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“Get over here, and go to the bedroom. Once you’re there, take off all your clothes, put on the blindfold, and wait for me”

I hit send on the text, and my heart skipped a beat. If she liked dominant guys, then damn it I was going to be dominant.

I went back to work in my office and soon I heard the front door open and close. I heard Shauna slip off her shoes, and quietly move to the bedroom in back. I gave her a few minutes, and then quietly slipped back there myself. I sidled up to the door and listened to try and listen if she was following my instructions. I took the silence as a good sign that she had.

I walked in the door to the stunning image of Shauna laying back on my bed, completely bare. A blindfold covered her eyes, and her breasts rose with every deep breath she took. Her legs were spread slightly and hanging off the edge of my bed.

“I’m glad you did as I asked”, I said as I walked along the side of the bed, dragging the tips of my fingers from her knee up across her leg, past her stomach, and gently gliding across her nipples.

“It shows that you’re a good girl, and good girls get rewarded…” I continued, as my fingers continued up her neckline to her mouth, where I ran them gently over her lips. I push two fingers against her lips and she eagerly takes them in, running her tongue along them and biting gently.

I pull them from her mouth and tell her to sit up. She obeys as I sit behind her and rub her back and shoulders. “In a little bit, you are going to put your hands out in front of you. You will not say a word. You are only allowed to reply either ‘Yes, sir’, or ‘No, sir’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir”, Shauna replies.

“Good girl. Put your hands in front of you, wrists together.” I command.

She obeys, and I pull a length of silk rope from my nightstand drawer. I drape the silk around her wrists, wrap it around, and tighten, before asking her if it is too tight.

“No, sir”, Shauna breaths.

I pull the silk rope up and over her head, pulling her hands up above. Her nipples become noticeably harder as I pull the rope back down to her upper back, and wrap it around her torso, just under her breasts. I bring the silk back up between them, and over one shoulder, back around her back and between her breasts, and finally over the other shoulder, before leaving it behind her back at the base of her ass.

“Now lie back again,” I tell her.

She follows the order, and I lift her legs to bring the rope underneath her completely. I pull it gently against her pussy and notice canlı bahis she’s completely soaked. I leave the rope rubbing against her as I pull it up and through to where the silk splits her breasts, and tie it, fully binding her with her hands forced above her head.

“Is that too tight?”

“No, sir”

I pull on the silk running over her stomach, and it digs into her pussy, causing her to gasp. It’s not much stimulation, but it must be just enough.

“Good. Now stay here, and don’t move. I will be right back”.

I walk to the kitchen and peel off my own clothes. I reach my office and grab a cock ring I had drunkenly ordered on Amazon a few weeks before. I make my way back to the bedroom and I hear Shauna breathing a bit heavier. I walk in quietly and see her gently flexing and stretching, causing the silk rope to dig inside her pussy.

“Trying to get yourself off I see? And here I thought that was my job.” – Shauna jumped a bit as I spoke.

“I… I’m sorry sir, I was only… I was…” Shauna tried to find the words.

“I also thought that you were only allowed to say ‘Yes, sir’ or ‘No, sir’,” I stated. Her silence told me that she was still very much intrigued.

“Are you going to obey from now on?” I asked her.

“Yes…” she replied.


“Yes, sir”

“Good girl. Now scoot up on the bed and roll over.” I command her.

She shimmy’s her way up the bed until her feet are on the end and then rolls over. It’s kind of goofy to watch since her hands are tied above her head, but hey, I’m not about to laugh and ruin the mood!

“Now, remember when we first started, I said that good girls are rewarded?” I asked, running my fingers along the back of her calves and up her thigh.

“…yes, sir,” she says, twitching slightly from my touch.

“The other half of that statement is that bad girls need to be punished,” I say, and immediately pull my hand back and slap her ass, firmly but not roughly. Shauna jumps and squeaks, but says nothing more.

“Are you going to follow directions now?” I ask as I slap her ass one more time.

“Yes, sir!” she says immediately.

“Good girl, then.” I say as I gently run my fingers along her ass cheeks. “Because we’re going to have a lot of fun tonight, and I wouldn’t want you to get ahead of yourself now”. I grab the rope and gently pull up between her legs, causing it to rub against her clit. She gasps and raises her hips as I continue lifting while climbing over her to straddle her, my dick lying perfectly between her ass cheeks.

