The stud farm, final part, loosing ones virginity.

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The stud farm, final part, loosing ones virginity.Norfolk 1933It had been two months since that evening,Stella had thought about it a lot since then,Her and Dawn had discussed it a few times. Dawn had told her that Sir Michael would never let another sole know.After all Dawn New of all his extra marital activities.As he new about hers.Stella had been a little shocked by this.You mean he knows about what we get up to as well?Look Stella, Dawn had said.Mike and I have an open relationship, he has my permission to have sex with any woman.As long as he tells me all about it,And doesn’t get any woman pregnant.Not that he can mind you.And he in turn let’s me have sex with anyone male or female that I want.And as your the only other person I enjoy.I tell him every little detail.Look it was my idea that he should ask you, if you wanted to loose your virginity to him.To be honest,I wouldn’t trust any other man with your first time.But I assure you I’ve never told him why, or how you earned the money that you were found with.As I told him, that is something I would never tell him as it was none of his business.I only know I said. because Stella needed someone she could trust.And his never asked about it again.On this particular evening, Sir Michael was away on business.Probably would end up in bed with some bit of skirt.Dawn had thought to herself.So she had decided to spend the evening with her best friend Stella.Plus she wanted to know how Stella’s date with Max had gone.She also wanted to know if she was still a Virgin!Dawn knocked on Stella’s doorAnd called out.STELLA are you in,Just in the bathroom, won’t be two ticksHad come the reply.Are you decently dressed Dawn had called back.No had come the reply,I’m naked as the day I was born, just toweling myself off.OK I’ll come in and help you with that then.Dawn called back.And with that she walked in the front door, closing it behind her.As Dawn walked into the bathroom, Stella indeed was standing there naked Toweling herself Dry.Let me help you with that Dawn said.Taking the towel and drying Stella’s back.After she had dried her back she gently started to dry her tummy and hips, letting herHand slip between Stella’s legs. As she did this she asked her friend how the date had gone with max the previous evening. Bloody disaster. Stella had replied. And told her friend about the previous evening. You know he wants me to give up working, and live with him. As no wife of his is gonna work as she’ll be to busy having k**s and bringing them up. Knowing that Stella felt the same way about k**s, as Dawn did. c***dren were OK as long as you could give them back at the end of the day. Well I told him that’s not how I see my future at the moment.Not to sure if I’ll be seeing him again, after that.I’m sorry to hear that Stella,Dawn replied.Giving her friend a Hug. Although secretly, Dawn was glad, as she’d never really liked Max anyway.As far as Dawn was concerned, Max wasn’t good enough for her best friend.You know. Stella confided in Dawn,I thought that Max was going to be the man I would loose my virginity toOh there there you poor thing Dawn said. Trying to console her friend who was starting to cry. Stella just said. I give up, honestly I do. At the moment I may as well become a Nun. Dawn thought to herself. This would be a good time to bring up the subject of Mike taking her virginity. But before she brought it up…….. So instead she kissed her friend on the mouth. As there lips met, there mouths opened, and they locked tongues with each other. Stella forgot all about Max, Instead concentrating, on kissing Dawn. As they kissed Dawn’s hand took its familiar path between Stella’s legs. Pushing on through her PUBIC hair. And letting her fingers instead push into Stella’s moist pussy. Stella of course didn’t stop her. As her own hands were busy unbuttoning, Dawn’s dress. Preety soon the dress was on the bathroom floor. And Dawn was left standing in just her knickers and flat shoes. Wasting no time Stella soon had her hand inside Dawn’s knickers. Also pushing her fingers into her friends wet pussy. A little out of breath, Stella suggested going to the bedroom. As the two women entered the bedroom, Dawn’s Knickers came down and off. Stella was soon laying on her back on the bed, Her knees were sticking in the air, the soles of her feet and heels flat on the bed And her legs were apart. Dawn wasted no time in getting her tongue to work on Stella’s sweet