The Tango

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It was a beautiful sunny October afternoon on the campus of the Pensacola University in Florida. Eduardo was a young man half Portuguese and half Polish. He was shorter than average with the shoulders of a swimmer. His auburn hair was longish and he had a stud in his nose and a ring in his lip. He was a pre-med student, and he was in class studying anatomy and physiology. That is, he was attempting to study. He was seriously distracted by a classmate named Sunna. Today was the first time he realized he was dazzled. She was far beyond pretty; she was the kind of gal who would look good in a burlap sack. She was well proportioned with a sinuous grace. To add to the glory was a thick head of braided sun-like hair, radiant enough to light up a dark room. He didn’t want to pass a note to her; that would be immature. They had no common friends that he knew of.

Just as soon as the sun’s light shone through the tops of the windows, they finished their task of dissecting fetal pigs and went on to the next task, drawing blood from each other. After the brief instructions, the needles and syringes were handed out. Eduardo stepped sideways to Sunna and said, “Can I poke you?”

Sunna laughed. “That’s original,” she grinned. “Where do you want to poke me?” she teased him.

“Your forearm will do fine.” He wrapped the rubber tourniquet below her elbow. To her it seemed like he was wrapping a present. She could feel his warmth, and liked the smell of him too. She noticed he was looking out of the corner of his eye at her fine bosom. She thought this was polite as most guys just stared. He was showing real interest in her, diverting her attention away from the needle with a couple of corny jokes.

“Gee, I barely felt that,” she said. “I think you’ve got talent.”

“Yes, quite a few actually.”

It was his turn to be poked. As he sat he noticed a strong ray of sunlight illuminating her golden hair, giving her the optical effect of a halo. “You’re awfully sunny,” he grinned. Do you dazzle everyone or is it just me?” He thought he’d gone too far — he had just revealed his feelings about her after about three minutes of interaction. Much too fast.

But she smiled. “Not many guys tell me that. Do you mean it?”

“Considering the short amount of time we’ve spent together, I’d say yes. Say, are you a fire sign, like Sagittarius?”

She wrapped his arm snugly, doing a lot of feeling of his biceps. “No, I’m a Leo.”

“That explains it. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Leos often have a mane.”

“I don’t believe in astrology. Do you?” She wiped his skin with an alcohol wipe.

He replied, “It’s a very interesting game, but the asteroids have destroyed astrology. Astrologers recognized the 4 biggest asteroids -“

She stuck him, and could barely concentrate on her work. Eduardo had an erection. He blushed as she looked at him and then smiled as she said, “Go on.”

“But there are hundreds of thousands of asteroids. If you admit one, you must admit them all; that’s simple logic. “

She put a folded 2 x2 and a band aid over the small wound. “Did it hurt?”

“A little,” he admitted, “but I’ve had worse pain from horseflies.”

She was looking, almost staring at his erection. She’d broken up with her last boyfriend, a real loser with a mad desire to control everything. That had been 11 months ago, and all she’d had for relief was her internet porn and a few dildos. She was more than ready to handle her next lover. “You were saying?”

“So if you do admit them all, a computer could calculate their positions, but you’d never be able to interpret a single horoscope.”

He stood up. She gave him a coy look, with her hand casually stroking her round breast.”You’re unusual, Eduardo. Most people are dogmatic.”

“I’m more automatic,” he joked.

In her presence he was beginning to feel like a tree basking in the morning light. This was pleasant, but also a little scary, as he had never felt so infatuated so early in a relationship, if you could call it that. The effect was electric, stimulating, illuminating and lusty. He remembered that she had stroked his biceps repeatedly. This meant she was definitely interested. He began to hum one of the Cream’s old songs, “In the Sunshine of Your Love.”

He sat next to her at the next lecture about codones and canlı bahis anti-codones. He took the time to study her face. Her face was heart shaped with high cheekbones and luminous aqua eyes. She wore some make up. Her mouth was plump and moist and very kissable with a rose shade of lipstick. Her breasts were prominent.

Classes finished at about 6. Sunna surprised him by suggesting they go to a cafe or restaurant.

She took him to one she liked, the Moon Bow Diner. The owners were Native American. As they sat at the table conversing while the food was being prepared, they looked out at the splendor of the sky. She brought to his mind an image of icicles gleaming in the sunlight and melting. She said, “You look kind of dreamy.”

“Well, I’ve never had this happen before. I had a very strong mental image of icicles melting in the spring. Are you doing this to me?”

“I wish I could,” she laughed. “But no one has ever said anything like that to me, either. You’re either a master of flattery or poetic by nature. Are you playing with me?”

“Absolutely not! I’m not even flirting. That was spontaneous. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to ask if you are single. I am.”

“You’re too smart and good looking to be single,” she flattered him. “If I was involved with someone else, would it matter?”

“Well I certainly wouldn’t be able to stop it,” he admitted. “When I was young I believed the adage ‘All is fair in love and war’. After seeing too many guys with broken hearts, I reformed.”

