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Theatrical…..23Theatrical…..23Friday morning had arrived and I was once again hyper, running around trying to control my sex drive at the thoughts of having him between my legs that night, I was trying to get ready as well making sure that everything was perfect, my attention to detail was meticulous making sure that when he stripped me he would discover all kinds of goodies and fences to cross to tease him, not too much but just enough to get him inside me, “as though he needed any encouragement” I mused, I had already established that he was a very unselfish lover, his sole aim in life seemed to be to please me, this had become very apparent the first time in the disabled toilets when he let me think I had him and he suddenly reversed the situation and it was me who was screaming through another orgasm, I smiled to myself as the memory made me stop and enjoy it, he picked me up from the car park of the hotel, I had got a taxi down there and found myself fumbling for the money to pay the taxi, hardly able to concentrate, then came my first surprise because instead of turning towards the motorway as I expected, he turned the other way towards the airport, my mind was already racing, we had only been on the road for about 5 minutes and already I was totally confused, “what the fuck was he up to now” I thought, we pulled into the airport through the back gates, in front of us stood a leer jet, I didn’t know that then, I found out later, he pulled up beside it and we got out of the car, a driver opened the car and took out all the baggage then drove the car away, we began to walk towards the jet, I could hear the sound of the engines warming up, he took my hand sensing I was nervous, when really I was petrified, it looked so small, we walked towards the plane as another guy put the bags into a door on the side of the jet, I stumbled, I was in a daze, he leaned towards me, “you know you asked me why I had brought you, well that is one of the reasons, I need protection from her” he said, I looked up, his secretary was standing at the top of the steps, I felt my mouth opening to speak but no sound came out, I went up the steps ahead of him, the secretary smiled at me then addressed him, “we have a window in 15 minutes, the drinks and food are on board and the pilot is ready for the off” she said, “is everyone here” he asked, “yes” came the reply, I made my way still in a fog along the aisle of the luxury jet, a few people were sat facing each other across coffee tables in deep luxurious leather seats, the secretary was leading me and people were saying hello as we went almost the full length of the plane, she stopped beside a table with its chairs either side, she held her hand towards them, I sat down rather heavily, and sank into the seat, it almost wrapped itself around me, he stood and took off his jacket then turned to his secretary, “let me introduce you, this is jean” he said “ and this is Delores, we know her as Del” he said, she held her hand out to me and I took it and smiled at her, she smiled back at me, not the plastic stick on smile I expected but quite a warm smile, I heard the jet engines pick up and we were moving, none of that waiting in endless queues, Del sashayed off along the aisle and sat down in a seat, we fastened our seat belts and within the allotted 15 minutes we were in the air and winging our way to Newcastle, I began to relax as I looked at him, he was smiling at me, “are you ok now?” he said, I smiled back at him, “why didn’t you warn me, you are a very naughty boy” I said laughing, “just one of my surprises, the first of many” he said, I was wearing a new suit, and before you ask, yes, I had on my bra and my blouse under the jacket, why should I make it too easy for him “would you like to take your jacket off?” he said, I stood up and took it off, he folded it neatly and put it in the overhead locker, I don’t really know why I bothered although it was very warm in the plane but within another twenty minutes we started to descend, there was a ping and the fasten seat belts sign lit up, we did as instructed, this had been very quick, about 40 minutes in all instead of the 5 hours of driving that I had expected, perhaps he couldn’t wait to get me into bed, I looked out of the window as we landed, there was a fleet of service vehicles waiting to greet us along with two Mercedes limousines, we disembarked whilst the service crew put the bags straight into the boots of the cars, we had been an internal flight so no customs or baggage check was necessary, as we walked to the car, I was holding his hand, more for support than anything, I was now very much in his territory and he as usual along with his secretary had it all under control, people were piling into the second car and I stood and waited for guidance, then came my second surprise, the driver of the first car was standing with his back to us talking to one of the crew, as we approached he turned around, it was Samuel, “oh fuck, a friendly face at last I thought”, I smiled and held out my hand, I pulled him towards me and kissed him on the cheek, he blushed again, what are you doing here I asked as I took in the fact that he was wearing a grey uniform jacket and trousers, “well I work for an agency, sometimes I work at the hotel as you know but then I was called