The Subway Car – An Adult Story

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The Subway Car – An Adult StoryI was pushing my bike down the stairs into the subway station. I swiped my Metro card as I carried my delivery bike over the metal barrier. I had been making deliveries all day. I was hot and a little sweaty. I was wearing just my tight bike messenger’s uniform. A pair of black lyrica biker shorts. A tight black lyrica matching top. I had unzip the top just a little to let in the warm air. It was close to 10pm when I heard the brakes on the subway train get closer.I walked into the last subway car. I could see a few people in the train cars in front of me. I had about a 2 hour ride to my stop. I pushed my bike against the back wall. I then sat in the small chair next to my bike. There were about 20 hard plastic chairs in the subway car. 5 metal poles were down the middle of the car. There were a few straps from over head to hang onto. The subway was known to toss you around at a few stops.The next two stops were about the same. A few people got on. There was maybe 6-7 people in the small subway car. I was passing the time by looking out the windows. I heard the brakes squeal hard. Then the lights flickered on and off. The train slowed down. It had been over a hundred degrees most of the day. There had been a few power outages already in the city. I was just praying this was not one of them.The train slowed down. I heard the doors open. I could smell the hot air from outside. Then my eyes got bigger. My mouth kinda of dropped open. A second later. A very voluptuous woman enter the subway car. She was about 5ft 7. She had long platinum blonde hair. She was wearing 6inch dark wooden Zebra print heels. She had a matching Zebra print tube top on. It was stretched over a huge pair of breast. She was wearing a black half cup bra, that was trying to contain her huge breast from spilling out the top. She was wearing a tight dark blue denim mini skirt.She had a perfect hour glass figure. Big on top, slim around the waist and a huge around the ass. My cock got instantly hard. I saw two other guys checking her out. Six women roll there eyes at her. She had a big zebra color purse under her right arm. She was talking on her cell phone. Her small left hand was next to her face. She had matching long red finger nails. They matched her fiery red lipstick and her sexy red toe nails. She had a big gold belt around her mid section. She was wearing some big gold hoop earrings and a few gold necklaces around her neck. Some of the chains sat low in her huge cleavage. She kept moving around. She did not want to sit down. So she started to hold on the middle metal pole.I then watched her whole body from behind shake as the subway car made its next 2 stops. She moved to the next metal pole. She was now about 5 feet in front of me. I got a quick smell of her sexy perfume. I then could hear her conversation on the phone. She left early from work today. She had a blind date. She had used Matched Dot Com. She hung around the bar for two hours. But her date never showed. Now she was pissed. Her friend on the phone was laughing at her expense.I decide to get up and move next to my bike. I was standing in front of it as I listen to more of her conversation. I adjusted my semi hard cock in my uniform, when the lights flickered again. I saw her turn her head as the train made its next stop. A few people got on. A few people got off the train.The lights flickered inside the train as we moved forward. I watched as the hot BBW kept getting closer to me. She put her hand on the last pole and swung her big ass in front of me. She just missed the front of might tight lyrica biker shorts. I looked to down to see her big ass. It was dyeing to get out. The tight dark blue denim skirt was about ready to explode. She was still talking on the phone. She did not even see me, just behind her.I was sitting back on my bicycle seat. I leaned up with my hands to grip two metal straps above my head. I then leaned forward. I looked directly over the shoulder of the hot BBW in front of me. She still did not notice me. I inched my eyes over her body. I could look directly down the front of her Zebra print tube top. Her breast looked huge from above. She had such deep cleavage. My mouth began to water. I wiped my forehead, so not to drip sweat on her. She just kept talking on her cell phone, as I moved back on my bike.I leaned out to the right and then to the left. I was trying to check out her whole body from behind. I then felt the train slow down. I watched her whole body shake as the train put on the brakes. She just kept talking away with her friend. I shift my hard cock inside my tight shorts again. I pulled the zipper down a little farther on my tight shirt. The güvenilir bahis zipper was now down to my belly button.