The Stranger

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When she bought the house, one of the things that Samantha liked best was the backyard. The large heated pool, the extended deck area, the French doors that opened to the deck from throughout the house, she loved all of it.

Her own bedroom had large double doors opening directly to the deck and the matched lawn furniture she had placed there. There was a high wooden fence all around the property, giving her complete privacy for nude midnight swims and naked sunbathing.

This morning, Sam had been out in the hot summer sun, tanning her trim body. She took a book, magazines, a radio, a phone and a tall glass of iced tea. She would lounge on the chair or float in the water, turning herself frequently to keep her beautiful golden tan even. As usual, she tried to read her new book, but couldn’t keep her mind on it. Something about the hot sun and the water and her naked body made her mind turn to things erotic. She was extremely excited, a buzz in her head and an ache in her pinkness. She fought the desire as long as she could, but it overwhelmed her. All she could think about was her aching clit and her throbbing nipples. She could just satisfy herself in the pool, but found the neighborhood noises sometimes distracted her, making her miss her mark.

When the desire became too strong, Sam went into her bedroom, leaving the French doors slightly ajar in her rush to move to her big bed. As she passed her dresser, she took her two favorite vibrators from the drawer. One was a blue jelly vibrator and the other was a beautiful green jelly one with little bumps on it. She settled on her side of the bed, slightly curled up. She allowed her hands to slide over her hot, naked skin, feeling the smoothness of her body. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensations of her fingers sliding over the slightly oiled skin.

Her fingers slid between her legs, toying with the long, curly hair she found there. She played with the curls, pulling them out and letting them fall back against her mound. She combed them with her fingertips, enjoying the gentle touch of her nails on the sensitive skin there. Her finger slowly traced the slit, taking so much time, moving slowly and surely. Now there was no rush, she wanted to enjoy the knowledge of what was to come. Finally, after long foreplay, she plunged her finger into her slit, finding her clit and toying with it. She liked to play and come at least once with her fingers before adding the “Boys” to the mix.

She was güvenilir bahis lying on her left side, her right hand busily engaged when she heard a voice, a man’s voice. Her eyes flew open and she saw a man standing in the doorway leading to the pool. He looked away from her, stammering and stuttering, not entirely sure what to do. He said, “My car died right in front of your house, and I knocked on the front door. I noticed the fence was open, so I came back here looking for a phone. I knocked on the French doors and they opened. I am so sorry to have, ah, interrupted you.” He knew he should leave, but the sight of Samantha busily pleasuring herself was mesmerizing. He tried to look away, and make normal conversation, telling her his name was Tanner and he was from another town, just here for a meeting.

As he tried to make conversation, Samantha looked him over. He was tall with a nice build, wearing neat jeans and a crisp cotton shirt. He was clean-shaven, with beautiful green eyes and long lashes behind wire rimmed glasses. She noticed his hands, his long, graceful fingers. He was clean and neat and very cute.

He stepped into the room and tried to cover Sam’s naked body with the sheet, but she couldn’t tolerate the weight on her hot skin. He was quite a lovely man and she needed one now. She thought it through carefully, or as carefully as a woman on the verge of orgasm can think. Here was a stranger, a man she would never see again and he had the one thing she couldn’t supply on her own. He had a cock, and judging from the bulge in his jeans, quite a nice, hot cock.

She pulled her fingers from her pussy, making a delightful wet popping sound as they emerged. She moved her fingers toward the sheet when the man reached forward and gently guided her hand to his mouth. His mouth opened and he sucked her wet fingers deep into his warmth, closing his eyes and slightly sighing as he tasted her juices. His lips pulled on her fingers, moving them in and out of her mouth with a slightly erotic rhythm. Sam felt the pull deep inside her pussy. She looked directly at his groin, and was delighted to see his jeans were nearly pulsing.

Tanner sat down beside her, his back against her updrawn thighs, facing her. He leaned forward and softly kissed her, moving his lips against hers, brushing back and forth, his tongue slipping out to trace the shape of her mouth. She felt her mouth relax, inviting his tongue to enter and make love. He was a great kisser. He moved türkçe bahis slowly but with skill, shaping her lips and washing the sensitive area with his fantastic tongue. She felt herself playing, sliding in and out of his succulent mouth, while the electric jolts raced through her body to her very center. She thought she had been excited before, but now she was aware of her pussy swelling and the moisture gathering, spilling down her thighs.

