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I was walking through the electrical department at Lowe’s when I met up with someone I knew from way back. Cathy and I met at least 30 years ago when we were in high school, she was dating a friend of mine and they eventually got married then divorced. We weren’t exactly close, in truth none of Brad’s friends could stand Cathy as she was a self-centered demanding bitch and pretty much had dopey Brad pussywhipped.

Cathy wasn’t the prettiest girl to be found, unnaturally blond hair but she was 5-8 tall and probably 160 pounds with a nice big rack and a thick solid body. She wasn’t so unattractive that I wouldn’t have minded jumping on her, I can remember thinking, she’d fuck you right back. But as a person she wasn’t anywhere near appealing or worth the headache.

Over the years I saw Cathy here and there, she and Brad divorced and she married the doctor whose office she managed. I saw her every now and then, they had kids and life went on. By the time the last was getting out of high school she seemed to mellow out quite a bit. They separated about two years ago when he got indicted for Medicare fraud then she got a divorce from him a year later. I’m thinking Cathy must have had some clue and either turned him in or was at least testifying against him. I really wasn’t interested in keeping up with it.

But at that point it was tolerable to talk to Cathy, she had changed that much.

Anyway I saw her shopping for lamp parts and we were talking. It was then I actually got to looking at her. Now I’m 6-1 tall and am down to 195 from my high some years ago of 250. Looking at Cathy, sill dying her hair blonde, a pleasant smile would be accurate, still 5-8 tall but those three kids expanded her horizons and every part of her body. I guess I never paid much attention to her size over the years but now at 265 pounds I realized she has a huge chest, big thighs and the widest pair of hips I think I’ve ever encountered. I mean, this is one thick woman.

So being mister nice guy after finding her parts I volunteered to help her fix her lamp, and we went to her house. I managed to wire up the lamp and it worked then we sat on the couch to have some iced tea. We were catching up and it was all good and Cathy said, “Hey Vince if I’m not being too bold, are you getting any?”

Well truth be told, I do have a girlfriend and she’s great but we’re not kids or too committed to not enjoy life when it happens, not that it happens all that often. Sitting next to Cathy I have to admit I’ve enjoyed the pleasures of some large women and they can be a rocking good time. So figuring I might have put off something for 30 years was too close to forever, “I’m doing OK but I could always do more.”

Cathy ran her hand up my thigh from my knee and said, “I think I’d qualify as more, are you up for doing me?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. We fell into each other’s arms and kissed, kissed a long time while I just enjoyed the feeling of being engulfed by Cathy’s fat jugs. They were all over me and I was all over Cathy. I got my arms around her thick body and we rubbed each other’s back. My left hand eventually sliding down to grab as much of her big fat wide soft ass as it could hold, and there was more to get to.

Finally we broke apart so reaching for my iced tea I finished it, stood up and taking Cathy’s hand to help her to her feet said, “Yeah I’m up for that. Let’s get this party going.”

We made our way to a guest room with a twin bed and while we were getting ourselves out of our clothes I thought, I hope that’s enough bed for what’s coming. Getting my first look at a naked Cathy I took a deep breath. Before me was one wide, thick, well padded woman with no sharp edges anywhere to be seen.

Laying her gently down in the center of the twin bed I got the real appreciation of the 70 pounds Cathy outweighed me by. I couldn’t actually recall when I had had that much more woman than me to have a go with.

But I was ready to take on every bit of Cathy and quickly got between her meaty thighs to go down on her. I got my arms under her thighs and was massaging the tops of them as I alternated kissing the soft insides and I darting my tongue in her pussy.

I had no way of knowing how long it had been since Cathy had canlı bahis gotten any action but she sure remembered how to enjoy it. I looked up briefly from between her thick thighs past her roll of belly to see her playing with her fat jugs with both hands. Those fat fun bags were on my agenda too.

We were obviously hitting it off because I hit the sweet spot and Cathy’s big body shook with a slow trembling wave her legs shooting out straight as she came. She then sat up slightly flushed and said, “Take a break there munch master, I’m out of breath.”

I rubbed my face against the insides of her meaty thighs and said, “OK, let me know when you’re ready to resume action.”

Putting my hands on Cathy’s knees I raised up to my knees and sat back to look at her. Cathy took a deep breath expanding her huge chest and said, “Just give me a minute, you’ve done for me and I intend to show my appreciation.”

Then she sat up and reached forward taking my semi hard dick in her hand saying, “Oh yeah that’s what I’m talking about. I want to smoke that meat.”

I leaned back on one hand and spreading my legs said, “Anytime you’re ready, you know where it is.”

Cathy rolled and tumbled between my legs on her knees, ass up head down and with no hesitation took my cock between her lips. Cathy certainly is enthusiastic when it comes to sucking cock. She took half my semi stiff dick in one gulp and as I got hard Cathy stayed with it. Her head was bobbing up and down so I didn’t bother to interrupt her and hold it because there was no doubt she was going all the way down.

