Their Great Idea Failed

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That didn’t quite work

Ash Davidson walked out of the base. The security briefing was cancelled due to a technical glitch. It was a Thursday routine, he would stay until eight in the evening to participate. He was one of the instructors at Little Creek, home of the Navy Seals in Virginia beach. He grimaced as he thought of the conversation waiting for him. It did not get finished that morning. Jenna, his wife wanted to experiment with another man in their bed.

“No Jenna, please,” He had asked her that morning. He was a gentle soul, and nobody believed he was a Navy Seal because of his timid demeanor.

“We can ask Isaac, honey. We both trust him, and he is our best friend,” Jenna pushed. Isaac and Ash had been best friends for a long time. Jenna refused to hear his objections, she wanted to fuck someone else and it hurt Ash.

“Please Jenna, no. I know you think it will be fun, but I won’t think so.”

“Listen Ash. I want it, okay. It is up to you if you want to be a part of it.”

“You would cheat?”

“No, that is why I want you as part of it. Please think about it.”

He did not answer as he left. That was the first time in the eighteen months they had been married that she did not kiss him goodbye. Ash shook his head. Maybe if she does it, then it will be out of her system. He arrived home, and saw Isaac’s car, which was nothing new. He was their best friend, and Ash trusted him. He struggled with the key, then opened the door, to see Isaac emerge from the hall, zipping up.

“Just in time bud, I just emptied my bladder, so there is room for a beer or two,” Isaac said. He was tall and muscular. Isaac was handsome, and had no problem pulling girls, and yet they never saw him with one when he visited. Isaac had carried Ash out of an ambush early on in their careers, when both were marines. Isaac now held an administrative post on base.

“Good, where is Jenna?” Ash asked, knowing Isaac will get the beers so long.

“Bedroom.” Ash walked to it and found Jenna also changing into track pants and a t-shirt, no bra. She was flushed.

“Hi babe,” He leaned in to kiss her, but she lost her balance and he missed. He saw her looking at him apprehensively.

“Hi Ash, you are home early.” She stated.

“You seem disappointed.” He frowned, her reaction was an anomaly.

“No, sorry, just surprised. Isaac came by and I was still in my office clothes.” She worked as an accountant for Ash’s father, which was how they had met.

“Okay. Do I get a kiss?”

“My mouth is rank, so let me quickly brush.”

“Okay.” Ash said as he left. He found Isaac waiting in the kitchen with a beer.

“She wants a threesome with you.” Ash blurted out.

“Fuck, say what?” Isaac looked at him in surprise.

“I said no, sorry Isaac. No.”

“I understand.”

“She will broach the subject with you, please be my friend.”

“I am, Ash.” Jenna came in, and Ash missed the look they gave each other. The conversation was halted, and Ash wrote it off to their fight.

“Can I have my kiss babe?” he asked, standing closer to Jenna.

“Just, not now. We have to finish what we started. I am still pissed that you do not care for me.”

“Fuck! Jenna, you want me to watch another man fuck you.” Ash stated angrily.

“I want you to respect me!” she snapped back.

“Respect? You want another man and I am disrespectful?”

“It will just be sex.”

“For you, for me, it is something far more personal.”

“Look Ash, let’s just do it, Isaac is here, he knows already.” Ash looked at Isaac, who shifted uncomfortably. Ash felt the defeat, his wife was going to have her way.

“So, I am the bad guy. I will be hated if I refuse, and as you said, you will do it. I suppose then it will be my fault you step out on me.” Ash said softly, no one noticing his breathing change to calm himself.

“I could not hate you Ash, you are my beloved, my only one.” She kissed him and watched his eyes get wet. She turned and smiled at Isaac. She took Ash’ hand and led him to the bedroom, made him sit on a chair. Isaac followed. He glanced at Ash, who looked defeated.

“It will be okay bud, I promise,” Isaac said, but he knew it was a lie. Ash shrugged. He would know in an hour if he still wanted to be married. He watched them kiss, and it cut him. She was his wife, she was everything to him. He fought the rage. Isaac pulled her top off, she wore no bra. Her breasts were medium, and firm. Ash loved them, and now he watched as Isaac loved them. She pulled his shirt off, kissing his chest. He pushed Jenna down and pulled her track pants off. Ash saw her pussy was wet, dripping.

He felt his gut churn as Isaac dove into her pussy, and she came almost immediately on his tongue. Isaac undid his pants and dropped them. He had a massive cock. Ash felt an irritation. He was average, six and a half inches. He was not jealous, but something bothered him, too many loose ends floated around in his mind.

