The Station Shelter

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The Station ShelterI glanced to my side at her as we walked up the deserted street. The wind gusted catching her blonde hair and her face was momentarily revealed in full. God, she looked hot. And without even trying particularly hard to be either.I found it a unique talent of hers, the way she could turn me on simply by wearing normal everyday outfits. To be fair, these weren’t exactly her every day clothes seeing as she’d been dressed up for a Christening service and party but skirt, blouse, jacket and boots? Hardly uncommon on the streets are they?The street was quiet so you could clearly hear the heels of her leather boots click on the concrete path as we walked towards the railway station to head back home. Given that it was mid-January we’d been lucky. The weather could have been much worse than this but still it was cold with the temperature dropping away quickly as it began to get dark. It was surely coming but there was no frost on the ground just yet.The wife was snuggled up within in a black woollen coat with a purple, pink and white striped scarf wrapped around her neck; and purple leather gloves to keep her from the winter chill. Now taken as I was was with those leather gloves and the mental images they conjured up of the experienced hands within them at work on my cock, it was really what was going underneath her coat that, in sharp contrast to the chill, was getting me all hot and bothered.I had been a proud man when she slowly, deliberately slowly you might even say, made her way downstairs earlier that morning with an incredibly sexy black leather skirt and shiny black and white zebra stripe blouse on. Sizzling! Below her skirt she had patterned black stockings with black patent leather boots completing the look. It was yet another of those moments where suddenly I wished we weren’t going out at all.It was a big day and she looked for my approval “Not too much?” I was almost salivating at the sighting of her and I gushed with praise as how sensational she looked “Wow. Just. Fucking. Wow”. “Language! Remember you are going to church later” she half-heartedly attempted to scold me. But she was beaming, her face wide and happy. She knew she looked good today and was delighted to have the compliments she sought. The wife had worked so hard in the months previous, attending the gym regularly, going to Zumba classes and watching her food as she strived to change her figure. More than just me was impressed with the change and the wife caught more than a few people’s attention at the Christening and the party afterwards attracting a score of compliments about her figure or her outfit or both. Modestly she batted them off but I knew she was thrilled. This was what the hard word had all been for, the Christening with so many of her friends and old colleagues from a former workplace. She was determined to be a different person from the one that left in trying circumstances eighteen months before. And she had nailed it.I glanced across the pavement at her again but this time was caught in the act.”What?” Ofcourse she knew fine well what. “Have I told you how sexy you look today?” “Yes…….this would be about the eighth time I believe”. She stared straight ahead trying not to smile. Then after a few paces glanced back “And like I told you this morning. Good things come to those who wait”.I tutted. “But I mean you look really, really sexy”.She laughed, smiled and shook her canlı bahis head but said nothing and looked straight ahead once more as we continued to walk towards the train station.For a few seconds silence as we walked then I piped up again… “Teasing me like that, wearing a leather skirt in a church. I mean a church of all…”.”….Oh for fuck’s sake” she cut me off sounding more than a little irritated before immediately adopting a more conciliatory tone “You’ll be home soon enough dirty boy. Think about the ironing or the washing up you’ll be doing when you get home rather than pumping me. Because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you don’t give it a rest”. Her point was made.We were exchanging chatter about the day past as we finally came within a few feet of the entrance to the station. We were both laughing, remembering a rather outlandish outfit one of her old colleagues Joan was wearing when the station PA system blasted into life “We are sorry to announce that due to operational difficulties the 1555 train to Glasgow has been cancelled” prompting a string of expletives from me, which were almost immediately repeated when the information screen flashed up next train 1655. “We’re probably going to miss our connecting train home now too” I hissed. “Knew we should have just taken the fucking car”. By now it was completely dark, getting colder still and we had a decision to make. Neither of us much fancied the prospect of an hours wait at an empty train station in the back of beyond but then a twenty minute walk back to the dying embers of the party we’d just come from, only to have to walk almost immediately straight back to the station was hardly a realistic alternative either. In effect we had no option but to wait.We moved towards the station shelter. A quiet station on one of the quietest lines on the network at the best of times, at this point in the day on a Sunday evening the place was even more deathly silent than the tiny hamlet we’d just come from. No passengers, no cars in the small car park. Just the wind whistling through the shelter, that had it been raining, I doubt would have provided any shelter at all.As she was prone to do on special days or nights out, the wife went to her bag and produced a cigarette. She moved to the edge of the shelter and had just sparked up when her mobile rang. She answered and from the course of the conversation I was soon able to ascertain it was her mum calling. It passed a few minutes for her if nothing else.For me, well it gave me a good opportunity to enjoy ogling her in a style I did enjoy. There was always just something incredibly sexy about her when she smoked. That long white cigarette dangling provocatively from her sexy red lips or nestling between two fingers of those hands covered by purple leather.Call and cigarette duly finished the wife returned inside the shelter and snuggled up close, her back against my front.”Ohhh it’s cold” she said shivering just a little from having been strolling up back and forth outside the shelter.I wrapped my arms around her waist tightly and exhaled my hot breath into the back of her head. She giggled. I repeated the act across various parts of her neck and head prompting more giggles and a remark that “That’s tickly!”