The Victim

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She had everything. Everything any man could want, could desire, and could need. To say she was beautiful was a misrepresentation, for she was beyond that. Dressed appropriately she appeared as an angel, yet alter those clothes and she could equally be a siren. She was smart, trusting and some might even say free spirited. With these qualities came attention, some of it she inspired and contrived to create while some of it came without warning or desire, so is it any wonder this story is about her.

Dominique Bane pulled into the local Exxon station and headed directly for the full service pumps. Her cream colored Mercedes convertible was an eye catcher for sure, with its sleek lines and highly polished chrome. There was no doubt in her mind that the young attendant would fawn over her vehicle, and thus she was not surprised to see him rushing along the client on the opposite pump. For a moment while she waited to be served Dominique checked her make up in the vanity mirror. Raising a finger to the corner of her lip she wiped away a small smudge of lipstick, and then grasped the hem of her dark button down angora sweater and tugged upon it until it was smooth against her body.

Suddenly Dominique realized the attendant was beside her and she looked up into his youthful eyes. At first she was shocked when realization came that he not looking back but was in fact looking lower. She followed his eyes down and realized with the smoothing of her sweater he had locked his gaze upon her chest. He could easily identify their size and shape now, yet the soft angora’s fur prevented anything further from being seen.

Relishing his hot gaze Dominique waited a moment longer then said, “Oh hi, fill it with super would you love.”

Slowly the attendant’s eyes drifted from Dominique’s breasts to her face then quickly turned away when realization came that she knew where he’d been staring. Flustered now and blushing the young man tried to extricate himself by saying “Oh sure, sure,” but before he proceeded she noticed he stole another glance. As the he then moved to fill her car, Dominique popped the driver’s door and slipped her first leg out onto the pavement. In the still lowered vanity mirror though her eyes caught sight of the attendant who had now stopped in mid motion with the fuel hose still in hand. Again he was staring in her direction only this time it was her leg which held him paralyzed. ‘Cheeky little devil’ she thought, and then smiled for she knew, in his own youthful way that was a compliment.

Slipping her other leg free Dominique now stood, and out of habit she then smoothed down her skirt which clung to her, and stared impatiently at the attendant who still seemed petrified. Suddenly it must have donned on him that he had not as yet started to pump the gas or perhaps he again noticed Dominique had caught him, because for a moment he turned and fumbled with the gas cap. Once again he was blushing under the scrutiny, yet when the fuel started to flow his gaze returned. As it did Dominique was in the process of flicking her hip into the driver’s door causing it to swing closed.

Exasperated now at the young man Dominique asked “Do you sell bottled water in there?” indicating the station store. She figured she’d get away from his lustful gaze by going inside out of sight, for perhaps then he’d finish the job, and allow her to get on with her day.

She could see the momentary struggle as the young man tried to recall, then waited for him to say “Yes. Yes ma’am inside,” followed by an infectious smile.

She couldn’t help herself, for Dominique smiled back and responded “Thanks love,” and then bent over the closed car door to retrieve her purse from the passenger seat. As she did so the young attendant watched the way Dominique’s already tight skirt tightened even more across her ass. He also watched the way that stretch accented her legs as one rose stork like while the other stretched to the limit.

As she started to rise up Dominique knew that the attendant was watching even without looking, yet still she stole a peak. Sure enough his full attention was on her lower torso. He was simply incorrigible, yet what could she do? With purse now in hand Dominique made her way to the station’s store, but before she entered, she heard the klunk indicating her car was full. “How much?” she called back. “I’ll pay for it inside with the water.”

After a brief pause the attendant shouted, “$26.50.”

“Ok thanks” Dominique replied, and then followed this up with “Be a love and get the window would you.”

Inside the station itself the scene was not much different. Another young attendant watched with seemingly drooling eyes, smiling incessantly and waiting. Never for a moment did he allow her out of his sight, and she could just tell he was imagining each curve and swell of her body without clothes. What could be hotter she thought for the youth of today, than a sexy older woman, obviously very well off, and driving a fancy hot sports car.

