The Submission of Angel

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Dark clouds promising rain had consumed the bright morning sun. She walked out of the building she called home just as the clouds busted open pouring drops of warm water onto the streets. As she made her way down the street, holding an umbrella in her left hand, her strawberry blonde curls danced down her back, some falling over her shoulder and teasing her breasts by bouncing in and out of the low cut shirt he chose. The fabric caressed her bare breasts, allowing the strangers around her to see her taut nipples dancing beneath, her khaki shorts were clinging to her bronze thighs as she made her way through the crowd, her heels making a light sound against the pavement. She was meeting someone today, a lover who would teach her the one thing she hadn’t fully accepted. She would submit to him, this morning he called her and told her she should wear the shirt and shorts she had on, but nothing beneath the fabric, he wanted her skin to be easily accessible. The shoes were a must he warned that if she didn’t have the right ones she would be punished. Her mind was full of anger towards the man who just left her; this lover would hurt her, and maybe leave bruises, she didn’t care about that. Those bruises would heal and she will have learned something. Submitting was an art her lover told her, like most arts you need to be taught it.

“When you are ready I will show you” he promised just months ago. She never expected to take that offer.

She stood quietly at the door of his building, finishing the cigarette that she wasn’t too sure she needed. As she dropped it to the ground as the door opened and she made her way to his apartment. She knocked on the door, quieter then normally, part of her was hoping that he wouldn’t answer and she could turn back now. The door opened and he stood there, his hazel eyes looked over her approvingly as he stepped aside to let her in closing the door behind her, he stopped and watched her walk, running a hand through his brown hair almost nervously. She glanced around the apartment noticing a piece of rope lying on the stand next to the couch. He walked towards her as she turned around they greeted each other with a passionate kiss. Bodies grinding against each other in desire, then she pulled away slowly.

“How rough are you prepared to get today?” he asked her as she pulled away. She shrugged at the question as she set her umbrella and bag on a chair in the corner. He approached her again, pulling her in for another kiss, his tongue snaking out of his mouth and into hers as his hands ran down her back to grasp her ass, pulling her closer.

“Are you going to answer the question?” he asked when he pulled away from the kiss.

“Mmmmm yeah I want like a grudge fuck type of thing, and can you handle that?” as she looked up at him, lust dancing in her ice blue eyes. She traced his strong jaw line with her tongue playfully before he pulled back allowing a coy smile to spread on his face.

“Maybe you should tell me exactly what you WANT to happen?” he told her. Her reply was simple and complicated at the same time.

“Mmmmm I want to be taken — I want to feel your cock moving in and out of my mouth without me controlling it…I want to be teased …knowing eventually you will fuck me but not knowing when or how you will do it, but most of all if want to be wanted.” His eyes moved from hers to the rope laying on the stand, he grabbed it and held it towards her.

“Perhaps this could be used in giving you that?” he asked her. Leaning in and kissing her again he whispered, “Mmmmm you are definitely wanted baby”

She offered her wrists to him with a smile spreading across her face, as he reached to tie them.

“oh wait a second” she said. His brow rose suspiciously at her as she pulled away from him. Standing back just one step she removed the clothing she was instructed to wear, revealing her bronzed breasts, stomach and legs to his eyes, she watched his eyes move down her body and pause at her shaven pussy, lingering there a moment as he licked his lips.

He’d almost forgotten what she looked like nude; it’s been months since she came to him. Stepping back towards him she offered her wrists again. His hands moving quickly and skillfully to tie her hands, knowing once he’s done this she will be under his control, completely hopeless to his wants and desires for her body. She slowly licks then gently bites her lip as she moves to sit on his couch, tied hands falling into her lap. He stands still watching her walk, looking her body over as she sits down spreading her legs on his couch, her tied hands in her lap the fingers teasing the shaven pussy awaiting his use. He undoes his belt and allows his pants to fall to the floor, stepping out of them he walks towards her, caressing her hair gently as his hard cock stands just inches from her mouth. Grabbing her hair now he forcefully pulls her mouth onto his cock murmuring one word to her ‘suck’.