juicy pussy. Thumbing her pussy lips apart, so she could lick and tease Stella’s pussy more easily. Preety soon Stella was having an orgasm. After her orgasm the two women changed places. And Stella thumbed open Dawn’s wonderful ginger hair covered pussy. As she licked furiously at Dawn’s Clit. Sliding a finger or twoInto Dawns wet pussy. Oooh yeaaahhh right oohhhhyesssss there. With in minutes Dawn had an orgam. As the two women lay arm in arm side  by side. Stella said. Don’t suppose that offer of yours and Mike’s is still on the table. Dawn kissed her friend again, a deep open mouthed kiss, again there tongues locked together. As the two ladies kissed, Dawn cupped Stella’s breasts. Playing with her nipples. Then Dawn pulled Back. And said, Are you really sure your ready to loose your virginity? If you’re really serious, and you want to loose it to Mike, the offer is still open, And always will be. Stella looked her friend in the eyes. sayingYes I’m ready to loose it, and would love to loose it to your husband. Then when Mike comes back,  either tomorrow or the day after. I’ll let him know. Replied Dawn. But I would like you to do something for me,  when he takes your virginity. Added Dawn. Anything, you know I’ll do anything for you Dawn, Stella replied. I would like you to fulfil one of my husbands fantasies.  I want you to shave your pubicHair off. Said Dawn. Plus it’ll make it easier for you. Then your PUBIC hair won’t get in the way. Stella without even having to think about it agreed, that if Sir Michael Was going to take her virginity, then she would do as Dawn asked, and shave her pubic hair off.A week had passed. Dawn was heading to Stella’s. to ask her if she was available Friday night.As Sir Michael was free all weekend.Stella was delighted with this news.And yes she was also free the whole weekend.Friday Stella had the Day off.Dawn had taken her shopping. so Stella could be wearing the sort of thing Sir Michael liked.They were now back at Stella’s place, and Stella was in the bath being helped by Dawn to shave her pubic hair off. Stella thought back to the last time she had to have her pubic hair shaved.***************************************************************************Scotland 1923It was Stella Brown’s first day at St Augustine Catholic girls school.She was being sarıyer escort told all the doe’s and don’ts of the school.She was not happy to find out that one of the rules was. that no pupilWas allowed to grow there pubic hair. So she’d had to endure the embarrassment of having her pubic hairShaved off by the school matron.As the matron explained,If a lady has no pubic hair, then no one is going to be looking at her pubic area. When Said lady is naked.***********************************************Norfolk 1933After helping her shave, Dawn had remarked on how lovely and smooth stella felt between the legs.And she so desperately wanted to kiss and eat Stella.But just this once she would wait.So Dawn left Stella to get ready, and went home to get herself ready.Stella had bought a nice  matching underwear set.A new short skirt, the type that  was nice and tight around the bottom. But loose below that.She put on her blouse and a pair of high heels.Did her make up. And decided to let her hair hang loose. Then she was ready.Stella walked the short distance to the Effinghams house. Stella knocked on the Effinghams frontdoor. Dawn answered it.She was wearing. A nice white blouse, green skirt and a nice pair of Ruby colored shoes. Her ginger hair hung loose.She greeted Stella with a smile on her face. Please come on in Stella. Stella followed Dawn to the front room. as she had done the last time. As they walked into the front room, Sir Michael, who was wearing a nice black short sleeved shirt,Black tight fitting trousers. (which showed off the shape of his nice bottom Thought Stella to herself.) and black Slip on shoes. He turned and greeted Stella and his wife. With a G&T in one hand, Which he offered to Stella. And a red wine in the other hand, which he offered to his wife. Both women excepted the drinks offered to them. Sir Michael asked Stella how she was.I’m well thank you Mike, replied Stella. Remembering to call him Mike and not Sir Michael. The three of them chatted for a while. Small talk about nothing in particular. They had a lovely light dinner, then retired to the front room once again. Sir Michael said. So Stella, Dawn here tells me that you said you are ready to loose your virginity. Are you sure your ready? And that you want to loose it to me? Stella looked him