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THE WALKING FUCKERS, Complete StoryTHE WALKING FUCKERSIt was supposed to be a weak RNA strand thatdisabled the enemy then withered. The vector virus had other ideas.It found a single, mutated Ecoli bacteriumand mated with it.Military “Intelligence” had finally fucked us all.“M0m will be furious with me,” I thought, lying in bed,trying to figure how I’d refuse the “corrective” surgeryand not get kicked out of the house.The alarm clock beeped.“I’m 18, why NOW?? I grew up this way! NO, mom, NO!”Fifty rehearsals in my head.I waited.Nothing.Then voices in the street.I looked out the window.M0m was on the hood of Mr. Tierney’s car gettingthe living shit fucked out of her by the paperb0y.Then I noticed other neighbors fucking like dogs in heaton lawns, porches, everywhere!Weird dream. HAS to be.That guy I fucked last night had bad weed.THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!Three neighbors suddenly burst through my bedroom door,Mr and Mrs. Maglio and their son Paulie, allthree of them totally naked.“GRAB THE BITCH!!” she screamed, and the twoguys wrestled me down on the bed as she straddled meand p!ssed right in my face as I yelled, “STOP!”I had to swallow some or drown.I closed my mouth and eyes asshe emptied her bladdr.They pulled my PJ’s off and I screamed, “PLEASE, NO! Use lube, anally!”“We know all about your shallow little hermaphrodite cunt!”the crazy bitch said, then took my lube off the dresser.“Get on all fours, NOW!” she lubed my ass and Pauliestuck his dick in me as his d4d jumped on the bed,got on his knees and face fucked me.Mrs. Maglio squeezed my tits roughly and pulled onmy nipples like she was milking a cow.“Oh sh!t,” I thought, “everybody knows about my nipples.”(If you grab my nipples I become submissive.)Within five seconds I had totally surrendered and I rockedback and forth on Paulie’s cock up my ass and his fathr’s cock in my mouth. I started orgasming, yelping, moaning,convulsing in release.I realized Paulie’s dick was much bigger and his fathrhad a shorty.Mrs. Maglio cheated. The rumors were true!Mr. Maglio cummed, I swallowed. Paulie lasted halfa minute longer but not before the cheating whorereplaced her hubby and used my face as a sex toy.I felt Paulie’s cock twitching and pumping and gettingmore slippery. He thrust it all the way in a few last timesas he filled my rectum with spunk.Both guys stuck their softening penises in the whore’s greedy mouth as she sucked out the last of their man juice.I caught a breath of air every time I could.Finally she orgasmed and let go of my hair.All three shambled out of the room, seeming to havelost all purpose.“Let’s eat,” Mr Maglio mumbled, “then we fuck m0m again.”I lay there for a few minutes. They had thoroughly fucked me.Sex juices all over me, the bed, my face reaked of Mrs. M’spussy juice. Good thing she was clean.Then I got up, tip-toed to the bathroom, propped a hoteldoor locking rod thing under the doorknob and showered quickly but thoroughly, moisturized and brushed my teeth.The electricity still worked so I blow dried my hair.The Maglios were long gone.They seemed very stupid and zombie-like.“Oh no, no, noooo…” I said out loud, “The walking zombie fuckers.”No time to think.I got dressed, black jeans, black leather boots, white crop topand light black leather jacket.I even wore a bra, black, of course.Ugh I’ve always hated bras.Dressed for battle.No time or reason for makeup.I stopped by my br0ther’s room and loaded up onpepper spray, taser and extra taser ammo things,a black plastic police baton and his 9mm Beretta 92just in case.These crazy fuckers just wanted sex but I’ve seentoo many zombie apocalypse movies to take any chances.I wrapped a belt around my waist with 20 extramagazines for the pistol.My br0thr was a nut job canlı bahis but his toys were very welcome.I finished my “load-out” with his Gerber MkII combat knifeand his motorcycle helmet with a crazy gold mirror visor.At the last minute I raced to my room and got myemergency “bug-out bag.”I went downstairs and made a quick turkey and Swiss on wheatand gulped it down with milk right from the container.Hey, it was a fucking fuck apocalypse! In the last episode our main character woke up todiscover the world was overrun by crazy hornysex zombies who weren’t really zombies causethey ain’t dead…THE WALKING FUCKERS, continued…So I gulped down the sandwich and drank from themilk container like a slob.Manners don’t matter during an apocalypse.I decided to pig out.M0m was still out running around naked getting fuckedby everybody.The weather was warm so I knew she wouldn’tcatch pnuemonia.*burp*“Where the fuck do I GO?” I asked myself.“I’ll go see how Uncle Larry and Aunt Jackie are doing.”They were the two most prudish people in the world.I took the keys off the hook in the kitchen and walked out the front door to my m0m’s Lexus.Very weird.None the naked fuckers even noticed me.THE HELMET!!They couldn’t see my face.They would probably be all over me if I showed my legs or my tits though.I didn’t say anything either, I just walked calmly asthey roamed around looking for people to fuck.One horny ‘zombie’ looked right at me, at thered helmet and gold mirror visor, lost interest,then a neighbor girl dropped to her kneesin front of him and started slobbing his knob.