The Store Clerk Ch. 01

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I walk into the store a little sheepishly, not so much because of the various sex toys and novelties they sell. I’m more concerned with the drug paraphernalia; a little pot smoking doesn’t bother me, but I wouldn’t want rumors to get started that I was in a head shop during lunch-time. Small towns are horrible about that kind of thing. The back room has what I’m looking for, a selection of porn dvd’s. I’ve been single for a few months, and I’m sick of the short format crappy porn I’ve found on the internet, so I’m hoping for some better quality. A friend clued me in that the head shop on the end of Main Street has a back room of porn, so here I am.

The room is small, with a glass case along one wall displaying a selection of pipes and bongs. The opposite wall has 3 shelves of dvd’s. It’s not the greatest selection and I’m ready to be disappointed. There’s a woman working in the corner of the room, unpacking a box of new movies. She looks up and acts like she’s going to say something, but then goes back to her work. I look as the sparse selection and turn to the woman.

“Do you have any videos with real women?” I ask.

She looks at me through fairly thick glasses, at least as thick as the ones I wear. “I’m sorry?”

“That didn’t come out right,” I say and smile. “I want something where the women aren’t anorexic and Barbie looking. I want them more full figured, more real looking. Does that make sense?”

I’m not shy talking about things like this, and I realize the woman I’m talking to is a little on the chubby side herself. She’s wearing a white dress that makes it hard to tell how big she is, but she’s definitely not thin. Her breasts don’t appear to be huge, but she has fairly wide hips. Her lips are full giving her an attractive face, and her brown hair is tied back behind her head. The thick glasses cover vivid green eyes I find striking.

“You want videos of fat girls?” she asks.

“Well sort of, but fat’s not the right word. I like a few curves and a canlı bahis şirketleri chubby girl is sexy, I just don’t like the trend for super thin women with fake boobs.”

I like her smile; she visibly relaxes and I see she’s actually very pretty. She’s probably in her early 30’s, a few years younger than me. I know I must look a little out of place looking at smut in the back room of a head shop. I’m pretty average looking, not tall, not short. I have short brown hair with a goatee beard that’s starting to get a little grey. I’m also not fat but have a few extra pounds. I stay in shape to an extent, but have never been a real fitness nut. I have to dress pretty nice for work, so I come across to most people as conservative. The fact is, I’ve always liked sex a little on the wild side.

“So maybe a video with girls who look like me?” she asks with that same smile.

“Well, no offense, but…yes, I think that’s what I mean.” I say, a little tongue tied.

“No offense taken, it’s a little flattering. But no, most guys want the big tits with tiny little asses, so my boss doesn’t carry anything else, sorry.”

Her frankness surprises me, but I suppose you get used to it when you work in a place like this. We chat for a while; her name is Carrie and she’s worked at the store for about three months. She lives in an apartment upstairs she shares with the owner’s daughter, who also works in the store. She’s talkative, but not annoyingly so, but after a little while I need to get back to the office. I settle on a video that doesn’t look to bad and as I’m leaving the store she offers to take my phone number in case they get something in I might like better. I agree and give her my cell phone number.

I’m not even back to the office when she texts me: “I think it’s really cool that there are guys who find girls like me sexy.”

I waste no time getting back to her: “Thanks. I wish there were more girls who think middle aged nerdy guys are sexy.”

Two minutes later: canlı kaçak iddaa “Why don’t you stop by the shop when you’re off work, I found something you might like.”

“Ok,” I text back, “Is the shop open at 6:00?”

“No, but I’ll leave the door open, come in.” After this last text I don’t hear anything from her all afternoon. Time goes by slowly as I wonder how Carrie would look without the dress, how her nipples would look, if they’d be big or small, how responsive. It certainly sounded like a come on, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too much.

Right as I’m getting in my car I get another text from her. I assume this is the cancellation, and I start to feel a let down, but instead the text reads: “Don’t talk to me, just lock the door, come to the back and take me however you want. I hope this is what you want and I’m not scaring you away.”

Instead of scaring me away, I try not to drive too fast on my way to the store. I think of how I should proceed, but the thoughts just swirl and my cock is already halfway hard when I reach my destination. I walk into the store; the sign says closed and at least half of the overhead lights are off. I turn the deadbolt to lock the front door and walk to the backroom. She’s there, standing with her back to me, organizing the movie shelf, or at least pretending to. She doesn’t acknowledge my presence.

Without hesitation I walk up to her and slip my arms around her waist and press myself against her; I press my swollen cock firmly against her ass. She lets out a quiet sighas my hands move up to her breasts. I realize she’s not wearing a bra and I’m certain she had one when I was there earlier, I imagine she’s not wearing anything under the dress. Her nipples are both hard and jutting through the thin fabric of her dress. I lose any semblance of self-control and reach down, pulling her dress up and over her head; her arms go up so I can get it off her and throw it to the floor. I was right about the panties and I have a canlı kaçak bahis full view of the naked backside of her body. Her ass isn’t very big but still bigger than any I’ve seen before and her shapely form makes my body respond more than ever.

Carrie makes no attempt to turn around as I drop my pants and underwear, exposing my cock. I realize she’s letting me call all the shots, so I take off my shirt so I’m naked. I want her to feel the extent of my arousal, so I press my 7″ cock into the space between her ass cheeks and reach around to cup her tits again. They’re bigger than I expected and her nipples are still jutting out. I gently press each nipple between two fingers and feel her short, quick breaths as I squeeze a little harder.

Without thinking, I move her over to the counter with all the pipes and other stoner items and bend her over, her tits pressed into the glass. I kneel down and with her legs slightly spread I reach between her legs and run one hand up her thigh and find a very wet pussy. She shudders as I first insert a finger and then lean forward and start licking her from behind. It’s hard to reach her clit from this position, so I run my tongue all around the wet opening as her quiet little moans quicken. I can tell she’s trying to stay quiet, but it’s getting more difficult. My beard is soaked with her juices and my cock is throbbing hard as I stand up and the head of my cock easily finds her opening and I slide into her, not gently, but not too hard. Her tight pussy is a perfect fit.

She emits small cries of pleasure as I start pumping in and out of her, my body slapping her ass with every thrust. I know I won’t last long, but the hard thrusts help me last longer. My hands roam from her waist around the shape of her ass and I continue to fuck her this way and right as I explode inside her, she shudders and cries out “Yessss!” My cock continues to pulsate occasionally and I stay inside her; each time she feels it and her body shudders in pleasure.

As I withdraw, she turns to face me; her beautiful face is flushed and her lips smile at me as she puts her arms around me and we enjoy a long kiss. “I was hoping you would go with it and take me,” she whispered after our lips part. “Let’s go upstairs.”

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