The Youth Hostel Dorm

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It was 1am when Samantha got back to her room, but all the beds were empty. The hum of the fan in the bathroom replaced the intimate sound she’d come home to last night- the sleeping breath of her youth hostel bunkmates. They had hired the room for three nights, the six of them quickly getting to know each other better by sharing this little space. But it looked like tonight they were all out later than her, except for the one person having a shower.

Samantha slipped out of her dress and panties and into her nightdress, keeping one eye on the bathroom door in case she had to quickly cover herself. She didn’t mind sharing with guys as well as girls, and was used to making the most of what privacy she had without worrying too much. She had always been shy, but after spending some time travelling and trying to step out of her comfort zone whenever she could, she had become confident enough with herself not to be a prude. As soon as she was dressed for bed and her clothes kicked under her bottom bunk bed, she sighed. It had been a tense night, with some of her new friends getting into an argument at the bar, and she was ready to slide between the smooth sheets of her bed and dream herself somewhere warm and calm.

The steam creeping in from under the bathroom door and hush of the running shower gave the room a hazy feel that relaxed her. She needed to brush her teeth, so she knocked on the bathroom door to give the occupant a chance to close the shower curtain, and then she stepped into the humidity. Condensation gathered on the tiles and blurred her reflection in the mirror. Through it, she could still see her flushed cheeks in her reflection, and noticed that despite the warmth, her nipples were hard , making them quite visible under the thin fabric she was wearing. She considered for a moment putting on something less revealing, but went ahead and started brushing her teeth, figuring she’d be tucked away in bed soon enough.

She relaxed into the routine act, lost in thoughts of sleep and how good it will be to curl up in her little bunk. She heard the person in the shower clear their throat. It’s funny how from such a short, voiceless sound, you can tell a person’s gender- maybe the deeper sound of it, the force of it. Definitely male. Immediately, a flush of imagery of the naked male body only a metre or two away from her flooded into her mind. Her thoughts automatically cycled through all the male occupants of the room, trying to guess which one was home with her, standing with her in this humid little room, the steam of his hot shower gathering slowly on her skin. It might be Peter, who was sweet but not her type. Dave, the Irish guy canlı bahis with a cute accent, was deejaying tonight, so he would likely be back later. Mathew. He would be back by now.

Her thoughts lingered on Mathew for a while. She had initially been wary of him because of his crass sense of humour and willingness to speak his mind quite bluntly, but he had surprised her with a few moments of generosity and kindness that she hadn’t expected. That morning he had quickly jumped down from the top bunk that he was lying in, to help her lift her bag onto the vacant bunk above her’s. His hand had been unexpectedly smooth for a guy who looked as used to physical work as he did, and strong but only a little bigger than her own. She wondered what those smooth hands would feel like moving along the curves of her body. They were alone here, if it was Mathew. Nothing between her and his naked body but a flimsy old shower curtain and the hazy air. She pictured him wet and naked, imagined that he would have a little trail of hair leading down from his chest, thickening at the bottom of his belly, and leading down to his groin. He’s probably gotten a tan from working shirtless doing labour jobs in the heat, but a tan line low on his hips, so that the smooth skin over his narrow hipbones is pale.

She realised now that she was so aroused she would not be able to sleep. She thought, what if I just pull the curtain back? Just jump in the shower with him like in some flimsy porn plot and offer herself, start giving him a blowjob? Ha. So ridiculous. And yet, the thought was making her wet. Despite smiling at herself, the image of looking up at his wet torso above her and the feeling of his cock getting harder and harder in her mouth was so vivid to her she could almost taste him.

The taps turned off. The bathroom was suddenly quiet without the sound of running water, and the sound of her toothbrush going back into its cup clanged loudly.

“Who’s that in here?”. Mathew’s voice.

“Sorry, just me, I’ll be out in a sec.”

“Sam, lucky you made a noise, I was about to open the curtain and you would have seen me in all my glory.”

“haha damn, should have kept quiet,” she joked.

“Oh, okay, I see how it is haha, I’m happy to give you a look if that’s what you want?” He stuck his head around the side of the curtain, looking at her with a big cheeky grin. She blushed, at first with embarrassment, but then kept blushing when she noticed his eyes dart down at her breasts, her firm nipples still clearly visible. She couldn’t do much more than smile stupidly, so she broke the moment by hurriedly walking out of the bathroom, closing the door on bahis siteleri the sound of the curtain being pulled aside.

