The Widower Chronicles Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Robin

The slapping of skin echoed through the room and mixed with the grunts and groans as I pounded into Robin’s ass repeatedly. “Oh shit Frank, harder. Fuck me harder.”

I increased the pace like she asked and felt my balls start to tingle with my impending orgasm. I’d already unloaded into her pussy and after a short rest, intended on filling her ass. I could feel her fingers rubbing her clit as she neared another orgasm.

“Fuck Robin. I’m going to cum.”

“Oh, cum for me. Fill my ass.”

Two more strokes and I was shooting into her. My first explosion almost hurt it was so intense and as soon as she felt my hot cream enter her, she came as well. I thrust a couple more times before sitting back on my heels. My softening cock was still buried in her ass, but fell out once it had deflated. Robin lay there with her ass still in the air and I watched as my latest load came spilling out of her ass and ran down her legs.

“That was incredible Frank. I love the way you fuck my ass.”

“I love it too. Your ass feels so good.”

She rolled onto her side and I lay down next to her. After Lucy and I had broken up, I stayed away from everyone for a while. I especially stayed away from Robin because I didn’t want her to think I was only interested in sex. One night I ran into her at the bar and after talking for a while, we resumed our previous arrangement. The last time before I’d started dating Lucy I had taken her ass cherry and she enjoyed it so much that we did it every time we got together now.

We met at least twice a week for the last month and her ass was at a point where it didn’t take much to enter her. But that first time together again was incredible. She told me that she had kept her promise to herself that she would sleep around anymore, but she also hadn’t dated anyone in the six months I had been with Lucy. So I figured it had been at least seven months for her, which according to her own admission was extremely difficult.

The woman loved sex. But since she wasn’t having any, she refocused her sexual energy on working out. And the results were amazing. When she started working out, she was a size seven and weighed about one thirty. Now she was a size three and weighed about one ten and looked absolutely amazing. Her abs were tight and showed off a nice six pack and her ass was beyond words. The first time we hooked up after we ran into each other again I was speechless. She knew she was looking good and took her time stripping to show off her new body.

A month later, I had been over her entire body thoroughly and became acquainted with everything she liked. Our relationship still remained friends with benefits and we both planned to keep it that way. At least for now.

As for some other things going on, Cindy was away at school and having a good time. Tommy and Billy were tearing it up on the football field and I was just enjoying life. I still had bad periods thinking about April and I hoped to never stop having them. But at least we had all moved forward with our lives. April would have wanted that.

“So, what do you have planned for tonight?” Robin asked, interrupting my thoughts.

“I’m going to the game tonight. It should be a good one.”

“The team is looking good this year. Think they’ll make it to states?”

“I’m sure they will. They’ve been killing everyone this year. It’ll be a tough one tonight. It’s their biggest rival, so I’m sure they’ll be ready to go though.”

“I wish I could go, but I have to work. Can I see you on Sunday?” I was slightly surprised to hear her say that about the game. Robin had never expressed interest in going before.

“I’m not sure. Can I get back to you?”

“Of course. Sunday ends my week so maybe we can do something together on Monday.”

“Probably not till after lunch. I’ve got some work to get done. Does that work for you?”

“Definitely. I’ll mark it down.” She kissed me, rolled out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I got to admire her ass again as she held it tight so as not to drip onto the carpet. I lay back in bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about Robin’s desire to go to a game. By the time she’d crawled back into bed, I still hadn’t figured out what she meant. Of course, maybe I was thinking too much. It’s not like she didn’t know the kids and of course they knew her.

“What time does your shift start tonight? Same as usual?”

“Seven, just like every other night. I was thinking about changing shifts though. One of the girls on days is leaving on maternity leave and I have a chance to take her spot.”

“That would be nice. At least you’d have a normal schedule.”

She smiled at me and looked into my eyes. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking and the moment dragged on for a few more minutes. Surprisingly, she got out of bed and went back into the bathroom. She came out a moment later with a wash cloth and cleaned my dick up for me. She put the wash cloth back into the bathroom, climbed back into bed and snuggled up against me.

“If I do, canlı bahis that means we’d have to stop out morning meetings you know.”

“I guess we would. We’d still get to see each other though, wouldn’t we?”

