The Sitter Ch. 01

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~for those who appreciate the slut in all of us~

The fall air was crisp and fresh with the autumnal smell of burning wood and fallen leaves. The moon over Westville was big and the stars were bright as Matt Lehman drove his car through the streets. Mary, his wife of fifteen years, sat next to him in the front seat discussing something to do with her work. Matt wasn’t sure what it was exactly she’d been talking about as he’d been distracted by nothing in particular, just not his wife. Matt loved Mary, but since they’d had the baby a year earlier she had been distracted and even callous toward him.

She used to be beautiful, but in the last few years she’d let herself go. Her once lustrous brown hair had become tangled and brittle from bad hygiene. Her thin athletic body had, from lack of exercise turned round and homely. She didn’t even like to wear makeup anymore. But more than all of those things, she was always angry and depressed. Moping around their house, eating and vegging out in front of the TV. They hadn’t had sex in almost a year and it felt like unless something drastic happened it would be at least another year before they did. Which frustrated Matt, not only because she wasn’t even trying to look attractive for him, but also because he was still a good looking guy and she never even seemed to notice. It was emasculating to be ignored sexually by his own wife.

Even so he loved her and their little Rose. That said, he was looking forward to some time alone this evening while Mary went to dinner with her friends.

“And then he gave me Edith’s report and…Hello? Matt? Are you even listening to me?” Mary snapped her finger at Matt to get his attention.

“Yes sweetie,” Matt said, having no actual idea what she was talking about.

“I realize I’m not as interesting as you’d like me to be, but the least you could do is pretend.”

“I’m interested baby, I’m just distracted.”

They continued to drive in silence. Occasionally Mary would sigh audibly as if to continue the argument using only her breathing and body language. Finally Matt pulled up to the restaurant and Mary turned to him.

“I don’t know what time I’m going to be home.”

“Ok.” Matt said realizing she wasn’t asking she was telling.

“Emily will take care of putting the baby to sleep, but you should still make sure she did it right.”

Emily Parsons was their babysitter, and even though Matt would be in the house that evening, he had an important conference call that prevented him from being able to take care of the baby. So, as they often did they’d called Emily to babysit.

“But I’ve got that call Mary, I don’t think I’ll be able –”

“No excuses Matt! Stop being such a selfish prick. You can look in on your daughter and do your stupid conference call.” Mary pulled off her seatbelt and opened the door. “I’ll see you later. Don’t wait up.” And closing the door she went in to the restaurant.

As Matt drove home he started to think about his wife, and the more he thought about how she’d been treating him the more livid he became. If he hadn’t been able to get some time to work from home this past year there wouldn’t have been anyone to care for their child. Mary was never taking care of Rose and she had the balls to give him a hard time about not saying goodnight, which he probably would have done anyway. She was totally out of line. He was working a full time job and caring for their baby and she was sitting around doing absolutely nothing. He had been more than patient with her, but this was getting out of control. This wasn’t a marriage; it was something absurd, he felt like he was taking care of two children. One who loved him and one who treated him like crap.

As he pulled into the driveway he rested his head on the steering wheel and thought about what his options were. He could leave her and would probably get custody of Rose, but that seemed drastic, at least for now. He could start seeing someone on the side, but he’d probably get caught. Mary regularly spied on his email and phone. She thought he didn’t know, but he knew. There didn’t seem to be any way out.

Suddenly Matt heard a knock on the window, and he jumped back. Bent over by the window was Emily Parsons. Her long blonde hair pulled back tightly into a ponytail, her bright eyes staring and her beautiful 19 year old smile shining sweetly through the window. But in spite of himself, in spite of the fact that he was a mature man of 38 years, Matt barely noticed any of her features other than the loose fitting light blue v-neck sweater she wore. More specifically, what he noticed, as she leaned over motioning for him to roll down the window, was how her perfect breasts swayed gently from side to side. And even though those few moments staring down the front of her sweater and watching her huge tits were wonderful, he forced himself to tear his eyes away and roll down the window.

“Are you ok Mr. Lehman?” Emily asked. Her big blue eyes looking worriedly at him.

“Yes Emily I’m fine. Just tired.” Matt canlı bahis şirketleri exited the car and locked it. “How’s Rose?”

“She’s fine. I just fed her.”

