The Swim Lesson

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It was a hot, muggy day, the sun brutal in its assault, illuminating Lake Hiawatha in all its piercing glory. My hot pink tank top had already begun to cling desperately to my body and noon was still an hour away.

My first day as a Camp Hiawatha Counselor-in-Training started off as expected. The morning brought staff introductions, followed by a breakdown of rules and guidelines, many of which were begging to be ignored. Finally, we were herded off to meet our assigned group of kids whose parents were likely back at home sipping Mojitos by the poolside.

It wasn’t my idea, this whole camp thing. I was a reluctant Hiawatha camper a few summers ago, without much inclination toward leadership. This year, my parents thought it would keep me occupied, and less focused on my recent breakup with Chris Jankowski. While the idea of spending my entire summer with a bunch of bratty children sounded mainly unappealing, I finally bought into the camp adventure, new friends, and hopefully, a killer tan.

And here I was, in Arts and Crafts, helping a 7-year-old girl with a frizzy, red, pig-tailed hairdo create a very architecturally flawed structure out of popsicle sticks. My senior counselor Tabitha was off in the distance, flirting with some guy. I suddenly wished our current roles were reversed and smiled wistfully.

“I hope this gets better,” I thought, thankful for the little name tag stickers all the kids were forced to wear. Emily appeared immune to my presence, fidgeting with her stick creation.

“Hi Dana! Still having fun?” asked a friendly voice, belonging to a tan girl with a blond bob. I immediately recognized her as another senior counselor from this morning’s intro session.

“Hi Amanda!”

“Where’s Tabitha? Nevermind. Listen, do me a solid and run out to the boathouse to give this to Mr. Morgan, the water sports coordinator?” She handed me a large manila envelope.

“You got it. Where…?”

“Make a left, follow the path past the lake. You’ll see signs. I’ll help Emily with her…whatever. I owe you one!”

I took the envelope, adjusted my short denim shorts and walked out to meet the scorching heat.

The warm air grabbed me the moment I stepped outside and I felt tiny pools of sweat immediately forming in between my breasts. I looked down, acutely aware of the way my shirt accentuated my body. I wasn’t the only one – I noticed a few male counselors checking me out earlier.

I found the path easily, my black Puma sneakers kicking up dust as I jogged along. The lake made its presence felt as small gangs of bugs swirled in and out of my periphery.

Swatting away the intruders, I made a mental note to procure bug spray at the camp store. A few steps later, I was at the lake. I stopped and stared at the perpetual blue, its silver ruffles advancing and retreating. It was immobilizing and humbling, and for a brief moment, my petty life seemed insignificant next to this immense body of water.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” said a husky male voice to my right.

I spun around, whisked out of my reverie, suddenly face to face with a tan, athletic male, clad in nothing but lime green swim trunks, which were very obviously wet. His hair was dark and curly, the playful tendrils dancing around his curious face.

Holy crap! It was Evan Dyerson, the swim instructor. I remembered him from my youth – my little girlfriends and I would giggle and gossip over every flex of his muscles. He looked more handsome than ever.

“Yes. She is,” I responded, a bit flustered and wishing my college vocabulary would cooperate accordingly.

“I’m Evan. I’m the swim instructor. Are you a new counselor this year?” he said, head cocked slightly to the right, his eyes inquisitive and flirtatious. I did my best to maintain eye contact with this gorgeous man, my gaze constantly drawn lower to his soaked swim trunks, where I could just notice the outline of his cock.

He didn’t remember me and it was probably for the best. “Hi, my name is Dana,” I told him, the right corner of my mouth curling into a shy smile, “I am with Tabitha’s group, the 7-year-olds.” I suddenly became very aware of the fabric adhering to my body – the way my bra’s underwire cradled my 34C breasts, the way the seam on my shorts pressed against my recently waxed pussy. I blushed a little.

He was sexy, there was no doubt about it. I was no virgin but I certainly lacked experience in the field. Aside from two awkward bouts of drunken sex, Chris was my only attempt at experimentation, with generally unimpressive results. This made me rather shy around guys, particularly ones that looked like Evan.

“Cool, you’re mine in two hours,” he said, grinning. My eyes widened a little, but he quickly turned to walk away. “You better hope those kids aren’t afraid of water, because I’m tossing them in,” he called out to me.