Her smile got much bigger and she said “Of course. Maybe we could even go out on a real date.”

“We can go on a real date now if you’d see me more then when you get off of work.”

“I would like that. Maybe this week?”

“It’s a date. Maybe you’ll even get lucky, although I don’t kiss on a first date anymore.”

I laughed hard at that and she laughed with me. She had her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. She quickly fell asleep, so I pulled away and went up to my office to get some work done. Lucy and I had just bought a recently foreclosed home that needed a lot of work, so I had to put together the to-do list so we could get started.

The business had already met with success as we’d flipped three houses in the past two months, earning a very healthy profit on each. But this one was going to be more challenging. The entire roof needed to be replaced as well as several walls. Before we bought the thing, we had debated what to do about it. The house itself was nice, but the land was incredible. There was five acres with a large pond set not too far from the house. We were trying to decide if we’d fix the house or if it would be cheaper to knock it down and rebuild from scratch. It would cost us more, but we’d also sell it for a lot more, hopefully making a nice profit.

I must have been in the office for longer then I’d expected because I heard the soft footsteps of Robin behind me. I turned to see her approaching me totally naked. Again I admired her amazing body that she’d worked so hard on. She knew I was checking her out and slowed her strut as she approached.

“Am I interrupting anything important?”

“No, just putting together numbers on a new project.”

She came and sat down on my lap and kissed me hard. “I was having the most incredible dream. You want to hear about it?”

“Tell me.”

“I was lying naked on this pool table in the middle of some bar and you were with me. There were a bunch of guys playing pool around us as you mounted me. While we fucked each other senseless, none of the other guys even noticed till I screamed out in orgasm. You came at the same time and pulled away. Your cum leaked out onto the table and the guys got mad at me for messing up the table. Several of them approached and to apologize I let them have their own turns with my body. That’s when I woke up.”

“Sounds like a freaky dream if you ask me.”

“Yeah, but I’m so horny now I was hoping you could help me out.” She looked down at my lap where my hardening cock was making a tent in my shorts. “It looks to me like you have exactly what I need.”

She climbed off my lap and pulled my shorts down. I helped her out by lifting my ass off the chair. Once my cock was free, she quickly took it into her mouth and sucked me back to full hardness. Once she was satisfied I was ready, she stood back up, climbed onto the chair with her knees on either side of my hips, gripped my cock tightly and sank her sopping wet cunt down onto my cock.

“OH SHIT,” she screamed. “That’s exactly what I need.” She proceeded to ride me hard and had a quick orgasm. Once she calmed down, I stood up and walked over to the couch, laid her on her back and slammed my cock into her repeatedly until she had one more orgasm. I pulled out of her and she knew exactly what I wanted. Fortunately, it was what she wanted too and I was soon pushing into her ass, which was slick and loose from our earlier bit of fun. She came one more time, reached back and squeezed my balls, which caused me to shoot another fiery load of cum deep into her ass.

After I pulled out, she ran down the steps and into the bathroom. I grabbed my shorts and followed her down into my bedroom again. When she came out this time, she was dressed.

“Do you want some lunch?”

“No thank you. I’m going to head home and get some sleep. Can I call you tomorrow when I get off work?”

“I should be around.”

“Good. Then I’ll call you in the morning.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me tenderly. She grabbed her bag and was out the door. I shook my head as I went into the kitchen to make some lunch for myself.

Just as I sat down the phone rang. “Hello.”

“Hey dad, it’s Cindy.”

“Hey kiddo. How’s it going?”

“Great. Are you going to be home tonight?”

“No, I’m going to the game tonight. It starts at seven and then I’m supposed to go out for drinks with some of the guys. Why, what’s up?”

“Tina and I wanted to come for a visit. Will you be around this weekend?”

“I have nothing planned so come on home. I’d love to see you guys. It’s been a while.”

“If we’re back in time, we’ll come to the game with you.”

“OK. I’ll cancel my plans and hang with you girls then.”

“No, don’t cancel anything. I’ll call some of the girls and see if anyone is around and bahis siteleri if not, Tina and I can do something. But we’ll definitely catch up tomorrow.”

“Think you’ll be home for dinner?”

“Probably not. I can’t leave till three and I think I have to wait for Tina. We’ll grab something on the way and meet you at the game.”