“May I?” Isaac asked him and took Ash’s silence as permission. He pushed etlik escort into Jenna and she moaned loudly. He entered her in one stroke. Then he started to fuck her. Ash watched as he did everything she loved about fucking, when to kiss and when to suck a nipple, and when to hold back. Isaac was slamming into her now and she took it, screaming her pleasure. Ash felt his cock swell. Finally, Isaac came in her, driving into what had to be her womb and she went ballistic.

“Jesus Isaac, I need that cock again. Ash, please baby, come fuck me now, please.” He dropped his pants, missed Isaac’s smirk, and pushed into her. She was stretched now, and after ten minutes she started to complain.

“Jesus Ash, fuck me properly, or get out and let Isaac finish me.” Then the bell in Ash’s head stopped ringing. They have fucked before, and not just once.

“You want to get fucked bitch.” He hissed. Ash saw her eyes fly open, her sudden realization that something had changed. He pulled out and slammed into her ass, all the way to the hilt. She refused anal sex, and Ash hated it because he felt it was about domination. She screamed loudly as the pain hit her, but he fucked hard into her, not hearing her. He just slammed as she screamed and screamed. He jammed in hard and came. He looked into her beautiful eyes and felt hate, she saw it. He yanked his cock out and ran for the toilet where he puked. He washed his mouth and walked out. Jenna was sobbing in Isaacs arms.

“Jesus bud, that was fucking unnecessary!” Isaac shouted.

“You two have fucked before,” Ash stated softly. “Probably every Thursday.” Isaac dropped his eyes. Jenna looked up, her face white.

“You hurt me.”

“And fucking my ex-best friend in front of me? I suppose this was the method get him to fuck you without hiding it from me.” He allowed his rage to surface.

“Nevermind. Isaac, consider us even. You saved my life in Afghanistan, now you have taken it again.”

“Ash, jesus. We are friends. Please, don’t do this to our friendship. We wanted you included, not removed.”

“I was her husband, not you. That was my decision. Since when have you been making decisions for my marriage.” Ash stopped, and thought. “The night of our engagement, that was when it changed, right Jenna. That was when you two first fucked.”

“If your cock wasn’t so small…,” She started, then stopped. Ash pulled a backpack out and packed some essentials.

“Please Ash, don’t go. Lets work it out,” Jenna begged.

“No Jenna, you have already worked it out, and that means that this bed would not have been mine after tonight, right buddy.” Isaac just nodded. He was going to be the main fuck, but Jenna loved Ash with all her heart. Suddenly Isaac saw how incredibly pathetic they were.

“You are now nothing but a cheap fucking whore.” Ash spat at Jenna.

“That is enough Ash.” Isaac stood up and stretched the six inches that he was taller out to intimidate. He never saw the first or the second punch. He did see the knee coming for his balls in slow motion, then he just felt his ribs cracking. Isaac felt himself lose consciousness as Ash laid into him, he had no defense. Ash straightened up after punching Isaac with surgical precision. Isaac will be bearing the evidence of this beating for the rest of his life. Jenna had jumped off the bed and had huddled in a corner.

“I will be back for the rest of my stuff,” Ash said, his voice cold.

“Please Ash, I love you. Please do not leave,” Jenna begged, her whole life was ending.

“Then Isaac leaves, never returning.” She looked at him, and he saw her calculating, “Sorry bitch, the answer should have been immediate if you really loved me.”

Ash picked up his backpack and left. He drove to the beach and sobbed for almost the whole night as he mourned the loss he had just suffered. He then drove to the base, where he changed into his uniform after showering. Later he saw a banged-up Isaac arrive, somewhat patched up. Ash relished seeing the pain Isaac was in as he moved.

“Ash, please buddy. I will walk away from all of this. Do not leave her, she loves you deeply,” Isaac begged. He loved fucking Jenna, but Ash was the only friend he could trust. He valued the friendship, which was now in tatters.

“Too late, she won’t let you. My wife hesitated when I asked her that, after fucking you up. By the way, how stupid are you? A stupid grunt coming for a Seal. On top of it fucking his wife!” Ash stood closer and saw the terror in Isaac’s eyes, knowing he was well within striking distance of Ash’s fists, “As for love, that fucking whore never loved me. She is yours, useless cunt!”

There was a group nearby, and the way Ash walked away told most of the story. By midday it was known, Ash’s wife had stepped out on him with Isaac. The problem was that Ash was loved, because of his gentle spirit and his candor. He did not mince his words but always had sage advice. Even the new staff quickly found a good ear in Ash.

