The Sweetness in Their Freedom

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

They left under the cover of darkness, just as most of their trysts had been undertaken during. There was something about the silence of the stars that was comforting to human and dragon, Christóforos’ olive skin allowing him to blend in a little more than if he had been a bright white of a noble like his master, a man who never saw hard work or much of the light of day. Men like that did not need to work and any work that they did take on was more of the art of socialising, laughing and finery flowing as freely as the wine in their goblets. Chris did not know much of that world and, from what he had seen of it as his master’s servant, locked into slavery, he wanted no part in it whatsoever.

That was why that had plotted, dragon and human coming together night after night, their taboo relationship teased into love. Chris had only ever been meant to be a caretaker for Re, a magnificent green dragon who had been captured in his youth and grown up as the master’s prized mount. That was no consolation to Re, who had been taken from his family by force, but he had grown accustomed to his life, even if he knew very little of the outside world and had few experiences bar what the master ordered him to do. Unlike Chris, he was mostly left to his own devices when he was not being used as a mount, though that only meant, in later years, that he and Christóforos had been able to spend more and more time together.

They’d grown closer, sharing their hopes and dreams, and it was those hopes and dreams that carried them up and over the wall bordering the master’s grounds, his estate sprawling and vast. It was riskier to not delve into his private woodland and go further afield to scale the wall but Chris had feared that Re’s wings would be snagged in the denser forest, neither of them knowing their way around the master’s private hunting grounds all that well. Re had been a show mount, something fancy to be paraded about, and was delicate when it came to tight spaces. And one thing above all else remained true: they could not be caught.

That would be the end of them.

Guards still patrolled but, as they travelled further from the master’s main dwelling, they faded to gamekeepers, those that were there, mainly, to prevent poaching and the like. They had less at their disposal to harm them but rifles were still dangerous even to a dragon, Re being larger than Chris, about the size of a draught horse and still, most likely, growing too, but not invincible. Chris was acutely aware of that and even saw the dragon’s scales as more vulnerable than his skin, though it had to be said that the drake was stronger than him in a way that Chris simply could not match up to. There would always be a difference as they came upon the heightened wall and gates on the far side of the estate: something unduly grand for welcoming hunting parties from the king and other nobles, complete with royal accommodation and all.

They cared not for that, slipping by when the gatekeeper’s patrol moved on and off into the night, as stealthy as rats in the pantry. The freedom on the air lured them on, saddlebags strapped around Re’s shoulders and the barrel of his belly, though Chris didn’t think they’d ever been used before. They were plain but strong and held plenty of food to get them started, though he did still hope that the cooks would not be in trouble if the food was found missing. It was unlikely to be an issue with what they had stolen but he could only hope. They too would have to make their escape one day but they were not slaves but there on a wage, unlike Chris.

They travelled onward, guided by the stars and the moon, Chris following Re as the dragon spread his wings, beating them in flight for the first time, without order, for years. There were no longer any chains to weigh him down and prevent him from simply flying away – those had been unlocked, left behind in testament to their slavery. Yet it was a new experience indeed for Chris to passionately trust him with his life, clinging to his neck as he hunkered down between the dragon’s wings and pretended himself a dragon-rider, even with his heart in his mouth the whole time.

The mountains lay before them and, further from the master’s home than ever, they fled through the night, gaining as much ground and time as they could. When dawn came, they were forced to hide, slinking into an overhang of grubby bank by the river, the trickle of water lulling them into an easy slumber, which was much needed. A dragon could not travel discreetly and they kept going, the mountains growing closer and closer every night, though the times when cloud cover was rife was more difficult to navigate by.

“Here…” ığdır escort bayan Chris murmured, touching the dragon lightly on the neck, the green scales shivering lightly under that tender touch alone. “A little more to the East. We’re swaying off course, my love.”

It was strange to him to be able to refer to the dragon so openly as his lover, his partner, but the awkwardness had swiftly faded too in a fierce surge of love. Re and him were in it for the long haul and times were changing, their relationship deepening even as they travelled. The dragon curled around him every day, protecting him from the world, always ensuring that, if they were come upon unexpectedly, it would be him that faced the wrath of sword and spear first.

