Three’s A Party, Not A Crowd

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Three’s A Party, Not A CrowdWe are all standing around the bed Chrissy is just in sexy lingerie, whilst Greg is sitting on the bed next to her still fully clothed and I am standing just in my boxers shorts, my is cock is already fully erect and straining against the fabric the head poking its way through the top of my shorts. I am trembling with nerves and anticipation, Chrissy moves forward and places a reassuring hand on my thigh. I look her up and down, her erect nipples are clearly visible sticking out against the lacy bra, I continue to scan down and see a small damp patch on the front on her knickers.Sounds like the start of one of those stories you read in a titty magazine, and I myself was struggling to comprehend what was going on. I was a married man and about to have sex with a hot woman whilst her husband watched, I wasn’t technically cheating as my wife was aware of what I was doing and happy for me to have some fun on the side.Let me start from the beginning I initially met Chrissy, and Greg through a casual encounters web-site. They were a married couple looking for a third person (male) to join them for some “fun times.” Anyway, after some back and forth emailing and some pictures, we agreed to meet up for a coffee and if things felt good back to their place.We arranged to meet at a coffee shop near their place, I arrived on time and I ordered a coffee. I’d nearly convinced myself to make a run for it before they arrived but as I was going over it in my head, I saw them enter the café. I recognised them straight away from their photos well, it was the first time I’d actually seen them with clothes on.Chrissy was in her mid-thirties, well that’s what they had said in their emails, but she could have easily passed for mid-twenties, she had dark hair that went just past her shoulders, and her body was smoking hot, plump d-sized tits and nice curvy hips and ass. She was wearing a black dress and from here I knew she didn’t have a bra on as I could see her nipples sticking out through the fabric of the dress.Greg was your stereo-typical mid-thirties male. He was a few inches shorter than me, but it looked like he kept himself in good shape.I waved to grab their attention and they made their way over. I stood up and introduced myself to Greg and shook his hand. Not sure what to do, I extended my hand to shake Chrissy’s, but she came straight in and embraced me, giving me a hug and kissing me on the cheek. Now at the time I wasn’t sure if it was deliberate or not but as she withdrew she lightly brushed my crotch and ever so gently and discreetly gave my cock a squeeze. She must have seen the shocked look on my face as she just winked at me and said, “Let’s move over to the booth, it’s a bit more private”I followed them both over to the booths, which were at the back of the café. Greg took one side of the table and Chrissy the other. I didn’t know which side to take, but Chrissy made the decision easier by patting the seat next to her and gesturing to sit there.We made some small talk, it was easier than I thought they made me feel comfortable. Soon a waiter came over and asked us if we wanted anything, I was still nursing my coffee from earlier, and Chrissy said.”Two coffees…” She then paused for a second and finished her sentence “…make them to go. We are only here to pick our friend up, she spoke gesturing to meThe waiter left to fill the order. I wasn’t exactly sure if she meant what I thought she did. I looked across to Greg who simply gave me a nod and a wink; if I didn’t get that hint, the hand on my cock made it perfectly clear. Chrissy discreetly gave my crotch a rub as we carried on chatting like it was the most normal thing in the world.Chrissy then took my hand and placed it on her lap. I soon discovered besides being braless, she was not wearing any kickers either. She pushed my hand up under her dress which had ridden up slightly, I instantly felt the heat of her pussy, I gave it a rub and discovered that it was completely bald, like in her photos. I brushed her pussy with my fingers she was wet, really wet, as I was talking to Greg I slid the two fingers inside her up to the second knuckle. I noticed the waiter coming back with the two coffees, I withdrew my fingers from her pussy bahis siteleri and tried to act as normal as I could.The waiter handed them their coffees and then Greg said “Well we better get going then. Here’s our address, and directions on how to get there from here. Let yourself in; directions to the bedroom are also on there. My number is also there in case you get lost. Give us 10 minutes then come around.”As he said this he reached in his pocket and slid a piece of folded paper over to me. I picked it up and quickly read over the notes. It seemed straight forward enough, so I put paper in my pocket.Greg then rose from his seat and moved out of the booth. I went to move out so Chrissy could get out, but before I could she slid, across the top of me. When she was halfaway across my lap she ever so briefly dropped her ass down and ground herself against my still hard cock. She then hopped out of the booth, turned around and leant down and gave me a kiss on the cheek. From the angle she was standing and I was sitting, I could see down the top of her dress and I had an unencumbered view of her tits.She then whispered into my ear “Don’t be too long, I am so wet I can’t wait to feel that cock of yours inside me.”They then made their way to the counter to pay for their coffees and left the store.I watched them leave still trying to work out if that just actually happened. I was glad they asked me to wait 10 minutes, as it took at least five minutes for