into the office a few weeks ago and was told that there had been a request for me to act as driver for you and your guy this weekend, I looked at Gerald, he was not smiling but he was satisfied and giving me a sideways look, I knew instinctively that he had bought me a present, one to keep me occupied if I got bored at the hotel while he was off at his conference, my question had been answered big time, he was prepared to give me anything I wanted and a lot more beside, this man knew me better than I knew myself, he was not trying to manipulate me, he wanted to see me happy and I felt the tears welling again as I got into the car, there were just the three passenger’s in our car, Gerald, Del and I, I looked at the back of Samuel’s head as we drove into town to the hotel, I was already looking forward to getting reacquainted, I glanced at Del, “maybe I should feed her to him” I thought, that opportunity came sooner than later, we booked into our suite, the hotel was massive and fantastic, the suite had three bedrooms but my celebration was short lived when I discovered that Del had booked herself to be using one our bedrooms and although all the bedrooms had en suite bathrooms with showers etc. I felt that my privacy was being invaded by a woman who had tried to seduce my man for personal promotion and gain, but still, if she was closer, it would be easier to give her to Samuel, I just couldn’t wait to see how she handled him, “he would have her for breakfast, and lunch and dinner” I mused, it was still mid-morning and we were getting settled in, Gerald was out getting the information he needed for the conference, the place was teeming with faces and suits from all nationalities, there was a knock on the door, Del answered it, it was Samuel, “what time do you need the car?” he asked, “I am not sure, Gerald said about 7.30 but you should check with him” she said, it was the first time I had seen her caught off guard, Samuel went off, I looked at Del, “where are we going tonight, I thought we would be dining in?” I said, “err.. no, he said that we are going out to a.. you’d better ask him” she said disappearing into her room, something was going on, Del in her way was being very secretive or she had been sworn to secrecy by you know who, a few minutes later he came back I took hold of his arm and dragged him into the bedroom and sat him down on the bed, “now, before I tear your head off, will you tell me what is going on and where are we going tonight that is so important that your tame monkey can’t tell me” I said staring at him, he took my hands, “have I ever let you down?” he asked, “don’t start that again, we already had that conversation” I said, “can I ask you to trust me, you know I won’t hurt you and you should know that you will be pleasantly surprised” he said looking at me and smiling that disarming smile, “ok so what do I wear?” I asked, maybe we should go into the city because you need something easy” he said, “sexy easy or comfortable easy?” I asked, “sexy easy” he said, now my mind was really whirling, was he intending to sell me again, my nipples puckered and my pussy lurched at the thought of another cock invasion, we went into the city on the bus, this in itself was a whole new experience for me as we bumped along, we got off by an enormous shopping mall and went in, I came out loaded down with parcels and carrier bags, during our shop I had found the perfect shoes to go with my gown for the following nights banquet, black sued with black beads over them, I had tried to find some at home without any success, we took a taxi back to the hotel and went for lunch, “this is very civilised” I thought, a million people must have come over and shook his hand during lunch, perhaps I am exaggerating but it seemed like it, just as I was about to start pumping him about that evening another one would turn up, there had been a card on the table in front of me as I sat down, it was my place card for lunch but it had the name of the company emblazoned across the bottom, I nearly choked, this was one of the biggest conglomerates I knew of, not only did they have a massive presence in our city but nationally and internationally, no wonder they had a fancy company jet, again my mind went into chaos, “hang on a minute, I was with the company’s CEO and they must have thought an awful lot about him to let him have the company jet for a quick trip to Newcastle, and I recalled a piece in the newspaper where some reporter was complaining that it was indecent for the senior executives of this company to have been paid in excess of several million pounds each as bonuses because the company was doing so well, I felt my head spinning and I thought I was going to faint, “oh fuck!” I thought, I should have held out for a nicer dress, no wonder he never flinched when the price tag of £500 pounds was mentioned, one thing was certain, if the senior executives had a big brown envelope then as CEO, his must have been bulging, “what was I doing here in this kind of company, I was contemplating shagging the chauffer and I was very horny, “then fuck the CEO” the voice said, we came back from the shopping as I said, I went into the bedroom with my purchases, he settled in the lounge with a newspaper and the sport on the television, I got changed into my stuff for the night, I came out and posed, “he looked up from