Matt suddenly pictured his child nursing at the huge teats of his babysitter. The image was both disturbing and exciting and he quickly pushed it from his mind. Emily walked ahead of him, her firm ass swaying in her tight jeans as she strolled to the front door and opened it. It almost seemed to Matt that she was intentionally moving her ass, but maybe it was in his head.

“I’m just going to make sure she’s ok. If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.” She winked one of her big blue eyes at him as she went into the nursery.

Matt walked through the living room and the dining room to his office on the other side of the house . He took off his jacket and his tie. Even though he worked from home he still woke up every morning and dressed for work. Matt found that it forced him to be more productive if he was dressed for the office. It was larger than most home offices he’d seen. The room was all dark mahogany and cherry wood and while spacious, it had a comforting aura. Like a an old gentleman’s smoking lounge. There was a fireplace, which Matt usually kept lit at this time of year, as the office didn’t get as much heat as the rest of the house. A Persian rug covered the floor and a large desk with his computer sat on the opposite side of the room, with a desk chair in front of it. In the middle of the office was a pool table, which Matt would use when he was angry or frustrated, usually at Mary. And along the walls were books and paintings he’d collected over the years.

It would still be another half hour or so before Matt’s conference call and he put on some music and decided to play a game of pool. He was still angry with Mary for the way she’d treated him earlier. Where did she get off treating him like a child? He provided for them both, he was responsible and caring and everything else a husband should be. As he racked the balls a knock came on the door and Emily opened it.

“Excuse me Mr. Lehman.” She said as she walked into his office. Her luscious body glowing in the firelight, yet again driving lurid thoughts into Matt’s mind. This time he imagined that he was suckling from her breasts as she caressed his face and smiled lovingly at him. His cock twitched in his suit pants and he moved over to sit down at the desk chair hopefully preventing any embarrassing situations.

“It’s fine Emily. What can I do for you?”

“It’s nothing, just…Rose…well she just threw up in my hair.”

“Oh.” Matt said.

Emily pulled her usually lustrous, wavy, blonde ponytail to the side and showed him the clump of vomit.

“Yeah,” she said, “and seeing as I’m still supposed to stay for awhile to take care of her, I was just wondering if it’d be ok if I took a quick shower to rinse it off.”

“Of course, ” Matt said, crossing his legs to prevent her from seeing the instant hard on he’d developed at the thought of her naked body in his shower. “It’s just, it’s down the hall, and there are towels in the closet. If you need anything else just let me know,” he said, growing more uncomfortable by the second.

“Thanks. And Rose is fine. She’s in her crib, but I’ve got the baby monitor just in case.” Emily looked at him for a moment then slowly gazed at his lap and Matt was almost sure that he saw her lick her lips for a second before turning and exiting the office.

Jesus Christ. That girl is dangerous. Matt thought as he listened to her walk down the hall. He began to picture her in his bathroom slowly stripping off her clothes and stepping into the steamy shower. Her huge breasts soaking in the water as she soaped them and squeezed them, then she moved one hand down to spread her…

Matt suddenly stood up. His huge cock straining against his pants and feeling like it might tear through the fabric. He walked to the office door and locked it and quickly went back to his chair while pulling down his trousers. His penis sprang from his boxers as he grasped it and slowly started to jack himself off. The thoughts of Emily Parsons in the shower quickly developed into thoughts of he and Emily in the shower touching each other and his hands roaming over her body, her breasts. Those perfect globes. Lifting each in his hands as she reached down and touched his –

“Mr. Lehman!”

Emily’s voice yelled from down the hall. At least he thought she’d called. He supposed it could have been just part of the fantasy. His hand was still wrapped around his engorged penis.

“Mr. Lehman!”

There it was again. Matt quickly pulled up his pants and tried his best to hide his hard-on, but it was close to impossible. He unlocked and opened the office door and awkwardly walked down the hall towards the bathroom. The sound of the shower running growing louder.

“Mr. Lehman!” she shouted once more as he stood outside the bathroom door.

“Yes, Emily?” he shouted through the door.

“There doesn’t seem to canlı kaçak iddaa be any conditioner in the shower. Do you know where it is?”

Matt thought for a moment and then yelled out, “I’ll go look for some in the upstairs bathroom!”