“Beep! Beep!” I looked to my left. The doors to the train opened. I watched most of the people exit. There were just two people all the way in the front. I peeked around the bodacious girl in front of me. She turned her head to look around. I kinda of moved so she could not see me. Of course all she had to do was turn around. The doors to the train closed.The next stop was ten minutes later. I kept my eyes on the big round ass in front of me. My cock was trying to bend the tight lyrcia shorts open as I was so turned on by the hot BBW in front of me. Her perfume was driving me mad. Her whole body shook. I was about ready to explode in my bike messenger uniform.I then looked up. I heard the door to the left of the train open. A second later a swarm of business men enter the train. They were all Japanese. All of them had a brief case, or a computer. All of them had cell phones and were talking in Japanese as they moved inside the train. I watched as they kept getting in. Before I knew it. The whole train was full. They moved around the girl in front of me. They were on my sides. I was now squeezed between the bodacious girl and Japanese business men.I laughed on the inside. They were all shorter than me and the girl in front of me. Maybe the tallest business guy was 5ft2. I laughed more as none of them spoke English. They turned to each other. They were not looking at me or the girl with her left hand on the metal pole in front of me.I smiled. It was now or never. I had to touch that amazing phat ass in front of me. It had been teasing me long enough. I slowly leaned up and put my large left hand on her left butt cheek. She wiggled her big ass. “Oh! Your not going to believe this Mary. I think one of these small Japanese guys just rubbed up against me. I slowly moved my hand down her big left butt cheek. I then gave it a big squeeze.“Mother Fucker!! Excuse me!! Sir…” said the girl. She was yelling at this small Japanese guy next to her left butt cheek. He moved and said nothing. I then put my right hand on her big right butt cheek. “OMG! There it goes again. Now someone just touched the right side of my ass. Mary these guys are such perv’s. What the fuck!!!!” she said.I smiled as I ran my both my hands on her big ass. She tired to shake her ass, back and forth. She was trying not to be touched. Her head moved, but she could not turn around with everyone standing next to her. She was yelling at the small Japanese guy on her side. He smiled and took her picture with his phone. I was laughing on the inside again.Her ass felt amazing. So big and round. I had to go under her mini skirt. I had to see if she was wearing panties, a thong or nothing at all. She turned her head to look forward. I slowly moved my right hand under her mini skirt. Her big ass touched the back of my hand. She put her hand on my right hand. She was trying to stop my hand. She kept pushing my right hand away. She was breathing heavier. She was still on her cell phone. She started to slap my right hand away.I paused my right hand. She stopped slapping it. I then quickly dropped my right hand under her mini skirt. I could feel a thong on the tips of my fingers. I pulled it back. I looked down. It matched her black half cup bra she was wearing. It felt wet. I then could smell how turned on she was becoming. I gently pulled her thong back. She pushed my right hand back out the bottom of her mini skirt. I quickly smelled the tip of my fingers. “Mary I need to go. There some Japanese guy trying to feel me up. Stop! I’m not turned on. I’m not attracted to short guys. Please Derrick was a lost cause. Plus this fucking train is jammed packed with these guys..” Said the sexy round girl in front of me.She finally hung up her cell phone. She placed it in her purse. I then put both my hands on her hips. I gave her a big squeeze. She then spun her head around. She could finally move. I lifted my hands from around her sexy hips. She then looked me up and down. “Excuse me young man. Our you the one touching me? Hello!!!” she said. I did not say a word. She moved her hands in front of my face. Only when she turned and was looking straight ahead did I smile. There was nothing she could do. She was stuck in front of me. The train was jammed packed.I quickly moved behind her. Her big ass was touching the front of my tight bike messenger shorts. I was not sure if she could feel how hard she had made me. I moved my hands on her hips again. She tried to push them off with her small hands. I then released her hips. I had to touch her huge breast. If only for a second. I figure türkçe bahis she let me or slap me in the face. I quickly reached around her hips. I put both the palms of my hands up. I then brought them under her huge breast. I could feel the thin Zebra print material, her huge black half cup bra and all her huge flesh in my hands.