The Ugly Girl Next Door

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I’m ugly. Homely, unattractive, not pretty at all. I am not complaining, it just helps to know that before you read on. I’ve accepted it. Part of me wishes I was a beauty queen, but I know I would have been shaped into a completely different person if I’d been born a knockout, or even moderately pretty. I like who I am.

Men have never been attracted to me. When my peers and I started to develop, it became painfully clear that my entire being was a blind spot for male attention.

It might interest you to know that I am chronically horny, but the few times I’ve had sex have not been enjoyable because I’ve only been able to bed people I’m not attracted to, and because it turns me off when they look at me. I get up in my head, and imagine they wish I weren’t so ugly.

Because of my lack of physical beauty, I have had to rely on my own wit and character strengths to get me through life. I’m only 25, but I have a great job in a first rate city, of which I have a beautiful view from my 38th story high-rise windows. This is a story about how I got my handsome neighbor into the sack on a regular basis despite my physical shortcomings and the hang-ups associated with them.

Like most people nowadays, I don’t know any of my neighbors really. I don’t know their names or anything about them, they’re just people I sometimes share silent awkward elevator rides with. Andrew was no different. I saw him maybe five times ever, by the mailbox or in the hallway. So everything I knew about him, I learned by hearing through the thin walls of our adjacent apartments.

He works from home, as do I. He has an incredibly high libido, as do I. I knew this before we ever slept together because I could hear him masturbate several times a day. He’d be typing away for a few hours, and then suddenly I’d hear him start up the porn. He didn’t play it very loud, so he probably thought I couldn’t hear it, but the walls are so thin that I could even hear the wet squishy sounds of his lubed hand pumping away.

Every time he would start masturbating, I’d get distracted from my work. I’d picture him there, watching beautiful vacuous women get pounded, and wish it were me being pounded by him. He’s hot. He’s very very good looking. Tall, fit, and classically handsome, he’s like a 30 year old Don Draper. He’s an introvert though, and completely antisocial. He rarely leaves his apartment. He’s the total package except for his crippling shyness.

So every time he would start masturbating, I’d start picturing him, and I’d get very turned on. I’d try to keep working, but I always wound up getting myself off as well. I’m very quiet when I come, so he never caught on. We mutually masturbated a few feet apart from each other every day for months, several times a day, but he was oblivious to my existence. Finally, I got up the nerve to do something about it.

I’d been thinking of ways to break the ice, maybe ask him on a date, see if he wanted to come over some time and canlı bahis watch a movie. I knew from living next to him for so long that none of that would work. He had no friends and never went out, never did anything. So I came up with a plan. I wouldn’t give him a choice. I waited till a Saturday when neither of us had to work. It was right after noon when I heard the faint sounds of insincere female orgasms through the wall. I waited about ten minutes, so he’d be really geared up.

I wore only a bathrobe as I exited my apartment and walked over to his door. My heart raced as I knocked. A moment later he opened the door just a few inches, hiding most of his body. Sweat glistened on his incredible face.

“Hey,” he said breathily. “Oh you’re my neighbor. What’s up?”

Without saying a word, I opened my robe exposing my tits and neatly trimmed pussy. Now earlier, when I said I am not attractive, I only meant my face. On a scale of one to ten, I’m a two, maybe a one. My tits though, are flawless. Perfect perky little B-cups with small ever-hard nipples. My ass is very nice for someone my size. I am quite fit.

“Uh,” he said, taking me in. I pushed the door gently and he got out of the way enough to let me in. He was only in a t-shirt and boxers. His dick was straining against the boxers. I grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom where I knew he’d been jacking off. His apartment was a little messy, but was furnished quite well, very minimalist. His king-sized bed and a nightstand were the only bits of furniture in the bedroom. His laptop was open and lying on the bed, lube and towel right next to it.

“Sorry, I,” he started, but I turned around and put a finger to his lips. I slid my robe off and sat on the edge of the bed. I reached over to his laptop and hit play on the video that was on the screen, and then placed it directly behind me a few feet away. Then I beckoned him over.

He stood in front of me, his cock still throbbing against the thin fabric of his underwear. I pulled his boxers down and took hold of his cock. I stroked him and looked into his eyes. He looked down at me in anticipation, but before I began going to town on him, I indicated to the screen behind me. He looked at it and then looked back down at me. I shook my head and indicated the screen again.

“You don’t want me to look at you,” he said. I nodded. He fixed his eyes on the screen behind me, and I took him into my mouth. It had been so long since I’d been with a man, I reveled in these first few moments. I realized how huge his dick was as I started to bob my head up and down. I made sure to keep looking up at him as I sucked. Not just because he was so hot, but because I didn’t want him looking down at me.

After about thirty seconds, he glanced down at me and I immediately stopped sucking and said, “Mm mm,” around his fat cock. He looked back at the screen and I continued. My pussy was drenched due to the incredible circumstances, and I couldn’t bahis siteleri hold off any longer, so I placed my hand between my legs and started rubbing myself slowly. “Mmmmm,” I moaned into his dick. That caused him to look down again, which caused me to stop again. He quickly glanced back at the screen.