I lingered for a moment, embarrassed and excited. I noticed the envelope in my sweaty grip and ran toward the boathouse.


After free spin I returned from my mission, I couldn’t get my mind off my lakeside encounter. Sitting on the gym bleachers, I stared at the kids gracelessly performing popular dance routines. I may have looked like a concerned counselor but in reality, my mind was with Evan. I pictured him in his bunk, pulling off his swim trunks, exposing his big, delicious cock. The image of his wet shorts glued around it, carefully delineating the head from the shaft was burning in my mind. I felt my panties getting wet.

“Dana! Did you see, I learned to do the twist!” screamed a little girl identified as Becky by her sticker.

“You did so good! Are you ready for a swim in the lake?”

“I can’t swim!” cried Becky.

“Oh, that’s OK, you’ll learn, I promise!” I assured her.


I didn’t talk to Evan much during the swim lesson. I had the option of joining the kids in the water but opted to sit out due to my own embarrassing inability to swim.

Catching his eye a few times, I couldn’t help but notice his muscular body splashing in the water. Positioning the kids in the lake and carefully arranging their flailing arms, he was simultaneously assertive and gentle in his movements. My thoughts would always drift back to those wet shorts and what was underneath them.

After swim class ended and I walked over collect the kids, he spoke to me.

“What happened, forgot your bathing suit?” he joked.

“Well, no,” I told him, thinking about the sexy red bikini I packed in my suitcase, “please don’t laugh at me but, I can’t swim.”

“You’re kidding, right? Well, as the Camp Hiawatha official swim instructor, I find this unacceptable. You’re going to learn. How’s tonight?”

“Tonight?” I squeaked, both intimidated and turned on by his advances.

“Sure. Meet me by the boathouse at 10pm.”

WHAT? I was here to forget my recent boy troubles but this was happening so fast!

“Are you sure we won’t get in trouble?” I knew I wanted to join him but I couldn’t help feeling somewhat anxious. After all, it was only my first day.

“Don’t worry. All the counselors sneak out and hang out in the Rec Center after hours. Gotta run, see you tonight!”

I barely croaked out a goodbye before he was out of sight. He was so confident. It’s as if turning down his nighttime swim lesson wasn’t even an option. I joined Tabitha, who was chatting away with our Junior Counselor Todd, and we hustled the kids back toward the Rec Center.


I was a jittery mass of anxious fibers for the entirety of the day. I had a nighttime date with a wildly attractive boy, my girlhood camp crush. It was unreal! I couldn’t wait to tell Lauren, she would freak out. My excitement was matched only by my trepidation – he was probably going to try something sexual and he was so experienced and me… well, I realized I had little idea what I was doing in that department.

“Dana! Dana!” yelled my little campers, surrounding me, “come help us with a jigsaw puzzle, it’s a big, fuzzy bumble bee!”

I was happy for the distraction.


Only twenty minutes remained until my meeting with Evan. I took a shower to freshen up and slipped into my red bikini. I hid it with a white tank top and short denim cut-offs.

I started to walk over to the dock, each of my senses heightened, thoroughly enjoying the comforting chorus of crickets. The air had cooled a bit and felt smooth against my skin.

I heard his voice before I saw him.

“Dana! You showed up,” Evan laughed boyishly, jumping out of the shadows and scooping me up into a hug. My face briefly touched his chest, drawing attention to his height.

“Oh hi. You scared me, I mean a little. Yes, I need to learn to swim, don’t I?” I giggled, once again surprised by his assertive energy.

“You do and you will. I have a 100% success rate,” he said, eyes sparkling, “trust me, you’re in good hands.”

I felt a tingle run through my groin. He seemed so in control of every situation.

“Let’s get this show on the road then,” Evan proclaimed and in one speedy movement, pulled off his white shirt, exposing his muscular physique. I had to clench my teeth together to keep my jaw from falling. I was alone on a lake with this sexy man who I have lusted after since childhood. I felt electricity surging through my body. It was all so surreal, like a dream, or a hallucination.

He was already in the water, beckoning for me to follow him.

“First lesson: don’t be afraid and never panic. You can always float or tread water. You won’t drown. It may seem frightening at first, but you will relax and enjoy it, I promise,” said Evan, his powerful chest shiny with droplets of water.

I took a deep breath and walked over to where he stood, the water slowly splashing upward, cooling my overheating body.