For he would never let anything happen to his sweet Christóforos. Not while his heart still beat.

Their travels took them far from civilisation that would recognise them and Re smiled as he swung his head around a large, open cave with tucked away nooks and crannies at the back that would allow any inhabitant to stay out of the wind. It was a start and a start was all they needed as he pushed his head into Chris’ hand, the two of them knowing without saying a word that that was where they were to stay.

The mountain range fell before them and they its lords, settling down to turn the place into their own, a fire pit and smoke chimney only the start of it. Whereas Re could have done without some of the comforts that Chris requested, it was all about the compromise as, out of slavery, they now had to work out just how to live together.

Yet that living together, the absence of all else… It brought with it a fresh spark, opening the doors to delights that neither dragon nor human could have ever known existed, not before.

“I’m so glad to be here with you.”

Chris did not know how many times he had uttered that exact phrase since leaving the master’s slavery with the dragon but it only grew more and more true every time. His heart lifted with freedom, the invisible shackles that had been tight around his chest for near enough his whole life finally gone, allowing him to take full, greedy gulps of air. Oh, to be free – and to be with Re: was there anything more that any man could have asked for?

The dragon chuckled softly, using the tip of his tail to scoop another bundle of sticks into the fire pit, flames leaping and crackling merrily, snapping up the fresh fuel.

“I’ve heard that before,” he murmured, eyes gleaming. “But I could always hear it again, little one.”

Chris blushed and rubbed the back of his neck.

“My sweet, I am not that small.”

“And yet you are smaller than me: therefore you will always be little to me.”

Grumbling, Chris shook his head and poked Re in the side, though he may as well have been a gnat aggravating (or attempting to) a giant for all the notice the dragon took of him. His attention was always on Chris, catching every tiny little shift in his body, how his muscles tensed when he was tired, when the lines of exhaustion deepened in his face after hunting, but little flirting annoyances like that? They were easily brushed aside even as Chris flopped against him, shirtless and sprawled out with his back to the dragon’s belly.

“Are you warm enough?” Re nosed him as if he was nothing more than a hatchling to him, concern in the flutter of his nostrils. “You always seem cold… I’ll bring the fire up more for you.”

“Then you’ll be cold.”

“I have you to keep me warm.”

Chris smiled faintly, laying his head back against the dragon, though it was hard to linger on what was purely sweet as he splayed his hand flat over the dragon’s scales. True, it was much easier for Re to keep himself warm than it was for Chris (humans were such delicate creatures in comparison) but there were other ways to bring a fiery heat to the dragon’s belly, his snarls rising in heated passion…

Re trembled instinctively as his human kissed his scales, working his way down his body as the dragon could not help but stretch out, wanting it all the same. His testes may have been held internally but his shaft already was poking out of the slit at the base of his belly from that light touch, his human exciting him more than he could have imagined, before Chris, any man being able to do for him. His fleshy, green length teased out, a lighter shade than his body but only subtly so, and Re growled luxuriously, rumbling pleasure easing up from his gut.

No more slaves: just lovers. And sometimes that “just” was the most important thing of all.

Chris murmured as he reverently kissed the tip of the dragon’s shaft, his own lusts rising, though his length tenting out the front of his simply made trousers, still that of a servant’s garb, would have to wait a while. It was always Re that he took care of first, the two of them easily falling into recognisable patterns as he leaned in, massaging what of that length he could not get into his mouth. Which, in fact, was most of it – but size ığdır escort bayan differences like that had to be allowed for when it came to adoration in love.

“Mmm… No.”

Chris looked up, eyebrows rising sharply.

“What? What’s wrong? Did I do something?”

But the dragon was already shaking himself off, rising to his feet with a look in his eye that Chris had never seen before. It sent his heart pounding, leaping into his throat and tightening there, making even the mere act of breathing more and more difficult for him to take for his own. Maybe he didn’t need breath when the dragon was advancing on him like that, one step after the other coming with a darkly intimidating intent.