directly in the eyes And replied, Sir Michael I am ready to loose my virginity, and I am happy to loose it to you. Then shall we begin, replied Sir Michael, standing up and moving over to stand next to Stella. Stella laughed nervously. Ready when you are I think. With that Sir Michael stood behind Stella, placed his hands on her hips, Leand forward and kissed the side of her neck. As he kissed her neck all over. his hands slid under Stella’s blouseSlowly. whilst still kissing her neck, his hands moved up the inside of her blouse. Until they were cupping her breasts. Preety soon his hands had slipped under the bottom of her Bra, And were fondling her breasts. After about 5 minutes of breast fondling, by which time Stella’s nipples had become hard. Sir Michael’s hands started to move down Stella’s body, He stopped lightly kissing Stella’s neck. As his hands passed her bottom, giving it a gentle squeeze as they did. Stella had never had a man stand behind her like this, and do such things to her. She thought Sir Michael had loverly soft feeling Hands. By now Sir Michael’s hands had reached the bottom of Stella’s skirt, and were now making the Journey up the inside of her skirt. Soon they were on her hips under her skirt. He moved his right hand to her navel, slowly letting his fingers run lightly backwards and forwards Across the top of her knickers, before suddenly without warning sliding his hand down the front of her knickers. Of course Sir Michael was expecting to be feeling Stella’s pubic hair. But instead he touched the bare skin, of her pubic area. By the smile on his face, Dawn who was sat in front of them watching. Could tell he liked what he found. As he touched her pubic area, sir Michael smiled and kissed the side of Stella’s neck. But his hand didn’t stop at her pubic area, Instead he kept moving it down the inside of her knickers, until his fingersWere touching Stella’s pussy. As his fingers touched her pussy and started to rub her clit and get pushed into her by nowMoist pussy. Stella parted her legs a little, so Sir Michael could push two fingers deeply inside her. Soon Stella was breathing hard, and started to softly moan. Oooh ahraaa ooohhhhhSir Michael stopped, Pulled his hand out of Stella’s knickers. And held Stella in his arms pulling her towards him. Both hands were now on her bottom. squeezing her bottom cheeks. As he did this he lent forward and kissed Stella on the lips. Stella opened her mouth as he did this. Allowing Sir Michael to slip his tongue into her mouth, If he so wished to. Which of course he did. For about 3 minutes they stood there kissing open mouthed. There tongues twisted around each others. As they kissed Stella’s hands were now also squeezing Sir Michael’s bottom cheeks. Dawn just sat there watching, Enjoying immensely the sight of her husband kissing, fondling and touching her best friend. Dawn then suggested that they should maybe move upstairs, to the bedroom. As they entered the bedroom Sir Michael undid the buttons on Stella’s blouse, letting it slip to the floor. Removed her Bra, undid the button and pulled the little zip downOn Stella’s skirt, thus letting the skirt fall to the floor. Stella was left standing there In her knickers and shoes. Sir Michael was now kneeling in front of Stella, he was kissing her navel. Kissing his way gently from her left hip to her right hip, Across the top of her knickers. Stella was enjoying this attention immensely. Suddenly without warning, Sir Michael hooked the index finger and fore finger, of both handsInto the top of Stella’s knickers and pulled them slowly down. Stopping only to kiss the bare skin of her pubic area, as he pulled them down. Now with her knickers round her ankles he instructed her to step out of them. As she lifted first one foot he removed her shoe, and kissed her foot. And did the same with the other shoe and foot. Now standing in the Effinghams bedroom completely naked. Sir Michael manoeuvred Stella to the edge of the bed, and suggested that she get on the bed. Stella sat on the edge of the bed. As Stella sat on the edge of the bed, Dawn stood up from where she had been observing, everything that had just happened. As Stella watched she saw Dawn undress Sir Michael, Whose back was now to her.Stella saw Sir Michael’s shirt fall to the floor, as his shirt fell he kicked his shoes off. Next Dawn crouched in front of her husband, and undid esenyurt escort his Belt, his button, and pulled his zipper down. Then Stella watched as his trousers and pants were pulled down by Dawn,Now she could see his gorgeous bare arse. This wasn’t the first time Stella had seen Sir Michael’s bare bottom! ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««Scotland 1923Dawn Rednam, Was a young woman of 26, she had shoulder length ginger hair. A fantastic figure for a woman of the time. And she was sneaking into the new stables with Sir Michael Effingham. Only 3 days ago had they been completed, So they were still empty at the moment. She had told Sir Michael, who let her call him Mike. That she wanted to show him something in the new stable block. Sir Michael was a good friend of her father’s, and was staying for the weekend. He was about 38 years old, and the most handsom man Dawn had ever met. And as for his smile……….. So what did you want to show me asked Sir Michael.?As if I didn’t know. Dawn just smiled. knelt in front of him and undid the fly on his trousers. Reaching in with one hand, she put it in his pants, locating the thing she Was looking for, she pulled his cock out of his pants. As soon as she had his cock out she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Sir Michael undid the button on his trousers, and Dawn pulled them and his pants down. Now she really worked on his cock with her mouth. As she did this Sir Michael placed his hands on either side of her head. So he could gently thrust his cock back and forth in her mouth. As he did this Dawn was letting the most sensitive part of his cock rub against her tongue. After a while Dawn stood up, and said to Sir Michael. I want you Mike and I want you NOW. I want to feel your loverly erect cock inside me. Sir Michael soon had her in one of the stables, He pulled her jodhpurs and knickers down. Told her to bend over and put her hands on the side of the stable wall. As she did this he put his hand between her legs, pushing his finger into herVery hairy pussy and was delighted to find she was very moist, and his finger slid in Easily. He asked her to part her legs a little. As she did this, he removed his hand from her pussy. And without any further ado. Guided his erect cock into her by now wet pussy. As he gently pushed his cock in he grabbed her hips. Now he was fully inside her, he pulled his cock 3 quarters of the way out. Before again thrusting it into her. Then out again, back in, back out getting a little quicker with each thrust. Dawn was making all these, ooohhh ahhhrrrr oohhhh noises. Which must of been fairly loud, as Stella Brown, who happened to be walking past at the time. Could hear noises coming from inside the new stable block that was supposed to be empty. So curious to find out what was making the noises she walked into the stable block. She soon located the stable that the noises were coming from. Which by now sounded like this. Ooohhh ooohhh oh my ooohhhhAs she looked in the stable she saw a man’s rather gorgeous looking bare bottom. Going backwards and forwards, on top of something that he seemed to be laying on top of. As she watched transfixed, a woman’s head appeared from underneath this man. She instantly recognised it as being Dawn’s face, who was saying some very strange things. Oh god yes Mike, keep going. Oohhhh aaahhhhh ooohhh aaahhhhh please fuck me fuck me. All the man was saying was, oooohhhh ooohhhhHe seemed to be struggling for breath. Suddenly Dawn looked straight at Stella and smiled and winked. Then indicated with a wave of her hand that she should move back into the shadows a bit. From this position, Stella could see and hear what happened next. The man who’s bottom Stella could see pumping back & forth on top of her friend suddenly said. I’m gonna come I’m gonna come it sounded like to Stella. Dawn replied not yet not yet. Her breathing seeming to get more shallower. With a final I’m gonna come right now, He moved off of Dawn, and kneeling between her legs, which Stella could now seeWere either side of him, and the lower half of Dawn’s body didn’t have her clothes on. Well Dawn’s jodhpurs and knickers were there but for some reason we’re only on one leg. And round the ankle of that leg, at that.So Stella could quite clearly see Dawn’s tangle of ginger pubic hair. Stella then heard the man say aaahhhhh aaahhhhh oooohhhhhhhAnd saw all this white stuff come outta the end of the man’s very stiff looking penis. Which landed on dawns tangle of ginger pubic hair. He then leant forward and kissed Dawn on the lips, they seemed to kiss like thatFor ages. Then the man stood up and pulled his pants and trousers up. And said to Dawn. Thank you so much for showing that to me Dawn. Dawn