Then as Dominique found the water, she realized all this youthful awe was actually was making her excited. She could sense how her nipples bahis firmaları ached and felt the mild tingling between her thighs. For a moment she even allowed herself a tiny fantasy of these two strapping young men taking her. She imagined how they would both strip off her skirt and sweater then take turns ravaging her body over and over again. Much like some wild tag team match the bell would signal a change of places and that bell sounded again and again.

Suddenly that bell sounded with an even greater clarity, starling Dominique and causing her to drop the water which burst open and splashed everywhere. Instantly the attendant was there to aid her but as she bent to retrieve the bottle she noticed he was enjoying the view up her skirt through the parted thighs. The very idea he was stealing a peek made Dominique even wetter. She wondered how much he saw and had he even realized the extent of her desire. The lady within her though forced her to stand and remove that temptation.

Now with the view now gone the young man also stood and said “Don’t worry its only water I’ll get it later, but you can’t leave the door open lady”

“Huh? What” Dominique replied, before the meaning of the words sank in. Before he could repeat himself though that understanding became clear and Dominique realized had she worn a blouse instead of the sweater this young man would not have been so quick to have her close it. As it was with all the attention and the impact of cool air upon her skin, her nipples had hardened, but in a blouse they would have shone through like search lights in a night sky. Dominique also realized that it was just that tiny bit of extra stimulation; the cool air from the fridge door; which had triggered her reaction in the first place, and sent her off into that brief fantasy.

Now it was her turn to be embarrassed, and thus Dominique quickly retrieved another water then closed the door and followed the attendant to the counter to pay. As he rang in the gas and water another louder ‘ding’ sent a shiver through Dominique and she almost dropped her purse. It was as though her fantasy refused to be washed away but a movement outside caught her attention and she suddenly realized it was just another car pulling up to the pumps.

With that new found knowledge Dominique’s body began to relax and she paid for the purchases. Even as she did so though, Dominique was now acutely aware of how the young man behind the counter watched with deep lustful eyes. It made her all the hotter too for in addition to this attention she could now feel the splashed waters running down her calves teasing and torturing every nerve. As she left Dominique found herself swinging her hips slightly in a provocative manner. Might as well give them one last thrill she thought.

Outside the other attendant was still slowly, very slowly, washing her windows. She knew it was a ruse so he’d have a chance to see her up close again and she for one was not about to let him down. What harm could there be in one more tiny tease. Now continuing on with the same taunting gait Dominique reversed her earlier process, yet as she approached the driver’s door the young man was already there holding it open. Slowly she re-entered the car making sure the attendant had a good long look before finally being able to close her door.

Then as a last action Dominique opened the water and took a short sip but made sure some accidentally escaped and rolled down her chin and ultimately down her throat. It was cold, invigorating and oh so sensuous, causing Dominique to gasp even though it was expected. Then she reached up with her free hand to capture that overflow as she watched the attendant out of the corner of her eye. As a final act Dominique opened the upper two buttons of her sweater retrieved a tissue and stroked down into the valley of her partially exposed breasts to capture the last remnants of that stray water. She licked her lips during this, then handed the young man the wet tissue and the rest of her water.

“Here” she said as she handed them over and allowed one manicured and polished nail to trail down his chest to his belt just above the large budge visible there. Then purposely staring directly at his bulging slacks so he’d be aware she knew, she offered “Looks like you need this more than me.” Chuckling lightly Dominique then drove off. The last image she had was from the car’s rearview mirror. She saw the interior attendant coming to the stations main door and howling “woooo hooooo” while the other cooled himself by emptying the contents of her water over his own head. Dominique was sure they’d both have some wild tales to tell later. So far the day was a success.


Dominique’s next stop was her stylist. Once a month like clockwork she’d go for about a few hours of personal care. She’d have her hair, and occasionally nails done while also affording her the opportunity to chat about current gossip, and events. Then when she was finished she’d hit the malls feeling like a million bucks, for an afternoon of shopping, flirting and showing kaçak iddaa off.

Today though as Dominique entered the salon, the owner immediately approached her “Dominique” she said in a surprised tone. “What are you doing here?

“What do you mean” came the immediate response. “I’m here for my treatment same as always.”

“But didn’t someone call you? Marie’s sick.”

“What? No, nobody called me. Is it serious?”