Re’s claws clicked across the bare floor of the cave as he closed what little distance there was between them, for Chris had backed off a few steps too far when he had been halted in his oral ministrations. As nice as they were…they were too nice. Too nice for a dragon with lusts like Re, the claiming drive in him swirling and twisting in his gut, telling him that, finally, it was the right time.

Stepping back, Chris gasped softly, stumbling onto the place where he slept most usually, his blankets and mat stretched out along with his sleeping sack, which was, thankfully, enough to cushion his fall. Yet that only served the purpose of making the dragon loom over him all the more, as terrifying as Re could be when considering, of course, that there was nothing the drake could do to terrify his lover.

“Ah… Re? Re, what are you doing?”

Chris’ voice tightened, tense with a hoarse quality to it, the stubble on his chin in need of shaving once again. Yet those were things that the dragon had never cared about, his human partner perfect in his imperfection as those massive jaws lunged for him, growling and snapping and closing on his trousers.

For a moment, Chris thought that the drake had caught his skin but it was only the cheap cloth, hardly more than what would have been used for rags in noble houses, that ripped through, bursting at the seams and where the drake’s teeth dug in too. He cried out but his clothes were already gone, wearing no undergarments, nude in his entirety and shivering, but no longer from the cold. Even if the fire had not been burning brightly, he would have still been warm with Re so close to him, the dragon’s throbbing member and devious intent commanding every last bit of his attention.

“You are mine,” Re rumbled with obvious pleasure, licking his lips as if his partner had suddenly turned into a feast to be devoured. “Always…and forever.”

Ah, the drake may not have known always how to express himself but he had spent enough time around Chris to learn, studying humans and how they interacted, though the words themselves sent his guts twisted. He could only show Chris how much he loved him through carnal acts, the dragon way, the way that it had been instinctively for his kind for generations, a low, needy growl rumbling forth from his throat all over again.

“Re…” Chris swallowed, nodding softly, heart pounding. “I’m always here for you…however you want. However you will… Always.”

“I know, Chris. I know. And I love you too…”

Yet that was the moment of sweetness teased out, all that Re could manage as his hide rippled with salacious glee, hips almost rocking of their own accord with the need to fuck, the need to “breed”. It did not matter to his body that his partner was male, just like him, only that instinct drove him to seek on that high, hunkering down over his human partner to grind his cock up against Chris’. Chris’ moan rose in turn with his, though the dragon’s cry was swallowed in a snarl.

He may have been Chris’ lover but he was still a beast as he grunted and growled, slowly but surely giving himself over to more feral leanings as Chris twisted and writhed under him. There was nowhere for his human lover to go and that was exactly as it was supposed to be, vigour coursing through him. The power difference between them could not be denied as he finally saw his chance – his opportunity to claim Chris as he’d always wanted it. That had not been something that could have been done before, not when they’d forever been under the risk of discovery, their moans always muted, softened, tapered down just so that they could evade discovery for a little while longer. In that moment, Re needed Chris more than he ever had any time before, grinding and humping, his hind legs bent and hindquarters flexed, pushing his drooling length up and over Chris’ abdomen and higher.

Chris moaned and squirmed, yet there was nowhere for him to go, the throbbing of his smaller shaft betraying his arousal. He’d never seen the dragon like that and it was better than ever before, driving short, breathy gasps from his lips, expelling air that he needed for his lungs. He ran his hands over every part of the dragon that he could reach, though his hands, inevitably, dropped to the drake’s cock, stroking and squeezing, teasing around, coaxing escort ığdır out even more pre-cum to spill hotly onto his stomach.

“Heavens, Re…” He breathed with what air he did have in his lungs, head spinning, blood pulsing. “You… Oh…”

There were no words needed as the drake pulled back, licking his chops, his cock hard and throbbing, the tip glistening with fresh pre-cum. He was not a man to only spend a certain volume in the passion of the body but a drake in the primes of his breeding life, stretching out first one wing and then the other as he drew himself up as tall as he could make himself. Chris trembled under him, skin flushed with heat, lips slightly parted.

