The Suprise Party

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Brutal Dildo

Brian Allen sat in the restaurant trying to keep his mind on business. He knew the two investors were excellent prospects since he had checked out their portfolio thoroughly before agreeing to the meeting. He also knew they were two single women in their mid-twenties with graduate degrees, substantial bank accounts and nothing but wide open futures ahead of them.

He had only his fiftieth birthday and the inevitable surprise party his wife was certain to throw for him to look forward to. He dreaded going home. It wasn’t that he was depressed at passing the half century mark. His twenty-six year marriage was a good one. His three children all excelled in school, and his business was thriving. He just wasn’t very enthusiastic about spending the evening listening to over the hill jokes and being reminded that he had gained more weight and lost more hair than most of his friends. Another time, another place and he would have been trying to pick up the two attractive women, not close a business deal with them. Who was he kidding? Their ages together didn’t even add up to his own.

Brian tried to concentrate on business, but his eyes kept drifting from the contracts on the table to Sandra’s soft, delicate fingers that caressed the pen as she signed her name. He watched her put it gently in her mouth as she read the contract, her tongue traveling around the tip. How he envied that pen! To distract himself, he checked his watch. The guests would be arriving around seven o’clock he guessed. so he’d best wrap things up and proceed to the inevitable.

Brian collected the contracts from the women. He extended his handshake to Elizabeth who held it gently in her own, her deep blue eyes fixed deliberately on his. Brian felt himself getting uncomfortably warm. He quickly finished his drink and called for the check. As he tried to signal the waiter, his vision started to blur. Brian put on his glasses, apologized inanely to the women for his physical flaw, and tried to read the check but the glasses didn’t help. Suddenly, the room started to spin. He knew he hadn’t had that much to drink, but he was dizzy. Sandra and Elizabeth didn’t seem to notice that he was in any discomfort.

“Ladies,” he started, “I’m afraid, I’m not feeling too well. If you could…” but he never finished the sentence. The last thing Brian thought of just before passing out was his wife, Denise.

It was pitch dark when he woke up. He tried to casino oyna move, but his wrists and ankles were shackled to the bed. He was naked. What kind of hospital is this? he thought.

“Nurse. Doctor. Is anybody there?” Silence. He heard a door open and someone turned on a small light.

“Who’s there? Where am I?” he called out. Silence again.

Brian was getting nervous. This certainly wasn’t any hospital he’d ever been in before. Then he saw them. Sandra and Elizabeth… Their business suits replaced by strands of leather and very sheer lace. In spite of his apprehension, Brian could feel himself getting aroused.

“Well, I see we’re awake. Now the fun can begin.” Sandra said, her voice low and seductive.

“Sandra? Elizabeth? What’s going on?”

“Shhhh” Elizabeth whispered. “We just wanted to thank you for all the work you did for us. Now just lay back and relax, but not too much.” She giggled.

Brian did what she asked as Sandra began rubbing his feet. Elizabeth was behind him and started massaging his shoulders. She’d put some warm oil on her hands and it felt wonderful. He’d tried to move, but forgot he was tied to the bed.

“What’s with these?” he asked, pulling at the ropes.

“Shhhhh. We don’t want you to do anything but lay there and enjoy us.”

“We want you totally helpless and at our mercy.” Elizabeth giggled. ” It heightens the pleasure to surrender yourself, so don’t resist.”

“Trust us.” Sandra whispered, her hands moving up from his feet and teasing the top of his thighs. Elizabeth’s hands slowly moved down Brian’s arms, reaching out to either side, she leaned over him so her breasts were just out of reach. He could see her erect nipples teasing him, dangling in front of his eager mouth. He stuck out his tongue, but she moved away.

“Not so fast. I’ll tell you when.” She laughed wickedly. Brian could feel the heat rise in his cock. He ached to have it touched, Sandra was only inches away, her tongue teasing the top of his thigh, going closer and closer…

“Please….” his voiced nearly cracked, which made the two women laugh even more.

“Oh, we’re begging already?” Elizabeth said. “And we’re just getting started!”

“Liz, can’t I just give him a little sample?” Sandra asked.

“Yeah, Liz……can’t she?” Brian held his breath. He didn’t hear Elizabeth say anything, but she must have giving Sandra permission, because the next thing slot oyna he knew, she felt Sandra’s lips on the tip of his cock. She wrapped her lips around him and took him deep into her mouth. Brian started to move. Sandra stopped abruptly and gave him a hard smack on his ass. “No moving allowed.” She commanded.