Slipping into her bed, she thought- This is silly. I will quickly sort myself out before he dries himself and comes out ready for bed, that way I’m not laying here feeling achingly aroused like some hormonal teenager. It’s not like we have the privacy to start a romance right here, even if I was bold enough to move that fast, she thought. But she wanted it so badly. She started touching herself, stroking her clit with the tips of her fingers. The bathroom door burst open, interrupting her third stroke under the covers. Damn. That was quick. Taking a look around while walking to his bunk, he said, “Just you and me, eh?” he had a towel wrapped around his waist. His chest and its little trail of hair was exactly as she’d imagined. She could even see the top of the white tan line on his hips. She started stroking herself again under the covers. He rummaged through his stuff on the top bunk opposite her, the muscles in his back flexing as he reached. He pulled out a pair of boxers, and started pulling them up his legs under the towel, and while doing so, he turned and looked over at her. She quickly looked away and stopped moving her hand, but they had made eye contact.

“You really do want a look, don’t you?” he said, mischievously. She looked back over at him and he winked at her, while unwrapping the towel suggestively, biting his lip, only to reveal the boxers he’d put on underneath, with little batman logos. He laughed, and dropping his towel carelessly on the floor, he pulled himself onto the top bunk and lay down in his bed.

“Well, if you want a closer look, all you have to do is ask.” She knew he was joking, laughing because of how unlikely it was that she would just up and ask him to see his cock like it’s nothing. But also it was probably true. She wasn’t arrogant, but she knew she was good looking. She was kind of surprised by how cheekily he was flirting, she had taken him to be the blunt, forward type. How would he react if she just asked for what she wanted? “Actually..” she said the word quietly and she wasn’t sure he heard her until he turned over and looked down at her, his eyebrows raised in question, all humour gone from his eyes. She laughed, nervously. He maintained his questioning look. “…It’s kind of lonely down here” she said, blushing again and feeling foolish. He didn’t say anything and the pause seemed to stretch out as she waited for his response, thinking, what if he laughed. Said, no thanks, I see that you are offering me your body, but don’t actually want it. Not worth my time. The fear of bahis şirketleri rejection made the pause stretch out infinitely. But finally, his voice a little deeper than before, “please tell me you’re not joking”.

She pulled the covers off her and smiled up at him, revealing her nighty pulled up and one hand still between her legs, not stroking, just holding still and covering her pussy, but showing him what she had been doing under the covers. With the silent speed of an animal, he leapt down from the top bunk then walked over to her slowly, as if he didn’t want to disturb what might happen. He stood at her bed, looking at her, his hard-on making his boxers stand up. She started stroking herself again, with a shy little smile that contrasted with the boldness of her little show. With her other hand, she started to grope her own chest, gently circling her nipples and then grabbing the ample flesh, then circling her nipples again. He watched, rapt. She looked him in the eyes as she pulled her nighty off her shoulders and revealed her soft breasts. “Fuck.” He exhaled.

“I want to see.” She said, looking at his bulging boxers. Not looking away from her body, he pulled his waistband down over the shaft of cock, then let it spring back up when he released its full length. “mmmm” she mumbled. “Come up here” she said, taking his hand to lead him so that his hips were nearer. “I want a closer look.” Still touching herself, she sat up so his cock was near her face.

She said, looking up at him and moistening her lips. He moved his hips closer to the bed and she opened her mouth around the head of his cock, circling her tongue around the sensitive tip. He held on to the top bunk for support as his body weakened with the pleasure. She kept gently licking his head, then took as much into her mouth as she could, letting it hit the back of her throat, then pulling away again to lick the tip and tease him with her lips. He moaned. He groped and played with her tits as she kept licking and kissing his cock then taking it in her mouth more and more. She could feel his cock getting harder and see the muscles in his body start to tense. Her hand slipped in the wetness of her pussy, stroking more quickly.

As her breathing quickened, she struggled not to choke, she wanted to gasp but had a mouth full of his hard cock which he started to thrust in and out, wanting to get deeper. His hand gripped her breast tightly as her hips arched up and she came, pulses of pleasure rippling out from deep inside and spreading through her entire body. Her moans were muffled by his thrusting hips as he too came, ejaculating hot cum into the back of her throat while she still stroked herself, feeling the subsiding throb of her own orgasm. He held himself up as his knees weakened, and she kept his cock deep inside her mouth and swallowed every last drop of his cum before letting him pull away.

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