The Situation 3

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The Situation 3I arrived at my ex-wife’s house about noon that Sunday. My ex, Margo was dressed casually in a pair of black jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt with a v neckline that let you see the valley between her d cups and her black, lace trimmed bra. Her pale skin still had some tan left in it even though it was in September. The twinkle in her green eyes was still there. By the look of it she had put on a little extra in the hips and tummy but nothing that made her five foot four curvy frame look less than beautiful. She had also cut her golden blonde hair shorter but it gave her cute playful look with the bangs just above her eyes.There is not a day that goes by I do not wish we had stayed together for nothing more than the sex we used to have.She welcomed me in and made me a cup of coffee and we sat at her kitchen table. Her new husband was away on a weekend hunting trip and not coming back until tomorrow so it was her and I for this discussion, just the way it should be for a talk about our daughter. I was nice and relaxed after spending the previous afternoon fucking our daughter and her best friend but she did not need to know that part.I jumped right into it. Our daughter Ally had said the actions of her step father Rick were inappropriate and making her uncomfortable. When she asked how I explained it, as it was explained to me by Ally. The sexual comments, the touching of her breasts and ass, the way he seemed to know what she was doing in the privacy of her own room when he was not even in the building. She listened attentively mostly to everything I said to her. But she was not easily convinced it was true. She thought it was being made up by our daughter to get attention. “really?” I was a bit shocked “why would she do that?”“you know teenagers, they are drama queens and self centered”“not Ally” I shot back. “she never says anything bad about anyone so when she says something like this I believe her” Margo just shrugged so I began asking questions. “you’ve never seen him touch or speak to her like that, or heard him say things a person spying on someone would know?”“no nev_ wait, there was one thing” she said sitting back in her chair.“what?”“one night after we had made love, rather roughly I might ad” she said with a hint of bitterness which led me to believe things might not be going that well in her new marriage. “he said to me as he was falling asleep that he felt Ally was acting like a whore lately bringing other girls into her bed. I thought that was odd because how would he know that, Ally has never mentioned anything about being gay to me, has she too you?”“not until yesterday it accidently came out” I said “she is calling herself bi-sexual.”“she never said anything to me why?” she asked hurt and offended.“well A, I caught her and Gabby naked and making out on the couch last night and B, I think canlı bahis right now she trusts me more, cause of Rick”The conversation continued as we tried to piece together how he would know about that before we did. It was not like Ally would tell him. After some time Margo admitted to me that lately Rick had been less than attentive to her sexually and been obsessed with the way our daughter behaved and wore which to me was a red flag and I asked her point blank if she thought it possible Rick was spying on our daughter.“maybe its possible but how?” She asked in a state of confusion.I went up to her room and looked around a little bit. In drawers, under the bed in her bathroom medicine cabinet and as I did my ex stood in the door watching and looking over the room too and asked me if I saw the small weird looking thing attached above her ceiling light.It was a small camera. It looked wireless and hidden to look like part of the fixture. “where is his computer?” I demanded and she led me to a small office he had made in the basement. The computer was on and I flicked on the monitor.“wish he would turn that stupid thing off when he is not here, waste of hydro if you ask me” “maybe he can’t darling because of the camera”“what do you mean”I showed her a little icon on the screen that looked like an aperture and said home theater. When I clicked on it it showed me links for four cameras.“he’s got four cameras to record, thats why he never turns this thing off.”“bastard” she mumbled.I clicked on the first that said master it was their bedroom right above the bed. The second one was the one we found aimed at Ally’s bed, he was obviously watching her and recording whatever she did in the room.Number three was Ally’s bathroom positioned so you could see her on the toilet or in the shower.“unfucking believable” she cried. “I don’t want to believe he is down here jerking it to our daughter but he is isn’t he?”“yes, I believe he might be Margo, but can you blame him, have you noticed our little girl is pretty adult looking these days”Number four was the guest bathroom where visitors showered and did their business. “fucking perv” I grimaced. Not liking any of it I clicked the archives button and a folder for each camera came up.Clicking on the master first, I opened the first file in it. It was Rick and Margo in a sixty nine.“still good a sucking cock I see” “just shut it off okay, I need to know what he has kept from Ally’s room”There were two files one said Al and second ALNGAB. I clicked on the ALNGAB first file dated five days ago was our daughter and Gabby naked and making out.“man that Gabby is built for sex, she will cause the break up of many marriages I bet” Margo commented. “and how, I bet she gets who she wants when she wants” I smiled thinking about my own sex with Gabby. “There it is your proof of bi-sexuality.”I bahis siteleri closed it and went into the AL folder and picked one at random it was a file of Ally and her boyfriend having doggy style sex. There is no sound on the camera but they are clearly getting mutual pleasure from the experience.