“Thank you Mr. Lehman!”

Matt quickly ran up the stairs and into the upstairs bathroom frantically searching for the conditioner. Finally finding some under the sink he ran back down the stairs almost tripping and falling because he was moving so quickly. Reaching the downstairs bathroom door he knocked and said, “Got it!”

“Thanks Mr. Lehman! Can you hand it to me? I don’t want to get your floor all wet.”

Matt tentatively opened the door. Steam poured out as he slowly walked into the bathroom. The blurred shape of Emily Parsons’ naked body was barely discernible in the fogged glass of the shower, but Matt could still make out the outline of her perfect body and the color of her sweet skin. Was this really happening he thought? The glass door of the shower opened and Emily’s beautiful face and long soaking hair peeked out.

“Thanks Mr. Lehman,” she said reaching a hand out for the bottle. As she looked at him he noticed the side of her breast sway into view. The heavy rounded edge of that glorious tit leaning towards him, just a little farther…

She giggled. “Uh, Mr. Lehman?”

Snapping back to reality Matt realized he was still holding the bottle. He handed it to her, but not before he saw her look at the mound that his obviously solid cock had made in his pants. She smiled at him.

“Thanks for the conditioner. Mr. Lehman.” And glancing once more at his crotch she closed the glass door as Matt left the bathroom and walked back to his office.


Emily Parsons sat on the sofa watching Rose play with a stuffed rabbit, while texting her boyfriend Derek, and waiting for Mr. Lehman to come back from dropping his wife off. Derek was texting her to come over later that night, but she told him that she was busy babysitting and wouldn’t be able to. He was always so horny for her and while she appreciated his enthusiasm he wasn’t particularly skilled in that department. Still, he was pretty hot and he obviously wanted her, but then again that wasn’t surprising as most men had a thing for her.

Emily knew she was more than a little attractive. Her long wavy blonde hair, her big blue eyes and her big 36D tits made her most men’s fantasy. Young, old, rich and poor they all gawked when Emily walked past them. Some men would yell out catcalls, which she didn’t mind as long as they weren’t too rude, but most men were content to just stare. And that was what she loved. She couldn’t get enough of men staring at her. And while she preferred to date younger men like Derek, she loved to tease older men. Especially older married men. Men like Mr. Lehman who looked like they hadn’t had a good fuck in years.

Some might think that was cruel, but it was all in good fun. She got the attention she craved and they got to openly stare at her body. Besides, while Derek was good looking, he wasn’t particularly well equipped and Emily was starting to get seriously sexually frustrated with him. If he didn’t find new ways to get her off then she was going to have to start looking herself.

Just then she heard a car pull up in the driveway and pulling back the window shade she saw it was Mr. Lehman. Smiling to herself she decided to have a little fun with him.

Emily walked outside and over to the car. Matt Lehman was sitting in the driver’s seat with his head against the wheel. As she looked at him through the window she realized how good-looking he was. Not even for an older guy, but just good looking. A little gray at the temples gave him a distinguished look and he seemed to have the physique of a much younger man. Strong arms and a well-defined torso. A manly jaw, good hair and he was tall. At least 6’3″. Emily wondered to herself what else he might have going on, physically.

She knocked on the window. He jumped back and saw her. At first she thought he was drunk, but then she realized that he was staring down her top. She swayed her tits a little to give him a show. “You ok Mr. Lehman?”

He pulled his gaze from her breasts. “Yes Emily. I’m fine. Just tired. How’s Rose?”

He followed her back into the house. She moved her tight ass in her tight jeans enticingly. She knew he was watching. “She’s fine. I just fed her. I’m just going to make sure she’s ok. If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.” She turned to look at him and winked. Then walked into the nursery.

Rose was lying in the crib and Emily picked her up. As she patted Rose’s back Emily began to think of Matt Lehman. He was more than good looking, he was a good person. Emily had seen the way his wife treated him and it was awful. In front of Emily she would scream for Matt to get her food and drinks and take care of the kid. And from what Emily could tell Mary Lehman didn’t do anything. She was just a fat slob that got canlı kaçak bahis Emily to take care of the baby when her husband was working and then did whatever she wanted. It was horrible. From everything that Emily had seen she and Mr. Lehman were more of a couple than Mrs. Lehman and he were.