Without hesitation her mouth moves along his cock knowingly, sucking hard as güvenilir bahis the tongue teases the head and shaft playfully. She looks up at him with her blue eyes gleaming; she spreads her legs apart and slides her fingers into the velvet warmth of her pussy, her mouth taking him deeper inside her. His hazel eyes glance down to hers then down to her fingers moving in and out of her pussy, seeing this makes him want her more. He grabs her strawberry blonde locks and starts to fuck her face relentlessly, moving the full length of his cock into her mouth. A gentle moan escapes her as he takes her mouth, her fingers start to move faster and he can smell her scent in the room, joining the sounds of her sucking his cock. As he works into her mouth his cock is dripping with saliva, it drips down his balls and onto the floor; he continues to take her mouth, his precum sliding along her tongue allowing her a taste of his cum. She moans loudly into his cock as she fights back a little, pulling her mouth from his cock long enough to suck the sweet nectar from within her off her fingertips. Then she greedily goes back to sucking his cock as he pounds in and out of her mouth knowing what she wants.

“I know what you want girl and I am going to give it to you” he moans out as he continues to pound into her face, his balls slapping against her throat and chin.

“What are you going to give me baby?” she asks after pulling off his cock for a moment.

“Mmmmm I’m going to give you my hot cum… is that what you want??” he groans out as she strokes his cock.

She responds with “eventually but for once I don’t want to drink it.”

He is taken by this, and pauses a moment asking “is that so? Where do you want it then?” His eyes focused on her. Her tongue darts out of her mouth and over the tip of his cock before she responds.

“I want you to fuck me HARD, then to cum all over my cunt and body, then I want to lick your cock clean” she says, her voice sultry and smooth.

His eyes move over her as he responds, “if you’re a good girl that’s what you’ll get”

He pulls back from her mouth, his cock throbbing noticeably hard as he instructs her to spread her legs wide for him, telling her he’s going to fuck her cunt hard. She lies back against the couch reaching her tied hands above her head so he can hold them there as he takes her. Without hesitation he drives his cock deep inside her, causing her to groan out from the mixture of pain and pleasure, one of his hands moving to pin hers down the other reaching for her breasts and pinching and pulling at them. His eyes locked on hers as he pounds into her. She glances down watching his cock moving in and out of her swollen cunt, groaning in ecstasy, she looks back up into is eyes and whispers a single word ‘harder’. The ice blue in her eyes pleading with him as he looks to her face to be sure she wants it.

He grabs her hips, his fingernails digging into her, his cock pounding deeper into her cunt, stretching it with each thrust, his thick cock coated with her cum as he impales her again and again with it, taking her, his moans becoming uncontrollable as he focuses on her eyes, those eyes filled with lust, pain and pleasure. She gasps with each of his forceful thrusts; somehow between those gasps she manages to cry to him.

“Yes baby that’s it fuck me harder, HURT ME.”

Her cunt throbbing around his cock, her throbbing quickening with each of his thrusts moans escaping her soft lips as she quivers beneath him. The sounds from her driving him on, knowing that she’s helpless beneath him, knowing that she’s enjoying every moment of this, their bodies slamming into each other, as he wildly pushes deeper into her, his knees becoming weaker as his only instinct is to fuck her harder.

Her breathing quickens as her body draws close to orgasm, she watches him as she grinds up into his body, waiting for his face to show signs of his breaking point, when she will be covered in cum. She rises against him licking and nipping at his neck.

“Fuck, you slut, take my cock hard in and make me cum.” He groans out between his uncontrollable moans His head becoming light as her gentle moans turn into screams; he pounds harder into her as his cock erupts his seed into her.

“Mmmmm fuck, take it like the good little slut you are” he cries out into her ear.

“GRAHHHH” she cries out as her body reaches its climax, convulsing up against his as he continues to pound into her. Her cunt throbbing around him as he constantly pounds away still fills her with his cum. Her body falls limp beneath him.

“You like it that much you couldn’t stop long enough to spray me with your cum?” she asks him as she giggles. Her body still quivers below him as she watches his face. His hand still holding her tied wrists he leans down and kisses her passionately, his chest heaving up and down against hers as he tries to catch his breath.

“You’d better catch your breath,” she whispers to him as she smiles up at him, “because I want türkçe bahis more”

“You want more huh?” he asks, “and what do you want now?”

“I want to ride,” she whispers, a grin spreading across her face.

“Hmmm really? Well I can’t argue with that!” he says as he lies down on the couch. He reaches to untie her.