When I felt her chin nuzzle against my balls I knew Cathy had deep throated all nine inches, and I’ll admit to being impressed. But as thankful as I was for a class A blowjob I was ready to fuck the big girl so I gently stroked her hair and lifting Cathy’s head by the chin so she could see my face said, “You are nothing short of fabulous at that Cathy but I think it’s time to get going on some mutual action.”

Cathy smiled and holding my cock in her hand said, “Oh it sounds like you want to fuck my brains out Vince and with this monster as hard as steel I am aching to get it so it’s time for you to jump on and ride cowboy.”

Cathy straightened up and rolled backwards on her back then pointed at the nightstand. I saw the box of condoms and quickly dashed over to get one. Then with it in place I got back on the bed, Cathy had her thick legs spread nice and wide and I saddled up between them. Taking my dick in my hand I slipped it into her furry crack and pushed in to take one big ride.

I was going slowly, taking my time to pace myself but damn it was hard because I knew it would feel so good to just pound down onto Cathy’s wide thick body. It was right at that point Cathy spoke up to amp up the action, “Come on Vince stick it to me, I really need to get fucked hard, put your weight into it and let me have it. I ain’t dainty you’ve got a lot of woman under you so really give it to me.”

Taking a deep breath that’s just what I did in just a few quick pushes I went all the way in and was slamming against Cathy’s body, driving my cock all the way in on each stroke. Cathy moaned as this was to her liking. I caught myself staring at her fat jugs slapping back and forth as I pumped my dick into her hungry snatch. I almost laughed out loud because the thought crossed my mind, this was like fucking one of those beanbag chairs, which made me think it would be even more awesome fucking Cathy on one of those beanbag chairs.

As I kept up the strong pace Cathy began humping her big body up at me and it was even more of a power fuck. Wanting to make this last, I was doing my best not to cum too quickly, a sentiment shared by Cathy who slightly out of breath said, “Oh yeah Vince, keep going you’re hitting it hard and making this fat chick cum and I don’t want it to end.”

I had no doubt about that, Cathy was sweating more than I was, looked red in the face and was breathing heavy. But there was little doubt she was enjoying this every bit as much as I was. Cathy would alternate pinching my body between those massive thighs and humping her big fat butt off the bed at me, she was working on having a good time.

When she wrapped those thick legs around bahis siteleri my body and amazingly locked her ankles behind me then leaned forward to get her arms around my chest that was all I could take. It felt like I was engulfed one massive body hug and it felt pretty damn good. I leaned forward kissed Cathy on the chin and came like a cannon shot. Cathy pulled my head down between her jugs and just held it there as she kept me snuggly between her legs. Oh surrounded by all that tit flesh was a dream and I felt kind of buried in her wide soft body until she sighed and released me.

After I pulled my dick from Cathy’s pussy I resisted the urge to belly flop on top of her, she might have enjoyed it but we were both winded already, so I eased down on top of her and just settled in. Cathy put her arms around me to hug me and I got my hands up to squeeze the sides of her fat jugs that were pushed out on either side.

Cathy had her eyes closed and said, “How many years ago should we have done this? How many good times missed out on?”

I just settled into her wide soft body and said, “Nothing to be gained by regrets of what might have been.”

She squeezed me tighter and said, “Enjoy the moment I guess.” And we just stayed like that for quite a few minutes.

When Cathy did release me I rolled her onto her stomach and straddled her taking a seat on the big fat cushion of her ass to give her a back massage. But I have to say once I was there the feeling of sitting on that massive ass was even sweeter than I could have imagined. I have to say when a woman’s got that much ass, there are more than a few ways to enjoy it.

“You enjoying being perched up there on my ass Vince?” she asked.

“Enjoying every bit of it, it’s a nice big cushion to plant myself on. It makes me feel like I’m king of the mountain Cathy.” I replied.

Cathy laughed and said, “Well you feel good up on that mountain Vince, you’d feel even better banging my ass, if you’re up for that.”

I slid back slightly to Cathy’s thighs and massaged those big cheeks with both hands and replied, “Oh you can bet this fine big ass I’ll get up for that.” Then I gave one side a light slap.

Cathy liked that, “Ooooh that’s my man, I could go for a spanking and a banging and if you can do both at the same time, you’ll be humping one happy woman.”

So I drew back and gave the other side a serious smack that made Cathy’s fat backside shake like a big bowl of jello and said, “Well that sounds like something we’re both going to really enjoy so we need to get right to it don’t you think?”

Cathy started bucking under me saying, “Then let me at that big dick so I can get it hard and you can put it in and bang my ass like you mean it.”