“Ahhhh!!!!!” she screamed. She wiggled her huge ass on the front of my shorts. I squeezed her big breast again. She screamed again. No one was paying any attention to her. All the Japanese business men were looking out the windows or talking to each other. She slap my hands again. I then pushed both my hands under her mini skirt. She was not expecting that. She grunted and tried to turn her head. She tried to push my hands, from under her tight mini skirt. But it was no use.Her huge ass felt amazing. I pulled her mini skirt up with the back of my hands. It made a big noise, when it finally pulled free from her huge ass and thick thighs. I looked up to see her mouth wide open. Her eyes were closed. Her ass was completely naked, just her black thong keeping her from being full exposed. I quickly looked around. None of the Japanese businessmen were looking at her or my hands touching her big ass. I slapped her big ass from the sides. She moaned for the first time. I then could feel the train slowing down. Was she going to try to leave now. Had my plan failed???“Beep! Beep!” The doors to the train opened. None of the people in the train got off. I could see a few people from the outside of the train, move down to the next subway car. All I could hear was the all the Japanese guys talking. The girl in front of me tried to move. “Excuse me… Excuse me… Please move. I need to get off…” she said. But none of the Japanese business guy moved. She was stuck in front of me. She put her hands back on the metal pole in front of her. Some hot air entered the subway car as the doors to the train closed. I looked down. God she had a big white ass. It was so round. It looked amazing as I began to slap it a few more times.I quickly licked my index finger on my right hand. I pushed my index finger under her ass. I slipped it inside her black thong. Her thong was now completely soaked. I easily found her wet pussy. I began to run my finger the length of her pussy. She had two huge cunt lips and a tight pussy. It was gripping my index finger as I finger banged her pussy. She was breathing heavier. She was wiggling her ass and holding on for dear life to the metal pole in front of her.I reached up with my left hand to grab her Zebra print purse. I tossed it back on my bike. I then leaned back to find a box cutter, I kept under the handle bars. I unclasp the box cutter from my bike. I reached with my left hand to pull her wet thong to the side. I pulled out my right index finger. I then gripped her thong with my right hand. I used my left hand to cut her thong with the boxer cutter. I tossed her ripped thong back on my bike. She was now completely exposed to me and everyone on the train. If they were paying attention.I quickly moved to her left side. My hard cock was poking her hip, as I inserted my right index finger back in her wet pussy. I brought my left hand to her huge left breast. She turned her head to look into my blue eyes. I smiled as I flopped her huge left breast out of her Zebra print tube top and black half bra. She moaned in the air. I used my box cutter to cut off her black half bra.A minute later I tossed her huge black half bra onto my bike seat. It was resting on the back tire. It easily fell of my small seat. She was bent over at the waist. My right hand was rubbing her pussy. My left hand was fondling both her huge jugs. Her nipples were rock hard, I tugged on both of them. She tilted her head back and was moaning in the subway car. I then looked around. Still no one was looking at us. I then felt the train began to slow down. I quickly got behind her. She quickly pulled her tube top up as the doors to the train opened.She was still naked from the waist down. I smiled as no one got on or off the train. The hot air pushed into the train as the doors closed. I looked down to the front of my tight biker messenger shorts. My cock somehow ripped the front. I could feel some warm air on the tip of my cock. A huge glob of precum dripped out onto the metal floor of the train. I inched my hips forward. I reached up to yank down her tube top. I pushed on her back. Her huge breast dangled in front of her as she gripped the metal pole in front of her.I unzipped my biker messenger uniform. I wiggled out my biker shorts. I heard a big wet splash on the metal floor below me. I looked down. I was now completely naked. My 9 ¾ güvenilir bahis siteleri inch cock was sticking straight ahead. It was pointing right at the bodacious girl in front of me. I slapped her big ass again when she tried to look over her shoulder at me. She wiggled