“OK. Drive safe and call me when you get there. I’ll be in my usual seat.”

She chuckled. “Is Tommy still making you sit up top?”

“Yeah. I guess I’ve embarrassed him enough.”

“See you tonight dad.”

“Drive safe.”

“Will do. Bye.”


That was certainly unexpected. But I was sure glad to see the girls again. After Tina told her mom she was leaving for college, the evil bitch had completely kicked her out of her life. It was for the better though. We made room for her in our house and now she had become a permanent member of the family. So every time the girls came home, Tina now had her own room to crash. College has been good for Tina and she was doing well.

The rest of the day sped past and I finished the work on the new project. I wanted to review it before I showed it to Lucy, but I was happy it was completed. I had a quiet dinner and left for the game with enough time to get to my seat before kick-off. A few minutes later, Tina came bouncing down the bleachers and gave me a huge hug that almost knocked me over. Cindy was right behind her and the three of us were in a huge bear hug.

“Boy, someone’s in a great mood. What’s got you so excited?”

“Nothing special. I just haven’t seen you in a while and was happy to see you.” Cindy gave Tina an odd look that was quickly replaced by a big smile.

“You look great dad. I guess you’re taking care of yourself pretty well.”

“Of course. What did you expect? I’d waste away without a female to take care of me?”

Cindy punched me in the arm but didn’t say anything as we watched the opening kickoff. The visitors took the ball first, so we had to wait for Tommy and Billy to take the field.

“I didn’t expect that, but I’m glad you’re not moping about since you broke up with Lucy. I was worried about you.”

“I’m fine. It wasn’t totally unexpected. She was ready for something that I couldn’t give her. We spoke about it and came to a mutual decision. Plus, she’s still in my life. Just not my bed.” Tina turned away, but not before I saw her blush deeply.

“Nice dad. Real nice.” Our conversation was interrupted when the home team intercepted the ball and ran it back for a touchdown. The bleachers erupted and we climbed to our feet. The extra point was good and we were up seven zip. There was still a buzz going through the crowd as the team kicked off again.

“I’m glad you’re happy dad. I really liked Lucy, but she was a bit young for you. Maybe you can meet someone closer to your age this time.” I was about to say something when her phone rang. She walked off a bit to take the call and left just me and Tina. As long as I’d known her, she was very shy.

“How about you Tina? Meet anyone interesting yet?”

She blushed deeply again. “No sir.”

“Tina, you are pretty much family. Please at least call me Frank.”

“Yes sir, I mean Frank.”

I shook my head and looked at her. She had changed a little since going off to college. She looked a little more mature. “You know, now is a good time to have fun. Enjoy yourself. You’re a great girl. You just need to relax.”

She sat quietly looking down at her lap. She was absolutely gorgeous, but had no self-confidence. I know guys are interested because I’ve seen them staring at her. She’s been asked out so many times I’ve lost count, but she always says no. Cindy thinks it has to do with her mom and I always wanted to have a long talk with her, but it was never my place to do it. Maybe Cindy could help me out.

There was another roar from the crowd as the defense came up big again. Now it was time for the offense to take the field. I was on my feet as I watched Tommy and Billy take the field. Tommy played QB and was tearing it up while Billy played RB. The two combined for a deadly force and were breaking all kinds of offensive records. It didn’t take long for Billy to show why he was being highly recruited as a junior. Tommy handed him the ball and Billy blew through the line, leaving several defenders lying on the ground grasping for air as he sprinted to the goal line for a fifty-six yard touchdown. The stands shook as the crowd roared in excitement and the extra point made it fourteen nil.

I felt so much pride at watching the boys play that I hadn’t noticed Cindy come back. I turned to see Tina staring at me and Cindy staring at her, a weird look on Cindy’s face. “Hey Tina, ready to go?”

“You’re leaving already? I thought you were going to hang?”

“We’re meeting some of the girls from high school. I promise, tomorrow we’re all yours.”

I wasn’t all that surprised and just said, “I’m holding you to that.” Cindy kissed my cheek, took Tina’s hand and went off to meet her friends. bahis şirketleri I turned back to the game and enjoyed the first half alone. By then the score had ballooned to thirty one to three and the route was on.

