The Weekend Away

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The drive down to Port Fairy had been a long one, and Alan was looking forward to when they would arrive at the spot he had chose for them to go Camping at for a couple of days.

He had been there before a few years ago, and it was one of the most beautiful places along the coast that he knew.

A nice secluded beach area, with plenty of trees on the foreshore to act as a windbreak and to give a little shade as well…Almost Heaven on Earth.

He looked sideways at Julie whose head was resting gently on his shoulder. He breathed in the soft scent of the perfume she was wearing, and placed a kiss on her head.

She had dozed off about 20 minutes or so ago, and as they were so close now he decided it was almost time to wake her.

He had picked her up earlier that morning at the Airport, and she luckily wasn’t suffering from Jet lag as she had to stay overnight in Sydney, before catching the Plane to Melbourne, and he was so much looking forward to spending some time with her alone with no one else around.

They had planned the trip for weeks and it was all the both of them could talk about for the last few days on the phone before she left….planning out what they would do and where they would go.

They had become friends a few months earlier while talking on the Internet, and the friendship had grown from there. First talking online each day and then chatting to each other on the phone as well.

There was just something that clicked between the two of them, and they enjoyed each others company very much.

But this weekend was going to be different it was just the two of them, and they both knew it was going to be special. Each one of them a little nervous, but knowing that the feeling would soon pass.

“Come on Sleepy Head….Almost there…..”

Julie stirred slightly and opened her eyes…….”How long have i been asleep??”

“Not to long….about 20 minutes i think”

She looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back at her and gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

“we’re almost there” he said as he turned down a dirt road that led off the main road they had been driving along.

It took about 10 more minutes to get to the spot, and as they drove along the bumpy track they could see the ocean through the trees at the end of the road.

“It looks absolutely beautiful” said Julie as she looked around at where they were going to spend the next few days.

“I thought you’d like it” Alan replied smiling.

It didn’t take them long to unpack everything and set up the tent, and when they had finished they sat down on the grass outside the tent and had a coffee each from a Thermos they had brought along.

They talked and laughed about various people they had met since being online, and any nervousness that was there soon went away as they both felt completely relaxed in each other’s company.

Alan suggested that as it was only about 5.00pm they have a stroll along the Beach towards the Old Lighthouse that was about a mile away.

As they stood up to start their walk Alan drew Julie towards him and his arms encircled her…..”Thanks for coming” he said, before pressing his lips to hers.

A Long sensual kiss filled with all the passion that was held between them.

Her Lips melting into his as their tongues entwined and made their own love together.

The Kiss broke and they both just smiled at each other…each knowing there would be time for more later.

They strolled along the Beach, Alan with his arm around her waist ,and hers around his. So many times they stopped just to look out to sea, and to kiss again and again, The walk ended up taking almost twice as long as they planned, but it was worth it just to sit there in front of the Lighthouse and admire the view.

Julie sat in between Alan legs, So she had her back to him, and he had his arms around her waist.

As they looked out to Sea, Alan raised her hair so he could kiss her all around the base of her neck, small delicate kisses around the neck and up to her ears which he nibbled gently before sucking the Lobe into his mouth, then massaging it between his lips.
While doing this his hands had moved round to in front of her and he carefully cupped a Breast in each hand, feeling their softness beneath his touch.

While he had been doing this Julie’s breathing had become slightly quicker as she leaned herself back towards him, the touch of his hands and mouth arousing her.

As he was slowly massaging each one he could feel the Nipples growing hard against his palm. He gave each one of them a gentle tweak before Putting his hands back down to her waist again.

“Come on “he said…..”I think we better be heading back to the Tent before it gets too dark”

They strolled back to the Tent, and when they arrived there Alan made a small fire while Julie got the food together and prepared.

After they had finished eating it was already dark, and they just sat together roasting marshmallows and chatting about bahis firmaları things in general. It was just so nice for both of them to be able to relax so completely with no worries whatsoever.