her ass again for me.I smiled as I inched closer with my hard cock. I spit in my right hand as I jacked my cock twice before I bent my knees and quickly got my cock under her fat ass. I could feel her big cunt lips part on the tip of my cock. I heard her scream again as my cock pushed deep into her tight pussy. She was gripping my cock as I began to pound her wet pussy. I put my hands on her hips. I looked around. No one was watching us. She was bent over at the waist. Her big fat tits swinging under her. Her small hands on the metal pole. Her big ass arched onto my cock.I reached up with my left hand to grab her long blond hair. I slapped her ass again with my big right hand. I left a pink mark on the side of her huge ass. I then grunted as I felt all of my cock was inside her. She wiggled her ass again to get every inch deep inside her. We got a good fuck rhythm going as the train moved under our feet. She slammed her pussy back on my hard cock. I slammed my cock in her tight pussy. She was loving it, as much as me. I reached around with both hands. I started to fondle her great big tits again. I could barely keep the weight of them in the palms of my hands. They were so big and heavy. I could hear her moan under the noise from the train and all the Japanese business men talking.I was close to cumming. I bit my lip as she slammed her wet pussy hard on my cock. I could feel her pussy exploded on my cock. I grunted one more time before I slammed my cock all the way inside her. I then began to explode. I could feel my huge load began to drip out her pussy onto the train floor below. A few minutes passed before my semi hard cock fell out her tight pussy. I watched as she gripped the pole in front of her. She straighten herself up. She turned around to look at me.She smiled as she reached for my cock. She gave it a few tugs as our lips met. We began to make out. I then felt the train slow down. I saw the lights flicker out of the corner of my eye. I then felt her left breast smash my chest. Her hard nipples scratched my chest. I then closed my eyes as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She pushed my cock back in her pussy as she squeezed her legs around my waist. I moved her against the metal pole. Her wet back pushed on the metal. My cock started to hammer the front of her pussy. She was now so wet. My cock slipped out a few times.The train had stopped moving. I could feel the warm air enter the train car. But the train never moved. I then felt 50 pairs of eyes on me. “Oie! Ahh!! Banzai!!” said a small Japanese guy to my left side. I opened my eyes. “Zip!!! Zip!!! Zip!!!” 50 pairs of pants were unzipping. I heard 50 belts hit the metal floor on the train. I then looked around. All of the Japanese business men were whipping out there cock. I looked ahead. Her eyes were wide open. She then moved her hands. She cupped the bottom of her huge breast. She brought them to my face. I started to bite her big nipples. I started to bounce her pussy on my cock.I could hear different Japanese men grunt. I figured they were cumming next to us. I could hear different men move to get a better look. I kept bouncing her on my cock. It began to smell like a big sex train. She grunted again as she orgasm again on my cock. I reached down to smash her breast around my head. I was biting her chest as she orgasm again. She then dropped her legs on the metal floor of the train. She pushed me back on my bike. I watched as she smashed her big juicy breast around my cock. She pumped my cock for another ten minutes before I exploded in her mouth. She spit, her mouth full of cum on her huge breast. She then licked them clean as she squatted on her big ass, just above the cum juices on the floor.I reached down to pull up my wet uniform from my bike messenger seat. I slipped it on as I grabbed the handle bars of my bike. I was slowly being pushed farther away from the hot bodacious girl. She was now on her knees in front of the mob of Japanese business men. She was being covered from head to toe in white goo. I shook my head. I then pushed the train doors open. I hoped out onto the tracks. I then started to ride my bike. My cock was beginning to get hard again from the wet material and the thoughts of what just happened. I then felt the bike shutter. I was heading over the handle bars face first. I looked back at my bike, from the hard ground. I saw her huge bra was jammed in the back wheel. All I could do was smile.It took me about 30 minutes to get home. I took a quick shower and then cleaned my bike. I checked the local news. It was going to be another hot one tomorrow. I better get up early if I want to catch the late train tomorrow night.Love,Buckxoox

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