Third Shift

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I lazily watched as a customer finished filling up their car with gas. The bright lights in the parking lot made it seem as though there was nothing beyond their reach, just the little convenience store that I worked at and then an endless void. I had taken this job to help pay for my schooling and my boss did not mind my doing coursework, so long as I took care of my other responsibilities. Working third shift at a convenience store actually carried very few tasks once the coolers were stocked and the floor swept that left me with close to seven hours to kill. Of that time I probably had customers occupy one of the hours, the rest was mine to do with as I wished.

I glanced down at my laptop screen and wondered how much longer the compilation would take. As I blew at the steam rising from my cup of coffee, the customer outside finished filling their car and replaced the nozzle. Since they had opted to pay with plastic at the pump, I knew they would not be coming in, which they didn’t. Their taillights quickly disappeared once they left the parking lot and I turned my full attention back to my laptop. The compilation had finished. I leaned back in my chair, luxuriating in the taste of fresh coffee. As I gazed out the window, another car pulled into the lot and drove up to one of the spots near the door. The person got out and walked to the door, I watched carefully as it was not too often that a sober attractive lady came to the store at these hours. She was about five foot four or so and I guessed that she weighed around a hundred thirty pounds. She had long dark hair, I could not tell what color it was but made a note to notice once she entered. She was wearing white slacks and a white blouse with a nametag attached around her neck. It always struck me as odd how I had grown up with the idea of nurses wearing short skirts, tight blouses and garters, yet I had never encountered one who actually did. I guessed that she worked at the hospital right down the street.

The doorbell chimed its annoying noise as she entered and paused. She looked around for a moment, which gave me the opportunity to note that her hair was auburn, almost red. She had large doe-like eyes that were a very undoe-like blue. Her nose turned up slightly at the tip, just above her soft upper lip. Her lips were full and parted slightly as she glanced around the interior of the store. She was too far away for me to read her name and I decided that it would probably be a bad idea for me to try. Her nametag had come to rest between two large and perfectly shaped breasts that pushed out against her blouse in proud defiance of clothing. I thought that if I looked hard enough I’d probably be able to make out the outline of her nipples, but as I was opposed to be cussed out decided against that. I continued to watch her closely, yet as unobviously as I could, until her eyes focused on me as though she had not noticed me before.

“Coffee?” she asked hesitantly, her voice was soft with a hint of a southern accent.

“No thanks, I’ve got some.” I said in my usually smart ass way as I lifted my cup in a toast towards her. Her eyes narrowed and her brow furrowed as she stared at me. It was almost funny, but in her confusion as she stared at me, I had an instant hard on in my jeans. There was something about those eyes and lips that my cock wanted to get to know much better.

“Sorry, weak attempt at a joke.” I told her to help her out, “Coffee’s right over there.” I pointed her towards where the coffee machines were.

“Thank you.” She said with a soft smile, realizing that I was not actually mocking her, I was just some kind of harmless smart aleck. I stood up as she moved in her desired direction. Having seen from the waist up, I was curious what the rest of her was like. And besides, she was probably going to be the only interesting customer all night, perhaps for the next month even. Moving towards the counter, I let my eyes drift down her back, her waist curved inward like an hourglass, though the loose fitting blouse managing to hide some of her femininity. I could see her butt pressing against her slacks, and while it was not quite as impressive as her breasts were, it was still not bad. Just below the edge of her blouse, the white slacks revealed the sharp panty line and I instantly wondered what color they were. They were bikini style, which for some reason I had always found wonderful. Many guys went for thongs on women, but I had always preferred the look of the classic bikini style panties. The ones that hid most of their ass, but revealed almost all of their leg up to the hip, sometimes when they walked, they would shift so that the hint of a tan line became visible. As my eyes continued down, I quickly decided that her legs rivaled her breasts in both quality and quantity.

“Oh good its fresh.” She said as she started pouring a cup and I was snapped out of my reverie.

“Oh, yes ma’am, I drink too much of it for the stuff to get old.” I told her. She placed the cup on the counter and started to open one of those little containers of half and half.

“Most stores like this seem to have week old coffee this time canlı bahis of night.” She said smiling at me as she slowly stirred the liquid. When finished, she put the plastic stirrer in the trash and moved her cup over to the front counter by the cash register.

