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“So,” said Mandy, leaning forward into the mirror to check her mascara was on evenly, “this is what I’ve got.” She studied the list in her hand briefly. “Average height, brunette, long hair, long legs, small tits,” she peered over at Richard quizzically and frowned. “Small tits?”

He shrugged as he put on his shoe. “I just felt like a change,” and glanced at Mandy’s assets, which certainly didn’t fit that description.

“OK, small tits it is.” She seemed satisfied and looked back in the mirror. “She should be easy enough to find. Please don’t tell me you want her to be a virgin as well. They’re pretty thin on the ground at the club we’re going to tonight.” She picked up her handbag and made for the door.

Almost as soon as they walked into the club, Mandy saw her, and put her arm on Richard’s, to get his attention. He followed her gaze across the room, and there she was, exactly as specified. Oh yes, he certainly fancied having her tonight. He nodded to Mandy’s questioning look.

“Small problem, though,” he shouted into her ear, above the music, then pointed with his head back to the girl. “What about the guy wrapped around her? I don’t fancy her enough to start clubbing her friends off.”

Mandy grinned. “Have you seen his arse? He’s mine.” She rubbed her hands together in glee and did a little pirouette.

“I thought you wanted to watch?”

“Oh, don’t you worry.” Richard recognised her evil smile. “We will.” He wondered how the guy would feel at finding himself a voyeur to his own girlfriend’s seduction, but he knew if anyone could pull it off, it was Mandy. He was getting hornier by the minute. Knowing Mandy, she had probably deliberately picked a girl with a challenge attached.

Some time later, the girl’s partner was clearly going off to the bar to get served, so Mandy patted Richard’s bum. This was his cue to move in and güvenilir bahis start chatting the girl up. He was good at that sort of thing. Meanwhile, Mandy was good at distracting men who were supposed to be glued to their partners.

She went over to the bar and stood so closely behind him that when he turned round with their drinks, he bumped into her and spilled some of the drink down her front.

“Shit! I’m so sorry,” he apologised, turning to put the drinks back on the bar and pick up a serviette to help her. Conveniently for her plan, the drinks had slopped onto her top, right over her one of her boobs, so the white fabric was clinging to it. And her dark nipple was very clearly visible through it. Pointing through, in fact. He paused, serviette in hand. Mopping up didn’t exactly seem to be appropriate, in the circumstances.

Maintaining eye contact with him, Mandy cheekily reached past him, stuck her fingers in one of the drinks and dripped liquid onto her other boob. On command, her nipple strained at the silky fabric.

“Might as well make them match,” she grinned at him, then glanced down between his legs. Aware of her gaze, there was little he could do to pretend he hadn’t seen.

She put out her hand. “Hi, my name’s Mandy. Do you want to buy me a drink?” And that was him, lost.

Half an hour later, she was pressed against the wall outside the back door of the club. The guy with the nice arse was doing the pressing, kissing her hungrily all over her face and neck, while his hands explored frantically under her top. The fabric had dried, but the nipples were still rock hard and getting lots of attention.

He was a bit of a sloppy kisser, Mandy decided. All fat, wet tongue. Someone really should take him in hand, so as not to waste the potential of the nice rear, which her hands were currently feeling up. In the meantime, türkçe bahis however, she could think of better uses for that tongue.

Putting her hand on the top of his head, she gradually persuaded him to move south, sucking her tits on the way. She pushed her hips forward. Finally, he got the message between her legs and set to work licking her out, pulling her panties to one side. Hmm, not perfect, but it would do to get off on. If you like the drooling puppy kind of approach.

Thus engaged, the guy did not see the back door open again, and Richard coming out holding hands with the girl. Mandy and Richard made brief eye contact. The girl was oblivious. Whatever he had offered her, she was well up for it. She was practically dragging him along to the trees. Richard might well teach her a few tricks to pass on to her enthusiastic but untrained boyfriend, Mandy thought.

Once they were out of sight, she put her hand under her partner’s chin, and lifted his face.

“Do you fancy a quick fuck in the shrubbery?” she teased. As if he would say no. Quick would probably be the operative word.

They moved into the bushes, just a few trees along from where Mandy could see Richard had his face down between the legs of the pretty brunette. Thinking about what the other girl was getting from someone who knew what they were about made Mandy both jealous and horny. She leaned against a tree and pulled her partner against her, flicking her tongue into his mouth to show him how a real kiss should be done.

He didn’t know quite where to start, pulling at her clothes, and then at his own. Mandy touched his arm to slow him down. She didn’t want it over in thirty seconds. For one thing, he hadn’t yet seen his girlfriend being fucked by Richard, and Mandy was determined that was a sight he was going to enjoy while he was fucking her.

Richard had lifted güvenilir bahis siteleri the girl up and now he slid her onto his cock. Mandy heard her satisfied squeal, and so did her partner. He turned his head to look.

“Hey, that’s my girlf…” he started to object, until Mandy twisted his head round and silenced him with a rough kiss.

“Yes,” she hissed at him, “and she’s getting a damn good seeing-to, which is what I’m waiting for over here as well. Tell you what,” she added, as if the thought had just occurred to her, “if I stand in front of you, you can take me from behind, and enjoy both of us getting laid at the same time.” And, so saying, she moved him against the tree, pulled off her panties, pushed up her skirt (such as it was) and turned around.

He was no match for her. Through her legs, Mandy unzipped his fly, pulled out his cock and slipped on the condom she had ready. Then she reversed back towards him, wiggling her bottom invitingly, until he realized it was now up to him to slide inside her. Once again, he completely wiped his girlfriend from his mind, while he got on with the girl in hand.

Thank goodness there was something he could do well, thought Mandy with relief, as he bumped into her, feeling her tits at the same time. It turned out, he really did know how to screw.

She could feel his balls begin to tighten, and at the same time, a moan escaped from their neighbours. “Oh, yess…. Again…. Good….. Oh God, I’m coming…. God, I’m coming now.” The brunette was clearly not into silent orgasms, and her voice drew his attention immediately. Mandy felt his cock twitch inside her. Seconds later, he snorted, pushed hard and emptied himself into Mandy, who timed her own noisy orgasm to match.

A few seconds later, Richard came sauntering over, dishevelled brunette in tow, and took Mandy’s hand. She peeled herself off her partner and pulled down her skirt. Someone else could find her panties tomorrow.

“Have a nice rest of the night, guys,” called Richard cheerily, putting his arm round Mandy and pulling her close, as they wandered off down the road.

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