“Uhhh no, sit up” she says, “I am staying tied!”

He sits up spreading his legs a little, looking at her as she moves to her knees next to him. She moves her mouth over his cock, taking it in quickly and sucking their juices from him, then she licks her way to his balls sucking them too.

“That’s a good slut,” he moans out as his hand moves through her strawberry blonde curls as she cleans the mess she’s made on his cock. She swallows the mixed juices then leans up to kiss him, letting her tongue move into his mouth and tease him as her fingers tease the length of his cock. He pushes his tongue into her mouth and tastes the sweetness of cunt on her breath, moaning gently as his hand moves down her back and rests on her bronze colored ass. She pulls away and moves her mouth back towards his cock sucking gently again.

“Fuck me now, slut!” he says as he grabs her hair, pulling her mouth from his cock. His other hand moves to his thick cock holding it as she straddles his lap. She looks down at him with a gentle smile as his cock presses into her tight cunt lips. As the head rests inside her tight warm slit, he rests his hands on her hips, aching to pull her further down but waiting just a moment to do so. She raises her tied hands, wrapping her arms around his neck, at that moment he grasps her hips and yanks her deeper onto his cock. He stops there once he’s completely inside her, giving her control for a few minutes. She stares into his eyes as she rocks back and forth on his cock, slowly grinding her body against his. She leans forward and licks his lips slowly as his fingertips move to tease her erect nipples. His fingers pinching and twisting at the hard nubs, then one hand moving further down, grabbing her ass and making her ride him harder.

He leans further back into the couch as he presses his hand against her breast, watching the thickness of his cock piercing into her wet folds. Gentle moans escape his lips as he licks them, watching her take his cock in. She focuses on his face, twisted in pleasure as she starts to ride him harder. Unable to control the animal within himself he grabs her ass lifting her up, standing as he walks towards the bedroom, his cock still inside her. She continues to ride it, easily wrapping her legs around his waist. Slamming her into the wall just outside the bedroom door, he fuck her harder, his balls slapping her ass as he gets deeper inside her throbbing cunt. She moans loudly as he uses this force on her.

“If we are against the wall how are you going to spank my ass when I’ve been bad?” she asks him between gasps.

“Don’t worry slut you’ll get your spanking” he looks up at her and grins and slamming into her hard.

He bites her neck roughly as he thrusts deeper into her. She pushes back into the wall, forcing her body deeper onto his cock. Their bodies colliding into one another loudly as his teeth nipple at her skin, he sucks on her soft skin, leaving a slight bruise on her. He pulls away from the wall, pulling his cock from inside her; she lets out a groan as it’s taken from her. He runs his fingers along her strawberry blonde curls that have fallen around her face, leans in, kissing her and moving his hand through the curls again, to the back of her head. His grip on her hair tightens as he pulls away, using her hair to pull and guide her into his bedroom; he pushes her forward onto his bed. Reaching out he slaps her ass and tells her to get on all fours on the bed.

Hands still tied, she props herself up on her elbows as she bends her knees. Knees planted on the edge of the bed as she pulls her elbows closer to her knees. Looking back over her shoulder as she wiggles her ass at him.

“Like this sir??” she whispers.

“Just like that” he says as he grins as he watches her, ass cheeks spread slightly, cunt exposed nicely. He slowly approaches the bed. A fingertip reaching out and tracing the edge of her asshole, as he slides his cock against the soaked lips of her cunt. He barely pushes the tip of his finger inside her asshole.

“Tell me how bad you want this cock to fuck you slut” he commands her.

“Mmmmm very badly” she moans out.

“And do you want a finger inside this tight little asshole while I fuck your tight little cunt?” He asks her while rubbing his thumb into the wetness of her clit and cunt.

“Yes baby,” she says as she looks over her shoulder at him.

He pushes his thumb into her cunt, lubing it with her sweet juices before he pushes it into her asshole. Her tight ass grips his thumb as he slides his cock into her cunt slowly. He reaches up and slaps her ass with his free hand and tells her to fuck him hard. She moves faster, fucking güvenilir bahis siteleri back into his cock and thumb at the same time. His other hand rubbing her ass cheeks as he watches her move along his cock. He reaches out and slaps her ass more aggressively this time.

“Mmmmm no slut, fuck me HARDER!” he says.