I continued for another minute or two and then lay back. I wriggled up the bed a little, and moved the laptop slightly off to one side but still up and behind me so he’d have a good view. He crawled on top of me and placed his cock against my slit. I didn’t want him to look at my face, but I did want him to be able to see my tits. I could’ve covered my face with a pillow, but besides feeling silly, I wanted to be able to look at him as he fucked me. So before he pushed into me, I pointed to the screen, and then to my boobs. He nodded his understanding.

He slid into me slowly and gently. My pussy is very tight, and it took me a minute to get comfortable being so full. He was really good about where he kept his gaze. He’d watch the laptop screen mostly, every once in a while darting his eyes down to my breasts, careful not to look at my face. He looked so beautiful as he pumped away. He was in heaven, and I was so glad to be helping him. This guy had not gotten laid since I’d been his neighbor, and probably didn’t have much sexual experience in general, but you’d never know by the way he was giving it to me. He drilled into me like a pro, confident, assertive.

He slowed his tempo considerably. He was getting close and trying not to come. I pushed him off of me and slid to the edge of the bed. I got on all fours, inviting him to take me from behind. Hopefully the change in position would make it take longer for him to come.

My pussy in the air, my face down on the mattress, I prepared myself for his big dick. He took his place behind me, and the excitement made my heart flutter a little bit. I got quite a surprise though. He placed his hands on my ass, and suddenly his mouth was locked onto my pussy. I’ve never been eaten out from behind, and I got immediately self-conscious.

I tried to squirm away from him, and was going to tell him that he didn’t need to worry about me, but when I tried to move, his strong hands held me in place, and a loud grunt on his part let me know that this was happening so I better settle in.

His mouth was working its magic, and I was shocked at how incredible this felt. He moved his tongue from my clit and lips to my asshole. My first instinct was, again, to be uncomfortable and stop him, but I fought that instinct because I could tell he wanted to be doing this. Once I got over the initial insecurities of being touched in a way I never have, I sunk into the pleasure and relaxed my ass against his mouth.

While his tongue massaged and encircled my asshole, he brought a hand up to my pussy, which was now sopping wet with my own juices and his saliva. He rubbed it with an open palm getting his bahis şirketleri fingers nice and wet and then took that hand away. A second later I heard that familiar wet squishy sound of him pumping his own dick. He placed his other hand against my pussy, this time inserting a finger and rubbing down against my g-spot. With his thumb, he worked my clit. A true multi-tasker.

I had come over to his apartment only wanting to pleasure him. I wanted to simply be a helpful person, a vehicle for his insatiable carnal passion. I had planned on maybe getting myself off with my fingers while I pleased him, but couldn’t have imagined that I’d be in this position, that he’d even want to do what he was doing even a little bit. But there I was, ass up with his face buried deep and his hands busy. I was getting close now. Long deep breaths and one tiny, nearly inaudible moan were my only indicators.

I started to buck my ass into his face as I came. I kneaded my breasts and stifled the urge to scream out his name and grunt and cry out. I was convulsing with pleasure as his hand and tongue fought to stay on target. I was starting to feel a little over-stimulated and sensitive, so I leaned forward away from him and lay on my stomach. I breathed heavily and tried to collect myself. That was the best orgasm I’d ever had.

I felt him climb onto the bed. I heard his laptop close, the sounds of porn cutting off abruptly, and then I was being moved. He was physically pulling my body further up onto the mattress, which made me giggle. I was in the very middle of the bed now, and he straddled my legs just above the knees.

He leaned forward and placed his dick against my eager pussy. He slid in with minimal effort. His fat cock filled me up so, and now that the porn was turned off, I enjoyed the sound of him thrusting into my wetness.

We’d been at it for a long time, and I was ready for him to come. I knew he was ready too because he began to slow down once more, trying to draw it out and make it last longer I suppose. Then, it was time. He sped up and I knew this was it. He pumped faster and faster and then suddenly he pulled out and was jacking his dick all over my ass and lower back.

He moaned with such passion that I was moved. He had wanted this so bad, needed it, and I was so happy to have been the one to give it to him. He came a ton. I mean, blast after blast of hot jizz was hitting my lower back, my upper back, my ass, and I could feel it sliding down my ass crack onto my pussy lips.

When he was done emptying himself onto me, he remained there for a full minute collecting himself. He collapsed onto the bed next to me, face up. My face was turned toward him, and after a moment he looked me in the eyes.

“What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you.”

We fucked several times a day every day until he moved out a few months later. I miss him terribly, but we still talk online every now and then. I’ll probably never get fucked like that again in my life, not regularly at least. But I’m not complaining. I consider myself lucky. Most girls as ugly as me will never know the pleasure I did, and I’ll always look back on my time with Andrew fondly.

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