“OMG, JANET??” I thought, “She’s the shyestgirl I know.She WAS a virgin before today, too.Janet got him off quickly and let his cum dribbledown her chin and between her ample tits.My ant and uuncle would be just as bad.No point in going to see them.The smell of cum and pussy was everywhere.People of both genders were covered in cum,dripping down their legs, from their asses,from their mouths.Really disgusting.Then the big question:Why wasn’t I affected? Infected? Whatever?I decided not go anywhere yet.Instead I got some rope from the garage,cut it into five foot lengths and tied collarloops on the ends.I picked out three of the cleanest guys,looped the leashes over their heads and pulled.They followed.Very stupid and mindless.I brought them into the garage, locked the door,set out food and sodas for them.They ate.I slipped through the inner door to the house, got naked,grabbed a jar of vaseline with cocoa butter and came back.They all got instant erections and moved on me.I grabbed one by the throat and said, “SIT” andhe obediently let me guide him into an old kitchen chairwe kept there.I lubed my ass, sat on his cock and pushed the closest guy back with my bare foot.“EAT MY PUSSY!” I commanded.HE DID!!The third one stuck his cock in my face soI took him in my mouth and savored his precum.Every guy I saw seemed to be constantly oozing precum.The guy under me was buried in my ass balls deep.I worked his cock, being careful not to shake mypussy eater off.The guy I was riding was feeling me up so I grabbedhis hands, put them on my tits and held them therefor a moment.My orgasm was building.I took the guy’s cock out of my mouth, holdingit firmly in my hand, put my mouth to my ride’sear and said, “Squeeze my nipples hard. Pull and twist them.”I grabbed my cunt licker’s hair.“SUCK MY LITTLE DICK!”I left the other mindless idiot hanging as I hada screaming orgasm.Prostate girl cum gushed in a single immense squirt,filled the eater’s mouth and spilled from his lipsas he swallowed what he could.“Mmmm…that’s good” he said, in a sing-song tone.My spermless girl cum tastes like sweet root beer so he wasn’t a complete idiot.The guy with his bahis siteleri cock up my ass went over the edgeand pumped his semen in me.I knew he’d lose all purpose until he was ready tocum again so I hopped off him.I was on fire and needed a little more fucking soI flopped on the floor with my ass in the air andyelled, “FUCK MY ASS!”The guy who had eaten me was first one in,pumping hard and deep.“UNNNNGH!!” I moaned loudly.I reached back, grabbed him around the neckto arch my back and rasped in lust to the otherpathetic idiot, “SUCK MY TITS!” and hedid so, voraciously.This time I had what seemed to be an endlessmultiple orgasm.My little clit dick squirted a final small gushas I furiously fucked back and made his cock pump his seed in my body cavity.He got off of me, I hopped on the chairwith my legs up and pulled back andshouted “FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEE!”The guy stuck his cock in my shallow little pussybefore I could stop him.I screamed in pain as he tried to push pastmy two inch deep love tunnel.I grabbed his dick to stop him from penetratingtoo deeply and had another satisfying orgasmdespite the initial pain.I had had a lot of experience with guys whotried to ram more than two or three inchesinto me.I wanted to roll around on my back likea contented cat but I f0rced myself into action.I pushed the up button and pushed all threeof them out.Nobody was around so I squatted on the front lawn like an an!mal to sh!t and p!sis.I wiped with a clean blue tee shirt someonehad shed in order to shag.All my inhibitions were gone, along with civilization.One more complete shower and assorted hygiene andbodily maintenance.The bathtub was clean so I filled it with water for later.I wondered when the utilities would go out.I decided to just hang around for a while.My br0thr had a big supply of MRE militaryrations that I dragged into my room.Food, water, weapons to last for months.I barricaded the door and went to bed fora much needed long nap.If anybody showed up I’d shoot them.ANYBODY.I knew I wasn’t infected but I didn’t know why.I cried myself to sle3p. THE WALKING FUCKERS Episode ThreeI woke up the next morning to peace and quiet andthe stench of stale ur!ne from my mattress.I was curled up at the foot of the bed away fromthe wet spot.