his canlı bahis şirketleri paper and I saw him flinch, “you look fantastic, perfect” he said, I had decided to go with the flow, if this is what he wanted, then CEO or not, he could have it, I had green net stockings on with lace tops which were partly visible because my skirt was so short, my top was an off the shoulder strappy number with thin laces across my cleavage that was very wide and very low, showing the inside edge right to my areoles of my braless tits, below the thong nestled against my pussy comfortably, I was already leaking as I had looked in the mirror before I came out of the bedroom, he was still admiring my outfit when Del came prancing out of her bedroom, she was wearing a bottle green velvet dress that went almost to her knees, her almost flat bumps barely showed through the fabric, she looked at me, “oh! you look nice” she said in a voice that said “you look like a fucking whore about to go to work” but I knew who Gerald was staring at and it wasn’t Del, “I thought I’d wear this for tonight” she said to him trying to drag his attention towards her, he glanced at her, yes, very nice he said politely, I smiled to myself as I went back into the bedroom, “strike one” I thought, we came out of the hotel in the evening, I had eaten my dinner dressed as normal, I didn’t want to frighten the natives, then went up and changed, I got a few suspicious looks from the desk clerk as I came through reception on my way out but Gerald was guarding my rear which was a good job because most of it was visible, we got in the car and I glanced in the driving mirror, Samuel was smiling at me, he had seen me come out and obviously approved of my appearance, we drove for about an hour south, then we hit a fairly busy town and Samuel was following his directions, we pulled up beside a club and trooped in, I got through the door and was hit by a whirlwind, “mum!!” Julia shouted at me, I stood stunned, “oh thanks for coming, I wasn’t sure you could make it, she kissed Gerald on the cheek, “thanks for this” she said to him, he looked at me and grinned, “so what’s the occasion and why are you here?” I asked, “my friend Jen is getting married and this is her hen party, didn’t he tell you?” she asked glancing at Gerald, “no he didn’t I said glaring at him, he sloped off to the bar, “so how did you get here” I said, “mum, where am I working at college?” she said, “Sunderland” I said, “and where do you think you are?” she asked, “I have no idea my darling, you know what I’m like at geography” I said, “mum, you are in Sunderland, it’s only an hour away from Newcastle” she said, suddenly a light lit up in my head, that sneaky conniving gorgeous man of mine had planned all of this he had even got his flunky involved, she knew, I looked round at her, she was smiling at me, “I will kill first him and then you” I said to her, she smiled and shook hands with Julia, we went to a big reserved table and I was introduced to a group of girls all about Julia’s age, there were a couple of older ones that I suspected were mum’s or aunts or something, I looked around, Gerald was getting a tray full of drinks and a bottle of bubbly and having it sent over to us, he stayed by the bar, there were a few other parties going on in the club, and several men at the bar, “ Jen stood up and came alongside me, “is Gerald with you?” she said, “I’m dying to meet him, Julia has told me so much about him” she said with a twinkle in her eye,, “yes, he’s over there by the bar, he just got these drinks I said lifting the glass to my lips, she was trying to look past me, “I just hope that you make your wedding day because if you go near him you will get fucked, that’s for sure” I thought then the pang of envy struck as I looked round and saw a tall red haired woman chatting to him at the bar, my reasoning was mixed, how could I on the one hand tell him that if I saw something I fancied I would fuck it while on the other hand say to him that he had to stay celibate, it wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair but I had my investment to protect and I would guard it with my life if I had to, and I don’t mean my financial investment, I meant my investment of my heart and who it really belonged to, the others were just pretenders to the throne, he knew me, he owned me and I did his bidding without him even saying a word, I had figured all of this ages ago when I did a recall of my life with him in it, my world revolved around him, he was my nucleus, my very being and I loved and adored him but he never ever ceased to amaze me, like tonight, it didn’t matter to him what it cost, he had turned his back on all his friends and colleagues for tonight to make sure that I was happy and I was, very, the red head was tilting her foot and knee in his direction, all the signs were there to be read, if he wanted her, he could have her anytime he wanted, he oozed presence, I had seen it again in the dining room at the hotel the minute he walked in the assembly stopped talking and held their breath, he told me it was me but I knew the truth, I saw it happen, I looked at the red head, she was tall, good figure nice strong tits, good legs, she would look good d****d over the bonnet of a Porsche or a Mercedes with her knickers around her knees having her cunt lubricated by his cock, my pussy began to leak at the thought of watching him do it