The Waking Dream’s

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To open one’s eye is much like turning on a light, you go from a dim view to one where everything makes sense, and that realization often shakes us to our core. Much like, how could I have not seen it before.

That is exactly how I found myself looking at James. He was someone I knew from work, a rather cute man, who always flirted with all of the girls. James is quite tall, and of course a very warm man. He always appears rather open, but I myself believe he keeps much hidden inside him. Perhaps he keeps all his secrets locked away so deeply that he himself isn’t sure anymore what they are.

Anyhow, I digress here. I find that lately I’m often lost in thoughts of him, just normal curiosity I suppose. Yet he has managed to slip into my dreams, or is it my fantasy’s? I really can’t say for sure just yet. He slips his warm arms around me in a normal welcome and I find myself pulled to him. I find myself wondering does he know what I have been dreaming? Is he aware of what has been happening this last month. How could he? That is just silly I tell myself. Yet he say’s things that only happen in my dreams, makes small remarks that No one except someone who actually knew my dreams could know.
“Hi James, how are things for you tonight?”

“Well, Hello Sue” he whispers almost seductively.

I giggle and blush, Its almost as if we share this secret. “I’m doing well, but will be better in a few hours when My shift is over”

James shifts slightly to slip his arm around me for a hug, and bends in to whisper in my ear. “I have become accustomed to my dreams lately, care to share one with me?”

I just giggle, “Now, James I am not sure you could handle my dreams” I reply with a wink.

James just smiles that knowing smile and clears his throat. “Oh, I have been meaning to ask you, didn’t you tell me that you collected Dragons?”

“Why, Yes I do, nice of you to recall that”

James smiled slyly and said “I have pictured your room in my mind and I see all of these Dragons adorning your room”

I chuckle nervously because they do actually!

James just continued on, “I imagine you, laying on your bed, in a short silky black nighty, with red roses on the breast and hem, reading a book about Dragons, while you’re surrounded by all sorts of Dragon figurines. A rose smelling candle burning beside your bed on your night stand. I imagine your long red hair falling loosely around your shoulders. The way you snuggle into the pillows on your bed when you read. The way your legs slip across each other as you get to the parts in the story which excite you. That sparkle in your eyes which shows excitement about what your reading or perhaps at what your thinking or day dreaming about.”

I look at him with a puzzled almost shocked look upon my face, not sure what to say. My mind whirls about with knowing that is exactly right down to the lit candle what I was doing last evening. I was even wearing that same nighty. With a slightly nervous chuckle I tell James, “Well, darlin if I didn’t know better I would think you had been peeping in my bedroom window.” He gives the slyest smile I have seen yet.

“Perhaps I have.” James whispers

Giggling, I answer “Now Baby, I know better then that, no one can see inside my windows with güvenilir bahis the blinds I have up, Well, unless I decide otherwise that is” I add with a wink.

James just smiles that warm smile of his and tells me its his fantasy and he can do as he wishes in it. “Ok, Ok I laugh but we have much work to do so lets get back to work, or I will never get out of here tonight.” We both set about getting done what has to be done.

As my shift is about to end I find James up front around the time clock area, “Well, goodnight James, I didn’t know you were done at the same time as me.”

“I’m not done for a couple hours yet, I just wanted to wish you a good night, Sue.”

“Awww, that is so sweet of you Hun.” James leans into give me a hug, and he smells so wonderful, “I love that scent your wearing, what is it?”

Chuckling he replies “What scent! It’s just my natural essence when I’m around you.”

Laughing out loud “Ohh, Ok baby I will remember you always then by your natural essence.” Embracing him in a warm hug, “I will see you soon then.”

James leans in and whispers “That Red Dragon clock is my favorite you know” as he releases me and walks off.

I stand there a few minutes watching him walk off wondering again HOW could he have known I have a red dragon clock? I must have said something at one time, damn but he plays a good game.

I get home from work and fix some dinner, then its off to my room to answer some emails and settle in for the night. With the emails done I decide its time for a bath, besides I really do need to shave my legs and it would be lovely to lounge around in a very hot bath for awhile.

I light some of my favorite candles in the bathroom, drawing a bath with some fragrant bath salts, the aroma fills the air. I slip into the tub, the hot water warming my skin feeling so sensual. I really hate shaving my legs, but somehow when you make it sensual it doesn’t quite seem so bad. I start with shaving my lower legs, then the upper legs. Then laying back in the hot steamy tub, closing my eyes, running my hands over my skin, the softness of freshly shaven legs always excites me.

My fingers slip onto my clit, rubbing. I know that I really do need to shave my pussy as well, if I don’t do it now it just won’t happen today. “Thank God for the *Goddess* razor” I find myself talking out loud as if I wasn’t alone. It gives you a nice close shave, without a lot of worry about the nicks and cuts of other razors. Pulling the lips of my pussy up with my finger while the razor slips over the skin always gives me a shiver of delight.

Finishing up with the razor I find myself eyeing the shower massager with such need. Pulling it down, adjusting the water to a nice very warm temperature, I let it pulse against my pussy while fingering my clit. Quickly I’m there as my body tenses and the spasms begin to pull from deep within me. Damn, Damn, Damn! But I love my shower massager. Moaning, I close my eyes and let the waves overtake me, shuddering until I’m fully sated. I realize the tub is quite full of water now. I laugh out loud, damn it, I really do need to get a bigger tub!