I sat back and looked around the stadium. It was kind of an odd feeling knowing that twenty years ago I was starring in the same place I watched my own kids star. I was thinking back to those days of carefree living when I felt someone sit next to me.

“Dreaming of the days you used to play on that field?”

I turned to see my old friend Sarah sitting on the bench next to me. “Yeah, something like that. How are you? I haven’t seen you since that day at the market. You and Jim back together?”

“No, we’re getting divorced. We just couldn’t work it out. I’m sorry I never called, but I felt weird. I’ve pretty much locked myself away. It’s just too much to deal with.”

I nodded sadly. Its how I felt after April died. “Look, I told you if you needed anything, call.”

“It’s been fine. The only thing I’ve needed was to get laid. And I wasn’t about to call an old friend for that.” She was grinning at me and I just smiled back.

“Don’t think I can handle you?”

She looked surprised at my question. “Don’t let your mouth make an offer the rest of you can’t pay.”

“Hmm, so the rumors about you in high school are true?”

She blushed deeply at that and her mouth opened several times as she tried to speak. “You’re damn memory is a little too good,” she answered. She seemed pissed, but I wasn’t sure if it was with me or with what I had said. In high school she had a reputation as being insatiable. Not slutty, just needing lots of sex. She had one boyfriend in high school and from the talk in the locker room; they spent most of their time naked.

“I’m sorry. That was mean.”

“Just a bit. That asshole Andrew talks too much. Can I tell you a secret? We never had sex. I was a virgin till college.”

I think I hurt my neck when I turned to look at her. “Man, I really am sorry. I just always assumed it was true. Mostly because me and April were like that.”

“Really? I never knew that.” She rolled her eyes at me. “No, me and dick wad never got past second base. Not that I didn’t try. He’s the one that stopped me.” She shook her head at the memory. “Did you know he came out of the closet a while back? I guess that explains some of my frustration.”

For the second time I almost lost my head by turning too fast. “Are you shitting me? I lost track of him after high school. He went to college and never came back.”

“Yeah, but I heard from his parents. So I know the info is good. He told everyone we were having sex to act like one of the guys. I was nothing more than a prop to him. I just wished I’d known sooner. Maybe I could have had more fun.”

“Be patient. I’m surprised you don’t have guys lining up to ask you out.”

“And I’m sure you’d be first on line, right?” I looked down into her green eyes and thought about it. I always thought she was cute, but had never considered her more than a friend. As I looked at her, I saw more than just a cute girl I knew in high school and considered her as an adult.

“Without a doubt. I’ve always thought you were very cute.”

“Yeah, right.” But she was blushing and looked away.

“What are you doing here tonight?”

“The girls wanted to watch the game so I drove them over. As soon as we got here, they found their friends and I haven’t seen them since. I saw you up here and came to say hi. Was that Cindy and Tina I saw before?”

“Yeah. They came home for the weekend but are out with friends tonight.”

“Cindy looks great. College must agree with her. And I didn’t recognize Tina. I can’t believe she’s the daughter of that bitch Margaret. I always hated her.”

“Yeah, well, she’s no better today than when we were in high school. Tina lives with me now when she’s home from school.”

“I’m glad she didn’t turn into her mom. How’s it working with her in your house?”

“She hasn’t actually been there, but the last time the girls were home we got all of her stuff from her mom’s and moved it into my house. She has her own room and doesn’t need a lock anymore. She seems a lot happier now.”

“That’s good. I’m glad to hear it.”

The teams took to the field for the second half and our team took the opening kickoff for a quick score when Tommy threw a perfect pass to his receiver.

“Boy, Tommy sure looks good out there. Has he picked a school yet?”

“No, not yet. He wants to wait till after the season to decide.”

“Boy, you must be proud. Two boys taking after their dad. Maybe I should bring my boys to hang with you. They seem to take after their dad and don’t seem to have much in the way of athletic skills.”

“I should be proof enough that athletics aren’t always a sure thing. Just be happy if they do well in school.”

“That they are doing. Also like their dad.” She got quiet as we watched the game. The score quickly grew and the starting team sat out the entire fourth quarter. Sarah and I made small talk before she left to find her girls. When the game ended, I headed down to the field to find the boys and gave them quick congratulations before heading back to my car.

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