He took my hand, his lips curling into a warm smile. My insides were short-circuiting bonus veren siteler and I could hardly talk. Something splashed nearby, probably a fish, and I snapped out of my mental freeze.

“OK Evan, work your magic,” I said biting my lip and batting my eyelashes. I felt silly immediately after. Why was I trying to flirt all of a sudden? I was no good at it.

“You have to learn to relax Dana. Let go of everything and let the water hold you up. Take a deep breath, place your face in the water, and relax, keeping your legs up. I’ll help you.”

I took one long trembling breath and went under, a little too fast and very gracelessly. I awkwardly pushed my butt up, feeling like a stupid little kid. I felt his hand underneath me, supporting my belly and urging me upward. His other hand ran down the side of my hip, stopping directly underneath my legs.

I heard Evan repeatedly telling me to relax. His voice was coming from another world and it was imperative I listen. And I did, letting go of everything inside me – all my insecurities, my fears, and even the pain from the recent break-up. I felt free, and for a moment, not a single thought entered my mind. Suddenly, I realized I was doing it! I was floating on the water, entirely weightless, the tiny waves eagerly lapping at my body.

Snapping out of my underwater trance, my eyes popped open as wet hair slapped against my shoulders.

He laughed. I must have looked like a crazy woman. I was invigorated by the experience. Technically, all I did was float – something I watched my kids do earlier. Still, it showed me that I could conquer the water. It was just the first step, but I was on my way.

“Swimming isn’t tough, you know? It’s just using your body to survive. Your body can do amazing things, you know that, don’t you?” he said, looking me up and down playfully.

I looked at him intently, feeling like speech was unnecessary at the moment. He stared back, answering me with a similar silence. Surprising myself, I reached out and touched his hair, brushing my fingers slowly through the wet strands while my breathing climbed in intensity.

Evan bit his lip, his eyes growing darker and darker. Neither of us spoke.

Suddenly, he broke away and dove underwater, raining shimmering water droplets all over me. I yelped, shielding my face. Shit, why did I touch him like that – what if he wasn’t interested in me after all?

I heard him splash behind me but didn’t turn around. I saw the moon calmly watching me, placating my fear. It was telling me to proceed without my usual restraint. I needed this moment.

Advancing closer, Evan put his hands on my shoulders and slowly brushed them down my arms. My body sizzled at his touch and my lips parted involuntarily as I felt his tongue run gently over the back of my ear.

As his hand roamed down and cupped my hip, I gasped slightly.

“Is it alright to keep going? You can tell me to stop,” he said, and somehow I knew he was wearing his signature smile. He knew I wouldn’t deny him.

“I want you to keep going,” I whispered. I had made up my mind to let this night go wherever it pleased.

His fingers continued to move to the front of my bathing suit bottoms. I held my breath and barely stifled a moan as he stroked me through the fabric.

“Let’s get you out of this water,” Evan proposed, and without waiting for the answer, scooped me up and hoisted me onto the side of the dock.

I met the wood with a soft thud, its texture slightly rough against my skin.

I couldn’t talk or think as a persistent heaviness established itself in my lower abdomen. I needed him to touch me again, in that spot.

Evan was looking up at me from the water, his eyes burning. Before I knew it, his lips were trailing kisses along the inside of my thigh, getting closer and closer to where I wanted him most.

I looked up and the moon seemed to shine so bright that I thought it would erupt in flames.

Suddenly and swiftly, he pulled the red fabric of my bathing suit to the side, exposing my pussy, already soaked from anticipation. I felt the air wash over my wet lips and saw his eyes immediately light up with desire. I trembled and my hips shook forward slightly.

“You have such a beautiful pussy,” he said grinning mischievously and running one finger between my glistening pink lips. I felt lightheaded. Chris had NEVER talked that way!

He grabbed the string on the side of my bikini and pulled it off, discarding it to the side. It was such a turn-on to have my legs open for him, my most private body part open and available to him.

Not breaking eye contact, Evan leaned forward, bringing his mouth so close to me but not quite touching. He teased me with his hot breath, pausing momentarily to gauge my reaction and laugh.

“You want my tongue, don’t you baby?”

Wow, he called me baby! It seemed so intimate and sweet. I bucked forward slightly, yearning to feel deneme bonusu veren siteler his tongue. My pussy felt like it was on fire and I needed his mouth to cool me down.

