Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife I

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Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife ITrue story…It’s a warm summer morning. I’m performing my usual ritual of driving into the office before 8am. I pull into my company’s parking lot, turn off the engine, and I just sit and think. It’s the same thing I thought about on my drive in, the same thing I thought about before I walked out my apartment door. It’s the same thing I thought about while I was eating my breakfast; while I was putting on my clothes, and while I was taking my shower. It’s the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning, and it was the last thing I thought about before I fell asleep the night before. It’s what’s been tormenting me for the past month or so. I’m contemplating on whether or not I should quit my job because my workplace has become unbearable. I’m not having fun anymore at my place of employment. I smile on the outside but on the inside I’m torn hoping that one day my agony of pain will end.Two major things have gotten me to my current mind state; one seriously outweighing the other. Both are unrelated to one another, but the two combined forces have left me on bended knee. The first and far more important of the two is I’ve just lost a close family member. This was a life shattering event for me, but this alone wouldn’t have me thinking of leaving my job. No, it was the second major event that had me getting closer to the point of no return. The woman at my place of employment, who I’ve been seeing for the past couple of years, and recently stopped seeing, and by the way is also married; has been giving me the silent treatment and colder shoulder at work for the past several months because I refuse to see her anymore.Now, that may sound trivial, but this is a small office, and we all work close together, including her and I. Plus I’m also the private type. I don’t like my personal business being out there on front-street for everyone to know and talk about. So all these things combined; with her saying good morning to everyone around except me, not mumbling a word when I ask her a question, and her holding conversations with everyone else; this makes for an uneasy work environment to say the least. Because if people didn’t already know we were having an affair, they will definitely know something’s up now. How have I gotten to this point?A mixture of Asian and Black with a tan complexion, engaging eyes, full supple lips and a pretty smile; she was beautiful. It started out on a regular day just like any other day. She told me in private that she was having marital problems at home and wanted to know if she could talk to me about it outside work. I’d been working with her for almost a year at this point. I told her sure, that’s no problem and gave her my cell phone number. So one day shortly thereafter, I get a call from her. She tells me how she’s unhappy at home and wanted some advice. I gave her my thoughts and suggestions, she thanked me, and that was it.After that initial conversation, she called two more times for conversation. It was during that third call when she asked if she could see me outside of work. She wanted to stop by my home. I was shocked, dumbfounded, and turned on all at the same time. This beautiful creature wanted to talk to me outside of the office. I never looked at her that way before because, of course, she’s married. Deep down, I knew that this was forbidden fruit, but my raging hormones and hardening dick took control of the driver’s seat. Basically, what I’m saying is I was young and dumb!I give her my address, she comes over, and we first talk in the car. We have regular conversion of which I don’t recall what it was about. I just güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri remember how pretty she looked and how tight those jeans fit around her thighs. She then asks if she can see inside. I instantly felt my hard-on press against my jeans. I told her sure, and walked her inside the house where I was currently renting with my brother. I showed her around then walked her up the stairs to where my room was. She took a look around then stood in the hallway almost leaning against the wall as we continued to talk. My heart’s beating fast. It was a normal conversation but in my head all I could think about was this perky chest Black/Asian beauty standing before me. Then it happened. Before my mind had realized what my body had done, I was on her, kissing her. I couldn’t help myself, and neither did she resist. She opened her mouth and I proceeded to stick my tongue in. She met me back by slipping her tongue in my mouth. I’m sucking on her full lips as I take both her arms by her wrists and raise them over her head against the wall and hold them there with my left hand. My right hand reaches down and caresses her breasts then reaches up to hold her cheeks while I continue to tongue kiss her. I press my body firmly against hers for her to feel how hard I was. She was literally trapped between a rock and a hard place! I ask her if she wants to go in my room, but she kindly tells me not this time. She then says she should leave, so I walk her out to her car and I watch her drive away.My head is spinning. I was going through a multitude of emotions. A part of me felt like Anakin Skywalker right after he sliced off Mace Windu’s arm in episode 3, “what have I done?”