to her, I would make sure I did and then it came to me, I wanted to make sure that he did it to me tonight, it was on my list and what better opportunity, I was certainly dressed for it and if he wouldn’t do it then I would find someone who would, I looked around and realised that there were plenty of men who would as they eyed me in my outfit, I stuck out my chest and joined the party, Jen was still standing and although she was talking to some of the other girls she kept glancing across to where Gerald stood at the bar as though she was fascinated by the lurking danger, I wondered just what Julia had said to her, a guy came over and asked me to dance with him, there were a group of them standing watching him and I reckoned that he had drawn the short straw to get me on the floor so that they could ogle at me on the move like beef on the hoof, I stood up and went out onto the floor with him, he put his hands on my waist and I put mine on his shoulders he kept trying to pull me closer to him, he was trying to talk to me asking me where I was from and who I was with, he stared down my top although it did not leave much to the imagination, he slid his hand down to by buttocks, I didn’t correct him, I glanced past him and the group of guys were egging him on, to go further,, I flicked his ear lobe with the tip of my finger, he looked at me, dragging his eyes up to my face from my chest, I put my face beside his letting him pull me to him, my tits stuck into his chest as they flattened and came out of there captivity a little further, the dark rings of my areolas showing above the edge of my top, “what were you looking at just then?” I whispered to him, he glanced down, “what do you think” he said, I pushed my leg between his and felt his stiffening cock against my leg through his trousers, “were you looking at my tits by any chance?” I whispered in his ear, I was very close to his ear and I flicked my tongue out at his ear lobe and collected it between my lips nibbling at it, I felt his cock stiffen against me, “do you want to show your friends my arse?” I said, “go ahead, show them the cheeks of my buttocks, you have your hands on them just pull up your hands and you have won your bet or whatever it was” I said before he could answer, I felt his hand slide upwards taking my skirt with it, “there, isn’t that better, “would you like to fuck me, would you like to see my tits out in all their magnificent glory I said as I looked down and saw the pixie dust on my breasts sparkling in the lights, he gulped and his cock was rock hard by now, if I had moved he would have tented out quite a way, would you like to wrap your fingers round them and have me feed my nipples into your mouth, to feel your cock between my legs sliding into me” I said, I was heaving my chest on purpose as his erection throbbed against my leg, “can’t you just imagine me opening my legs for you as you get between them and bury your cock inside me” I whispered, I felt his shaking as he shot his load into his trousers, I moved away as I heard the guys behind me laughing at him, he stood on the dance floor a very wet stain appearing on the leg of his trousers quite rapidly, I got back to the table, Del came and stood beside me, “respect” she said, “you certainly saw him off” she said, she was stood facing the dance floor, I had my back to it “don’t look now but here comes one of his mates” she said, I half turned , he came up beside me, he was quite small, “how about a dance sweetheart” he said, I looked at him, “you see that guy at the bar talking to that red headed woman?” I said, he turned around and looked, ”yeh, what about him?” he said cockily, “well he’s my pimp so if you or your mates want to fuck me then you will have to talk to him, by the way it will cost you £400 but believe me sweetheart” I said, “I’m worth every penny” I said, he gulped and walked off, I looked at Del, she was smiling at me, “wow, so that’s why you did the guy on the dance floor, to up your price, are you really a” she said, “don’t be silly, of course I am” I said, I moved away and sat down beside Julia, I glanced up at Del, she was staring at me, “so why is Jen so fascinated by Gerald?” I asked Julia, “don’t tell me you are jealous, after all the things you have done whilst you were with him, if you must know she is just curious, I told her about his err… asset and the way we did the black waiter together and now she wants to sample the goods, I told her she has no chance, no chance at all” she said, “he’s here” I said, “who’s here?” she asked, “the black waiter is here, he is driving us tonight, he’s outside, probably parked up somewhere in a nice quiet street in his big Mercedes limousine toying with his cock waiting for one of us to bite” I said looking straight into her eyes, “so are you going to bite as you put it?” she said, “possibly at some time over the weekend but I have another small job in mind for him first then after that who knows” I said looking at Del, Julia looked at me and opened her lips, “mother, you are very wicked” she said smiling at me, “ I know” I said, I called one of the waiters over and ordered a plate of chicken sandwiches and a bottle of beer” he brought them several minutes later, I stood up and took hold of the tray, I went canlı poker oyna over to Gerald, “I’m taking these out to Samuel, I won’t be long, I promise” I