Three is Company

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It was a Friday and tonight was going to be a good night, it was a warm spring night, the air was calm with the smell of rain in the air, I was going out for a few drinks with my workmates as we did on occasions, this time my girl was coming with me, it was the first time she had met my workmates.

We went to the usual place, and as ever there were a few people already coming in dressed up for the night, my girl, Sarah looked stunning in her short black skirt and her nice light summer top, as she usually wore it unbuttoned at the top showing some cleavage, her hair hanging down over her shoulders, we sat and talked as we drank watching the world go buy out the window, as the two here came in I introduced her to my fellow work mates, making small chat as you do.

One of the girls from work that I had spoken to a few times came in, her name was Tammy, she was a tall shapely girl, her long skirt showing off the curves of her hips and the outline of her large well shaped breasts, she had long curly blonde hair, I had often thought she was an attractive girl, she seemed a sweet girl, very innocent, I Introduced her to Sarah and they seemed to get on well together as they talked with each other.

As the hours wore on there was drinks to be had and dancing, I was feeling very relaxed as I danced with Sarah to the rhythmic sounds of the music, All in all it was an Enjoyable night, at one stage Tammy came over and danced with us, it was almost hypnotic to me as I watched the 2 girls dance in front of me, with each beat of the music the movement of their breasts under the material of their respective clothes was very teasing, Sarah, as she liked to do sometimes wasn’t wearing her bra, her small firm breasts threatening to pop out of her top as sometimes happened, (She could be so cheeky with the way she dressed) both of the girls getting more cheeky toward each other by bumping into me as if by mistake and I noticed sometimes bumping into each other with girlish sounds of giggles.

As time wore on and people were moving out it was past midnight, as we walked outside the air was still warm ant the rain had started to fall softly, the usual scramble for taxi cabs followed, as a cab pulled up I jumped in followed by girl and Tammy, (I was unaware but my girl had asked her to come home with us to stay the night as it was much closer than her house and we could take her back Tomorrow, this was news to me, but I didn’t mind)

Once we got home it seemed the girls were still in the mood to party, the music went on and the lights turned down, a few more drinks and dancing, as time wore on the effects of the drinks and the early morning hours was making me sleepy. The spare bed was already made up and I asked Sarah to show Tammy to her room when they were ready and I headed off to bed, as I lay in bed in the dark there listening to the music in the other room and the girls laughing I slowly drifted off to sleep.

At Some time through the night I felt Sarah climb in the bed behind me, as she usually did she cuddled up to my back putting her arm around me, I love the feel of her warm body against my back, her breasts pressing into me, we chatted for a while talking about how nice the night had been, she put her arm around me slowly moving her hand up and down over güvenilir bahis my chest, her fingers playing softly over my skin as we lay there, each time her hand moved lower the tingles of anticipation were getting to me.

I felt her soft delicate fingers moving lower down to between my legs, her finger tips playing softly over my now hardening cock, she slowly moved her finger tips up and over the head, using 1 finger to teasingly rub the head of my cock, I felt the familiar feeling of myself softly throbbing and when I felt her finger suddenly get slippery I could tell I was starting to drip, this was met with a sigh of both of us, suddenly she said,

“baby I need to go get a drink of water I will be back in a minuet.” With that I felt her leave the bed, she pulled one of my shirts on before she left the bedroom, she likes wearing them and they look so sexy on her, as they just cover her cute bottom.

Soon afterwards I hear her re-enter the room, with her glass of water, but it was not only her that entered the room, to my surprise Tammy came in with her, I was relieved the sheet was covering me as I had nothing on, they both sat on the bed giggling, Tammy making a joke how she was in my bedroom, although she was joking the soft sweet sound of her giggle was so teasing, I could feel my self start to throb slightly, feeling conscious that the sheet was not going to hide much if I got too excited.

We made small talk for a while laughing at each others jokes, during this Sarah accidentally spilled some of her water, it was almost as if slow motion as I waited for the cold water to splash me and sure enough it was cold making me jump, Sarah then laughing, looked down and said,

“Oh baby if looks like I got you all wet” joking again, accept this time she wasn’t laughing, looking me straight in the eye she lent down and kissed my chest where the water was, teasingly licking it off me.

Tammy feeling embarrassed by the situation said “Ok well I better leave you two to it” Sarah then moving up and taking control as she does, “No Tammy I need your help, you cant go anywhere” Tammy not sure what to say or where to look just sat there startled. Sarah moving her hand to her face and gently pulling her face down to my chest where the water was, she then Whispered in Tammy’s ear “I need your help to clean the water up”

I felt Tammy’s soft tongue then touch against my chest, the sensation shooting through me to feel another girl touching me, knowing how naughty Sarah can be I was wondering how far she would take this, I felt both girls continue to lick the water off my chest their exploring tongues starting to travel further over my body.

I was now feeling the effect this attention was having on me and it was now easily visible under the sheet, I could feel myself fully hard and throbbing, my hand moving down to slowly move over Sarah back caressing her, I felt her move away and then pull the sheet lower down.

I looked at her, I could see she was looking directly at Tammy’s face as she lowered the sheet, there was no hiding now how I was feeling, I was standing upright and throbbing, even though it was dark I could see Tammy’s face flush her mouth dropping open as she saw me, Sarah was playing her games and I could tell this was going to türkçe bahis continue.