“We’re not sure yet, she fainted a few days ago and she’s been in the hospital ever since. I’m sorry you had to come all this way for nothing”

For a moment Dominique’s brow furrowed as she considered the information. This certainly was not good news, she truly liked Marie and always felt comfortable having her do her hair but now there was no telling how long it might be before she could have that done again. Ah well Dominique realized there nothing she could do.

“Well thanks anyway Cynthia” Dominique finally offered. “I suppose you should call me though when she’s back so I can fill my appointment. Give her my best ok”

Before she could turn and leave however a voice from the back called out. “Mrs. Drake I have time and could take her if the lady would like.”

Immediately both ladies turned to see the newest stylist bounding up from the back. She was young, perhaps mid twenties, energetic, and most notably short. She couldn’t have been much more than five foot tall, dressed in a mid-drift tee shirt and mid thigh length skirt. Her hair was a streaked blonde combination, cut short yet somehow it suited her, and her eyes were a soft gray.

“Oh I don’t know” Cynthia Drake immediately began, but the young stylist quickly cut her off.

“Oh please Mrs. Drake I’ll take really good care of her I promise.”

Perhaps there was something in that youthful confidence and energy which rubbed off or possible Dominique resigned herself that sooner or later she’d have to try a new stylist for Dominique placed her hand on Cynthia’s arm and said “It’s ok with me, so long as she has the time.”

Relieved of having to make that decision Cynthia merely turned to the stylist and said “Make sure you take really good care of her she’s a valued client.”

With that the stylist’s eye’s lit up, and her bubbly voice followed “Ok” she said taking Dominique’s hand “Come on, my chairs this way.”

But immediately Cynthia interjected. “Chrissy! Mrs. Bane gets the full treatment. Hair and nails, she also gets the private salon.”

“Oooo,” came the excited reply. “Ok then Mrs. Drake.” Then turning her attention back to Dominique she continued “You get the big window. Come on then its upstairs.”

Suddenly Dominique was not sure this was such a great idea, but it seemed too late now to change her mind and thus allowed the young stylist to take her in tow. Once she was seated however Dominique began to relax. The stylist’s attitude became calmer and much more professional. She started out by introducing her self, then questioned Dominique about the style, color, and intended effect she wanted her hair to have. She examined Dominique’s hair, for areas of damage, checked the thickness and softness. She had never before had a stylist pay such attention to her hair. The way she constantly slipped her fingers through it, pausing briefly at the ends to check for damage. Dominique realized this must be the newest techniques being taught in the beauty industry and since this stylist was obviously new she was benefiting from them. The other thing Dominique began to realize was how wonderfully relaxing this technique was.

As Dominique sat allowing Chrissy to work, she suddenly realized she knew nothing of the young lady herself. At first she tried striking up conversations which she might have had with Mary, yet Chrissy only listened, without offering a point of view or anything new. She then tried a more direct approach by asking probing questions to see if somewhere they had a common bond which they could share. This too was unsuccessful though for whether Chrissy was just shy or fixated upon the task at hand Dominique could not find that key. In the end Dominique just remained quiet and allowed Chrissy the freedom to do her work uninterrupted.

Somewhere in the silence and Chrissy’s ministrations though Dominique began to think back to the guys at the service station. They really weren’t so bad. After all it’s quite the compliment to be thought of as hot, sexy and ultimately desirable. She remembered how the fuel attendant became hard just looking at her and allowed herself a small fantasy of him pressing that hard young body against hers. She’d moan softly as that hardness pressed hotly into her ass.

“Nice, isn’t it?” That voice would whisper in her ear, but suddenly Dominique realized it was no whisper it was Chrissy who had spoken.

“What?” Dominique asked as her eyes began to open yet; it was not the ceiling her eyes were treated to. Instead they looked directly up Chrissy’s mid drift T shirt to the small firm breasts beneath.

“I said nice isn’t it” Chrissy replied.

Although Dominique didn’t understand how Chrissy had known what she was kaçak bahis thinking, she couldn’t help herself but stare at the sight before her. Those perfect young breasts were braless, small, smooth, and very sexy with just the hint of the tiny pink aureole being visible. She watched as they lowered until the very edge of Chrissy top brushed her forehead, and then gasped from that gentle contact. She could smell the soft scent of Chrissy’s body, and suddenly her mouth felt so dry.

