The Trust Ch. 09

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First let me thank you all for the votes and emails. And as I’ve said before, this is not meant to be the next great novel, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sorry to disappoint. I’m sorry it has taken so long to post this, but my semi retired boss got bored, and all of a sudden there is money to be made. With that in mind, if you haven’t read all of the previous chapters, I suggest you do so before proceeding.

If I haven’t already scared you off, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it. All mistakes are mine. All people, places and institutions are made up, this story in no way reflects reality and any similarities to it are coincidental. Enjoy.


Chapter 09

Mason had hoped to take a longer ride with Pat on Veterans Day, but by Tuesday morning it was pretty clear it wasn’t going to happen. A massive storm front was threatening the east coast and was expected to hit them by that evening. When Mason’s Chevelle got pelted by marble sized hailstones on his way home from school, it just drove the point home. Pat agreed when Mason called him, saying bikes and weather never mixed well, but that he wanted to come out and see Mason the next day anyway, saying something about a turkey run down in Daytona.

They’d finally heard from Allan the night before, he and Aida were in Scossicci, Italy. It was on the east coast, a bit touristy like all of Italy, but Aida’s family was there. Had been for centuries. Allan was surprised that Brigid was upset at not getting an invite to the wedding, and they were all surprised to learn that Allan had taken Aida’s last name. But as he explained it, his family had become estranged over the years, and they’d been in America so many generations they no longer even knew what part of Scotland they were from. While Aida had a close and loving family that was steeped in heritage. Both of them were old enough that they weren’t likely to have children at that point, so he’d wanted to join her family. After hearing this, Brigid forgave him the invitation.

They were returning to the states before Thanksgiving, but would be spending some time in Charleston, so that Allan could start moving the office to the Boston area. He was hoping the people who actually worked out of the office would be willing to move with it. Luckily most of the employees already lived in other parts of the country or abroad, but he had two associates and his secretary that he didn’t want to lose. Mason told him to offer whatever incentives he needed to. Saying the extra rooms at the hall were available to use until something more permanent was found, for anyone that agreed to relocate. Allan and Aida would stay in her apartment while his house sold, then look for a place to buy. Mason wished him luck, remembering his own dismal time with the local realtors.

Jess was sitting at the table with Marcus and Cindy. She’d missed dinner, but had happily accepted a bowl of the beef stew Katey had prepared, as well as a couple of soft rolls when she came in from the breaking storm. Marcus was telling Cindy the story of King Fiachna the Blonde and his army being decimated by a huge black ram, and how they had been forced to climb trees to escape death from the woolly monster. Jess was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

Her cell rang and listening to it briefly she turned to Mason. “Abigail Turner is at the gate.” She told him, then told the guards to let her through at his nod. Mason got up and crossed to the door, wondering if he’d ever get used to dealing with the new security measures. Brigid joined him, she had only met Abby once, when Mason had talked to her about using the truck from the dealership, but she’d heard the stories. They stood in the doorway and watched her little Fiat Spider come up the drive, a huge umbrella proceeding Abby out of the car and all but hiding her as she ran up the steps.

“It’s getting bad out there.” She told them as Brigid helped her out of her coat, hanging it with the dripping umbrella by the door. “Not much chance of selling anything at the dealership in this weather, and I didn’t feel like sitting at home. So I came to see how things are shaping up around here.” She sounded half apologetic, but visibly relaxed when Mason grinned at her.

“Well your always welcome here.” Brigid assured her, then offered her a bowl of the stew. So Mason introduced her to the others at the table, while Brigid went to get her some.

Abby blushed at the slow smile that crept across Marcus’ face as he stood to greet her. “Sometimes I wonder at the boy,” Marcus told her, shaking his head sadly, “he’s mentioned you a half-dozen times, but forgotten to warn me of your beauty. Now I’ll be walking into trees and such, my mind all befuddled by it.”

Abby’s smile was radiant. “Well, I can see where Mason got his charm,” she told him, “he couldn’t be around that much bullshit without stepping in some of it.” But she took the open seat next to him when he pulled it out for her. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on you. I wouldn’t want you to hurt canlı bahis yourself too badly.”