said, he smiled at me as he turned back the red head, she was leaning over him giving him the full benefit of her deep cleavage, I clipped down the stairs to the door and went out into the car park, I looked around and saw the car occupying two parking spaces, I went up to the window on the driver’s side I could hear the music as I approached, he lowered the window further and looked out at me, “hey momma, how’s it hanging” he chirped, “it doesn’t hang it stands to attention when I’m around” I said, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing myself say, “ you sure got that right” he purred, I handed him the beer and sandwiches, he thanked me, would you like to take a tumble in the back while you are here” he asked, “maybe some other time, what’s the score on the hotel, are we the only group in there?” I asked, “yes, with a thing that size they are bursting at the seams” why are you asking, are you looking for some action again?” he asked, “I might be, maybe a stag party or something, something with some body, you know, nice body” I said smoothly, he looked at me up and down, I see a very nice body right here but I know that if I lay as much as a finger on it then I will never work again” he said, “what do you mean?” I asked, “you have no idea what you’re messing with do you, that man of yours is so powerful that I reckon if he wanted he could move this planet of ours further away from the sun so tread very carefully sweet lady and again, thanks for the beer” he said as he rolled up the window, I stood frozen to the spot, what had I got myself into, was he joking, no, he was serious, he was scared, the incident with Colin flashed through my mind, I turned to go back into the club, one of the guys from the dance floor was standing outside, “hey darling, fancy a fuck?” he shouted, “go fuck yourself” I said back to him, I marched into the club, the red head was all over him, it would not be long now but Jen was standing watching him, I went to stand with her picking up my drink as I went, “are you ok” I asked her, “what’s he doing?” she asked without answering, “he’s playing games and she thinks she has him but he is playing with her, don’t fall into the same trap, you heard what Julia said to you, he is very special, a very kind gentle and caring man but he can and will destroy you and your impending marriage so please don’t get your fingers burned” I said, she looked at me, “aren’t you jealous?” she asked me, “yes, I get jealous but he lets me have what I want so I let him have what he wants and don’t get this wrong but he doesn’t want her, he might fuck her tonight just for the exercise but I have seen him take and destroy 4 women without spilling a drop if you catch my drift, he is a fuck machine” I said, “you saw that?” she said, “sweetheart, I was one of them and he let me watch the others” I said, Jen’s mouth was open as she looked on, I looked back to the table, keep an eye on Jen will you” I said to Julia, she nodded, I looked back at the bar and they were gone, Gerald and the red head, time for action, I went out into the car park, I could hear his voice, I moved carefully among the cars till I saw them, she was stood against him her hands on his shoulders, his hand on her backside, he looked over her shoulder and saw me, he winked at me, I smiled, we both knew the score, we knew what was going to happen, the only thing in question was which car was she going over, they were stood beside an Audi, she moved her face forward and kissed him on the lips lingering there and closing her eyes, he pulled her hips into him, that pang of envy hit me again, why was I such a mixed up bitch, one minute I was fixing to get gang banged again and the next I was complaining because my guy did it, the red head stretched her arms out wrapping them around his neck and this time planted her mouth on his, he slid his hands up her torso and onto her tits groping them for a few seconds as she melted against him, then he got his fingers into the buttons of her dress and pulled outwards, the buttons flew and her naked tits bounced out into the open, at the same time he turned her, I had seen this move with Del the night he fucked her, the red head was not complaining as she reached behind herself for his cock, her exposed tits bobbing in the lights, he pushed her over the car and her tits flattened on the bonnet, my pussy was streaming as I watched him work, he pulled up the back of her dress and hooked his fingers into her knickers, a quick pull and they were in his hand, she opened her legs and he penetrated her shoving that instrument of pleasure between her legs and into her cunt, she jerked and he began to shaft her, the car was rocking on its suspension as he fucked her hard, she was coming , she began to shake as she gritted her teeth trying to withstand the earthquake of an orgasm that was about to hit her, she must have felt it coming because her head went back and he wound her red hair in his fist and rammed his cock into her, oh I wanted to be her, I wanted to feel that car under my chest, I glanced around, it was happening again as I saw first Julia, then Jen and then Del stood among the cars watching the red head get butchered, I was determined that I was going first, fuck that lot, let them form a fucking queue” I thought, the red head took a massive orgasm and fell off his cock onto the