With her directly across from me, I desperately wanted to glance down between her breasts and try to read her name, however, I could not tear my eyes away from hers. There was something about their blueness; on one hand they reminded me of a picturesque Caribbean lagoon. Yet, that did not seem right. They were lacking the tranquility of the locale; rather they almost seemed to burn with a devil-may-care sexuality that was held in check just below the surface. Her eyes exuded a feminine sexuality that I had never seen before and have never encountered since.

“Are you getting ready to hit on me?” she asked with a smirk of her own, as she tasted the coffee for the first time.

“I can’t think of anything to say that you haven’t heard a thousand times before.” I managed with a weak smile of my own, wondering where my smart aleck had gone when I most needed him.

“That’s too bad.” She said with raised eyebrows, “how much for the coffee?”

”Its on the house, ma’am.” I replied knowing that I had missed a golden opportunity but not wanting to be a sore loser.

“Thank you.” She said with a smile and turned away. Her long hair floated behind her as she spun on her heel, finally coming to rest haphazardly over her right shoulder. The stupid doorbell chimed again and I continued to stare until her taillights where just memories. Snapping back to reality, I banged my forehead on the top of the counter and decided to go re-stock the drinks again. It was the closest I was going to get to a cold shower for quite some time.


My semester continued to drag on and each night as I arrived at work, I wondered if this would be the night that the mystery lady would return from the abyss beyond the parking lot lights. But, she never did, until one night.

The doorbell chimed, startling me out of the staring competition I was having with my laptop’s screen. I looked over to the door and saw her standing there. She was wearing her nurse’s uniform again, except this time there were light colored floral patterns all over it. Her long hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her white sneakers squeaked oddly on the floor.

“Coffee?” she asked raising her eyebrows, her full lips curling in a soft smile.

“Yes ma’am, that’d be nice.” I returned with a smile of my own handing my half full cup to her over the counter. She looked at the cup quizzically for a moment then laughed as she took the cup from my hand.

“I see the smart aleck has returned.” She told me over her shoulder as she went to the coffee machine.

“I see that the dream nurse has returned.” I replied with the first thought that came to me. She laughed where she was and glanced at me over the top of the coffee machines.

“I thought you were going to come up with something I hadn’t heard before.” She said in a playfully mocking voice.

“Well, I thought you’d be back more often than you have been.” I returned in a playfully accusing voice.

“A little possessive aren’t you?” she asked me returning my cup to me as she sat hers down on the counter.

“Yup, I was afraid you had found some better coffee.” I told her smiling.

“Actually, yes I did.” She told me with a sideways glance and a taunting smirk, “but it was over in France. I took sometime off and went on the trip I’ve always wanted to.”

“I bet that was nice.” I told her trying to sound conversational as my eyes took in her breasts on profile.

“Damn, there’s no cream out here.” She said as she searched through the little trays on the coffee counter.

“Sorry, we ran out about a day ago, we’ve got some milk though, hold on.” I went back to the color and grabbed a little container of milk and opened it up for her.

“Thank you.” She said mixing it into her coffee, “but it’s not quite the same.”

“No its not, sorry ‘bout that.” She brought her cup up to the front counter as I spoke and sat it down next to the cash register.

“Still no fresh pick-up line, I’m disappointed.” She told me smiling.

“Nope, just some sleazy come-ons, ma’am.” I told her honestly. She laughed at the statement.

“You could start by finding out my name, you know.” She recommended, I was briefly taken aback as I suddenly realized that she was actually interested in me.

“I could,” I began feeling braver, “but I’m waiting for an opportunity to stare at your breasts while seeming like I am reading you nametag.” She leaned forward, resting her chin on one hand looking at me closely.

“That was original.” She told me as her other hand brought her nametag up by her chin. Her lips were now dancing with the same devil-may-care sexuality that her eyes tried so hard to conceal. Her smile was almost a warning as I glanced down towards the nametag. As I did so, I understood the challenge perfectly well. Leaning forward as she was, her loose fitting blouse had dropped open quite bahis siteleri a ways as a result of her breasts. She was leaning her head on one hand and holding her nametag slightly to the side of her chin. Her two hands formed a frame, between which I felt myself becoming lost in her cleavage. The creamy whiteness of her breasts was barely visible above the edge of a dark blue demi-bra. My imagination told me that I could see the dark pink color of her areoles just above the bra, but I was not certain I could trust my imagination. As she leaned forward, she seemed to press her arms together pushing her breasts farther up her blouse.