“EWW!!” I said aloud, this mattress has got to go!I removed the barricade; the narrow end of my dresseragainst the door and my heavy nightstand wedgedbetween it and the wall at the other end.Thanks to my br0ther again for teaching me howto barricade a door the right way.He still wasn’t home. Where the fuck could he be?Duh, out fucking, where else?I took a handful of vaseline and lubed my assjust in case a herd of sex zombies caught me.I put on the gun belt with the Beretta and taser too.I had to pee bad but I wanted to clear the house first.I discovered the crazy bitch who ruined my mattresssleeping on the couch.I slipped off my PJ bottoms and p!ssed right in her snoring face.She coughed and gagged and to my satisfaction swallowed a mouthful just as I had.I held the taser ready just in case the cum-caked sloppy bitch came at me.I gagged at the sight and smell of her, covered in dried cum, her hair matted with it.Fucking DISGUSTINGShe sat up very slowly and cradled her head in her handsas if she had a hangover.She looked over at me, then down at her naked, spunk covered but gorgeous body. She kept herself in good shape.Horror spread over her face, then shame and humiliationbut she didn’t try to cover herself either.“Oh my God, tommie what have I done?” she wailed“Relax Mrs M. Everybody went crazy yesterday.”“But my husband…my son…Me…”I snickered and said, “Don’t worry, I got YOU back.”“But we RAYPED YOU!” she sobbed.“You weren’t responsible,” I reassured güvenilir bahis her, “Besides, I enjoyed it.”She managed a timid, embarrassed smile.“It’s over now, Mrs Maglio, everything’s back to normal.”I took her upstairs with a pitcher because the utilities were out.First she peed in the toilet, totally unashamed at my presence,then I helped her wash up in the sink, being careful not to dirtythe precious washing water supply in the tub.She didn’t express any interest in getting dressed so Itook off my pj top as an experiment.“Nice tits.” she remarked.“Oh sh!t” went through my head.We went back downstairs and I made peanut butterand jelly sandwiches and cranberry juice.The fridge still had a chill so the juice was cold.Mrs M and I ate our breakfast and chatted.Strange, she was over the zombie thing but shehad no inhibitions. Her tits were on full display, her twathidden under the kitchen table yet she thought nothing of it.After we ate I got some Skyy vodka from the liquor cabinetand we had more cranberry juice with it.“God,” I said, “I’m glad this sh!t is over.”“Same here, sexy.” Mrs. M replied.“She just called me ‘sexy’” I thought. “Whatever caused the zombie sh!t definitely has lasting effects.”I opened the front door to check on the neighbors to discoverearly risers munching donuts, slices of bread, potato chips,any ready to eat food.They were still naked, still sex zombies.Suddenly a horny fucker rushed me from the side.I shoved him and slammed and locked the door but hewas in the house already and I had dropped the taser.I couldn’t kill him with the pistol because he wasn’ta danger. He just wanted to fuck me.Judging by his enthusiasm he had had a good breakfast.“OH MY GOD!” Mrs M screamed.“It’s OK, I can handle this,” I shouted back.He had a big 9 inch cock but I had had bigger.Besides I fucked myself with huge dildos all the time.Down on all fours, my bare, greased ass in the air.“FUCK MY ASS!”He only needed to be told once.Mrs M watched from the couch with great interest.“You’re a horny little slut.” she remarked, a filthy,lascivious smirk on her face.Of course I cummed because I WAS a horny little slut and because his enormous cock penetratedme deep and filled me up for an instant orgasm.I started squeezing my tits but just as I startedto build up to another orgasm the stupid fucker shot his load in me.“Just like a man,” Mrs M said, “They never last long enough.”He got up and started shambling around aimlesslywhen Mrs said, “P!sis IN HIS FACE!!”I suddenly understood, and prayed she was right.“GET ON THE FLOOR!” I shouted, “ON YOUR BACK!”“OPEN YOUR MOUTH!”I squatted over his pussy slime, semen and food smeared face,his horrible breath, his blank, staring eyes andgave him the leftovers of the juice and vodka.“SWALLOW IT!” I commanded.We watched as the transformation took place.He coughed, the precum stopped dripping, he showedsymptoms of a hangover, then the glaze cleared fromhis eyes.“What the fuck happened?” he asked, bewildered.“Stay here,” I told them, raced upstairs, got my camcorder.I did a little interview to document the cure.This was history!We started rounding up zombies and p!ssing in their facesbut only female ur!ne cured the zombie disease.Soon we had cured enough girls and women to makesure the plague would be wiped out.Later that week I was interviewed in my living roomby a beautiful Eyewitless News reporter and CDC people.My intersexed condition made me immune and Iproduced antibiodies when exposed to the virus.And I had been VERY exposed.Only females and myself could produce antibodiesthat could cure others.After the interview the reporter and I hugged.Then I kissed her and grabbed her tits.She gave me her number and slapped my ass.Society ran perfectly well after that, crime fellto almost zero and people got along great.All conflicts were solved with sex.Nobody realized the virus had only been half curedand I didn’t try to tell them.The world was much better this way.THE END….?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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