I smacked Cathy on the ass and rolled off of her then sat on the bed and true to her word she maneuvered between my legs to suck my cock. Cathy does have a talent for giving head, she took her time sucking, licking and giving my dick her complete attention. I was ready so I stroked her hair and asked if she had some lubricant. Cathy released my cock and rolled like a log over to the nightstand to grab some, along with a condom from the drawer.

Tossing them to me Cathy rolled back and got on her knees upright in front of me. I knelt down behind her and began fingering her ass with my right hand while reaching around her thick body to play with her tits with the other. Cathy was in the game as well leaning back against me holding her left hand over mine and fingering her pussy with her right. Teamwork.

Cathy leaned her head back on my shoulder and said, “I’m good to go Vince, now let’s double check that big butt thumper of yours.”

She turned slightly and took my already hard dick in her hand and made sure I was still hard. Cathy seemed satisfied so I ripped open the condom and handed it to her. Once that was taken care of Cathy turned back facing away from me. I smacked her fat butt with both hands and said, “OK let’s get to humping this rump.”

Cathy replied, “That’s what I want to hear Vince, hit it and hit it hard, you know I can take it.”

I rubbed Cathy’s ass and said, “You’ve got plenty of ass fuck no doubt about it. I’ll give it everything I’ve got as hard as I can and use it all bahis şirketleri up.”

With that I spread Cathy’s ass cheeks and poked the head of my dick into her asshole. We both laughed after letting out simultaneous grunts but then it was down to cases. I slowly eased my dick up Cathy’s ass while playing with her tits with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. That was working for Cathy because she was leaning back and grinding against my body. I honestly could have used two more hands to hold onto her.

I pushed the full nine inches of my cock into Cathy’s tight ass and put my hands around her waist then hugging her tightly started thrusting up into her. That was good then Cathy began bouncing with me so with us upright on our knees we were moving up and down in unison practically bouncing up off the bed. It was all I could do to hold onto Cathy’s big body and keep us from being thrown onto the floor.

Damn when Cathy gets those 265 pounds rocking she’s a fucking load and we were slowly bouncing forward towards the headboard of the bed. When we got fairly close Cathy reached out and grabbed onto that headboard to brace herself. Fortunately it is metal or it would have broken for sure as with Cathy solidly in place in front of me I was able to reach around, take a fat jug in each hand and pound my dick up her ass. With all that I didn’t last long so holding tight onto Cathy’s thick body I shot my load deep in her fat butt.

I pulled out of her ass and eased back, Cathy just slid backwards between my legs so I just laid down on top of her and we both took a much needed break. Taking her by the wrists I stretched Cathy’s arms out wide and kissing the back of her neck said, “So how was that?”

Cathy sighed and replied, “Fuck you can ride my big ass like a cowboy that’s for sure.

A calm mood set in and straddling Cathy I started massaging her shoulders, slid down and slowly worked my way down her back. When I got to her waist I skipped over her ass to her calves and worked my way up to her thick thighs and finished by kneading her fat backside like a bakery’s worth of bread dough.

I knew more than Cathy’s oral attention I would need some time before I could get it up again so when Cathy sighed and said, “Oh Vince maybe if you would indulge me you could take care of the front now.” It sounded like a plan.

What Cathy had in mind was not the plan I envisioned. “Could we roll over so you’re on your back with me on top of you?”

Like I said, not my original plan but what the hell, with a slow roll I was on my back with Cathy face up on top of me. Damn, to say the least Cathy is a load but I was able to breathe and in a perfect position to reach around with both hands to play with her fat jugs.

Slowly I let my right hand slip down past Cathy’s big belly between her wide thighs and into her snatch. I started with two fingers working her pussy then when she got off I went to three. That was all it took to have Cathy rolling her hips and humping and grinding on top of me. And for me to learn that this wasn’t the brightest move I’ve ever made. I was taking a pounding under her 265 pounds but I have to admit it was fun to get Cathy off and really make her sweat and fuck she was having one great time too.

No denying I was winded but damn this was one new and unique experience so I was willing to tough it out. So I kept working Cathy’s pussy and after a while her big body slowed down on the shaking and quaking as she too was sucking for air her belly rising up and down.

Sensing I had done fine by Cathy I eventually slid her off of me and we rested for a while, got into a full out arms and legs clinch rolling on top of each other kissing and groping until Cathy said, “I’m too out of breathe to suck that big dick of yours Vince but let me see if I can’t coax one more out of you, since you’re available I might as well avail myself the opportunity to get seriously fucked one more time seeing as how you’re so good at it.”

With that Cathy reached between us and started jerking me off. I smiled at her and rubbed her fat butt, “I do believe I can get onboard for that.”

And no surprise she was more than capable of helping me get it up again so I could pound her pussy one more time before I hit the road.

Even after that incredible experience I have no burning desire to date Cathy. That doesn’t mean we didn’t hook up about once a month with similar high output results because damn she’s a fun ride.

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