Cindy waited until Abby had her food and was eating, before asking Marcus how Fiachna the Blonde had defeated the ram. Abby listened to the tale as she ate, interrupting at one point to clarify that it was Mananann, son of Lir, the lord of the seas, that slew the ram. And grinning when Marcus looked at her again, this time speculative, before telling Cindy that she was right.

“Mananann took a night with Fiachna’s wife as his reward.” Abby went on to tell Cindy. “Going to her in the guise of her husband and leaving her with a son that became king of all Ulster. The story probably contributed to all the Arthurian romances.”

Cybil and the others slowly joined them as the evening went along and they finished their respective homework assignments. There was a lot of grumbling about the storm ruining any outside plans for their day off until Cybil suggested they have a hurricane party the next day.

“It’ll be cool,” she enthused, “we can have a barbecue and swim. I snuck in after the workers left earlier and the pool water is warm. I don’t see why we should waste the day off.” Mason just grinned, it never ceased to amaze him how easily Cybil found ways to have fun. When Marcus found out that there were two lamb hind quarters in the freezer, he kissed a surprised Katey on her forehead and told her to lead the way, wanting to get them out to thaw.


Eric Braden sat in the back corner of the pub forcing himself to eat the plate of bacon and colcannon. Only the Irish would mix potatoes and cabbage and consider it worth eating at every meal. He needed something in his stomach besides the three beers he’d had to drink while waiting though. At least he was done there, though the news he had for Ben wasn’t good. He was sure he knew which Brian Meyer was the one Maslow had alluded to. It seemed a former PIRA lieutenant that went by that name was now a cabinet minister. Worse, he was a minister without portfolio, which meant he didn’t have a public position, that whatever he did for those that were in power, it was covert and he was good at it.

In the morning, he’d catch his flight to Kabul, then hop over to the Bagram Airfield. He was going to be part of a supply escort going into the Tora Bora region of Nangarhar Province. It was a hot bed of ISIS activity, and a very dangerous part of the world. But at least he’d get to see his wife, she’d been in country for months looking at ISIS members through her scope.


Jess took a perch on one of the bar stools and watched as they worked out their plans for the next days hurricane party. They were a very inclusive bunch, and she had needed to separate herself a bit. Remind herself that she was there to work, not plot ways to get Brigid alone again, or maybe the little firecracker. She thought her relationship with David was over. It had worked when she was gone most of the time, but now that she was going to be stuck at home, she couldn’t see herself putting up with his neediness. Noticing that she was fingering the scar, she forced herself to stop. That was another reason she didn’t think she could stay with him, he said he didn’t mind the scar left behind by a tumbling piece of shrapnel, but she saw the looks he tried to hide. It had taken half her ear as well, but she knew she was lucky, an inch to the right, and well. She forced her shoulders to relax, there had been enough dead that day.

She was grateful that Ben had given her this assignment, and hoped to make it her permanent duty. She’d lose her LEOSA status in another four months or so and with it much of her usefulness to Walker Security. But the loss of hearing in her ear, while not total, was enough to make her a liability in the field.

When Mason and Marcus got bundled up to go out to the pool, Jess slipped back into her own coat to tag along. Danny followed them to the fire door, but took one look outside and decided the humans were crazy.

The short run to the patio door convinced Mason that the covered walk needed sides as the cold rain whipping across their path soaked into his jeans. Of course, when they’d planned it, the idea had been to shade the walkway, not deal with weather like this. The sight of the heavy plastic covering much of the exterior and the sound of it snapping in the wind, didn’t bode well for the next day. The dim interior of the building was warm though and he sighed as Marcus slipped in passed him.

Jess started flipping switches beside the door, the lights coming on to give Mason his first real look at the patio he’d envisioned. With the exception of a huge tarp covering the pool, its edges held by sandbags, there were no signs that the interior still needed work. Crossing to the corner of the it, he rolled the bag off and folded it back. He could tell beforehand that there was water supporting the tarp, but now he sighed again as he dipped a hand in and found the water warm and inviting. He was quickly joined by Marcus and Jess as he started bahis siteleri along the edge rolling the bags off the blue plastic, leaving the ones on the far end where they were. Then he and Jess each grabbed a corner and began walking, folding it back upon itself, then again from the middle until the had the massive tarp lying in a long roll against the back wall.