“Its over here, big boy.” She said smirking as she waved her nametag drawing my attention away from her tits.

“Oh yes, so it is.” I smiled and read the name aloud, “Raylene. That’s a nice bra, uh, I mean name.” I finished forcing my eyes back up to hers.

“Yes it is.” She said matter-of-factly and I wondered which statement she was referring to. Her eyes told me to take it however I wanted. She released the nametag and it quickly fell back into its place between her breasts as she straightened up.

“Very nice nametag.” I told her. She leaned forward once again and with a broad smile quickly glanced down at my jeans. I fidgeted slightly, feeling her eyes touching the outline of my throbbing cock that could not be hidden by the jeans.

“Yes, well you seem to like it.” She told me straightening back up again. “See ya tomorrow.” She said as she placed a dollar on the counter and took her cup away with her.

Raylene arrived at the same time the next night. I had been sitting and waiting wondering if she would. I watched as she walked into the store. Her nurse’s uniform was mysteriously gone along with the nametag that had served as such a useful distraction the previous night. She was wearing a pair of black jeans, that while they hugged her hips and legs nicely, they were not tight fitting. An equally loose fitting white t-shirt covered her large breasts. The cotton of the shirt was almost thin enough to see through, but not quite. Instead, it provided many outlines, including the line of another demi bra that must have been white since the color was not showing through and the clear outline of her nipples just above the edge of the bra. The dark coloration of her large nipples, however, was visible through the shirt and, being more naïve than I realized, I could not help but wonder if she realized that or not.

She paused once inside the store and seemed to glance around as though she was looking for something before smiling at me and moving towards the coffee counter.

“Casual day at work?” I asked nonchalantly as I moved closer to where she was starting to pour her coffee.

“I don’t know, I’m off tonight.” She smiled at me.

“Must be nice.” I told her whimsically.

“Yes, it is.” She replied and after glancing around again looked over at me, “Still no cream?”

“Uh, no, probably tomorrow though. Hold on, I’ll go get some milk for you.” I offered and began to go back to the coolers.

“Don’t bother, the milk isn’t quite the same.” She said and I turned back around to face her again. There was a strange twinkle to her eyes on that night. One that seemed as though she was deciding on something, or had already decided and wondered if she would actually do it.

“You’re sure there’s none hidden back there?” she asked as she leaned forward and looked around briefly behind the counter.

“I’m sure, besides the only thing I could offer you back here, I don’t think you’d want.” I told her without thinking then wondered exactly why I had said it.

“Oh really? Try me.” She said raising her eyebrows again and looking straight at me quizzically. I smiled my own devil-may-care grin and made motions as though I was going to unbutton my jeans. I expected her to be taken aback or to laughingly stop me, but she didn’t. Instead her eyes had just followed my hands and were now gazing at the pulsing hard on that was within my jeans. After a moment or two, her eyes floated back up to mine and she frowned slightly.

“Yes?” she asked, I assumed that she was calling my bluff, or making an even larger bluff of her own. I blushed deeply, feeling my ears burn, as my fingers seemed to involuntarily pop the button loose on my jeans.

“I was expecting you to stop me.” I told her honestly.

“Well, I was looking forward to watching.” She replied with a sultry smile as the tip of her tongue jutted out between her lips. I decided that an opportunity like that would probably never come by again and with a smile I unzipped my jeans.

My cock was already straining to get out as I fumbled with my boxers and eventually pulled the throbbing thing out of them. It pulsed slowly in my hand, the tip already glistening with precum. Raylene smiled and moved around behind the counter where I was and just stared at it for a few seconds.