This was the best answer she could have hoped for. “So you’re both honest and compassionate. I really do like you, Eduardo.”

Their drinks came. Sunna had a dark stout, a St. Pauli Girl.. Eduardo had a tequila drink mixed

with lime juice. “Let me look at your hands,” he asked her.

He knew that people with very long ring fingers tended to be sexual roamers. He didn’t mind that for now. He looked at her right palm where there were so many small lines crossing each other it made a “grid”. “You have a grid here,” he indicated. “It’s supposed to mean troubles in life.”

“Well, that’s been true. My parents are rich and they took me with them all over the world. It was interesting, but I lost a lot of friends, and that turned me into a lonely teenager. I plunged myself into piano playing and that has kept me together during the hardest times.”

That was a relief. He’d feared that the conversation would founder on sad memories.

“How did you learn to read palms?”

“I don’t, not really. My grandmother could read cards, tealeaves and palms. I was always amazed by the things she said. It’s an art or a craft, though, and I don’t have much talent for it. What kind of music do you play?”

“Lusty. That is, blues, rhythm ‘n blues, rock ‘n roll, some jazz standards and so on. Do you play?”

“I play a mandolin, but don’t really keep at it.”

Their dinners arrived. She said, “If I cut off some of your steak would you like some of my shrimp?”

“Sure,” he replied.

After an hour of drinks and conversation she made the decision to take him home with her. They walked about a mile to a condo and went up the elevator to the 9th floor.

When she opened the door he though he was in a posh hotel. The wallpaper was hand painted, the baseboards were of pink marble, and the kitchen was ultra modern. “Sit on the sofa,” she suggested. Would you like another lime tequila?”

“Yes please.” Her keyboard was nearby and near that stacks of music books. She had a complete library on her walls.

She came out to join him. She’d removed her top and was wearing a beautiful translucent floral bra. He estimated her titties to be about a 36 D. They were round and firm with prominent pink nipples. She took a swallow of her own drink and said, “Here. I can show them to you.” She lifted her bra off and guided his hand to her breast.”Squeeze it,” she whispered. “I don’t bite.”

He followed her lead and soon had broth breasts in his hands, gently tugging them forward to build up tension in the nipple. He sucked the tension out and began again.

She called for a break. “Let’s finish our drinks and then shower together. Sound good?”

He nodded enthusiastically. She gulped her drink down and headed off to the bathroom. Eduardo ripped off his clothing and followed her bahis siteleri inside. He found her on the toilet. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, and started to turn away.

“Don’t worry! It’s just piss. I’m very loose about common morality,” she reassured him. That was a deep statement but they could explore each others minds later. She saw that he was already erect. “Mmmm, that looks yummy. Let me kiss it before we go into the shower.”

She squeezed him firmly with her hand. “Ooh, so thick and hard,” she murmured. She kissed his cock several times up and down the shaft. She smiled sweetly at him. “Are you sure I can suck on it later?”

He kissed her fully on the mouth, and they both felt an electric spark arc between them. “What was that?” Eduardo wondered.

She stood up, slightly taller than he. “Damned if I know. I think it means we have chemistry.”

With that they stepped into the large and well appointed shower. They shampooed each other and then washed each other, each taking time to do a good job on sensitive areas. They stepped outside to dry off. Eduardo said,”You’ve got me burning up!”

“Follow me,” she said, and crawled on all fours to her bedroom. She knew she was driving him wild with her perfect body. They stood to kiss and she pushed him on the bed, kissing with real passion as she played with his balls and softly stroked his cock. “I only got a little taste of this before,” she said, and went down on him.

“Wait a minute!” he said. “Aren’t you afraid of catching HIV?”

She looked up at him continuing to circle his head with her tongue. “Should I be? Did you know that people of Scandinavian extraction seem to be almost immune to HIV?”

“Yes, I know that. On my side there’s nothing to worry about. What about birth control?”

“I wear a cervical cap. Any other questions?” She didn’t think so.

He pulled her bottom to his face and was struck by the goldenness of her fleece and the awesome beauty of her pussy with its sweet taste and heavenly odor. She continued to suck hard on his cock, and then ground her pussy into his face. This is just perfect! She moaned.. He was playing with her labia and had two fingers inside her. She was squelching already. He said, “You taste absolutely wonderful.”

“So do you,” she agreed. “It feels so good to have a real man in my mouth again. Mmmmm.” The rubbing in her cunt built up a great deal of friction and then she groaned as she ground her pussy into his face.

“Have you been trained to do this?”

‘No, Sunna, it’s my natural talent. Now can I please fuck you?”

“Well why didn’t you ask before?” she teased him. She knew a lot of positions, and she liked them all. Considering that he wasn’t very long, she took up a position for ease of access: On her back with her legs straight up but bent backwards. When he penetrated her she rested her ankles on his neck

and placed her hands against is chest. This squeezed her breasts together. The position also made it easy to kiss while fucking, and gave them both a good view.