. Yet, the other part of me that was far more in control, felt the sensation rush down to my shaft as I thought about how I just ravished and tried to take the pussy of a married woman. I was seduced by the dark side.I felt some awkwardness when I saw her again on Monday. Still in shock from what happened a few days before, we carried on work like it was just another day. This is how the week played out pretty much. There were some glances, stares, and of course thoughts, but we kept it professional. She called me one day after work early in the week and asked if she could stop by this weekend. Without any hesitation, I told her definitely. My anticipation for the upcoming weekend was high. Here I was sitting near this bronze beauty, interacting with her, talking to her, watching her work, and unbeknownst to everyone around, there was a high probability that on Saturday I would have my black dick buried in her married black/asian pussy. It was definitely a unique type of feeling and high. The only way I can describe it is it’s like wanting that forbidden fruit. You know you shouldn’t eat it, but you know it’s going to taste so dam good when you bite into it. The fact that you can’t have it makes you want it that much more. So the combination of her being married and being my co-worker just all the more intensified my craving to have her.The weekend finally gets here. I’ve been preparing throughout the week by cleaning up the house. I ask my brother to be someone else so I could have the place to myself. She comes over looking beautiful as usual. The difference in her appearance from work to outside work is I get to see the true definition of her ass and thighs. She wears a semi baggy uniform at work, so all of her treasures are covered up. I let her in and we talk for a little bit in the living room on the couch. I then ask her if she would care to go upstairs to my room to talk more intimately. This time she says yes!I perabet güvenilir mi walk her up stairs, enter my room, and we sit on the bed. My palms are sweaty and my heart is beating racing. The moment of truth has arrived, and I waste no time in making a final decision. I lean over and start kissing her. I part her lips with mine and our tongues meet again. I lean her back on the bed as I climb on top of her. I’m passionately kissing her as I grab her subtle breasts. I’ve been rock hard ever since she walked in the house. Now my hard dick is pressed against her jeans. We start removing clothes. She takes off her shirt and I help her remove her pants. Then I proceed to remove my shirt and pants leaving only my underwear. She lays back on the bed and all she has on is her bra and panties. I stand in awe of her beauty and take a moment to let it all sink in. I crawl back on top of her. Our bodies no longer restricted by clothing except for our undergarments, are able to rub against one another freely. I go back to giving her sloppy wet kisses as I now have my dick pressed firmly against the wet outlining of her panties. I have to get inside her. I get up and go over to my draw and take out a condom. I take of my underwear, rip open the condom wrapper and place the condom on. I walk back over to the bed and pull her panties over her thighs, down her legs and off. She prefers to keep her bra on. At this moment I can’t believe this is actually getting ready to happen. I climb back over her, get into position, place my dick at the entrance of her pussy walls and ever so gently push in. It feels soo nice and wet. I pull near all the way out to the head of my dick then push in again. We both let out grunting sounds. Her pussy is just griping my dick as I move in and out. It’s not real tight but neither is it loose. I place both her arms above her head and hold her wrists down with my left hand. Her pussy just feels so wet. I try to place my focus elsewhere so not to cum first, so I start thinking about baseball. It helps me out. I start stroking in and out faster. She then tells me she is going to cum. I had to go back to thinking about baseball. I feel her pussy grip my dick tight as she lets out a yell. This married woman just came all over my dick. I continue to pump in and out until I could no longer hold it. I tell her I’m going to cum and I let loose several grunts as I explode into the condom that’s snuggled nicely in her pussy. I rolled off her onto the bed. I’m exhausted and my head is spinning from what just took place. We look at each other and smile. I told her that was