And it was then that Re knew that he had him. He’d always had his man.

Always and forever.

“Present yourself to me,” Re rumbled, jaws hanging open and tongue flickering softly out, though there was a fresh note of command in his voice that Chris had not heard prior. “I’ve lusted for you for so long, Chris… Now I will have you as I always intended!”

Chris swallowed hard. What did that mean? They had one thing that they had not done before, not properly, and he shakily rolled onto all fours, on his knees… But, no, that seemed too low. Was that what the dragon meant? Huffing, he heaved himself up into a strange sort of position, pushed up onto his toes with his arse raised high and the flats of his hands on the ground, though he could not quite get his heels down. There was no way for him to shove his rear end any higher in presentation and he groaned out loud, hanging his head, hoping that that was what Re wanted. The dragon, after all, had turned very blunt about what he wanted from him.

“Yesss…” Re hissed, nuzzling and nipping at the exposed human’s flesh. “This is you… All of you. I’ve waited for so long to finally claim you as my own, this for my own.”

Chris’ breath caught. So, the time had finally come. He’d discovered in intimate detail just how large that cock was but there was no time like the present, their true alone time finally coming to sweet fruition, to explore that part of lust and love too. Re’s words rolled over him, encased in a growl that seemed strangely loathe too to let them go.

“No one to catch us…” Re growled dreamily, head swaying back and forth. “You’re going to scream my name, Chris… You should have been crying out for me, like this, long ago. This is the true way of dragons!”

He didn’t know that, not entirely, but Re felt it in his blood, singing through, pulsing and pounding as he again forced his cock passionately up against his human’s backside, sliding it between the cheeks of his buttocks as Chris shuddered under him. His human was so hot, so warm, so tender and fleshy, his vulnerability as intoxicating as his love, the dragon’s jaws hanging open for breath as he panted heavily. Re’s flanks shuddered with the dragging in of every breath, his sweetness falling away, giving way to an even more carnal sense of being as his growl deepened, refusing to slip completely from his lips as it rolled on and on.

Chris whimpered but any words that tried to claw themselves from his lips were swiftly overruled by the dragon’s, a dominating force that was yet to be reckoned with.

“So needy… I didn’t think you’d be this horny this quickly, Chris…”

Re grunted, his shaft threatening to catch in the human’s pucker, but not quite, still taking his time, preparing him, teasing him.

So soft… He couldn’t help himself as he thrust and humped, teasing himself with the human’s backside, all the delights of having his cock squeezed into a hot, tight hole that gripped him, wanting more. Re snarled and snapped at nothing, his jaws safely far from Chris, but his human shuddered, his cock gleaming with a fainter tease of pre-cum even as his backside was covered in a slickly sensual coating of the dragon’s.

“I’ve waited for this day for so long…” He growled. “You want it too… I can feel the heat rising from you, smell your arousal. You never could hide that, my little human. Never, not from me.”

Re, however, dipped his head, not quite ready, preparing his presented partner for the moment that would change everything between them forevermore. His jaws were huge and closed around Chris’ backside as if he was about to devour him, threatening something that would never come to be as Chris juddered and gasped. Those teeth may have pricked him but they would never sink into him, the drake’s tongue twisting and probing, curling around his cock and balls and then higher to the treat that the dragon was truly seeking.

Chris could not help himself from grunting and moaning out loud as the drake’s tongue wormed its way into him, driving deep. It was thin and flexible and yielded a little, so his tight backdoor entrance proved to offer little to no resistance for him, which was just the way that Chris wanted it to be. He tried to relax but it was hard to unclench tightened, braced muscles in such a position, trying to obediently keep his rear raised as much as possible for Re. After all, he didn’t want to disappoint him, oh no… Not when his dragon had done so much for him, not when they were finally together at long, long last. Not when his dragon’s tongue was wriggling up against his prostate, drawing grunts and gasps from his lips that no longer felt under his control.

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