replied your welcome Sir Michael. You go back to the house and I’ll be back in a few minutes after I rearrange my clothes. The man who Stella now recognised, as indeed being Sir Michael. Kissed Dawn again. Just a quick touch of the lips this time. And said OK see you later gorgeous. And thanks for the fuck. Then left. A minute later, so Sir Michael was out of earshot. Dawn said you can come out now Stella. Stella stepped out of the shadows, And said, what were you and Sir Michael doing? We were having sex replied Dawn. Seeing the blank look on Stella’s face, she said you know. Sex, fucking, having a bit of How’s ya father. Still a blank look from Stella.Oh my said Dawn suddenly realising, that Stella had no idea what she meant. You really don’t know what I’m talking about do you? So as she dressed herself. she explained what sex was. Stella listened intently, and asked so what was all that white stuff. That came out of his penis. That’s what he meant when he said he was coming. Which is spelt, C, U, M, M, I, N, G. cumming. That’s what happens when a man goes all the way. For a woman it’s different. We get this feeling a tingling sensation. But very enjoyable, added Dawn. That’s if your lucky enough to be having sex with someone like Mike. Please Stella can I ask you not to tell anyone what you saw, as if my father finds outWhat Sir Michael and I were doing. I’d be in a lot of trouble, and you wouldn’t want me to get into trouble would you. Stella promised not to tell anyone, that she would keep Dawn’s seceret. Dawn thanked her. Then said, oh my goodness Stella look at the time. It’s 19:35 your late going back to St Augustine Catholic girls school. Oh crap replied Stella, I’ll get six of the best with the cane, for sure. Most probably on the bare bottom. She rubbed her bottom remembering the last time she’d gotten back late. Dawn, thinking quickly said, I’ll ask dad to walk you back, and tell him it’s my fault your late as you avrupa yakası escort was helping me And we didn’t realise what the time was. You’d really do that for me asked stella. Of course, as if you think about it. It is mine and Sir Michael’s fault that your late back anyway. > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>1933 Norfolk Now Sir Michael was naked except for his socks which he slipped off. As he turned to face Stella, Dawn returned to her seat. Stella, might I suggest that you lay on your back in the middle of the bed. As Stella did this Sir Michael added, and now bend your knees and put your feet flatOn the bed, now open your legs a bit, little bit wider please. From her vantage point, Dawn could see her friends beautiful naked body. Oh she’d seen her loads of times before naked, but this was different, Because her husband was also naked in the room. As Dawn watched, she started to idly play with herself. She pulled the bottom of her skirt up, and put her hand down her knickers. As Stella lay there naked, looking up at Sir Michael who was also naked. Waiting to find out what was going to happen next. She didn’t have long to wait. Sir Michael, knelt on the floor and placing his hands on Stella’s upper legs. Pulled her towards him. Stella was now directly in front of him, her shaved pussy almost touching his lips. Sir Michael let go of her legs, lent forward and kissed her shaved pubic area. Then he put his thumbs on her outa pussy lips, and thumbed them open. As he did this he breathed in the sweet perfume of her very moist pussy. To him it smelt, like something sweet, that he couldn’t quite make out. Preety soon he was slowly and gently licking her pussy. Starting just under her anus, he licked the length of her pussy, stopping when he Reached her clit, and he teased that with his tongue. Preety soon he pulled her pussy lips apart so he could have a proper look insideHer by now very wet pussy. He had a good look, before returning to licking her. This time as he licked and nibbled, on her clit he also pushed his fore finger into her Pussy, pushing it upwards as he did this. Soon Stella was moaning in pleasure. Ooohhhhh aahhhh oohhhhhh ooooooh hoooooooo aaaahhhhhOhhhh yes right there, yyeeessss yyesssssssOh myyyyyy I’m gonna orgasmSuddenly Stella’s body started to shake as the orgasm went through her. As her body shook she pushed Sir Michael’s head into her pubic bone. Sir Michael didn’t panic, as Dawn had done this to him many times before. He just kept gently licking her, by now very wet pussy. Eventually the orgasm subsided. Sir Michael stood up, got a towel from the chair, and wiped the pussy juices. From