At about 10.00pm they both looked at each other and a smile appeared on each of their faces….Alan leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips, then he stood up, and helped her to stand up as well, and then holding her hand in his he led her towards the tent.

It was a rather roomy tent large enough to have held 4 people so it gave them plenty of room to move around inside.

Alan had already laid out the sleeping bags inside the Tent, and the two of them lowered themselves down onto them still clothed.

“Thanks so much for bringing me here, it’s just so beautiful and peaceful here ,just what I needed after all the hassles i have had recently” She said

“It’s my Pleasure, i just want it to be a Perfect weekend for the two of us. Thanks so much for agreeing to come along with me”

The soft light flickering from the Lantern looked nice and the glow from it really set her face alight.. “you look so pretty in the Glow” he said

Alan leaned forward a little and Gently Kissed Julie on the lips… so soft and smooth to the touch…..They separated a little but then moved back together again, melting into each other’s arms

He put his arms more tightly around her to hold her closer as they began another kiss, a Longer more deeper and passionate kiss.

There lips locked together, and their tongues involved in there own personal love making. As they continued to Kiss it becomes one prolonged lasting one rather than small kisses…..neither one of them wanting to break the seal their lips have created, Feeling so warm and safe in the hold they have on each other.

Alan’s hand moved slowly down to Julie’s waist and held her there.

The soft material of her top the only thing between her body and his hand. The heat of her body radiating against the palm of his hand.

The top had come out from the waist band of her skirt as they had sat down, leaving a gap where he could slide his hand slowly under it, her skin feeling like soft silk against his fingertips.

Feeling so soft and warm to his touch as his hand first touches it, a little shiver coming from her tells him she is feeling good and is enjoying the moment as much as he is.

His hand slowly massages her as their Kiss continues, he loving the feeling of having her here with him so close with her body pressed so close to his.

He kisses her all around her throat and traces a line with the tip of his tongue all the way from under her chin to down near her cleavage, then slowly back up again to join her lips once again, the taste of her and the scent of her making him start to get erect…wanting to feel himself deep within her.

His hand moving upwards a little more till he touches the material of her bra, and as he kisses her he can see the rise and fall of her breasts under her top….

His hand moves slowly upwards till he gently Cups her breast in his hand.

Just holding it a moment, before starting to gently massage it through the material of the lacy bra she is wearing.

He can feel the swell of her breasts as he slowly massages it, feeling the full roundness of it under his hand, he can also feel her heart beating as well, the soft thump of it pulsing against his palm.

Using the tip of his Finger to draw an outline around her nipple under the material, he makes small circles around it, feeling it grow harder under his touch.

Their kissing has gone on uninterrupted while they have been laying there, and Alan slowly reaches up with his Hand to open the buttons on her top, opening it so he can feel the full softness of her skin against his hands.

When he has it open, Julie sits up slightly and helps him remove his shirt, then slowly lays down again.

He carefully moves the bra aside exposing her nipple to the air, then leans down slowly and gently sucks it between his lips, nuzzling it softly.

It has already gone hard beneath his fingers but grows harder now as he gently massages and sucks upon it with his lips. Loving the feeling as it grows even harder in his mouth. Flicking the tip of it with his tongue from side to side, before sucking it back between his lips again.

Then using just the tip of his tongue he starts to draw small circles all around it, making it wet and moist, then blowing air onto it making it cool down suddenly making Julie shiver.

Her nipple hardens even more as he does this and then he moves over slightly so he can do the same to the other breast and nipple, not wanting to miss out on either of them, loving the feel of them in his mouth and his hands.

Still massaging them softly taking the full roundness in his hands.

Using the tip of his tongue, he draws a line down her body, from just under her chin, down between her breasts and down across her stomach to her Belly Button

Then moving kaçak iddaa back again blowing warm air on her.

Then moving back down to her belly button making small circles around and round it before sliding his tongue deep into the centre.