Turning off the water, I lay back and just relax in the water and let the shudders ease up until I’m drifting off to sleep in türkçe bahis the tub. Fully relaxed, I should be getting off to bed. Getting out I dry myself, wrap my hair in a towel, noticing how red my skin is from the hot water. I shiver as the cold air hits my skin. I hurry off to my bed, where I climb naked into the comforter and wrap myself up to warm.

Clicking on the TV, I surf channels, shivering while waiting for my body to dry fully and warm up in the comforter. As my body warms I find myself sleepy and drifting off, clicking on the remote to turn off the TV and I’m out. A bit early for me, but I could use the sleep.

Opening my eyes to look at the alarm clock, the red lights read 2:30am. I close my eyes again, and drift back to sleep, back to my dreams. The scent fills my senses, my body wiggles over the sheets, I can feel him, smell him, I struggle to wake up, yet not wanting to really awake. The confused state where you don’t know what is real and what is a dream. You only know that you don’t want it to end.

My mind reels with ideas and thoughts, none of which I can fully grasp. How did he know about the Dragon clock? Why can I smell his scent in my room? How does he know about my nighties? How can he know me in private? Does he visit my dreams somehow? Are we somehow connected in some way? All of these thoughts muddle though my dreams, only to give me more questions without answers.

I can smell what he called the essence of him! I can smell it in my room. I can feel him, his body laying behind me spooning me. His long arms wrapped around me, slipping over my full body. His lips kissing my back, his tongue tracing over my skin as he kisses and suckles the skin with open mouth licks and nibbles. Those long arms running up and down my body, rubbing on my hips, caressing me, grasping my nipples, rolling them through his fingers. Pulling me closer and closer to him, rubbing down over my stomach, onto my legs, I can feel myself moaning in my dream state. My legs part as if begging him to touch me. Wiggling, moaning, pushing my behind up into him, as my passion builds. My body fills with such want, such need.

James Please, Oh, Baby Please I beg with broken whispers between my gasps for breath. My ass pushing into him, I can feel his arms holding me tightly while his finger flutters about on my clit.

James pulls me up higher into him, I can feel his hard cock pushing at the opening of my pussy, I can feel the pressure of his cock against me. “Yes, yes” I moan, “please yes, yes.” The feel of his cock about to enter me, while those long fingers of his play with my clit, Lord I’m so wet, so very wet. James finger slips into my pussy, pumping in and out a couple times. He pulls his hand back, he slips his finger covered with my cum into my waiting lips. At that moment his cock thrusts up into me, I’m sucking on his finger dripping with my cum as momentary shock fills me, this tastes, feels real, is this a dream?

I really don’t care anymore. I can only respond as my body moves without pause, it’s lost in its own need for pleasure. Amazing the realness of his cock, pumping in and out of me with such need. I can feel it swelling within me, pulsing as my pussy walls grasp it, squeezing it, milking it as our climax moves closer güvenilir bahis siteleri and closer to that ultimate point of no return. Climbing higher with his every thrust into me, the life force within him blending with my own as if we were one. The primal need of release. The force he uses as he pumps deeply into me, fucking me so hard my whole body is shuddering with a need to let go. My fingers grasping the headboard, pulling holding tightly, the orgasms rocking though me like waves washing across a shoreline. One lapping over another, when I hear for the first time a voice whispering in my ear.

“Now, Baby, Now!! Let go.”

His teeth bite down on my shoulder, the world around me explodes as my body rocks with pleasure. He empties his hot seed into my shuddering body, with a deep guttural groan, overflowing me with his cum. I can feel it swelling inside me, running out over my pussy lips onto my thighs. My body shivers and shudders with delight, as my breathing tries to regain its normalcy. I can still feel his strong arms holding me, as our bodies rock softly together. Then I Drift back into a confused yet contented sleep.

I hear his whisper in my dreams “Until, later my sweet” as he kisses my cheek, just shortly before the Buzz of the alarm wakes me. Reaching to turn off the alarm, stretching, I roll over almost expecting there to be a body behind me. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, my senses begin to awake, and confusion begins. I had fallen asleep with my hair wrapped tightly in a towel, yet my hair was now free. My mind tries to make sense of last night, as I climb out of bed seeing the towel laying on the floor beside the bed. A sense that James had taken off the towel when he had snuggled into me last night.

Almost laughing at myself, I made my way to the kitchen to make coffee.

Those are some dreams your having lately I told myself, glancing at the lock on the door to make sure it was still locked. As I walked I could feel the stickiness of cum still oozing down my legs. Still trying to focus and put the event of last night into proper prospective, what is real, what is a dream? I told myself it all has to be a dream, and that is some dream I had, complete with cum running down my thighs. Curiosity got the best of me, as I slipped my finger into my wet pussy and lifted it to my lips to taste.

Shock begins to overtake me, as my world turns upside down.

This was cum, and not all my own cum, yet how, my doors are bolted and locked from the inside. And that towel laying beside my bed. It was not part of last night, but it was a memory, something I recalled after, as if remembering it later. Much like the smell of James, I recalled smelling what he called his essence. My knees became weak, and my body shivered with the memories of last night. Was I loosing my mind? I needed to know the truth, I needed to understand what was happening to me. I phoned work, and told them I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t come in today. I turned off my phone and set about trying to settle my mind and find answers, none of which made any sense to me.

Later that day there was a knock on my door, a delivery man with flowers and a package. I opened the card all that was written on the card were the words “Now, Baby, Now Let go.” Last night came flooding back into my memories. Those were the only words I heard last night. I opened the package to find a book on Astral Projection.

Getting a fresh cup of coffee, I settled in with my new book of answers.

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