THE SHOPPING CENTRE – A “by request” sto

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THE SHOPPING CENTRE – A “by request” stoIt was just after lunchtime and the arcade was quite busy with lots of people doing their weekend shopping. Pieter and Silva met in the little cafe they had agrees to use, when they had got talking on the Metro earlier in the day, but could not get a table and ended up standing in the corner pushed up against each other.Pieter could feel Silva’s lovely firm arse against his thigh and his hand started to stroke it through her jeans – his long, strong, fingers pressing against her thighs and ass – sliding up along her inner thigh and then down again. Up and down – Up and down!Her eyes slightly glazed as she felt his fingers playing with her as he leant over and gently started to nibble her ear – whispering to her just how sexy she was and how he wanted to fuck her right there.Her hand slid down to the front of his pants and she could feel his cock pressing hard against them. Silva felt the long, hot shaft against her fingers as he kissed her long and deep – his tongue pushing into her mouth and pressing against hers. Pieter’s hand pulled them hard together and Silva could feel his cock pressed up against your belly – “I want to fuck you now” – he whispered in her ear!! – “Oh Yes please” – Silva replied – “but where can we go”?Taking her hand Pieter led Silva out of the cafe and along to the toilets where Pieter entered the janitor’s office, pulling Silva in behind her and locking the door. Taking her in his arms, Pieter started to kiss her hard and deep again, his hands working all over her back and ass – pulling her towards him so that she could feel his hard cock against her.After kissing deeply for several minutes, Pieter pushed Silva backwards onto the office desk that took up most of the space in the office – she could feel his fingers start to unfasten her jeans and slide them down her legs – hid lips just pressing against her panties over the soft warm mound of her pussy.Pieter moved up to take off her jacket and then her T-shirt – leaving her laid on the desk in only her bra and panties. The desk was quite short so her legs hung down bahis siteleri over the end, leaving her pussy thrusting upwards underneath those tight little panties.Peter’s hand slid down Silva’s bare belly and onto her lovely warm soft mound, – down, down – over the lips and onto her thighs, caressing every inch as he moved. Reaching around behind her, Pieter un-clipped Silva’s bra – freeing her lovely firm breasts so that his lips could suck gently on her nipples, making them hot and hard.Still sucking her nipples Pieter reached down and slowly removed Silva’s panties – by now soaked in the juices from her pussy – He put her panties to his lips and tasted the sweet juices on them, as his hand gently parted her thighs and opened up her pussy, his fingers playing with her labia as he slid them up and down the soft, wet flesh. Pieter could feel her juices on them as he teased her clitoris up hard and tight, until Silva was convinced she was going to burst.Reaching down into Silva’s hand bag, Pieter took out Silva’s little ‘pussy pleaser’ – an 8″ vibrator with a nice big round end that Silva kept hidden in her bag. She had not had sex in over 10 years and the only means she had to keep her desires under control was the vibrator, which she used on herself regularly when it was quiet at home. As her eyes caught sight of the pleaser, Silva gave a little groan because she knew what was coming next…“OHH YESSS” she moaned and opened her legs really wide so that Pieter could slide it in.“Not yet” said Pieter, as his lips moved back down Silva’s belly and onto her pussy – his tongue licking up the hot creamy juices from her soft pink lips. Slipping his tongue inside, Pieter started to lick her hard and deep until her pussy was streaming with juices“OK” Pieter said “This is what you have been waiting for”.He took hold of the vibrator and gently eased it into her wet hot pussy – nice and easy as it slid inside – just an inch at a time until he had over half of it inside her. He reached down and switched it on – it started to hum and vibrate and Silva arched up her pussy as the sensation canlı bahis washed over her.Pieter pushed it all in, letting Silva feel the vibrations all the way inside – in and out – in and out – as he fucked her with her favourite toy – he could see her face and her eyes were bright, but glazed over, her lips parted and her back arching up each time the vibrator drove deep inside her.”Oh My God” – he heard her cry – “I am coming” – suddenly her back arched even higher. She shuddered deeply and Pieter could see the white fluid seeping out of her pussy onto his fingers as he held the vibrator pressed inside her.Reaching down, Pieter started to lick up her juices with his tongue and he too could feel the vibrations on it as he licked her pink pussy lips dry.Leaving the vibrator inside her, Pieter took off his clothes – his cock was standing up, ramrod straight, its purple crown hot and ready. Leaning over, Silva took it in her mouth – her lips closing over the hot, hard, crown as she sucked it inside – Pieter’s hand was on the vibrator again now – pushing it in and out again, as she sucked on his rampant cock.“OHHH – OHHHH – OHHHH” Silva screamed, laying back on the table. “Please fuck me – I want that cock inside me NOW!!!!!!!”Pieter climbed up onto the table and knelt between her legs – his hand removing the vibrator, licking some of her juice to enjoy the taste, before laying it down.Putting his cock against the hot pink lips of Silva’s pussy, he suddenly thrust it deep inside her – forcing her hard onto the desk as he pushed his cock in. Deeper and deeper he went, giving Silva huge pleasure as she felt his cock pushing inside – the lips of her pussy closing tight around his cock as is slid into her upto the root of his balls.Lifting up her legs, Pieter put them onto his shoulders – opening up Silva’s pussy so that he could the get maximum penetration as he thrust his cock hard inside – right up to the wall of her cervix.At this point, Pieter started to really fuck Silva hard – driving his cock even deeper – making her scream in pleasure each time güvenilir bahis it pressed against her cervix. His cock was throbbing now and ready to burst and he could feel it growing even bigger as she squeezed it tight with the muscles of her pussy.Just to complete the moment for her, Pieter slid the “pussy pleaser” into Silva’s ass. It was well lubricated from its earlier exertions and apart from an initial resistance whilst her sphincter got used to the pressure of entry, it slid deep into her ass. Once again Silva screamed her delight at this onslaught into her body, the tone rising as he once again switched on the vibrator so that they could both enjoy the vibrations coursing through their lower bodies.Suddenly Silva arched her back and Pieter’s cock was pushed even harder against the walls of her vagina – he could feel her start to shudder, as his cock grew even bigger and harder inside her. Pieter’s head was nearly bursting and his cock throbbed again and suddenly shot it’s hot sperm hard against those walls – Silva gasped and screamed again, letting go a massive gush of juices as she came for the second time – both their love juices mingling together inside her pussy and then flooding out over Pieter’s balls and onto the cheeks of her ass.They could both feel the juices running down as they thrust together – harder and harder – getting every last drop out of each other. After a few moments Pieter eased his cock out and swung around over Silva’s pussy – his lips licking up her juices, as she took his cock in her mouth and licked it clean for him.Completely satisfied now, they started to get dressed – then kissing each other gently they left the Janitor’s office.“You enjoyed that?” Pieter asked“Wow” was all Silva could manage by way of a response“If you would like to experiment more” Pieter said “I have a couple of male friends – we like to play together with our women. Would you like for us to meet up and take this to the next level?”“I think I would like that very much” Silva whispered…”When do you think we might do that?”“Sooner than you think” Pieter replied “Leave it with me”They exchanged mobile phone numbers, and as they made plans, Silva squeezing her thighs together at the thought that soon she would be able to experience her number one fantasy….sex with multiple men………..Mmmmmmmmmmm………………to be continued…………………….

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