ground, I moved forward and came up to him, I took a hold of his cock and looked at him, excuse me sir but this belongs to me I said as I curled my arm round his neck and kissed him hard, “do it” I said into his mouth, do it to me” I said again, I was wanking his tool in my hand as my fingers dripped her cum, “it’s on my fucking list” I said, he spun me and I went down on that bonnet, he pulled side my top and my tits hit the metal surface of the car, it had been raining and the wetness on the metal surface was cold, I felt my thong being ripped aside then his cock came into me and I jerked upright with the ferocity of the penetration, he really meant this, I was about to get my deliverance from my torment of the day, he made me come 3 times on that bonnet, each one a satiating gratifying climax that ripped up the roots of my need and waved them in the air as he banged me hard, the group of guys from the club were outside trying to chat up the group of women that had grown since I last looked, one of the waitresses, three of the group from the party as well as Julia and Jen, Julia was moving forward to stand beside him, I came again and slid off his cock and off the bonnet to join the red head on the floor, she was befuddled, she had no idea what had hit her, I turned sideways and tried to stand up as Julia hit the bonnet face down, I looked at his face, that grim determination was there as he pulled aside her top and her tits flattened on the metal surface, he penetrated her ramming his cock into her, it was like watching a production line of battery hens being processed, they came up, were upended then fucked unmercifully, Julia was shrieking as she came with a massive orgasm, I realised that this had been heightened by seeing me and the red head get done, I stood beside a car, a guy came up beside me and put his hand on my bare buttock I turned and pushed him over a car on his back it was my fucking turn now, I ripped open his trousers as I straddled him, then I pulled out his cock and mounted him, he had no chance, my tits bounced in his face and he ejaculated straight into me, by now Jen had fallen, she was on her back on the bonnet staring up at him as he rammed into her, her dress open, her tits bare and in his hands as he milked them, I knew she would never be the same again, no cock would do to her like the one inside her right there and then was doing to her, Jen was spoilt for life, I slid off the guy as he fell off the bonnet, another one came in and I wrapped my arms round his neck dragging him to the floor, I again tore open his trousers and took him as I felt the warm flood of his cum inside me flooding my cervix and mixing with the other, he took four more including Del but she was a very willing victim and welcomed his embrace and his exposing of her tiny but perfectly formed tits to the night sky, he pulled out of her then gathered me up and carried me to the car, then plonked me down in the back seat, “don’t let her out, sit on her if you have to” he said to Samuel, he disappeared out of sight, Samuel got out of the car and went to the boot, he came back with a coat, my coat, my black full length winter coat with the angora collar, I had packed it just in case the weather changed, I looked down at myself, my top hung in tatters on my naked tits, my skirt was up round my waist, the other door opened and Del was pushed inside, Samuel gave her a coat as well then Gerald climbed in and sat in the seat opposite, Samuel got in and we set off, I looked at Gerald, he looked at me, I smiled at him, he grinned back, “some party that was” I said, I looked at Del, she started to laugh and by the time we got to the A1 we were both in hysteric’s, “what a night, what a fucking night” I thought, I sat in the car thinking about the evening as I do, how had he got hold of my coat, why had he brought it, he had brought it because he knew what I was like, he knew that my clothes, the clothes he had encouraged me to wear would be ruined and that I would need something to walk into the hotel with, I looked at him with a renewed respect, his attention to my wellbeing was unending and I loved him so much, we cruised back to the hotel and there was a gallop for the showers and the bidet although he had not come inside Del, he had not come inside anyone and I vowed to take his packet when I got him to bed, Del came out of the showers and her bedroom in her towelling robe and sat on the couch stretching her long legs along it, I came out in my towelling robe and was still ready to play, I wanted that bastard to spill his load somehow and I thought I would try another tack, I moved to the couch and made to sit at the other end of it, Del was sitting with her back to the arm, she drew up her knees to allow me to sit down which I did as I let my gown slip open down the front, exposing my pussy but still covering my breasts, I glanced sideways at Del, she was looking at a magazine in front of her face but with her knees drawn up her pussy and genitals were in view under the gown, one thing was for certain, she a was a natural blond, Gerald was in the shower, I noticed a small chain around Del’s ankle, bahis siteleri it carried a heart, I took her ankle in my hand, “that’s nice, where did you get it?” I said, she looked around the magazine at me and lowered it, I was still holding her ankle and stroked