Isaac felt the stares, the betrayal he had committed gaziosmanpaşa escort will stay with him, and follow him where he would transfer. The military machine has a very active gossip pipeline. He called Jenna.

“Sorry Jen, there is no way,” He said.

“You have to, he is my husband, please.”

“Why did you not agree to have me shut out? You know we would have found other ways babe.”

“Because I wanted his approval. He loves me, you fuck me.”

“I also love you.”

“Not like him, jesus, why the fuck did I trust my mother.”

“She had good reasons.”

“How good are they now Isaac? You all said he was timid, will toe the line. I would have woken up with him looking in my eyes, knowing he loves me. None of you told me he was a true man, a warrior. Jesus.”

“I am a man.”

“You are an eleven inch cock attached to an idiot,”

“Jenna, you are the fucking slut.”

“Fuck you!”

“No, Fuck you!” He heard her sob.

“Will you come over tonight?” She asked softly.

“Yes, I want some of that ass.”

“Never Isaac, no man will ever get in my ass again. Try it and we will be done.” He heard that tone that she used when there was no arguing. He would never have her ass and stay in her life. He fell hard in lust the first time he saw her. She was everything he wanted. But Ash was his friend. They hung out together, sometimes he would have a friend too. The night of their engagement he was shocked when she led him to a bedroom and fucked him hard. He barely lasted, but round two and round three was his game. She said she felt ill when Ash asked where she was the last hour. He gently kissed her, Isaac’s cum in her pussy.

“We will be fucking a lot, Isaac. You will be in my life, and I want that cock in me once a week at least. I love Ash with all my heart, but his cock is not yours, I want yours. I will also get knocked up by you, not him. I do not want a wimp’s kids.” She said as she walked Isaac out to his car after the engagement party had ended.

Isaac had felt dread for Ash, knowing Ash is in for hell. But he was far happier with the fact that the woman of his dreams will be there for him to fuck whenever he wanted to. He started to make time, a few times fucking her every day of the week, once outside on the hood of her car after he texted her, Ash asleep next to her. She had taken him in her when Ash was in the next room talking to her parents. Isaac had felt bad for Ash until Jenna got him hard. Ash was a good friend, if only he could have kept his wife happy. But that small cock of his stood no chance.


Isaac grinned. She would be on top tonight, as he was hurting all over from Ash’s beating. He knew he will have scars on his face, and the broken nose will always be evident. But now Jenna would be his, fuck Ash. Isaac barely noticed his love for his friend vanish. He decided that his plans with Ava, Ash’s sister, will now fall away. She was a super sexy brunette with green eyes. A bit flat chested, but her ass was rock hard, and she had proper abs. She was a fitness trainer. She had agreed to a date the following week. He called her.

“Hey Ava, look. I have been thinking. Dating a buddy’s sister is never a good idea.”

“Yeah, especially Ash. I know he has a monster inside him, but I have only seen it once. Better we steer clear of any trigger, because he is hyper protective. He will lash out for me, and for Jenna. I swear, I have never seen him so in love, and it just gets deeper,” Ava answered, shaking her head as she listened.

“Yeah, well. I will see you around.”

“No doubt.” Isaac felt his fear after they ended the call. Last night Ash was angry, and he had seen Ash’s anger a lot. What the hell was she talking about? What monster?


Ava shuddered as she looked at her phone, deciding a shower to wash it off was a little melodramatic. The news had reached her. She drove by her father’s business, gave Jenna an icy look. She walked to her father’s office.

“So, how does this work now?” She asked him.

“Not now Ava.” He glared at her. She hated her father, and she knew that his plans are burned.

Her informant, a friend who lived in the same building as Ash had told her of an argument, then fucking, then a lot of screaming, followed by silence then a man screaming, all emanating from Ash’s apartment. Her heart fell, then her friend said she saw Isaac being taken away by ambulance. Ava knew that Jenna was fucking him, had seen them at the engagement party. She tried to talk to Ash, but realized he will not listen as he was smitten.

“Well, just wanted to say, good fucking job daddy.” Ava looked at the older man. He was tall and fit, and handsome. He was also fucking Jenna, “Now you don’t have to hide from Ash anymore. He is done with her whoring ass,” She watched with satisfaction as he went white, then walked out.

“Ava, honey…” She heard, but she walked on, this time sneering at Jenna, whose face fell. Ava knew what had happened, Jenna realized.

Ava ankara escort called a few gym buddies, and then she picked Ash’s apartment’s lock. They carried his stuff to a van, including his stereo with his classic vinyls. She then had it taken to her apartment, Ash will live with her for a while, he just doesn’t know it yet.