great! She agrees with that statement. I show her the bathroom for her to cleanup. Then she leaves. Perhaps euphoric is the right word to use to describe how I felt during our fucking session and how I still felt after she left. I sat on the living room couch and thought about what just took place. And when I did, my dick got hard again. Little to no worries crept in my head about the possible ramifications of what just went down. I just spent the remainder of my weekend on cloud 9.Another Monday morning roles around and I’m back at work. I see her and things feel different today. I guess part of the feeling is that I now intimately know this woman. She and I just had a passionate fucking session a couple days ago, where my dick was buried in her juicy pussy. I know what she looks like under those baggy clothes now, what her lips taste like and what sounds she make when she cums. And I can’t share these feelings with anyone because what we did has to remain a secret. I believe we both feel the same way. “I want tipobet it again”, and “I can’t wait for it”, is what’s been going through my head all week. We’ve been seeing each other for 3 weeks now and have fucked twice. But this third time will be different, special, even more mind blowing than the first two. During the course of one of our off work conversions, she revealed to me that her tubes were tied. This news set off a light bulb in my head, and I proceeded to share with her my idea. If you can’t have a baby, I’m not currently fucking anyone else, you say you’re not fucking anyone else including your husband, let’s both get tested for std’s, and if everything comes back clean, we won’t need condoms. I figured hell, even if she is still fucking her husband, if she’s clean that means he’s clean. This was my naïve line of thinking. But at the time I thought it was brilliant. I figured what the hell. Here’s my ultimate chance of fantasy fulfillment, the possibility of now sticking my dick in this married woman’s pussy, with no condom so I get to feel every inch of her soaking pussy. It was too great of an idea to pass up!A couple of weeks have gone by and now the weekend is here. I’ve been to my doctor, got my test results back, and I’m all in the clear. She comes over, and we walk up stairs to my room. She pulls out some papers from her purse and gives them to me. She then proceeds to tell me how awkward it was for her to request a std check from her physician since she never had a reason to do so before. I look at her results and every check passes. We are a go for ultimate pleasure.The last time the bare skin of my dick felt the inside of some pussy was back in college a few years ago. The difference back then is I was playing Russian roulette with the possibility of my girlfriend getting pregnant. That scenario isn’t possible here. So we proceeded to remove our clothing until we only had our under garments on. I looked at her in all her beauty, walked over to her, and stuck my tongue down her throat. We fell back on the bed, then I started sucking on her neck slowly and she lets out a moan. I’m in between her thighs by this time and my hard cock is rubbing against the wetness from her panties. Our kissing styles are so in sync that I can’t help but to devour her lips and tongue for extended amounts of time. Then I take off my underwear and remove her panties. I climb back on top of her and continue to kiss her with my dick now rubbing against her pussy lips. I can’t take it anymore. I lean up, place the head of my dick at the entrance of her pussy, and slowly push in. Ahhh, it’s almost an indescribable feeling. It feels like heaven. I’m back to kissing her slowly and passionately with now my hard dick being firmly inside her married pussy. I’m stroking her now with medium speed by bringing my dick out to the tip and pushing back in. It’s wet, warm, and it’s gripping my dick. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. I hold her legs back and apart by grapping them on the insides of her knees. Then I start to thrust a little faster. She then tells me she’s going to cum. I keep up my speed, she closes her eyes, let’s out a scream and squeezes my dick. I can feel the tingling in my dick, and I don’t want to hold it anymore. I tell her I’m going to cum, and she tells me to cum in her. That’s all it took. I get in a few more strokes and exploded deep in her juicy pussy, ahhhh. I get a few more mini stokes in as my cum is being inserted into her pussy to increase the sensation even more. It’s done. I’ve just fulfilled a fantasy I never knew I had. I pull out my cum covered dick. She asks if she can clean up. I walk her to my bathroom, give her a wash cloth, take one for myself, and we both wash up. After she leaves I sit on the living room couch once again in amazement on what had just taken place. I’m on cloud nine now and unaware of the amount of hell that’s waiting for me in near future!

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