my cock to subside back to normal. I sat there in a bit of a daze. I looked around the café and wondered what the rest of the customers would think if they knew what had just happened, and more so what was about to take place. I quickly finished my coffee, paid for it and made my way to my car.I found their house easily enough and parked in the driveway as instructed. Before I got out, I took a few minutes to gather my thoughts. It had been well over ten years since I had had sex with a woman other than my wife. I felt guilty at the thought of being with another woman but I knew that my wife was fine with what I was doing and we had many discussions about it. I hopped out of the car and made my way into the house. As I got to the bedroom door there was note saying strip down to your underwear then enter.I did as I was instructed, lightly knocked on the door and then entered the room…”So would you like me to take my bra off?”Snapping back to reality Chrissy finally broke the silence. I start to stammer, but before I can say anything she reaches behind herself and removes her bra. Her tits pop out of their former restraints, whilst I’m still cemented to the spot not knowing what to do. Chrissy adds “Go on, touch them, they won’t bite”I look over at Greg and he gives a nod of approval. I reach forward and took one of the tits in my hand, rubbing the huge nipple with my thumb. I do the same with the other before giving each nipple a light pinch and a pull; they seem to grow bigger. Chrissy starts to moan, “Now let’s see what you’ve got there”She swiftly pulls my boxers down and my cock springs free. I step out of my boxers and stand there stark naked in front of two people I barely know with a rock hard erection. Chrissy moves forward and take it in her hands. It felt like it was getting harder, every vein on it was bulging and the head was like a fat mushroom. A small amount of clear cum was oozing out, and Chrissy then leaned forward, licked it up then proceeded to slide my cock into her waiting mouth. My knees buckled and I nearly toppled over. I had to hold her shoulder for support. She continued to tongue it and get as much of my cock into her mouth, whilst pumping it with her one hand, and with her other she massaged my balls. She occasionally stopped and took one of my balls into her mouth swirling her tongue around it, before going back to my cock which was now glistening with her saliva. I feel my cock sliding further into her mouth each time she moves her mouth back and forth. My cock is pulsing and I can feel the cum boiling up in my balls ready to explode. I think she realised this and suddenly stopped.”Not so quick you’re not coming until you stick that thing in me.”Chrissy then rolled backward, what was a small damp patch now covered the entire front canlı bahis of her knickers, she hooked her thumbs around the waist of them and pulled them off in one motion. She stayed on her back, legs spread and her bald pussy beautifully glistening. She then tossed the knickers to Greg who I had completely forgotten was there. Chrissy propped herself up on her elbow, spread her legs and began rubbing her pussy she slid two fingers in and teased herself, before adding a third, and fingering herself whilst pinching her nipples. Soon her fingers were covered in shiny juices. She withdrew her fingers brought them up to her mouth, and sucked and licked the juices off.She then looked at me and said “Are you waiting for a formal invitation?” I moved forward, climbing onto the bed, leaning in and kissing her, our tongues entangling. I push her back onto the bed until I am fully ontop of her. I rest my cock ontop of her pussy, I can feel the heat from it. We kiss for a while longer before I roll my hips and position my cock right on the entrance to her pussy, I push it in a little bit and I hear her gasp in anticipation. I stop and she looks at me and tries to push her pussy onto my cock but I stop her. I finally find my voice, “Not yet, I want to taste that pussy first.”I move back giving her one last kiss before making my way down stopping at her tits and giving each one a good lick and a suck on her juicy, fat nipples. She is panting in anticipation as I make my way down until my face is just inches away from her pussy. Her pussy is wet, the lack of hair showing off her puffy lips, wet and waiting to be given some attention.I slowly kiss around her pussy moving closer and closer each time. I finally place my mouth over it and slowly slide my tongue into her wet moist passage. I feel her body shudder as a wave of juice fills my mouth I feverishly begin to tongue fuck her pussy, trying to get as deep as I can into it. She is moaning and telling me not to stop. I remove my tongue and slide two fingers in again, she gasps as I slide my fingers in and out whilst concentrating on her very erect clit. I probe her pussy looking for her g-spot. I know I have found when it when I her moaning increase and she is grinding her pussy into my face. Soon I hear her scream as her body stiffens and her pussy juice flood my face. I give it once last lick and move back, “I want to lick my juices off your face.”I glance across at Greg who is now wearing nothing but a big grin and an erection which he is slowly stoking. Like me he is completely shaved his cock looked a little longer than mine probably about 7 inches, but thinner. If I don’t say so myself, what my cock lacks in length in makes up for in girth it is quite thick.”Go on, don’t leave her waiting.” he said.Chrissy pushes me onto my back and straddles my hips. She leans forward, shoving her mouth onto mine; her tongue exploring and looking for every last drop of the sweet nectar that had come from her pussy. As she was doing this, she