the bracelet, I saw her toes curl, “gotcha I thought, “oh, it was an ex-boyfriend” she said, “it’s gold” she continued, I stroked it again, she jumped and the towelling robe slipped off her knee leaving her leg exposed, I let go of her ankle, I slid my fingers down her leg, “ I am so envious, your legs are so smooth, do you shave or wax?” I said, she straightened her legs so that her foot was against my leg, “ I wax but it’s not too heavy because being blond and all that it doesn’t show the same” she said, I looked across, and reached out before she could avoid me, I slid my fingers down her pussy, “and your pussy is so tidy, do you wax that as well” I said she looked up at me, I was watching her face to look for a reaction. “ I wax the edges, just for the bikini line” she said, I opened my robe further and slid my fingers into my own pussy, I sometimes wish I was blond, the dark hair is such a problem to get rid of and I have to wax so often” I said as I slowly looked around at her, she was staring at my fingers in my pussy hair, she slid her foot onto my leg, I looked down at it and then up at her, her eyes were glazed, she was mine, I stroked the ankle again with my finger and she once again curled her toes, I moved her foot off my leg and pulled it up my thigh, she slid down against the arm extending her foot over my pussy and I felt the heel make contact with my clit under its protective hood, I gave a small gasp, “oh, I’m sorry did I hurt you” she said, “no, not hurt, the other, you know, a girl’s best friend and all that” I said, “she chuckled, “I know, I am very sensitive in that area” she said Gerald tells me that I should give it more exercise, I keep suggesting that he should do it for me” she said smiling at me, I knew that she was trying to score points but I also knew who he would be sleeping with, I reached out casually and placed my fingers on her pussy, I looked up at her, she stared at me as I pushed my fingers into it, she flinched as my fingers ran over her hood, “you are so fair” I said smiling, she smiled back then I slid my fingers back and she jumped again, “oooo, you are sensitive, mine is not as bad as that, perhaps it’s something to do with my age, here, feel?” I said, she leaned forward and pushed her fingers into my pussy, feeling around for my hood, I could feel the tremors running through my body, she looked at me, “that’s nice, don’t stop” I said, I stroked her face with the back of my fingers, “are you taking this?” she said as her pressure on my hood increased, “would you like you give it to me?” I said, she looked at me, “yes” she breathed, I slipped my finger over her lips, she opened them and I put the tip of my finger on her lips, her tongue darted out and licked the end of it, I pushed a little further in with my finger, her tongue squirmed around it, “do you do that with his cock?” I asked, “yes” she said again, “and take it all the way in” I said as I slipped my finger into her mouth, she sucked on it her lips closing around it, “yes”, and squirm your tongue all round it and along it to his balls then lick them and take them in your mouth and suck on them gently” I said, “yes, I do exactly that and he pushes his cock into my mouth and puts his hand on the back of my head forcing his magnificent prick into my mouth, then I gag on it and her fires his load down my throat and I drink it down” she said, and what does he do for you?” she said, “what do you think he does for me?” I said, I leaned sideways and took hold of her ankle that was on the couch, I lifted it and rested it on the back of the couch opening her legs wide exposing her genitals and pussy wide, “he does this” I said as I went down on her pussy sliding my tongue into her clit and slit, eating her pussy then down to her cunt and pushed my tongue into her, Gerald came out of the shower and stood for a few second looking at us, I moved around still with my tongue inside her cunt, so that my backside was up in the air inviting him, he moved across behind me and knelt on the couch, parting my buttocks then sliding his cock into me, Del watched him while I felt him start to pound me from behind, “don’t come yet, do her as well” I said as the orgasm struck making my stomach spasm and convulse, I fought to stay put in her cunt, he pulled out of me and I sat back opening my legs for her, she moved forward across the couch and went down on me, he moved around and got behind her, lifting her gown to expose her backside then plunging his cock into her, her gown fell open and her tight small round tits hung below her chest she had quite large areoles for such small tits I was almost ready to come again as he shafted her, she was on the brink of coming and he fucked her harder as she kicked and bucked under his hammering of her cunt, he pulled out of her and I swung my legs off the couch, he got down on his knees in front of me and I opened my legs wide for him as I took him inside me, he leaned over, me, I fed him my tits as he fired his load into me, I jerked upwards with the force of his jetting cock between my legs, if felt so warm and beautiful, his ejaculation must have been building all night to the climax that I had just received, he fell forward his face on my chest, I cradled his head in my arms as his cock pumped my cunt full, cum spurted out around his cock onto the carpet with each stroke of