“open another from the Master file.” she asked. When she saw the list of dates she pointed to one and told me to open it. There she was naked and using her fingers deep inside her pussy. “god I miss you” I stammered as the look on her face told me she was coming hard.“shut up” she slapped me on the shoulder as she was taking the mouse and surfing back into the ALNGAB folder.“like’n watching our sexy daughter eat pussy are ya”She shrugged “it was pretty hot” but this file was not just kissing, Ally was on her tummy spread eagle on the bed as Gabby used the strap on in her ass. Clearly my girl was loving having it in the ass as Gabby’s beautiful tits bounced with each thrust.We left the video play as we discussed what to do. She told me she had a good way to let him know she was on to him and asked me if I was interested in having sex with her on camera.“that way” she smiled “ he will see me having ex-sex but can not say anything with out giving away the fact he has cameras”I just shrugged and said fine, I just loved the fact I was going to get to screw my ex. I let her lay out the plan to me I was to follow her into the bedroom like we are arguing. This is how it looked on camera. We knew there was no sound so all we had to do was yell whatever we were saying.I grabbed her arm and spun her around. “bitch I am gunna lick your clit till you scream for mercy”“fuckin’ well better you bastard, then I am going to ride you reverse cowgirl so he can watch my tits as I bounce up and down on your big cock!” she pushed my hand away and tried to slap me but I caught it and pulled her to me and kissed her hard and long undoing her jeans and pulling her shirt off as I did it. She stepped back, pulled my shirt off and undid my jeans as she knelt down and began furiously sucking my dick in a sloppy deep style, I had forgotten she was so good at fellatio.“be rough, lets make it a good hard sport fuck for the lens baby” She spit out before another round of deep throating. She had such great phlegmy sucking sounds as I grabbed her hair and face fucked her. “ya want to be a whore I’ll fuck you like one for sure” I growled as I pulled her up by the hair and tossed her roughly on the bed. Ripping off her panties I got the first look at her sexy hairy pussy as I knelt and spread her legs wide and began eating her like she was my first meal in weeks. Sticking three fingers in her pussy as I licked her clit and held her leg up in the air she grabbed my hair and fucked my face as I treated her pussy like an all you can eat buffet.“oh shit güvenilir bahis I miss the way you mouth fuck me babe” she cried as I jammed a finger into her asshole and fast finger banged her tight anus. I remember how she moaned just before she came so I stopped eating her out and crawled up on the bed and stuck my tongue down her throat as I laid on my back and she slid down on my dick. She grabbed my sides as she leaned back and arched her back as my reverse cowgirl began her ride. I reached around and kneaded those hot tits and hard nipples as rode me like I was a wild bull. I pulled her hair until she bent all the way back and I could use one hand to rub her clit with my fingers sending her into pure bliss. he screamed loud and long as she felt the euphoria of passion.“I’m gunna fucking blow Margo” “do it cream my pie, fill it up” She panted as I released a hot load deep. She then turned and sucked on me again to taste the cum. “if I had known you were such a whore for the camera I would have filmed us every time” I said as she got up and put her robe on and tossed me my pants. “get up and get dressed”I wandered back down to the computer where she was having a glass of wine. She poured me a glass and I sat down beside her.“can’t stop hunh” I said as I realized she was watching Gabby and Ally use a two headed dildo as the rubbed clits. “this is hotter than it should be for me” she said with guilt.“our daughter is not a little girl anymore, she has her Moms sex drive and free spirit”“shit” she said as she finished her wine and poured another.I was getting excited watching the screen so I grabbed Margo again and began kissing her neck.“stop we have screwed already” half heartedly.“I know that was for revenge” I began fingering her. “this is for the fact I still find you the most sexy b**st alive” I slipped her robe off her shoulders and she unzipped my pants and my cock again hard as a rock stood straight out. She straddled me in the chair and began riding me again as we deep kissed and her hard nipples rubbed against my hairy chest.“why are you so hard to forget Marg?” I sucked on her nipples.“I don’t know but I am glad you haven’t” She came again with a gentle passionate whimper.“no one makes me cum like you darling” she kissed my neck as I squeezed her ass.“ready for the big finish” I said as I stood up and laid her over the desk sending Rick’s shit flying as I held her legs up and slowly pulled in and out coming deep in her pussy for the second time n an hour. I left her laying on the couch half naked, barely covered by the robe and an empty bottle of wine and the agreement I could keep Ally with me this week while she sorted her shit out, so our daughter would not have to be there if it got ugly.When I told Ally she was so happy that she suggested that she sleep with me in my bed all week.I agreed happily. She was late for school twice that week, and I was late for work the same days.Little did I know that things were just going to even get crazier in a couple of months.To be continued………………………………………..

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