Kissing her all over her soft warm stomach, small delicate kisses all over it:)

Wanting to make sure he covers every inch of her body.

As he is kissing her stomach, his other hand has moved down slightly to rest just below her knee, he starts to move his hand softly just around the skin at the back of her knee area, just in the very sensitive spot that is there.

All the time continuing to kiss her all over her stomach.

The soft skin of her legs giving him a tingly feeling as he gently strokes her there, and he is sure she must feel how aroused he is, as it is pressing against her thigh, and throbbing steadily.

Using just the tips of his fingers he traces a line up the inner leg, feeling her responses, as he moves along, her body shivering slightly every now and again as he touches her in just the right spots.

His fingers gently fluttering along the warm skin.

He moves a little higher but stops just before he gets to the top, then starts back down on the other leg doing the same as before

He moves himself away from her stomach and moves down the sleeping bag a little, so he is down near her feet.

He takes her foot in his hand and Places a Kiss on each and every toe on her right foot. Then slowly he Sucks each toe into his mouth individually, circling round each one with the tip of his tongue while he has it in his mouth.

He does this to both feet slowly, enjoying the feel of it, then he slowly starts to Kiss his way up the inside of her leg.

Small delicate kisses, only about an inch apart, all the way up past her knees to her inner thigh ,just stopping before he gets to her panties, and then swapping to the other leg and doing the same there.

As he moves back up her leg, he reaches up and puts his fingers in each side of her panties, and slowly lowers them from her, all the time still kissing her inner leg. She raises herself a little so they slide down easier and when they are at her ankles he lifts them off and places them beside him on the floor.

His tongue and mouth never having left her soft warm skin As he continues now up the inside of her thigh he can smell the delicate aroma coming from her drawing him towards her soft warm spot.

As he reaches there he can see how moist and wet she is, the outer lips glistening with her own juices. He lets his tongue start at the top and slide down slowly across the soft lips, a shudder running through her body at the first feel of his tongue on them.

Slowly he lets his tongue move up and down and all around the soft delicate slit. loving the taste of her soft lips on his tongue, and the taste of her fills his senses, making him even harder as his fully erect cock strains against his pants.

His tongue flicks across the lips like a kitten lapping at milk.

Then using his fingers gently her parts the outer lips a little so he can taste the inner fruit. Mmmmm the feel of her soft pussy lips on his tongue is like small electric shocks to his body as he moves it round and round tasting every inch of her.

His tongue has a life of it’s own as it explores all of her, touching and tasting and licking every single part.

His tongue then sliding all the way inside as he opens her a little more Filling her with it,and moving it round and round inside, touching the inner walls and filling his mouth with the juices flowing freely from her now soaking pussy.

Loving the feeling as his tongue slides in and out, he then moves slightly upwards so he can find her small Love Bud.

As his mouth finds it he gently flicks his tongue back and forth across it, making it go harder as it fills.

Then gently sucking it between his lips so he can slowly massage it there. Nuzzling it between his lips, moving them back and forth across it, as he slowly slides a finger inside her.

Moving it in and out gently as he sucks softly on her clit. His finger sliding in and out slowly and easily because of how wet she is, then slightly increasing speed as he licks and flicks at her clit.

Feeling her hips moving up to meet each movement of his hand.

Removing his finger he looks up at her face and slowly slides the finger into his mouth, then draws it out again sucking the juices from it, loving the taste so much. Moving his hand back down he now inserts two fingers into her.

He also kisses all around her pussy as he slides them in and out, making her pant slightly as he does it.

While doing this he is imagining how it will feel shortly to have his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, the muscles contracting and holding him inside as he slowly makes love to her.

He continues to masturbate her until he can feel her body start to tremble more and more, and he can sense she is getting closer to kaçak bahis Climaxing.

Wanting to watch her face as she reaches the tip of the climax.