And as she thought about Matt Lehman and their imaginary marriage Rose let out a burp and Emily felt something sticky dripping from her hair. She groaned and put Rose back in her crib and grabbed a towel when she suddenly had an idea. Maybe Matt Lehman deserved a little more than the average teasing she gave the average man. Maybe he deserved a little extra. Nothing extravagant, but the man was having a rough time of it and Emily thought, as she wiped the vomit from her hair, that maybe she could do something nice for him. A magnanimous gesture.

And checking that Rose was ok she grabbed the baby monitor and walked to Mr. Lehman’s office.

Knocking on the door she opened it to find him wracking some pool balls.

“Excuse me, Mr. Lehman.” She said using her innocent, virginal voice.

“It’s fine Emily. What can I do for you?” He said walking over to his desk chair and sitting down, but not before she noticed a tent in his pants as he stared at her chest.

“It’s nothing, just…Rose…well she just threw up in my hair.”


Emily showed him the vomit and then asked the question that would change both of their nights for the better.

“Yeah, and seeing as I’m still supposed to stay for awhile to take care of her, I was just wondering if it’d be ok if I took a quick shower to rinse it off.”

“Of course. It’s just, it’s down the hall, and there are towels in the closet. If you need anything else just let me know,”

“Thanks. And Rose is fine. She’s in her crib, but I’ve got the baby monitor just in case.” Emily stared at him and then looked at the obviously hardening cock in his pants and holding his eye contact she licked her lips. For just enough time that Matt would wonder.

She left the office and walked down the hall to the shower. Once in the bathroom she stripped off her clothes, turned on the water and waited for it to get warm. Then she stepped into the shower. The water felt wonderful as it cascaded down her back and she quickly rinsed the vomit out and began to shampoo her hair. As she washed she thought more about Matt and the enticingly large tent in his pants. The last few weeks had proven that Derek’s six inches weren’t up to the task and she was more than a little curious about what Mr. Lehman had under there. As she rinsed the shampoo from her hair and felt the lather drip across her breasts and down between her legs Emily’s thoughts became more enticing. Her hand dipped down and her fingers began to play with her pussy as she felt herself growing wetter and more turned on the more she thought about Matt Lehman. His broad manly chest and his magnetic green eyes. The way he seemed to turn almost boyish whenever she would flirt with him. Emily loved it when she could control men and turn them into stuttering boys with a little innocent flirtation.

Emily had plenty of experience with men, but none as old as Matt Lehman. Most of the guys she’d been with were high school jocks or college guys who seemed to barely have even a vague idea about the female body. Emily on the other hand was well versed in the male body. One appendage in particular.

Reaching for the conditioner bottle she was about to pour some in her hair when she had an idea. A simple, silly, idea. Calling for Mr. Lehman once, twice and then on the third time hearing him outside the bathroom, she asked him if he would get her some conditioner. She could hear how quickly he ran and she giggled to herself at how predictable men were.

“Got it!” He breathlessly exclaimed a few moments later from outside the bathroom.

“Thanks Mr. Lehman,” she said, “Can you hand it to me? I don’t want to get your floor all wet.” Her fingers were still dancing against her clit getting her even more turned on.

Matt Lehman walked into the bathroom as she pulled open the glass door. Emily knew what she was doing as she allowed him to catch a glimpse of the side of her breast. And as Matt’s eyes stared hypnotized at the round edge of her breast she stared at his trouser leg which was showing more than hint of his hardening shaft. It looked huge. Even through his pants. She smiled to herself and giggled, “Uh, Mr. Lehman?” she said. She pulled her gaze from his tented pants and smiled at him. “Thanks for the conditioner Mr. Lehman.”

Matt walked out of the bathroom leaving Emily to finish washing her hair and dry off. And as she dried herself Emily had another idea, another gift for poor Mr. Lehman, but this one was different. This gift would be special.

Emily dressed in the bathroom and fixing herself up a bit in the foggy mirror she walked out into the hallway. Her wet hair and the coolness of the air after the steam of the bathroom made her shiver, but that was all part of the plan. She carefully knocked on the office door again and softly called out to Mr. Lehman as she heard him shuffling and knocking something over. He sounded exasperated as he told her to hold on and that he just needed a minute. But Emily opened the door anyway.

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