Now his fingers moved from her shoulders to her erect nipples. He touched them softly, tracing them and feeling the skin pull tighter and the nipples engorge further. She moaned into his mouth. Having her nipples played with and sucked were one of Sam’s favorite activities. His sweet mouth pulled away from hers and started moving toward her aching nipples. He kissed the skin and licked around each breast, moving his tongue with a skill and sensuality that made her shiver. Her back arched, encouraging him to continue. Tanner’s mouth moved busily, giving equal time to both soft breasts, both throbbing nipples. He licked and sucked on them, giving all his attention to her needy nubs.

He seemed in no hurry at all, but made love to her breasts until she was barely breathing. The orgasm that had escaped when he arrived was building again. His fingers were stroking up and down her back, massaging her spine and the swell of her ass cheeks. Sam felt the heat building, felt her legs tightening and heard the roar in her head that signaled an orgasm. Tanner’s mouth continued laving her engorged nipples, circling the base and tickling the sensitive area. Suddenly, he pulled her right nipple deep into his mouth and began sucking it needily, triggering her orgasm. She cried out as the spasm started so deep within her pink, arching to his mouth, offering herself to him.

His mouth remained gently on her breast, allowing her to calm down and catch her breath. He watched her as she regained awareness, her eyes still glazed with lust. As her body relaxed, she turned on her back and her legs fell open limply. Tanner could see her pretty brown curlies, shiny from tanning oil. He slid his long fingers down her belly, moving into the jumble of curls and combing them. He could feel her wetness, her swollen lips. He heard her intake of breath as he slid across her slit. He reached across her body and picked up the Green Boy, using it to slide up and down her engorged lips. He moved it deeper and deeper, up and down, as her legs began to tremble güvenilir bahis siteleri and her moans started again. She was so wet, the toy slipped easily into her deep pinkness, until only the black knob remained visible. He turned on the vibrator, hearing the throbbing whhhhiiiirrrrrr, even from deep inside this luscious woman.

She looked at Tanner then, her eyes pleading, her soft moans becoming begging, saying, “Please, please” over and over. He took the cool Blue Boy from beside her and placed the tip against her clit, turning the control switch to high. Sam’s entire body responded. Her hips rose from the bed, pushing against the toy and trying to make even more contact. Tanner concentrated on keeping the toys in place as she writhed on the bed. He moved the Green Boy in and out of her needy pussy, turning it slightly and slowly. He wanted her to feel the bumpy texture as it slid in and out of her depths, wanted to see her come again with her toys inside her. Sam was so incredibly excited that it didn’t take long. Her moans became growls, from deep in her throat and her legs locked together around his hand as she fucked her toys and moved toward a massive orgasm. When she came, she called out his name and seemed to suck the toys even deeper within her. Again, Tanner waited until she returned to awareness and then carefully removed both toys.

He was incredibly excited and couldn’t wait another minute. He stood and undressed quickly, his erect hot cock springing out, precome dripping from the engorged head. She reached for it, but Tanner couldn’t even allow for that. He placed himself above her body and lowered his cock between her legs. He felt her small hand reach down and guide him to her swollen pussy. He couldn’t stop. He entered her and began stroking in and out with unbelievable need. He felt her legs wrap around him, giving him even deeper access to her pussy. Her warm inner self molded itself to him, and made him feel a part of her. They kissed greedily as he plumbed her depths, whispering words of desire and lust, both of them in a haze of desire.

Her hand was still between them and he could feel her fingers on his cock, massaging it as he moved in and out. He felt his balls tighten and knew he was about to explode. Sam’s fingers moved into his hair, holding his face to hers, kissing him with excitement and desire. She looked into his eyes and smiled, asking him to come for her, in her.

Tanner tensed and then felt the come pouring into her. Her hips met his, thrusting in unison, slowing as his orgasm diminished. He collapsed on her, holding her close and kissing her face, his cock still inside her. He felt her muscles as she milked him and caressed him.

They slept.

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