it, Del sat back her legs wide apart, her fingers on her clit, it felt very good, it felt very natural, he sat back on the couch with his arms round us both as we sat either side of him, I had my leg over his, ready to mount him again should the opportunity arise but It was Del who sat with his cock in her hand, it was wet from my juices and his spunk as it oozed through her long fingers, “I’m happy to see that you two have hit it off because you two are a very important part of my life, Jean is what I consider to be my life long partner and Del is my crutch and who I lean on heavily for my work” he said, my mind was reeling, so he did see me as a long term thing despite my deviant ways, “you two might need to refer from time to time about where I am or what I am doing” he said as he kissed us both on the forehead, I stood up and went into the shower, I needed to be on my own, to consider my options, I came out and he was just on his way in, I went into the bedroom and got into bed, it had been a hectic day and night and I was knackered, he had drained me with my orgasm’s in the car park but I had that satiated feeling of yet another fantasy achieved and ticked off my list, he climbed into bed and I cuddled up to him, he turned me over and I spooned my backside into him, he put his arm round me and cupped my breast, I put my hand on his arm across me and took my fix, how would I ever cope if I lost this man and the way I was behaving and giving in to my cravings there was every chance I would, “you ok?” he whispered, “yes, I’m fine, it’s been a day and night to remember, full of memories” I said “I’m glad you had a nice time” he said, “so who was the red haired woman?” I asked trying to sound nonchalant about it, “I have no idea, she started to chat to me and I let her ramble on, I was busy watching what you were up to” he chuckled, “I didn’t realise that you were watching me, I wasn’t doing anything” I said, “I always keep my eye on what you are up to and you fixed the guy on the dance floor nicely” he said, I chuckled, “I felt a bit sorry for him when it happened, he was trying to impress his mates and show them my backside and then they ridiculed him when he had his accident, they really took the piss out of him” I said, “so what’s happening tomorrow?” I asked, “well tomorrow will be taken up mostly by the conference, I am supposed to give a talk on renewables so if you could I would be grateful if you would be available for lunch at 12.30 but the rest of the day is yours, I would like you to give Del to Samuel first thing” he said, “you mean?” I said, yes, like you did for Julia at the hotel” he said, “and me?” I asked, “I had assumed you would anyway” he said, “I don’t do anything like that unless you approve or are there with me” I said, “and what about your gang bang, you didn’t ask my permission for that, you just disappeared” he said, I was silent, so he had been affected by it, “don’t misunderstand me, you are the most important thing in my life and I recognise that you have needs but it does escape me as to why you need that kind of handling” he said, I turned over and faced him pushing my leg between his legs, I could feel his cock against me, my pussy twitched, “ I want you to know that I love and adore you more than I have ever loved anyone or anything, I would sell my c***dren to be with you” I said, “but?” he asked, “I know it sounds weird but your staying power is proving difficult for me to handle, you can hold out so long that I feel inadequate and unable to excite you enough to bring you to orgasm” I said rolling my eyes up at him, “look at all those women to night, you never spilt a drop and you saw us all off, including both Del and I” I said, “but I let you have it when I did go!” he said, I know and it was fantastic and you do satisfy me deep down but just sometimes it’s good for a woman’s ego if a guy goes off bang and is unable to control himself, I know that men get upset sometimes when this happens but for us to believe that we are so gorgeous and have such good bodies that men get so over excited that they spill their seed like tonight on the dance floor, I simply talked that guy out of it and if felt so good, it doesn’t bother me that they leave me stranded because I have you to fill that void but please don’t think badly of me if I seek that kind of self-assurance from time to time because I need it” I said, I was tense, I had told him the truth, now he knew, he kissed me on the nose, tears came to my eyes and I threw my arms round his neck and held him close to me weeping on his shoulder, his thigh was against my pussy and I humped once against it, more out of reaction than need, I felt the electric shock run through me from the pressure on my clit, I humped again and it happened again, he must have realised because he got hold of my buttocks and pulled me against his leg, I was now humping at him steadily and my orgasm was building, this was incredible, he was fucking me with his leg, was there any part of his body that didn’t turn me on, I felt his leg slip into my slit, my hood slipped to one side and I pushed against him, I was coming and coming hard from the pure physical contact, the climax washed through me and I laid back panting, “wow” I said, I looked at him, he was smiling at me.To be continued…..

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