. I dropped my hands from her front and slipped my hands inside her woollen coat and began to rub up and down her tummy and sides. The silky material of her blouse bahis siteleri felt lovely to touch but it wasn’t just me enjoying the feeling: “That’s nice” she sighed happily, enjoying the warming sensation.Inevitably my hands began to wander. At first, almost as if accidentally my fingers would slip down and afford me a sneaky feel of her leather skirt. It was my turn to savour the wonderful feeling that comes with touching a cold soft and oh so very sexy leather skirt and very gently I brushed my fingers across that most tempting of clothing.Then my hands graduated further and further down her skirt. Becoming more brazen my hands swept across the top of her thighs and around to her rear where I began massaging the fleshy mounds of her gorgeous arse, gripping and squeezing fully.”I know your game mister” she suddenly piped up.”Oh aye?” I enquired. “Aye……..but don’t stop”.The green light given any notions that I was just trying to keep her warm were gone. I was touching her up good style and I returned to that silky top and made a move towards her tits. She groaned as I cupped both in my hands and began kissing the back of her neck.She pushed off me for a second then flipped around to face me, her face a little screwed up as she croaked “I hate it when you do this to me”.”Do what?” I asked for a moment puzzled at what she was getting at. Then she broke into a smile and raised her face up to kiss me, prodding me in the chest “Getting me bloody horny at times when I shouldn’t. That’s what”. Our mouths locked and we kissed passionately, tongues sending tingles through each other as they touched. Lips wet with saliva as we kissed, released and kissed once more.My cock was hard by now and was pushing tight against her belly. All the while my hands continued to meander up, down and around her body. Groping, feeling, touching and enjoying.She drew back from our embrace. “Do you think…..”. “Do you think you could really do it before the train or anyone comes?” I knew she was getting horny but didn’t quite expect this opportunity. “Do what?” I asked double checking that she did actually mean what I thought she meant. “Fuck me ofcourse” she whispered. “Well we haven’t seen a soul in the last 20 minutes and we’ve still got a good while before you might expect going on the next train to come. If we’re quick……””But what if someone comes?”she asked, still dubious.”We’ll just have to make sure we come first won’t we”. I laughed and winked at her.”Come on then.” she said taking one last look around to confirm that there was nobody there. “Let’s do it”- -I was never much good at removing bras so whilst the wife took care of that I busied myself removing what proved to be the skimpiest piece of material from between her legs. “Just look at these” I tutted as I slid them down over her boots and waved them around my finger. “Dirty, dirty girl. No wonder you’ve been so cold”.”Maybe there’s another reason too”. She laughed as she disposed of the knickers and her bra in her handbag. Her cryptic statement was soon explained when I pushed the leather skirt above her waist and got down to business. The minx was only clean shaven around her hole, something we both enjoyed but something she did only rarely because of the annoying itching when her pubes began to grow back in.I lunged at her pussy licking up and down and around the exterior and pushing my tongue inside enjoying listening to her güvenilir bahis moans above me.She let me play for a bit as I enjoyed the smoothness, before cautioning me “Not too much of the tongue stuff today, hon. No time. Just get inside me. I just need you inside me” she ordered.I rose and did as commanded and we manoeuvred ourselves into position in the corner of the shelter. Se had her legs wrapped around me, her pussy level with my manhood, as I stood tall. She was supporting herself by holding on steel bars that joined the sections of the shelter. It would be a strength sapping position but we would be at it quickly and the main thing was I had free access to that now glistening wet pussy of hers. My trousers and boxers were slid down to my ankles and my own arse was now exposed to the cold the wife had complained bitterly about. But the cold was the last thing on my mind as I thrust my thick cock in and out of her.”Urgggghhhh” she moaned “That’s it. Give it to me hard. Fuck me hard”.Up and down I thrust each time prompting a deep moan from the wife. A conversation or sorts was played out in a between a mixture of panting, moans, grunts and expletives as pounded my beautiful wife in this secluded part of the Scottish countryside.”You like it hard don’t you? Such a dirty girl?”.”Your dirty girl. Harder babe….ohhhh that’s it…..awwwwwww…fuck that’s it. That’s it!!!!”. I was aggressively pummelling her, giving her the crude, rough seeing too she wanted. Her head bobbed from side to side and body jerked with each lustful pump inside her. Soft, gentle love making this was not but no less passionate.All too soon that familiar sensation from the head of my cock told me release would soon be upon me. The louder, higher pitched yelps coming from the wife confirmed she was close to orgasm also. I held her tighter still as I got closer: “Oh I’m going to fill you up with cum.” “Owww….ooohh….fill me. Fill me…..ahhh owwww”. She pleaded. “Ahhh….owwwwww” she squealed as my cock exploded and several waves of hot creamy spunk were unloaded inside her.As one we fell together, my legs buckling slightly the euphoria burst through us both. She was pinned against the back of the shelter both arms over my shoulders, legs still wrapped around me and her head resting to one side of my head. “Don’t come out” she said. Though softening my cock remained inside her and I continued to slide it up and down, careful not to remove it from that pussy it knew so well. She loved that post fuck come down. Her pussy mixed full of cum and her own love juice with my cock sliding slowly up and down taking advantage of the wetness and heat within, savouring that feeling of contentment for as long as possible.She lifted her head off my shoulders and began to straighten up, smiling gleefully as she did. “Fuck that was good wasn’t it?” she said. “You enjoy that sweety, you that was going to make us wait?””Oooft. Fuck aye!” she laughed and looked up as she sought about wiping the mixtures of fluids that were slowing sliding their way from her pussy.As she cleaned up the headlights of a car suddenly shown into the station piercing the cracks within the shelter. We looked at one another almost saying in tandem “Ohhhhhh” and laughing thinking that we’d got away with it but only just.I guess we might well have looked fairly respectable as we stood together, in our Sunday best as an elderly couple bid us good evening and proceeded to share the shelter with us. Although I’m fairly certain if they had known that the lady standing just a few feet away from them was currently bra and knicker less they might well have thought otherwise!

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