I let bahis siteleri go of the rope and move my hands to her shoulders, and begin massaging them. Her hips settle back into the bed as I let my hands play over her back, running from her sides to the base of her back and up the center again. I start pressing a bit harder, leaning forward to get my hands deeper into her muscles, causing my dick to slowly rub up her ass a bit. I continue leaning and see her hands grip the rope above her head.

I begin to let my hands wander lower and lower over her body until I’m massaging just her lower back, right above her ass. I notice her start to grind her hips against the bed as my hands get lower, until they’re finally massaging her ass cheeks. I slowly climb off her.

“Spread your legs a bit, Shauna.” I tell her, and she obeys without a word, wiggling side to side to spread her legs further.

I grab the cock ring I went to find earlier. I was finally going to put it to use, but first I wanted to get up close and personal. I switched it on and noticed Shauna perk up a bit as she heard the buzzing of the attached vibrator.

“Now that I have you warmed up, there’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time,” I say as I lay between her legs, my nose inches away from the rope covering her pussy. I gently lift it out of the way, and run my tongue along her, starting at her clit and slowly working my way up, enjoying her wiggling back against me.

I bring the vibrating nub on the cock ring up and gently press it against her clit. She goes wild, grinding her hips down into the bed and moaning as the vibrations work their way through her body.

“Oh, you like that, do you?”

“Nnng-y… yes… s-sir” she is able to stammer out.

“Well then, you’re going to love this.” I say, and lower my head back down, sliding my tongue back inside her. I push my tongue as deep inside as I can and wiggle it back and forth as she starts moaning louder. I push the vibrator against her harder

“Oh, f-fuck!” Shauna says, finally breaking character.

Her legs start to squeeze my head between them as she gets closer to cumming. I pull my tongue out of her, and gently lick up and down her pussy, and pull the vibrator away from her a bit, but still close enough for me to “accidentally” push against her occasionally.

“Nooooo, please keep going!” she says, short of breath. I click the vibrator off and pull away from her.

“No. Besides, I have a feeling you’re going to like this part even better. Roll over, and put your feet up on the bed” bahis şirketleri I tell her as I start to help her roll over.

She does so, and her ass is perfectly lined up with the edge of the bed. I slip the ring onto my cock but wait to turn the vibration on. I line myself up, holding her knees and pushing my dick against the entrance to her glistening wet pussy.

“Alright, on the count of three…” I say as she attempts to wiggle closer to me.

“One…” I say, and push the head of my penis inside her, causing her to gasp, I pause for a moment.

“Two…” I flex my muscles, causing my dick to throb, eliciting another sharp gasp, and tiny sigh.

Without saying three, I push my full length into her, and a moan escapes her mouth. The nub on the cock-ring is against her clit again, and turn the ring to its lowest setting. I feel her pussy contract around my dick as her breath catches and her mouth opens as waves of pleasure shoot through her body from her clit and pussy, up her back and down her legs. Her toes curl as I grind against her, pushing the vibrator against her and my dick throbs as her pussy continues to squeeze me.

“f-f-fuck!” She stammers out.

I slowly pull back and see her relax a bit as she catches her breath. However, I quickly click the vibrator up to the higher setting and immediately push back into her again, and this time she can’t help but moan loudly as I begin to slide in and out of her, pausing only when I push in to grind against her clit.

I keep fucking her slowly, feeling her squeeze and contract as her pussy tries to pull me in deeper. I can feel myself getting closer to cumming, so I push into her and lean close to whisper in her ear. The movement causes the vibrator to rub against her more than ever, and she bites my earlobe as I whisper to her.

“Cum with me”.

I slide my arms under her back and start to grind against her again, flexing to throb inside her and pushing the cock ring against her clit.

“Cum with me, I’m so close”

I pull my dick out slightly and give one final push into her, and it puts her over the edge

“OH my god! Oh my god!” She says as her body writhes under me, lost in her orgasm.

Feeling her pussy pull me in even more forces me to cum at the same time, and I explode into her, throbbing as she squeezes every last drop of cum from my dick.

We stay like that for what seems like hours but really lasted probably minutes. I finally pull out and flop down on the bed next to her as my cum leaks out of her pussy onto my bed. I undo the rope at her hands and the entire rope comes loose from her body. She pulls off the blindfold and looks up at me as I pull her close. I can’t help but smile as I tell her…

“Next time, I’ll show you me going all out!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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