Sarah then proceeded to move so she was kneeling beside me on the bed, she took Tammy’s hand and guided it to hold softly around my throbbing cock, then I felt her tongue slowly move over the tip of my cock circling the head and then slowly moving her mouth down the shaft, the feeling of her warm lips on me making me gasp, I could feel that Tammy was starting to relax now as her hand started to move so slightly up and down on my shaft.

Sarah lips were sucking on the head, I knew I was not going to hold off long with the attention of 2 girls with me for the first time, the thought was driving me crazy, Sarah then knelt on the bed and in one movement pulled the shirt over her head now totally naked, exposing herself to Tammy for the first time, I could see that Tammy had a peek at her, I think she felt shy because she pulled her hand off me and looked away, not knowing what to say.

Sarah then moved of the bed and moved behind Tammy, she whispered in her ear “Don’t worry just relax, lay back and I will look after you” with that she slowly guided Tammy to lay back on the bed, her dress now falling slightly open when she laid back the material moving to expose the nipple of her right breast, I could tell she was nervous about the situation of being with a girl for the first time, not to mention me as her work mate.

Sarah though was clearly the one in control here, I watched as I saw her lean forward and move the side of Tammy’s dress away, then leaning down and sucking on her nipple, the sudden intake of breath from Tammy sent a shiver up my spine as I watched her, she moved away and put her hands behind her shoulders, guiding her to sit up, Sarah then proceeded to remove Tammy’s dress leaving her fully naked, then laying her back down again.

I could now see the contrast between the 2 girls, Sarah was a small, short girl with her straight medium dark hair, and her small firm perky breasts, in contrast to Tammy’s more curvy shape, she had larger breasts, her curly blond hair long enough to tickle down against them, and she was completely smooth over her pussy with no hair, different to Sarah with her dark trimmed hair,

I watched as Sarah proceeded to move back to her nipples playing and sucking on them softly, I could see her tongue move over her nipples, making them shine with wetness, Tammy’s eyes now shut, her head back and her mouth open as she was exploring her feeling from feeling Sarah on her, I could also see she was enjoying the little display of naughtiness and the effect if was having on me.

Sarah was now kneeling over Tammy’s waist, I could see she was wet with excitement as her pussy lips were parted, I moved between Tammy’s legs and kissing her on the inside of her leg I started moving higher, I could feel the effect this was having on her as I got closer to her now wet open pussy, when she felt my tongue on her pussy she jumped and bucked in surprise.

The feeling of my tongue sliding softly between the lips of this new girl was exciting me so much, then I felt Sarah move lower to put her pussy directly above Tammy’s, opening her legs further inviting me to lick her also so, she also bucked with delight as my tongue slowly worked back and güvenilir bahis siteleri forth over her now swollen clit, both girls so open and wet.

Sarah then moved off Tammy, she proceeded to move her face between her legs, I couldn’t believe I was going to watch her tease Tammy’s pussy with her tongue, Tammy again responded in a gasp and a flinch as she felt Sarah’s tongue tease her clit, looking at me saying “Baby, put you cock in her mouth I want to watch her suck you.”

As I knelt over Tammy’s chest, I felt Sarah move from between her legs and kneel on the bed beside us, she took my cock in her hand and guided it to Tammy’s open mouth, I loved the feel of my cock sliding down between her wet lips, Tammy now completely in the mood as she was sucking with vigor..

Sarah looking down was watching her suck me, her hand sliding up and down over my cock, I felt myself start to throb, I said to Sarah,

“baby stop stroking or you will make me cum in her mouth” with that she looked me in the eye biting her lower lip in a cheeky look, still stroking me saying, “what if I don’t stop” with that I took hold of her hand firmly to stop her stroking me, moving off Tammy, and laying down on my back, my cock standing up dribbling precum.

Both girls now moving to kneel beside me, what was I in for now, Sarah told Tammy to kneel over my face facing her, with that I felt Tammy’s legs move over my head as she lowered her pussy down to my mouth, she was so wet as she ground herself into my face, then I felt Sarah moving over me, her pussy lips parting as she lowered herself onto my cock, both girls watching each other.

Sarah now riding my cock, Tammy riding my now wet face, both girls moaning in pleasure, I love the feel when Sarah holds her self down hard on my cock rotating her hips around so she can feel it moving deep inside her, I could tell I was throbbing precum inside of her as she did this, I could feel I was getting close, Sarah felt this too as she suddenly moved off me, she took Tammy’s hands and pulled her off my face, both girls now kneeling on the bed beside me looking down at me.

Sarah whispered something into Tammy’s ear (I don’t know what), with that Tammy moved her leg over me and as both girls were looking directly at my eyes Tammy started to lower herself down on me, I felt the head spread her lips, then felt her tight pussy move down over my cock, she was tighter than Sarah was, I watched Tammy’s face as she lowered her self down, her head thrown back, her eyes shut tight, her mouth open, she let out a long sigh as she lowered her self fully down, feeling me now deep inside of her, she then proceeded to move slowly up and down on my cock.

I could hear the wet noises from between her legs as she rode me, Sarah hand moved to between her legs massaging Tammy’s Clit as she rode me, Tammy then held down tight, I could feel her start to spasm around me she then let out a groan as she cum around my cock, her pussy clenching me so tight with each contraction, I was so close to cuming myself, Sarah looked down at me and looking me in the eye whispered “do it baby, fill her with your cum” with that I couldn’t hold back any longer, I felt myself throbbing inside this new girl, she must of felt it too with each squirt of my cum inside her she let out a little squeal, she looked me in the eye as she slowly calmed down moved off me, both girls now laying beside me cuddling each other, as I slowly relaxed contemplating what had just happened and what morning would bring…

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