“Pull your balls out.” She told me and I did what she said, pulling my balls out through the slit in the boxers so that they hung out in the open. She reached forward with one hand. My whole body shuddered bahis şirketleri as her nails lightly scratched against my balls; she rolled her fingers around them slowly as though she were measuring them. “I think that would complement the coffee wonderfully.” She told me decisively as her fingers slipped away; she let her nails hesitate for just a moment. I began to slowly stroke the length of my cock, feeling a bit awkward and not entirely certain how to proceed. She, too, seemed somewhat hesitant for a moment, her eyes locked on my hand as it slowly slid up and down the full length. Her eyes followed as the back of my hand hit against my balls and then a few moments later, the head of my cock slowly disappeared within my grip. Her tongue darted out as she licked her suddenly dry lips. I could tell that her nipples were now fully erect and realizing that she was getting off by watching me stroke my cock gave me a strange feeling of desirability.

“Stroke it faster.” She told me almost in a whisper, her voice seeming to come from far away. I smiled and did as she told me, my hand moving slightly faster up and down. “Come on, jerk your cock for me.” She told me, her voice closer and more demanding. I increased my pace, my hand now audibly slapping against my balls with each down stroke, precum beginning to shine brightly on the tip of my cock as some of it dripped off.

Raylene knelt down in front of me, bringing her coffee cup off the counter with her and holding it out just beneath the head of my cock. I watched as a drop of precum slipped into the dark liquid within the cup. Her eyes, too, seem to follow it into the coffee. She smiled and looked up at me then back down at my cock as I stroked it. “That’s good, keep stroking your cock fast and hard like that.” I wanted to say something in reply, but all I could do was moan and groan. Having her watching me and being involved to the point of telling me what she wanted was making me more aroused than I had been before.

“Slow down.” She told me after some more precum was squeezed into her coffee cup, “I don’t want the cream just yet.” I forced my hand to slow down, my body screaming at me not to do it, my balls aching for a quick release. “Just stroke the head of it.” She told me and I watched as my hand obediently followed her commands. The sensitive head of my cock was enveloped within my hand as I slowly worked over the ridge. My stomach quivered and my body shook as I rubbed the head the way she had asked.

“Oh, you wanna cum, don’t you?” she asked me teasingly as her eyes riveted on the quivering of my stomach.

“Yes I do.” Was all I could manage between shallow gasps for air.

“But, your going to do what I tell you to, right?” she asked me.

“Yes, ma’am.” I managed through clenched teeth.

“Give me ten quick hard strokes.” She said and my hand quickly responded. My balls slapped loudly against the edge of my hand ten times, then my hand came to rest holding the middle of my shaft. My cock throbbed and pulsed, more pre cum dripping into her coffee.

“Now I want slow strokes.” She told me and I began to slowly stroke my cock. “No, full strokes.” She told me correcting what she saw. My hand went from the base of my cock until the head disappeared in agonizingly slow movements. “That’s good, nice and slow like that.” She told me with a smile, I moaned in reply feeling my balls tightening desperately. She reached out with her free hand and felt my balls again. “That’s nice, your going to cum for me soon, aren’t you?”

“I hope so.” I replied feeling my cock beginning to swell in my hand.

“You just keep those nice slow strokes going, I like that.” She said with a smile, her fingertip leaving my balls and rubbing against the head of my cock, sliding over the slippery tip easily. That touch sent me over the edge. She felt my cock throb against her fingertip and knew that it was time. “Hold it back as long as you can, give me a nice thick load of cream for my coffee.” She said removing her finger from my cock and holding the cup up closer to the head. I managed to last for three more strokes before a loud yell ripped from my chest and cum shot from my cock. Raylene flinched in surprise as the first spurt shot over her cup and made a long thick string from the cup’s edge to her left check where it hit with a wet sound. After her initial surprise she smiled and readjusted the cup, however, the second shot went over the cup as well. It did not quite have the strength to hit her face, instead it spiraled down to make an odd looking white S on the thigh of her black jeans. Raylene had begun laughing at her attempts to get me to shoot into the cup, her laughter made it harder for her to hold the cup steady as my moans continued to rack through my body. My cum slowly began dropping into the dark liquid with thick splashes, though she was still not managing to catch it all. My whole body shivered as I gave my cock one last slow stroke, both of her thighs had odd white shapes standing out against the black jeans, the thick cum on her cheek was beginning to slip down past her jaw line and drip onto her shirt. She brought the cup to her lips and took a long slow gulp of her coffee. The cup moved away and I watched as a thick string of white cum clung between her lips and the edge of the cup. Her tongue darted out and corralled it into her mouth.

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