Faster her goes, fingers sliding in and out easily, and in a blur as they bring her closer and closer to the edge.

Looking up he sees she has her eyes closed tight as she Bucks under him even more. Her Body arches as the first sensations start to course thought her body, then she arches her back yet again as another wave of pleasure rushes through her body;

Wanting her to climax and Cum so hard for him, wanting to bring her pure pleasure, and loving the expression on her face as it starts to surge through her full body.

Such a beautiful sound as she finally reach the Peak, her loud moans and sighs filling the night air, they are like music to his ears.

He moves back up so he is lying alongside her, her breath coming in short pants and gasps as she starts to come down from the pleasure she has just felt.

He leans over her and kisses her softly on the lips, tasting the perspiration on them, loving the salty sensation he gets as his lips press against hers..

He rests his head softly on her breasts and lays there listening to her heart beat as she slowly starts to get her breath back.

After a short while, she sits up and starts to unbutton his pants, knowing how hard he had become while his cock was pressed against her earlier.

He helps her remove them, and then also takes of his briefs as well.

She kisses him gently and then presses against his chest motioning him lay back down again.

Carefully she take’s his cock in her hand and starts to move it back and forward while her other hand gently cups and starts to massage his balls.

He is looking down at her as she does this, loving the feeling.

He sees her tongue come from between her lips and start to slowly circle the end of his cock. Watching her do this is such a high for him, and he grows even harder as she holds it in her hand.

She lifts his cock up a little and he can see as the tip of her tongue slides along the full length of it.

She is licking it the same way you would a lolly pop. Up and down the length making sure she doesn’t miss one piece of it. He watch’s as her mouth slowly starts to envelope his cock going further and further into her mouth as she draw’s him all the way in between her lips.

Her tongue still circling the head and playing with the little hole in the tip. She moves her head back and forward in time to his thrusts to meet her mouth and her hands now grip onto his ass cheeks.

He love’s the feel as his cock slides in and out of her mouth like this and although he would love to cum in her mouth he knows that he wants to cum inside her.

She pops the head of his cock out of her mouth and she starts to kneel up in front of him. A bit of his pre-cum on her lips as she leans forward to kiss him again.

He lays her down beside him and then moves so he is above her kneeling between her legs. His Cock so hard and her pussy so wet and moist as her hand reaches out and guides him into her.

He can feel it sliding all the way deep inside her and the walls of her pussy closing in tighter on him and around him, gripping him tight. He starts to fuck her slowly at first with long deep strokes and then some short faster strokes. Changing his speed so she doesn’t know what he is going to do. He just want to make her feel so good about today, and all he can think about is making her enjoy it so much.

His cock sliding in and out of her, all the way in and then all the way out before then pushing deep back inside her again.

Her arms around him pulling him closer and her legs locked around his hips pulling him deeper into her also.

He draws his cock out of her and rubs it up and down the length of her slit making her moan with pleasure, but urging him to put it back inside her again.

He thrusts all the way back in again, Loving the feeling as it throbs so hard inside. She asks him to move from her and she makes him lay down on his back, and then she straddles over him and starts to lower herself down on to his cock and it slides back inside her so easily.

Moving her hips back and forward it feels like she is making love to him, not the other way around, She has the control at the moment and she can choose how fast or how slow he is making love to her.

She moves her ass round in small circles first, just letting him enjoy the feeling of being inside her.

Then she starts to move her hips faster and faster as she wants him to fuck her harder. He pushes up to meet her thrusts and they are both working so well together and they seem as one with each other. He places his hands on her breasts kneading them and squeezing her nipples between his fingers as he fucks her with ever increasing passion. His cock pumping into her and throbbing inside as it gets closer and closer to orgasm.

He moves his hands down to her hips and gripping her there he starts to help her thrust forward and he pulls her closer to him as he feels himself about to cumm….Her breathing has now started to come in short quick bursts and he can tell that she also must be close to cumming.

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