiggling as her hand steadily pumped my cock. I couldn’t believe she was doing this, with the party going on just outside. It was fantastically slutty. It made me want to shoot cum over her fingers. I wanted my cum to run down her skirt, so everyone knew what she had done…but, as amazing as that sounded, I wanted more than a quick handjob. We could save that for next time, I thought!

I started to really finger-fuck her. Our lips bahis şirketleri met again, and she kissed me back hungrily. She had one arm around my neck, almost hanging off of me. I could feel her whole body move rhythmically as I pumped my fingers into her sloppy cunt.

I sank my fingers deep into her, curled my fingers into her g-spot, flattened my palm over her clit and rubbed quickly backwards and forwards. It was like I had her hooked on my fingers. I heard her pussy squelch under my flattened palm. The stimulation on her clit and g-spot was too much for her. Her pelvis pulled in the opposite direction to my hand, intensifying the friction and really sinking my fingers into her hole.

She started to twitch. She smeared her lips off mine, her face buried into my cheek. “Fuck…oh fuck…you’re gonna…ggnnnffffff.. fffuuuucking cummmmmm…”

Her legs shook and gave way. Her hand tightened round the back of my neck painfully, her nails dug into my skin. I was the only thing holding her up as her orgasm racked through her body. She tried to keep her gasps under control but it didn’t work. Her pussy clenched and unclenched around my fingers as I kept constant pressure on her clit, prolonging her orgasm as long as possible.

When she finally stopped twitching, I let my fingers slide out of her swollen pussy. My hand glistened with her juice.

She looked up at me, panting, almost surprised at what had just happened, a film of sweat on her chest and forehead.

“That was…SO…fucking hot.” She panted. “My god!”

I couldn’t stop smiling at her as I realised she unconsciously still had my cock grasped in her hand…she had stopped pumping it, and just held on tightly as her orgasm hit.

I wondered if anyone outside had heard her cum.

The small room was filled with the smell of her, thick and heavy, like incense, mixed with the mustiness of the shed. It was a real primal smell, and I loved it.

It made my cock twitch in her hand. She looked down at it, thick and engorged, her slim fingers not quite able to circle it fully. Her hand looked small around it and I knew it wouldn’t go down until I’d cum.

“So, what are we going to do about this?” she asked rhetorically. She already knew.

She slid down the wall and squatted on her haunches until my stiff cock was in her face. There was no fucking about, and I groaned loudly as she sunk my cock into her mouth, her lips sliding my foreskin back over the ridge on my bell-end.

I kinda groaned too loudly, and she quickly flicked her eyes up to me in concern as she pulled her mouth back along my prick, her cheeks sucked in until it sprung out of her mouth with a wet pop. The sensation of cold as it left her warm was incredible.

“Ssshhhhhh” she said as she looked up at me, her mouth wet with saliva and precum. “Your cock tastes amazing… Does it feel good?”

“Feels fucking amazing” I said, pushing it back onto her lips.

Less talk, more sucking I thought!

Without another word she ran her lips down the side of my prick like she was eating a corn cob, soaking my cock with saliva, before sinking her mouth back over the head. My jeans were pooled at my feet as her mouth sucked gently on just the head of my cock. I felt her run her hands up the back of my thighs as she suddenly grasped my arse cheeks, spreading them apart, as she pulled me towards her. My cock sank completely into her mouth, her nose buried in my pubes. It took me by surprise and I groaned “fuuuuuuuckkkkk.”

No gag reflex. I had never been so deep in a girls mouth before. None of my ex-girlfriends could do it. She literally couldn’t get any more cock into her mouth. Her tongue snaked along the underside of my cock and I felt it touch my balls.

She loosened her grip on my arse cheeks and slid my cock out of her throat with a slurp. She breathed heavily as my cock hung in front of her face, slick with her saliva. “Bet you didn’t expect that, did you?” she said breathlessly before sinking back down on my cock. I put both hands on the side of her head, and she nodded her head, giving me the go ahead to use her mouth.

Holding her head still, I started to fuck her face, controlling the speed and depth of my thrusts as her cheeks puffed out and sucked in with the movement. I was going to cum. I had to stop! I knew I would explode if she kept sucking me like that, so using all my will-power, I pulled her mouth off my cock, a strand of saliva hanging between us for a second.

I looked tense, focussing on not shooting my spunk over her mouth.

She looked up at me and smiled, her cockiness returning.

“Like that did you?” she asked, wiping the back of her hand across her lips.

“That…was amazing. I want to shove my cock in you. I have to fuck you.”

My need to cum was desperate now.

“As long as you don’t tell my boyfriend, you can do whatever you want..” she said. “…that doesn’t mean shove it up my arse!!!” she added quickly.

It made me laugh!

I put my hands up her skirt, taking hold of her sodden panties and pulled them down her thighs, stopping half way, forcing her legs to remain slightly closed.

“Black outfit, but white panties?” I said.

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