Mason decided it was definitely warm enough inside the building when he caught himself wiping sweat from his brow with his sleeve after tossing the last sandbag on top of the rolled tarp. Looking at Jess as she joined him, he saw that she too had broken a sweat, and had already shed her coat, her impressive chest framed by the straps of her shoulder holster trapping his eyes and his imagination for a moment like it always did. “I think maybe I should find the thermostat.” He told her with a guilty grin and slight shrug when he realized she’d caught him dreaming.

Marcus was busy breaking open bundles of oak firewood. Mason had wanted to buy a cord of it, but couldn’t find anyone selling it that way. So had settled for a dozen of the small banded bundles outside the local supermarket, all that had fit in the trunk of the Chevelle. He had spotted some black oaks towards the back of the property, and knew Marcus wouldn’t want the sheep getting to the acorns, so they would probably be taking them down anyway. That would keep Marcus cooking for years.

Mason found the thermostat set at eighty and dialed it back to the low seventies, then went to check on the reach-in refrigerator and the ranges, making sure they were operational for the next day.

They all turned and looked as Cybil slipped in, the noise of the rain and wind dying again as she pushed the door closed. She hadn’t bothered with a jacket, and her t-shirt was plastered to her chest. Her whole body shuddered almost comically as she turned from the door and crossed to the pool to run her fingers through the water, a smile lighting her face as she felt how warm it was. The three of them watched as she pealed out of the wet t-shirt and started on her jeans, her sneakers coming off as she dropped the pants on top of them. Marcus finally managed to pull his eyes away as she disappeared under the water’s surface, shaking himself and feeling guilty for watching.

Mason felt a brief pang of sympathy for his old friend, then shook it off. He wanted Marcus there with them, not back in Charleston, but he also wanted Cybil and the others to feel free around the hall, so Marcus would just have to get used to it. He walked over and inspected the fire pit, noting the careful placement of oak Marcus had already started laying in it for the next days bed of coals.

“Your going to have to get used to it.” He told him quietly, glancing back at the pool where Cybil stood trying to coax Jess into joining her. Her bare back to them. “Brigid isn’t the only one anymore.” and Marcus grunted, then allowed himself another look, just as Cybil twisted to look over at them.

“It’s damned distracting.” He complained, but there was half a grin on his face.

“She certainly is.” Mason agreed and shared a laugh with him.

“This is quite the place your building here Mason.” Marcus told him as he reached for another stick of oak. “I can see how it’s brought my Brigid back to life. How you have, she was getting too old, too fast. She brought me to Charleston because she worried about you. But I soon saw that you’d be fine, it was her I began to worry about.” He fell silent for a bit as he rearranged a few pieces so it suited him better. “I don’t know what the two of you have planned for the future, but I can see that the wee one is going to be part of it.”

“She loves Brigid too.” Mason told him and Marcus nodded.

“Aye, she might be a mischievous little nymph, but she has a good heart and a lot of love for those around her.” Marcus agreed, his eyes going round as Cybil ducked under the water, and her legs came out as she did a handstand. Showing Marcus more than he’d ever figured he’d see. “Just so you all keep each other in mind.” Marcus told him as he turned back to his task.

“I will.” Mason promised him, and promised himself as well.

Jess was damn tempted to join the girl, and she had to admit it was one more reason she needed to be done with David, she couldn’t tell him. Oh, he’d love to hear all about it, but she knew he’d soon resent her if he didn’t get included. And he wouldn’t fit in around there. He didn’t have it in him to behave like Mason, to be satisfied with what was given. She still thought wistfully about that first day, the way Mason had taken Brigid, taken them both with such passion. How he’d looked at her with those deep blue eyes, the hunger in them, but the control in them as well. David would never have walked away that day. The sight of Cybil doing the hand stand, her legs falling open briefly before she lost her balance and went back under, pulled Jess back. Made her lick her lips.

Marcus finally admitted to himself that he’d put twice as much wood in bahis şirketleri the pit as he’d need the next day. And wondered if Mason had noticed as he pulled the stainless cover down. He’d redo it in the morning when he came out to light it. By the afternoon, he’d have a nice bed of coals and a newly seasoned grill. “I guess that will do.” He muttered, then headed toward the door, knowing Mason would stay. Grinning and shaking his head at Cybil as she stood in the shallow end, her small pink nipples dripping and invited him to come swimming.