He had good endurance and after thirty minutes of sometimes very hard fucking, she counted seven orgasms and knew there would be more before the night was over. He loved the way her right foot thrashed involuntarily when she was cumming. There was no faking that!

She felt his balls and knew he was getting ready. “Give it to me,” she pleaded. “Cum inside me. Come on! I know you’re close!” She gave a wicked wiggle and then his inner dam gave way. She loved the way hot sperm felt when it hit her cunt. This brought her to another orgasm, and then she slid sideways to rest her head against his chest. It was funny — usually she went for brawnier guys — but there was something so sexy and charming about him, she couldn’t resist. And so like real lovers they cuddled and kissed and told each other secrets. She appreciated that he didn’t drowse off. “I don’t know about you,” she said, “but I think you’re up for another round.”

He nodded eagerly.

She reached into her night table and pulled out a large vibrating and twisting dildo. “You could just watch me masturbate until you’re ready again. Or you could use it on me.”

He grinned. “Have I been introduced to a tigress?”

“Yes, silly. Why don’t you lick my clit and use this on me. The controls are easy. bahis şirketleri This turn turns it on, this switch makes it vibrate, and this one makes it twist.”

“I understand my orders, commander. Just lie back and let me at you!” Gently and lovingly sucking and licking her clit, he turned on the vibrator and moved it slowly in and out at first. It caused her to leak a lot of juice. Her labia and clit were really engorged by now, so he made sure to suckle on her lips too. In only two minutes she was thrashing her right foot and moaning very loudly. He loved hearing this and then turned on the twisting control. He couldn’t imagine what this felt like but she definitely enjoyed it and wrapped her hands around his head as he ate her with what was nearly worship. This was love, she knew it! At least it was on her part. She believed in love at first sight, and this was very nearly at first sight! She bucked to another juicy orgasm and felt her heart begin to spin. She couldn’t ask him if he loved her; it was much to soon for that. She could, though, fuck his brains out in between time. And so she bucked and bucked and moaned until he gave her his dick to suck. “Mmmm,” she thought. “We’re getting close to another round of love making.” She looked up at him with a look of total surrender, because she knew that’s what guys like — it’s an issue of trust, her guy friends had told her. Right now she was so absorbed with his thickness, hardness and taste that she seemed to be in a dream of divine lust. He slapped her breasts with his cock and then more gently slapped her cheeks. She put his cock between her breasts and with a little lube they had a very erotic session of titty fucking. She then resumed mouthing him, deep throating him and kissing and licking his balls.

Eduardo pulled her up on the bed into doggy style. She liked this position because she liked the way men’s balls slapped against her labia and even her clit. She used her vibrator as her mouth sank into the pillow. She was gasping and panting and listening to the squelching, which got her off good. Sometime, she thought, I’ve really got to record this. This is almost as good as watching. Eduardo enjoyed the rear view of her, with her curvy waist and her long blond hair spilling everywhere.

He became a little soft, so she sucked him slowly and with care. When he was really hard they went at it again, this time sideways. Eduardo loved this position because it was simply ideal — you could reach any part of your partner’s body; it was great for kissing and sucking nipples, and you got to watch your partner’s tension rise and even better you got to watch her orgasm. He had to work for his own orgasm. When he came in a great spasm he moaned,”Wow! That was the most intense orgasm of my life!”

“That’s what they all say,” she teased him. She squatted over her hand until she pushed out his cum. She showed it to him and then licked it up. “There. I like all the sensual aspects of sex. You don’t think I’m a slut, do you?”

What he said endeared him to her forever. “I have never thought that about a woman,” he said a little sharply as if he were defending himself. “The double standard is over. Men and women are as equal in sexuality as we are in everything else social. Actually, you’re probably superior, considering how many orgasms women can have.”

“Really? Licking up all your cum isn’t, well, dirty?”

“No, and if it is then I’m just as dirty, because I could drink gallons of your pussy juice. We’re pre-med students, Sunna. Human beings are animals, if very interesting ones. And I for one am very interested in you.”

She kissed him and squeezed him tightly. “You’re sweet, Eduardo. But I need a drink or two after a shower. Care to join me?”

He did. With a towel wrapped around his waist he sat on the leather sofa as she broke out a bottle of champagne. “I’m such a barbarian,” she accused herself. “I forgot to let the wine breathe.”

As she poured them tall flutes, he remarked, “A barbarian? No. The most exciting woman I have ever met? Yes.”

He sipped at his as she downed her flute, poured herself another flute, and set the rest beside him. She sat at her piano and after a minute or two she was warmed up and went straight into a stride piano tune. She knew at least a dozen of these. Eduardo openly admired her playing and then drifted off. When he had slept for a hour on the sofa, she dimmed the lights, pulled him up, and “Come this way. Let’s sleep together.”

Eduardo thought he was one of the luckiest guys in the world.

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