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Tile.Tile.By: DarknessRising”Hey, takin’ a break?” Selena asked.”Yeah, just taking a breather before the final push.” Allan replied. “Here.” Selena handed Allan a tall glass of iced tea.”Thank you.” He said with a hint of exasperation.It was a hot summer day and Allan was helping his companies receptionist set tile in her new home. The tea was sweet, in the finest southern tradition, and very cold. Just as Allan preferred it. It was remarkable how much Selena knew about him.Allan kept himself a bit of a mystery to his co-workers, only giving just enough to satisfy social requirements. Most knew he was married and his wife was named Sarah. She was a beautiful porcelain skinned Scandinavian girl who made an annual appearance at the company “winter” party.Allan himself was dark skinned with hazel eyes, a result of mixed parentage. He was nearly 6 feet tall with a heavy build. He looked like someone who would be more at home doing manual labor or fighting in a cage instead of doing chemical research in a lab. “Damn this tea is good.” Allan remarked as he sipped. Selena smiled “I made it just for you… So what’s next?””We just need to grout.Selena looked at him with a slightly surprised expression “We?” She asked.”Yes, you are helping.” Allan said matter-o-factly. “I have gloves, protective lenses, and knee pads for you. Just change into something you don’t mind getting messy.””But..” Selena tried to protest.She was an uncompleted young woman who sold herself short far too often.”No buts! Go change.” His tone of voice was calm but laced with his trade marked subtle severity.Selena did as she was told, quickly hurrying up stairs to find some suitable clothes. Allan, with nobody to watch him, made no effort not to look away from her shapely posterior. Allan took a moment to ponder her feminine charms. Selena had a simple personality, she wasn’t exactly dumb just very uncomplicated. She was happy answering phones, she was happy with her husband long haul trucking, and she was happy with her simple floral paintings. Her appearance seemed to fit her personality well. She was Latina with a pleasant canlı bahis round face and warming smile. Her eyes were delightfully dark brown and her hair was long, black, and straight. While her hips were narrow she had a nice plump ass and a chest that would inspire poets, sculptors, and chemical researchers. “Ok ready!” Selena shouted from the top of her stairs.Allan was torn from his contemplation, his eyes instantly rose to see her wearing a loose fitting tank top and cut off sweat pants. “Is this ok?” She asked. “It’s all that I have.Allan smiled “It’s alright. Let’s get started.”She geared up and they got down to it. Allan showed her the float and how to move the grout around evenly. Allan had to take her hand and guide her a few times but she got the hang of it. About a third of the way into the work Selena noticed that it was getting very warm in the house. “I think the A/C…””I noticed.” Allan replied. “Lets keep going.”A few more moments passed.”You know… You can take off your shirt if your hot.” Selena advised as he continued to grout. “Who says I haven’t already?” Allan replied.Selena quickly glanced behind her, as Allan was faster and farther along, to see Allan working with his shirt on.She couldn’t help but laugh. Finally the job was done. Allan collapsed on the stairs with his legs spread, just barely holding himself up on his elbows. The upstairs A/C was working and a cool current of air was gently wafting downwards onto him. He took off his shirt and did his best to absorb the cool.”Ahhhhhhhh…” Is all he could say about.”What are you…?” Selena said, confused.”Come here, come here, come here.” Allan said quickly just above a whisper.As she came closer he took her by the hand and led her up until she was directly over him. Too tired to question or resist she let him slide his hands down her body and pull the back of her hank top up. In an instant she felt the cool air on her back. Selena’s eyes rolled back and a soft moan escaped her lips. She felt Allan’s hand upon her cheek gently cradling her face. His hands were so strong yet his lips were so soft.In bahis siteleri that instant Selena realized what was going on and sat straight up. She then cocked her arm back a slapped Allan right across the face. He didn’t move, his expression didn’t change, he took the hit. After a moment he motioned her back down, she came to him and their lips met again. A few more moments passed and again Selena shot up away from Allan’s kiss, but this time she pulled the tank top off exposing her large caramel colored breasts and her small dark nipples. She flung the tank away and tossed her long black hair about. Allan rose to her and caressed her warm glistening body. His lips found a nipple and he sucked upon it, gently easing it with his tongue. Selena wrapped her arms around his head and held him to her while she firmly pressed her lower body into his. When he was finished with her breasts Allan slowly kissed his way up her chest, up her neck, before he finally sucked on her earlobe. Selena’s body quivered and goosebumps rose off her skin.She needed him.In a fluid motion Selena rose off of Allan and turned around, now standing she slid her cut sweat shorts off her shapely ass and let them drop. Allan struggled and fought his carpenters jeans and boxers but they gave way finally. There it was, his cock was free and at full staff. Selena smiled as she lowered herself down again, but this time lower. She gripped Allan’s thick shaft with her small soft and gently stroked it up and down a few times before sliding his tip into her mouth. It was amazing! Her motions were smooth and sensual, as she genuinely enjoyed the feeling of Allan’s cock in her mouth. She sucked for several moments before she could not bear the thought of her pussy being absent his cock any longer. With Allan’s guidance she stepped up one step and ‘frogged’ down onto his cock. It was so hot and so tight but only the head was in. Selena, in her excitement tried to fit something large into something small, she had to finesse him into her working her hips back and forth while applying steady pressure.Once she was comfortable güvenilir bahis Selena slowly slid herself up and down Allan’s shaft, she dug her nails into his shoulders as she increased her speed. Moans of ecstasy escaped them both. Allan with his hands and his lips indulged in her large soft swaying breasts.Harder and harder and faster and faster finally she sat up again, leaning all the way back, dangerously, almost falling off of him down the stairs. Allan quickly grabbed her by the hips and held her down on his cock. She came, he could feel her squeezing and pulsating on his cock. Also the rapid moaning and her almost yelling “I’m comming, I’m comming!” also gave it away. She stopped and fell onto his chest, breathing heavily.With out missing a beat Allan gripped her by the ass, stood, and turned carefully with her in hand. Without letting his cock slip out of her he set them both down on the stairs now reversed from where they were before. He then quickly slipped his arms under her legs and set her calves on his shoulders.Allan took a few slow deep breaths. “Just taking a breather before the final push.” She gasped as he slid himself all the way into her. Before she wasn’t using all of what he had to give, now he was balls deep. His cock touched places a man had never touched before. She tried to push off but she couldn’t, he just held it deeply inside of her.Instead of long hard strokes Allan pushed a little harder then released, always a gentleman he didn’t want to slam her while she was on stairs. It was exactly what she wanted.Selena moved her body reflexively into Allan’s short deep thrusts, she griped firmly into his muscular arms as she gave way to pleasure. He didn’t know how long he’d been pushing deeply inside her, hovering over her, dominating her but at some point Selena, in her sweet voice said in just above a whisper.”I’m on the pill, cum inside me.”In that moment, before Allan could think a searing lance of pleasure shot through his entire body. As if he’d died and was born again a thousand times as a white hot sun. He shot his load deeply into her, as he did she came again, clamping down so firmly that he couldn’t have pulled out even if he’d want too… But he didn’t. ***It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything and it’s my first time posting. Be gentle.~DarknessRising.

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