Jess watched him leave, then watched as Mason stepped over to one of the red picnic tables and tossed his coat onto it. She only vaguely heard Cybil’s cheers as he began pulling the sweater he wore over his head, his heavy muscles coming into view, her nipples getting tight, and she didn’t see the smile Cybil had as she watched her watch Mason.

Mason’s eyes found her watching as he shoved the jeans down his hips, a slow smile crossing his face as his cock came free and she licked her lips. Just to be ornery, he took hold of it and gave it a tug as he spread his thighs, his balls pulling forward before he straightened and let it all settle back into a more comfortable position.

“Come on.” Cybil called, splashing water onto the tiles in his direction. Giving Jess his best imitation of the know little smirk she’d given him earlier, he ran and dove into the pool, coming up under Cybil to toss her screaming a dozen feet closer to the deep end. She doubled back under the water and came up right in front of him, a smile on her face. “Again!” Instead, he picked her up and kissed her, her knees closing on his hips.

“Did I chase Marcus off?” she asked him after the kiss.

“I think he’s getting used to you.” Mason tried to reassure her.

“I hope not.” She told him, wiggling her hips as she felt Mason come alive under her. He just laughed and slid his hands down to hold her ass as she reached back with one hand to grip him under the water. “He’s safe though,” she said as she lined him up, her eyes finding Jess over his shoulder. “I’d never do that to Brigid. Besides, he might be my father in-law someday.” But it was her turn to smirk as he started to smile. “When I ask Brigid to marry me.” She finished, and she was giggling at him as she impaled herself on his cock.

Jess understood the invitation Cybil was sending her with the look, the challenge. She watched as the flush infused the girl’s giggling face, and guessed she now had Mason’s fat cock in her. It was definitely getting too hot in there, her own longing to slip into the cool water not helping her resistance. Admitting that her time with David was truly over was the only thing that gave her pause, knowing if she got in there, she was going to fuck the boy, that she wasn’t going to pass on that a second time. She didn’t remember dropping her jacket on the table, only realizing she had, when she laid her shoulder harness on top of it. Her chest constricting briefly as she realized she’d made her choice.

She gathered her shirt and pulled her left arm out, then stripped it off over her head. Her labored breathing easing as she watched the two of them start moving, saw the flexing of Mason’s ass just under the water’s surface. She squatted, pushing her pants down around her boot tops, fingers plucking at laces unseen, finally sitting on the tile so she could fight with the boots, a small laugh floating to her ears from the pool. Once her legs were free, she rose and walked to the top of the steps, absently popping the front clasp of her bra, then letting it hang open as she pushed the white cotton off her hips, stepping out of the panties before going down the steps, the cool water climbing her legs, the bra flung back over her shoulder to land forgotten.

Jess waded up behind Mason, leaning in to press her lips to his skin, her tongue following the cleft where his trapezius came together at his spine. Her hands exploring the hard edges of him, the taper of his sides as they slimmed to his hips. She slipped around them, her left hand following the top of Cybil’s thigh, then up her back to her neck, pulling her around for a kiss, Mason’s breath in her ear, his body flexing, sending gentle wavelets that washed against her. She continued around, breaking the kiss reluctantly, her hands scooping water up Cybil’s back before she pressed herself to the girl, her breasts spreading against Cybil’s slick skin as she kissed her neck. One hand running down under, finding them, fingers splitting to ride along the sides of him as he slid in and out of her.

Jess looked up and found Mason studying her, his deep blue eyes steady, hungry. She turned her head, turned the scar away, but he frowned, his hand coming up to her cheek, cupping it. She felt him gently push at it, his eyes searching, and she let him look, her breath stopping as she watched his eyes, watched for the flinch or the sympathy. She felt his finger trace the lines, her hair being brushed back as he felt where her ear once was. She didn’t see it, no pity, no false pain. He looked, and she knew he actually saw her, that she would never catch him pretending he didn’t. Then his thumb caught the tear that was on her cheek, and he pulled her closer, his lips finding hers.

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