Isaac spotted Ash that afternoon, and his heart sank, as he felt the loss again. Ash was shaking hands with the leader of Seal team six, the elite of the elite. It was obvious that Ash was going back into active duty. This was not at all what Isaac wanted. But he knew simply hearing Jenna’s voice would make him forget Ash was a friend. He had just wanted steady access to fuck Jenna, and the arrangement was so good in their heads. He gets to fuck her and Ash is responsible for all her emotional shit. Jenna called him again.

“There is a family meeting at our place tonight, you need to be there.”

“I am not in the mood.”

“Be there.” She hung up. Isaac shuddered, he was not Ash. That was supposed to be the tone reserved for Ash. He grinned, at least he gets to fuck a Seal’s wife.


Ash got the call from Ava.

“I know what happened, big brother. They are having a meeting, and I think we should crash it. I promise you that you will understand everything because it isn’t just her fucking Isaac.”

“Just tell me.”

“No, you need to see it in their faces.”


“All your stuff is at my place. Now you know why I kept the second bedroom empty. I knew this was coming, but you would not have listened. I love you Ash.”

“I love you too, Avie,” She arranged for him to pick her up.


Jenna arrived home as her parents arrived with Ash’s parents.

“What went wrong Jenna?” her father spoke harshly.

“Ash went nuts. I have never seen him like that. He took Isaac down like he didn’t exist. I saw a monster come out. Why did you not tell me?” she stabbed Ash’s father’s chest. John Davidson just smiled at her. Tomorrow he will fuck her extra hard for her insubordination.

“We have never seen him lose his temper badly, he was supposed to be submissive,” Ash’s mother said.

“Well, lets get inside, maybe we can beat the little shit back into his place,” her father, Jack Metcalf said. He was six foot four, an imposing figure. He also knew his daughter’s cunt well, she was a true whore for the family.

Glenda Metcalf shook her head at her daughter. They walked to the apartment, then waited for Isaac as he arrived. John’s eyes flickered as he saw the damage done to Isaac. They entered the apartment, and Jenna shrieked.

“All his stuff is gone!” she screamed and started crying.

“There there baby. We will make sure he comes back here.” Her father said.

“How exactly?” Ava’s voice cut through the room, there was no mistaking her tone.

“Yes, explain.” Ash followed her in.

“Ash, baby.” Jenna rushed to him, but Ava punched her hard. She roundhoused her father in the face, then delivered a straight kick into Jack’s solar Plexus. Ash stood silently and watched as Ava took the two mothers down, punching them hard.

“Right, now that we have established who actually does have balls, we can begin. Correct me if you want, at your own peril.” Ash looked at his sister, and she looked dangerous. He loved that look on her a lot.

“Two weeks before your engagement, Glenda, the whore’s mother fucked Isaac. She then hatched the plan for strong genes, so she convinced Jenna to fuck Isaac, the night of your engagement. Jenna was hooked because she had fallen in love with her daddy’s big cock. Right baby doll.” Ava looked at Jenna who was dabbing her bleeding nose. Jenna nodded.

“I will fucking kill you.” Ash hissed, and Isaac saw that rage again.

“Not yet Ash, soon.” Ava grinned. “Did you like my technique?”

“A bit angry.”

“Duh, you were just standing there, doing fuck-all,” she teased, touching his cheek.

“Maybe, but it was entertaining. They have no idea, do they?” he chuckled, seeing the worry on the now subdued family members.

“So, the plan was that either one of the fathers or Isaac would get her pregnant, never you. She has aborted your babies twice, right baby doll.”

“Stop calling me that.” Jenna said, then nodded.

“Apparently the size of your cock says you have bad genes, so your babies will be weak.”

“Abortions? Fuck Jenna, you always preached against them.”

“I am sorry Ash, I was not thinking,” Jenna sobbed. Ash had to agree, she was not thinking.

“Apparently you were too weak for her, right baby doll,” Ava looked at Ash, “Did you know your wife was this stupid?”


“But that is what this low life that calls himself my father calls you as he fucks you in his office. Oh, you’re so tight baby doll, oh your tits are so luscious baby doll, oh, you suck cock so good baby doll.” Ava watched Ash’s fist smash into his father’s face, twice, then a third blow, straight to the balls.

“Nicely done brother. We will get him to suck your cock just now, poor man has to know what a real man’s cock tastes like.”

“Sound like fun,” Ash said coldly, his rage evident. Ava saw the monster in him peek out, so she took his hand and squeezed it. The monster must stay put. He calmed down.

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