Their Appointment.

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Their Appointment.It always started the same way.They would ring my number and ask if I ‘wasn’t too busy over the next few day’s’?,I asked them when would it suit them to come by,this time of year is always quiet,so fitting them in for some role play and ‘repentence’ was not a problem,in fact I was beginning to miss my usual errant boys and girls,so their phone call both pleased and excited me.Amy and Paul have being seeing each other for over a year now,and completely by chance one evening during the summer I met them in circumstances best not described at this point,during our meeting it was discovered that we shared an interest.It started off as a little exploration,a little fun,remembering their schooldays,to my great interest I found that they became excited watching each other being disciplined,and on occasion only at their behest,I would watch the result of my chastisement on them both;watch as they both held each other,their eyes opening and closing,their lips pressing together,their naked bodies touching,his manhood hard and erect,her pressing herself against him,their lips meeting in a passionate kiss,their tongues playing with each other.Then her hand touching his weal covered bottom,he skipping a breath before running his hand over her red,painful looking bottom. Then they would make love,I adding to their excitement by telling them that ‘FORNICATION WAS A SIN,AND THAT THEY DESERVED TO BE SEVERELY PUNISHED’. I would sit and watch,their moans of pleasure would fill my ears,I too felt very bursa escort aroused,but watching them was almost akin to the pleasure I had felt caning him and spanking her.When they came to meet me recently we done our usual greetings and sat and talked for awhile before long it was time for us to begin. I left the room and went to dress in my old monks habit that I have for some years now. I felt a rush of excitement run through me as I tied the white cord and long strap around my waist,it may seem silly to some,but for those of us who not alone like to be involved in spanking but also like to role play,make the spanking experience authentic,the clothing,or the lack of it,makes for a very special experience..I came back into the room and ordered Amy to wait outside,I would deal with Paul first. I locked the door once Amy left the room,for now Amy would stand in the hallway and listen to what was going on. I sat on my usual chair and Paul undressed from his waist down. He knelt beside me and ‘confessed’ his transgressions.Listening to him it soon became clear that both he and Amy had been very naughty indeed,both needed to be punished severely. I listened to his confession for sometime,imagining the actions he was describing,the thoughts of he and Amy naked on their bed and writhing in pleasure was giving me pleasure.Both are aged in their thirties and both do like to keep fit.Under my habit I could feel my penis become quite hard,I could only imagine that if I had been in that room with them bursa escort bayan I would have strapped them on their bare,beautiful bottoms. Once Paul had finished his confession I reminded him to keep his passions in check,but he blamed Amy for arousing these passions,a fact I can believe,she has a look about her that would bring sexual thoughts to the fore of any man’s mind. I assured him that Amy would be dealt with in due course, but for now he would have to submit to some discipline. I beckoned him over my knee and delivered a good hard spanking to my errant,naughty penitent. As I spanked him I became aware of a shuffling noise at my study door,I knew full well that Amy would have her ear pressed against the door in order to hear what was going on. My hand fell and rose on Paul’s bottom,I listened to his moans and then he asked if he could watch Amy being punished.I refused his request,I believed it was ‘NOT PROPER FOR THESE TWO WILD PASSIONS TO BE AROUSED ANYMORE’. I continued to spank Paul until I decided that he had enough,the rest of his punishment would be spent in the hallway listening as Amy was chastised.I ordered him to kneel in front of my desk as I let Amy enter the room. I then told Paul to leave,but to entertain the thought of Amy’s bottom turning red under my hand. I locked the door to my study once Paul left.Amy knelt beside me and I heard her confession,strangely enough she blamed Paul for exciting her passions and causing her to ‘orgasm a few times’. I ordered Amy escort bursa to bare herself from her waist down and I placed her over my knee.The sight of her pale,firm bottom has excited me since that first day I spanked her. I reminded her that she was a lady and that at all times she must keep her wild passions in check,she promised that she would,but something told me not to believe her,I began to spank her.She squirmed on my lap and begged for more. A noise outside door indicated to me that Paul was having trouble keeping his composure.I called out to him that if he masturbated I would take my cane to him,Amy cried to him that she wished he would ‘Help. and FUCK HER’. I continued the spanking of Amy ,making her count after each slap,loud enough for Paul to hear how many times she was being spanked,thirty slaps. When I finished with her I told her to unlock the door. Paul entered the room and I noticed the tip of his penis was wet.He promised me that he did not ‘wank’ but six strokes of my cane across his bare bottom ensured him that I didn’t believe him. It was agreed that Amy caused his passion to get the better of him and so she received four stokes of my strap.They inspected each others bottoms and then began to kiss. I viewed their bottoms,side by side and warned them to behave themselves. They dressed and we sat and talked for a while before they went on their way. Unfortunately my next regular caller will not be arriving until January 4th,so in the meantime I invite any of you,male and female to private message me and confess some naughty transgression you have committed,perhaps I could advise you and describe how I would punish you if you were present before me;and of course couples are always welcome! Naughty,errant boys and girls!.

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