“OK, ok, whatever you want.”

“We know, whatever we want.” Elizabeth said. “And right now I want you to suck on these.”

She moved in front of Brian, and held her breasts up to his waiting mouth. At the same time he felt Sandra resuming where she’d left off. Although he desperately wanted to ram it down her throat, he forced himself not to move, all the while his mouth was sucking Elizabeth’s nipples. First the right one, then the left. When teeth lightly grazed over the tips, he was very pleased to hear her moan. Brian was getting dangerously close to orgasm.

“Not yet, Mr. A…..we have a long way to go before you come.” Elizabeth said.

“I haven’t even gotten wet yet.” Sandra’s hand gave Brian’s balls a tender squeeze. “Time to switch, Liz.”

Sandra straddled Brian’s face so that her clit was directly over his mouth. Elizabeth faced the wall and mounted him at the end of the bed. Brian felt her slow decent onto him as his tongue entered Sandra. She was instantly wet and her juices were exquisitely sweet. The women moaned softly as they took their pleasure. Their sweet sounds brought Brian the heights of ecstasy he had only reached when he was a teenager. He felt young, he felt alive. He felt himself reaching the most intense climax of his fifty years.

“YES!” Elizabeth screamed. “NOW!”

The last thing Brian thought of just before he came was his wife, Denise. Then everything went dark.

“Mr. Allen, Mr. Allen, are you all right?” Elizabeth’s voice came through the haze and cleared his head. Brian was back in the restaurant. Sandra and Elizabeth were dressed as before. In fact, everything in the restaurant was exactly as he remembered just before he passed out. Was it all a dream?

“How long have I been out?” he asked.

“Just a couple of minutes. You were paying the check then you fell against the table. You hit your arm and passed out.” Brian looked at his watch. It read 7:45.

“Are you sure you’re OK?”

Brian felt confused, but otherwise fine. His right shoulder hurt a bit, a result of where he’d fallen. “I feel fine. Well, ladies, I guess I was more canlı casino siteleri tired than I thought. I apologize, but I see the papers are all signed and I really have to run. If you don’t have any more questions.”

“No, we’re fine. And thank you, Mr. Allen. Thank you for everything.”

Was that just my imagination, thought Brian, or did Sandra wink at me? C’mon you old man, it was just a dream. Now let’s get on with the nightmare.

Brian pulled his car into the garage. As he suspected, all the lights were out. Better get this over with. he thought as he put his key in the door. He turned on the lights and braced himself for the loud “SURPRISE,” but none came.

“Denise, I’m home.” He called, but there was no answer. Brian didn’t know if he was relieved or disappointed. If she hadn’t planned a surprise party, he thought, at least she could have been home. The upstairs light went on. “Brian, is that you?” Now, why would she have the party upstairs? Brian thought. But when he entered the bedroom, all he saw was his wife in bed watching television.

“How was your meeting?” she asked, half interested.

“Oh, nothing special. Uh, I thought you’d have a party or something.”

“Well, I thought about it, but I know how you hate those kinds of things By the way, happy birthday.”

“Yeah, thanks. I think I’ll take a shower and get to bed early.”

“Fine.” Denise went back to her television.

Brian went into the bathroom and started getting undressed. No party? Not even a card or a cake? he thought. OK, so maybe at first he had objected to having a big celebration, but not to even have acknowledged his birthday? Brian was starting to get angry. He took off his shirt and threw it into the seashell hamper. Denise was always so artistic with her decorating. Even the bathroom had coordinating accessories. Tiny bathsoaps in the shape of seahorses and starfish were arranged neatly in a basket.

“You’d think after 26 years of marriage, I would have at least gotten a card.” He said to the pile of dirty clothes.

Brian reached to turn off the water and cringed slightly as he felt the pain in his shoulder from the fall. He opened the shower door and walked to the vanity where his wife’s little seashell clock read 1:30 am.

“What the…?”

Brian touched his arm where he’d fallen. He turned to the mirror to check for a bruise and was shocked by what he saw in the reflection. Two tiny hearts with the letters “S” and “E” inscribed inside were tattooed on his arm. Over the picture were the words: “Surprise! Happy Birthday” and under the hearts, written in her very delicate style were the words:

“Love, Denise”

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