rolled her hips and in one motion shoved the full length of my cock into herself. She sat there for a second enjoying how full her pussy was, staring into my eyes. “That feels magnificent”After a moment I start to pump, slowly taking my cock all the way out and then pushing it all the way in until my balls meet her ass. I see Greg move around to get a better view of my cock going in and out of his wife. I grip her ass checks and spread them so he could get a clear unencumbered view. We fuck slowly for a while the tempo increasing bit by bit. I reach around and tickle her pussy lips with my hand and then sliding a finger in with my cock. I hear her gasp as it slides in, juices are freely flowing out her pussy, down my cock and down over my balls. With my finger well lubricated I move it up and begin to tease her ass, she gasps, as with every pump of my cock I slide my finger a little bit more in until my middle finger was buried deep in her ass. We continue to slowly fuck until I feel her come again and her pussy contracting around my cock.I withdraw my finger from her ass then grab her hips and start pumping she’s gasping, this time it was followed by a string of unintelligible words as I slam my cock in and out of her, she comes again and güvenilir bahis again I feels my balls boiling. I give one last shove and explode into her, my cock shooting burst after burst of white, hot liquid into her pussy; there was so much cum shooting into her that it soon began to spurt out the sides of her pussy. Chrissy flops down onto me. sweaty, she then whispered into my ear that she came every time my cock shot cum into her.We sat there a few seconds before Chrissy moved off my cock. It was still semi-hard, covered in a mixture of both our cum. She moved her head down, taking my softening cock into her mouth and licking up all the juices.Greg was still sitting at the end of the bed, cock still in hand, with a look of part shock and part pure ecstasy.Chrissy then looked at her husband and said “You cum yet, baby?””Not yet,” he replied, “I was saving it for you.””You’re so sweet,” she replied.She moved around and took her husband’s cock into her mouth, licking and sucking it like a woman possessed. She was on all fours and as I was behind her all I could see was her ass in the air, her gaping pussy with my cum still dripping out, and her head bobbing up and down on her husband’s cock. My cock began to swell at the sight of this. I reach over and slid three fingers into her cum filled pussy. She briefly stopped what she was doing before resuming her mouth action on her husband with great vigour.The sounds in the room at the time were quite unbelievable. Greg was moaning and telling his wife what he was going to do to her, the sound of Chrissy’s mouth working over her husband’s cock, and also the slurping and squelching sounds that emanated from her pussy as I worked my now four fingers into her pussy. I slid them in and out until nearly my whole hand was in there and I was teasing her ass with my thumb.She stopped sucking Greg and let out a deep moan, and then said that she wanted to feel Greg’s cum inside her too. She spun around and stuck her ass in the air and Greg entered her from behind, fucking her hard and slow. Chrissy motioned for me to come over to her. I showed her my cum and juice soaked hand and then proceeded to use it to lubricate my cock up until it was fully hard. She then took my cock into her mouth, licked it clean, and began to take it deep into her throat.We managed to keep a nice rhythm up until Chrissy came again. I’d lost count to how many times that had been. Greg began to increase his pace and was soon moaning and his body stiffened as he filled his wife’s pussy. I felt my balls tightening again, and this time she didn’t stop. I gasped as I shot cum into Chrissy’s mouth which she greedily sucked up. Chrissy then sat up on her knees cum dripping out of her pussy. She let some of the cum drip out of her mouth and she scooped it up and rubbed it on her nipples, before swallowing the rest. It was one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen.We all lay on the bed panting. I knew I couldn’t stay all night so I asked if I could have a quick shower before I went. I jumped in the shower, with the hot water streaming over my body I went over the nights events in my head. Just then Chrissy jumped in the shower with me, cuddling me and giving me a deep kiss. I could still taste the cum in her mouth.”T0hat was fantastic,” she said.”Yes it was, I’m glad to be of service,” I said with a wry grin.She kisses me again and this time I slid my hand to her pussy which is dripping with cum. I slide a few fingers into her and give it a few pumps. She then grabs my hand, withdraws my fingers, and then licks them.”All clean now” she said, “Now lover if you don’t mind I need some space to clean myself up.”As I got out and started to dry off, she stuck her head out of the shower and said, “Greg and I want you to come back again real soon…” and as the door of the shower closed she added, “…and next time maybe bring your wife”As I made my way back into the bedroom, to get my clothes to get dressed, I stopped and stopped and chatted to Greg. He was still naked lying on the bed, cock still covered in the juices from what had taken place. This should have been the most uncomfortable conversation I ever had but it seemed strangely natural.I gathered my things, as I was doing this, Chrissy had walked back in and hopped on the bed and made her way to her husband. As I said my goodbyes and made my way out, Chrissy was already back riding her husband’s cock. My cock started to harden thinking of what was to come next time around.

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