Chrissy now undaunted by the silence though continued “I just love that tingling feeling as warm water pours over, don’t you?” As she finished the sentence Chrissy’s body lowered dragging the hem of her shirt against Dominique’s skin. Perhaps that in itself would not have been so bad, but the shirt did not move as fast as her body and thus the bare breast just grazed Dominique’s nose before rising away.

A deep shudder raced through Dominique’s body as this occurred, along with the intense desire to just grab the young lady and suck upon those tender breasts. Instead though she closed her eyes to avoid betraying the erotic feelings she now experienced. Her own breasts ached and her legs shifted, yet she knew if she continued to watch her willpower would wane and she’d eventually give in.

Chrissy though didn’t even seem to notice the intimate contact and just continued working on Dominique’s hair. Now she was adding the juniper scented shampoo and when the scent assailed Dominique’s nose she again opened her eyes. Once more those glorious breasts hovered before her, in fact they seemed to be close enough for her own eyelashes to caress, and thus Dominique found herself slowly blinking as her mind longed for that contact.

Naturally Chrissy’s breasts were not so close and the contact never came yet with each cleansing stroke through Dominique’s hair they did bob, weave and dance just beyond. Mesmerized by the sight Dominique found herself holding her breath in anticipation of what was to come. One hand shifted from the armrest to her own body, and she could feel the heat from that hand instantly through her sweater.

Still Chrissy worked though; thoroughly cleaning, seemingly each individual strand, as Dominique watched helplessly. Suddenly the fact that she was holding her breath caught up with her and Dominique breathed out a long needed breath. As this occurred Dominique took in the sight of Chrissy’s tiny pink caps suddenly darkening and growing before her very eyes. Her nipples had become so hard in that instance and Dominique realized Chrissy was excited too. It was obvious now that Chrissy was indeed flirting if not outright trying to seduce her. For Dominique though the question was how far did she herself wish to go.

Warm water again flowed as Chrissy began the process of rinsing the shampoo from her hair yet now each time it broached the hairline Dominique realized Chrissy was caressing her face. Sure those actions were masked under the pretense of keeping the waters from Dominique’s eyes but now she was sure of it. All the pieces had fallen into place Chrissy was slowly trying to seduce her.

Naturally this veritable cornucopia of tiny caresses mixed with warm waters did little to alleviate Dominique’s previous erotic feelings and in fact merely amplified them. Then as Dominique’s body gave up the formal resistance her legs slowly parted and awaited Chrissy’s tender caresses. Instead though she shifted Dominique’s chair back into an upright position and all that stimulation was gone. No more were Chrissy’s breasts visible, nor did the waters flow or tiny caresses continue that one simple act had terminated everything. Now all Dominique could do was watch in the mirror as the young lady sorted though and picked up her styling tools.

Oh how Dominique realized her body ached for attention, yet in this new position with Chrissy’s apparent change of heart that would not come. At first she tried just to ignore it, and just let those urges pass, but already they had been fanned into smoldering desire. Dominique decided that if Chrissy was simply wavering unsure within herself perhaps she could provoke the young lady by slipping sexual innuendos into their conversations. At first there didn’t seem to be any reaction, yet slowly Dominique became aware that on occasion Chrissy’s thigh would rub against her hand on the chair’s handrest. The first time this occurred Dominique would cautiously move her hand away, yet as it continued and her desire began to rise again she started leaving it there.

Now each time that would occur Dominique would close her eyes and concentrate on the feelings her senses experienced. The silkiness of that thigh, the warmth it seemed to emanate upon her hand, and the stirring of passions within herself. Oh how her nipples ached for attention and how her juices flowed. In addition to this Dominique began questioning herself. Was this truly a directed action upon Chrissy’s part? Perhaps the young lady had no idea what she was doing and really had no intension of seducing her. The unknown quality about it added to Dominique’s desire though, and thus she resolved to test the waters. Then on the next occurrence of that thigh touching her hand Dominique moved it. Not away as in the past but slightly up. This time it was the thigh which moved away, but after a few minutes it was back again.

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