his face. Then he asked Stella if she was ready for him to continue. Stella nodded. So Sir Michael knelt between her legs, and guided his very erect cock into her, extremely wet pussy. As he pushed the tip in, he let go of his cock and pulled her lower body closer, With his lower legs under him, and Stella’s lower body pressed against his upper legs, He very gently, pushed his cock further into her pussy with his hipsWhich made Stella gasp. Until it was all the way in. Then he pulled out, but not all the way out with his hips. He did this another five times. By then Stella was more used to feeling his cock sliding in and out. After a minute or two. Sir Michael suggested they changed position. So he lay on his back and Stella sat on his lap facing him. His cock was know inside her again. But this time Stella was in control of how deep his cock went, and how fast they fucked. Stella liked this position, because not only could she look into Sir Michael’s face whilst they fucked. And control the depth and speed.. But Sir Michael could also squeeze her bottom cheeks, or ‘fondle’ her breasts. Soon they changed position again, This time standing up and with Stella bending over the bed, Sir Michael entered her from behind. As he pumped her pussy, using her hips to support them. he thrusted his cock in&outIn&out in out in out. Soon he was finding it hard to breath. As his breathing quickened. Suddenly he stopped pulled his cock out of Stella. Turned her round, so she could sit on the bed. Soon she was laying on her back with her legs bent and her knees upto her chest. And Sir Michael was on top thrusting his cock In&out getting quicker with each thrust. In out in out in out in out in out, Stella was making little ooh ooh aahhh gasping noises. Sir Michael’s breathing was getting shallower and shallower. As he suddenly said I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum. And pulled out just in time, as two seconds later his hard pussy juice covered cockERUPTED over Stella’s tummy, some of his cum, landing on Stella’s lower rib cage. But most of it landing on her tummy and pubic area. Dawn who had been watching all this, whilst furiously rubbing her clit with the fingersOf one hand, whilst working a dildo in and out of her pussy with the other hand. Stopped what she was doing, went over to the bed. Grabbed her husbands cock and licked and sucked all the sticky cum and pussy juices off of it. Then Sir Michael sat where Dawn had been sitting, and watched as his wife. Licked and sucked all the cum he’d shot over Stella’s body, off of her. Swallowing some of it as she went. Then with the final bit in her mouth she kissed Stella open mouthed, and let his cum drip Into her mouth. When she pulled her head back, Sir Michael could see the cum in Stella’s open mouth Before she swallowed it. From where he sat he asked Stella if she had enjoyed looseing her virginity to him? Stella replied. Thank you Sir Michael for taking my virginity. And thank you Dawn for letting him. That was the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had with a man. I would love to do it again with you sometime, if Dawn doesn’t mind. Dawn answered for both Mr & Mrs Effingham. My husband is free to have sex with you anytime he wishes as long as you want sex with him. And this doesn’t in anyway interfere with our own arrangement. Because I’m sure my husband is happy for us to continue as before. Sir Michael nodded his approval, at what his wife said. Stella simply replied, with a smile on her face. how about the both of you at the same time! And that’s exactly what happened next. they spent most of the weekend having sex with each other. Either Sir Michael and Stella, orDawn and Stella, or Mr & Mrs Effingham, Or all three together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Stella worked for the Effinghams until 1940she left to do her bit for the war effort. Planning to return afterwards. But sadly never did get the chance to return. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~She often thought of those happy years spent working at Effingham stud farm. And the very happy evenings spent with her good friend Dawn or with Sir Michael. Or with both of them at the same time……………………. ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××Stella’s story will continue some time after World War 2But until then we’ll leave her and Mr & Mrs Effingham Having a wonderful sex filled weekend together. ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××

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