“Do you like calling me a slut? Does it turn you on that I want to be a dirty little slut today?” she asks looking over her shoulder at him. She fucks harder back into him, groaning with each thrust. He nods with a grin as he rubs her reddened ass cheek, reaching back and slapping it again, causing a slight sting she doesn’t seem to mind.

“I like it that you’re a dirty little slut” he says between groans as he pushes deeper inside her.

“Fuck me hard and make me cum on your cock again” she moans out, her eyes locked on his, she grins wickedly.

He starts to move harder into her, so hard it hurts, but its turning her on, she begs for more as he pumps in and out of her, His thumb moving in and out of her asshole just as quickly. Her cunt throbbing around him and sucking at his cock as his balls slap wildly against her clit. She starts to quiver beneath him and looks back at him.

“How much would you like to slide that hard cock of yours where your thumb is? Hmmm?” she asks.

“I would like that so much. Would you like to feel my cock deep inside that tight little asshole of yours?” he whispers as his eyes fill with lust as he looks at her.

“Yes but make me cum on this hard cock first” she moans out as he starts to thrust harder into her. He reaches around and rubs on her clit forcefully as she moans louder, her body quivering beneath him as she climaxes. Her cum coats his cock, his balls, and dripping down her thighs as he pulls back.

“Fuck my ass now” she cries out almost pleadingly.

He shoves his cock into her asshole, feeling the tight puckering hole wrap around his thick cock, he reaches up grabbing a hand full of her hair and pulling it back, knowing she loves that. She groans and whimpers as he uses her body for his pleasure. Her tied hands move along her cunt, rubbing it then two fingers pushing into it. She fucks herself while he takes her asshole. His cock slowly moving in and out of her asshole, thrusting his hips back and forth from her, pulling her head back as he pulls at her scalp, running his hand along her nice ass as he fucks her tight little asshole.

“Baby tell me how you like it, fucking this slut however you choose” she cries out.

“Mmmmm I love your fucking ass, slut………tell me how much you need to be spanked while I fuck your tight asshole,” he groans as he grinds deeper into her asshole.

“Mmmmm baby I want you to spank the bad little slut while you fuck her punish her for not drinking your cum earlier” she cries out to him. He looks down at her firm ass, wondering how it will look once he’s put his handprints all over it; raising his hand he slaps her ass forcefully. She lets out a small whimper that’s pain mixed with pleasure. He raises his hand again and slaps her ass again, but on the other cheek. His heavy balls sway back and forth, swatting playfully at her dripping cunt as he leans forward to whisper into her ear.

“Mmmmm, you like the way that feels, you nasty little slut?” he asks her as he rubs the soft flesh on her ass cheeks. She gasps as he slaps her again surprisingly.

“Yes sir” She manages to whisper.

“Mmmmm, that’s a good little slut…and when I get ready to cum, your going to get on your knees and take all of my cum all over your face, aren’t you slut??” he murmurs in between moans, which are becoming uncontrollable. His cock slides quicker and harder into her ass as he grins.

“No sir I want your cum all over my tits and cunt” She moans out. He grabs her harder, forcing her head back, looking into her eyes as he continue to ram his cock deep into her asshole, feeling it clasping the width, splitting the sluts little asshole as he feel himself coming closer.

“Mmmmm you want my hot cum all over your tits?” he hisses through his gritted teeth.

“Mmmmm yes sir” she says, “I want to feel it on my skin. I want to rub it all over my tits and down into my cunt and wear it that way for the rest of the day.”

She reaches back and rubs her clit hard as she feels him picking up the pace. He reaches back and begins to spank her ass wildly as he gets closer to his climax; she gets closer to her own also. She pinches her clit and starts to cum again, letting a loud moan escape her lips. He watches her cum and quickly pulls his cock out of her used asshole, looking into her eyes.

“Get on your knees in front of me slut!” he commands. She does as told, looking up into his eyes as he moves in front of her taking his cock into his hand and quickly stroking his throbbing meat, looking down at her as he becomes close to climax, feeling his hot cum beginning to surge up the throbbing shaft.

“Mmmmm, tell me how much of a worthless little cum-slut you are…. and put those tits right in front of my cock,” he whispers to her. She watches as his hand moves along his cock, her tongue tracing her lips. She looks up into his eyes again, hungrily, then her eyes move back to his cock.

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