“Yes, please, so bad,” I croaked, my voice strained and weak.

He slowly ran his tongue upward between my lips, stopping just short of my clit and giving me a fiery look. I must have looked so desperate, so urgent in my desire that he laughed.

Evan finally decided to take pity on me, although I must admit I enjoyed all the teasing. He placed his warm, soft mouth over my clit and began to suck gently. I groaned – it felt unbelievable. I was slipping into another world, all the sights and sounds of the night falling away around me.

He was moving his mouth in circular movements now, building intensity. I felt the pressure amplify in my groin area, as each brush of his tongue transported me to another level of ecstasy. I couldn’t help myself as I grabbed his head, running my fingers forcefully through his thick hair.

Evan stopped and looked up at me, lips shimmering with my pussy juice, the water a calm black sheet around him.

“I want you to come in my mouth, baby,” he said, trailing his tongue along the outside of his mouth. He ran his hand down my trembling pussy lips, and gently slapped them. It was such a rush – an explosion of sensation that shook my legs toward one another. His eyes sparkling, he spread them open again in one quick motion and gently eased a finger inside of me.

I groaned as he manipulated first one finger, then two, inside of me. He returned his tongue to my clit, swirling and sucking, catapulting me into another universe. I dug my nails into the soft wood of the dock and felt myself rising upward, as everything around me descended – the lake, the trees, all disappeared into the darkness.

The pressure was unbearable and my body began to shake. My hips surged forward and I threw my head back, opening my mouth. A tsunami of pleasure washed over me, starting at my clitoris but consuming my entire being. I cried out, not recognizing my own voice. I fell back on the dock, my legs spread open, my clit swollen and throbbing. Evan stood in the water with an accomplished grin on his face.

I suddenly felt a little shy and as I started to close my legs, he threw his hand on my right leg pushing it back down.

“I’m not done with you yet, Dana,” he said solemnly but not without a playful glint in his eye.

He pushed himself onto the dock, staring at me with a violent hunger in his eyes. I could see his erection through his green swim trunks. I wanted badly just to pull off his bathing suit and finally see what he was hiding from me all these years. Yet, I couldn’t. I was firmly fastened to the wood underneath me. Why was I so intimidated by him?

Evan paused for a second, looking at my pink pussy, completely parted and open, waiting for him to take it and make it his. I watched the moonlight illuminate his chiseled chest as he undid the drawstring on his swim trunks. He fumbled a little with the tightly tangled string. We locked eyes and simultaneously laughed.

As he finally pulled the shorts down, my eyes traveled lower to his exposed cock. It was rock-hard and absolutely perfect. For a second, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle his size. I suddenly felt very dizzy. I felt myself dripping and was stunned by my own arousal. I have never been this wet before.

He took himself in his hand and ran a slow stroke along his shaft. Next thing I knew, his mouth was on mine, as he kneeled over me, grabbing the back of my head. The feel of his lips on me and the close proximity of his cock made me shudder. I suddenly realized that this was our very first kiss. He kissed my pussy lips before he kissed my actual lips. I blushed at the thought.

Evan eased two fingers inside me, swirling them around. “God, Dana you’re so wet.”

I moaned, ready to beg him. I felt an ache down below and thrust my hips toward his cock, now only inches from my dripping pussy.

He grabbed it again, giving it a quick stroke. “You want this, baby?”

I nodded, spreading my legs even further and placing my hands on his chest.

He leaned into me, kissing my cheek, my neck, my clavicle. I suddenly felt the head of his cock pushing into me, drawing little circles around the opening of my pussy. My body felt weak and I let my eyes wander toward our overhead audience of brightly lit stars.

I moaned. The ache was growing more intense. “I want you so bad,” I whispered, brushing a wet piece of hair from my face.

It was obvious he could barely contain his need, same as me. Evan slapped his cock against my pussy playfully, sliding it downward until he finally plunged into me, slowly but forcefully. I arched my back, gently hitting the back of my head on the dock. He filled me, stretching me open, kissing me wildly. It didn’t hurt like I anticipated. My arousal provided more than enough lubrication.

I tried to be quiet but as he started to move faster, in and out, his glimmering wet cock sliding back and forth, I cried out his name.

He grabbed my breasts as he pumped harder. He looked so hot in the light of the moon, wild and animalistic, his curly hair bouncing around his face.

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